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Chapter 21: Bad Habit

Rough hands forced him against the wall, a pair of lips plastering themselves over his. Gods he should push the other boy away and quickly, but that muscular body felt so good against his own, slimmer frame and the heat was so comforting he just wanted to snuggle up closer. Besides, Tai at least had the decency to push him into a dark, empty classroom before starting his attack. Now that he had successfully been pinned to the wall, the brunette's hands worked their way down to his hips, massaging his shoulders and sides as they moved down his body. A hot tongue battled its way into his mouth and lapped at every surface it could reach. A euphoric moan was muffled by the athlete's mouth, but that didn't diminish the satisfied smirk on his face.

Just as Matt was really starting to respond, to fight back for dominance and arch forward in an attempt to meld their bodies even more, Tai pulled back. The blonde let out a disappointed whimper, strong hands keeping him pinned to the wall as his boyfriend backed away half a step, a mischievous grin on his face. Leaning in so his mouth was just a centimeter from the singer's ear, he asked in a barely audible whisper, "Do you want to continue this after school, at your house?"

Desire clouded his mind, and before it could tell him not to, his mouth announced, "My dad will be home late tonight." It took all of Tai's self control to contain his smile, waiting anxiously for the reaction he knew was going to come. And then Matt realized just how much of an invitation his words were and his face lit up like a Christmas tree. If his hands weren't pinned to his sides he'd have used them to cover his burning cheeks.

Lightly kissing each eye, Tai cooed, "I'll meet you immediately after seventh period and walk you home." Then, as quickly as the whole, heated exchange began it ended. The soccer star released his captive and walked towards the door so nonchalantly it was like he had never done anything to the boy using the wall to keep himself up. Grinning back innocently, he opened the door into the empty hallway and asked, "Well, are you coming?"

Rolling his eyes in frustration, the musician picked up his discarded bag before pushing off the wall and passed his boyfriend, exiting the room. Slinging the strap over his shoulder, his hand absently started rubbing his shoulder.

"Stop that," the brunette schooled, grabbing Matt's wrist. "You're going to rub it off again," he continued, lifting the sleeve of the singer's t-shirt to make sure the patch was still in place. "It can't help you if you keep scratching at it like that," he said, going in to place a good luck kiss on it. He was batted away by an annoyed hand, though.

"Not in the open," Matt said through gritted teeth, slipping his arm out of the athlete's grasp and continuing on to the art classroom. Although he was a little disappointed, Tai backed off. It would be hard, but he would have to wait until after classes let out to have his fun.

The final bell echoed through the empty halls, signaling the end of the school day. It was accentuated by the heavy clomp-clomp! of heavy footfalls in the home economics… almost empty… hall. Brunette hair bounced wildly as the athlete flew down the hall between the locker room and cooking class. He slowed down slightly as he approached the door, but not soon enough. Grasping at the door handle, getting his hands on it was the only thing that kept his sliding feet from continuing down the hallway. Recovering quickly, he threw the door open and opened his mouth to call for his boyfriend.

A cookie was shoved into that gaping maw; a fresh, warm, double chocolate chip cookie. "Let's go, cookie monster," the blonde sighed, grabbing his sleeve and steering him away from the giggles issuing from behind him. He was just grateful his sixth sense had told him to clean up early so he could keep the younger sixteen-year-old from talking.

Tai happily let himself be dragged until he had polished off the tasty treat Matt had given him. Then he took the initiative and grabbed the blonde's wrist, weaving in and out of the hordes of students who were also eager to get out of those concrete halls.

The brunette couldn't get his boyfriend home fast enough. He barely took the time to let Matt shed his bag and shoes and close the door before he pushed him against a wall, assaulting his mouth. Tanned hands sensually massaged slim shoulders while a persistent tongue weaseled its way passed hesitant lips. As soon as it touched its twin the musician responded, moaning and lapping at the muscle invading his mouth. His pale fingers kneaded the athlete's hips, desperately trying to pull him closer with diminished strength. Tai was being stubborn, though, and refused give his boyfriend any contact other than his mouth and hands. When Matt tried to buck his hips forward the brunette's hands kept him against the wall. Something feral, halfway between a growl and a whimper, gurgled up the blonde's throat, morphing into just a growl when Tai broke the kiss.

"Is there something you want?" he asked huskily, arousal thick in his voice.

"Damnit, Tai. You've been trying to get me in bed for the last two weeks and now I have to beg for it?" Matt complained, banging his fists once, twice on Tai's chest and leaning forward to rest his head on the brunette's shoulder.

"I need you to tell me," Tai cooed, removing his hands from the blonde's thin hip and stroking his soft, blonde locks.

Arching forward so their erections touched through the rough fabric of their jeans, he asked, "Is that not answer enough for you?" His only answer was a gently kiss on the top of his head, making the musician groan. "Tai… Damnit! Gods, just do it, Taichi! If you're going to take me to bed then please just do it already!"

That was all the invitation the brunette needed. Sweeping Matt off his feet into his arms bridal style and swooping down for a quick kiss, he quickly made his way to the blonde's room. Roughly kicking the door open and shimmying in sideways, he threw his cargo down as gently as he could on the bed. Quickly shedding his coat and shirt, it took just a second longer to join the older male.


Sighing embarrassedly, Hiroaki quickly retreated into the kitchen. He really had a bad habit of walking in to the wrong place at the wrong time. That was definitely his son he was hearing moaning and calling the brunette's name, and judging by how vocal he was being there was little chance he was the dominant partner. Nearly falling face first into the sink, Hiroaki could hardly believe he was seriously thinking things like that. Wishing not for the first time that the walls were a bit thicker in their apartment, he covered his ears with his hands; at least he has the assurance that the walls between apartments were thicker. He couldn't blame the boys for their actions, though. He had said not to have sex when he was home and he had told his son he would be back late. That would be the last time he wouldn't call in advance when he got off early.

Despite have over forty years under his belt, he couldn't help but blush when he heard the two lovers climax, just hoping he'd be able to get rid of that memory eventually. Taking a calming breath, he slowly stood and made his way towards his son's room, stopping halfway there and turning around. As much as he wanted to as the boy something he was willing to wait until after the boy emerged from his room.

Lying on his back, Matt's breathing was finally starting to return to normal. The brunette beside him had his arms wrapped lovingly around his sweat-soaked body, nuzzling the blonde's cheek affectionately. "I love you," he whispered sweetly, pecking the shell of his ear.

"I really need to do laundry, before the semen stains the sheets and clothes…" Matt replied, making his lover chuckle and shake his head.

"You are so romantic sometimes," Tai said sarcastically, stretching and getting off the bed. "I'm going to go take a shower really quick. I'll fill the tub for you afterwards, okay?" he asked, receiving a swift nod from the blonde. Licking his lips, a satisfied smirk on his lips towards the work he had done on Matt's body, he turned back towards the door, putting on a pair of boxers before exiting the room. Seeing something out of the corner of his eyes, Tai couldn't help but jump when he turned to face his boyfriend's father. "M-Mr. Ishida?" he stuttered nervously. "H-how long have you been home?"

"L-long enough," the man replied, looking very uncomfortable in the situation as well. "Can you tell Matt I want to talk to him… once he's ready?"

"I'm, uh, just going to clean up…" Tai stated, pointing towards the bathroom. "I'll be sure to… uh… tell him once I get out…" Hiroaki nodded quickly, turning back to the living room and letting the brunette continue on to his much needed shower; it really had been quite awkward to talk to the boy with fresh semen splayed on his abdomen and chest.

Left in his room with his thoughts, Matt couldn't help but go over what had happened just minutes before. His fingers lightly brushed the three bruises on his torso, the first and last ones the being the darkest. The lightest one was on his inner thigh, and he blushed deeply at the noise that one had elicited from him. The foreplay was definitely more intense than the first time, but the actual intercourse didn't seem quite as satisfying as before. That didn't mean he didn't like it, it just seemed to be lacking something that was present the first time.

His mind didn't want to think on it, the clouded thing still high from his orgasm and the seed filling his intestines. He could look back on it later, now it just wanted to push all thoughts of chores and laundry and homework away and bask in the afterglow of sex. Giving in for once, Matt closed his eyes and let time just pass by until he heard his door open again. Looking up at his boyfriend, red flags immediately went up. "Tai, what's wrong?" he asked, propping himself up on his elbows.

Swallowing the lump in his throat, he opened his mouth a couple times to speak and couldn't. A third try failed, but a fourth time didn't. "Please don't blow up at me," Tai pleaded, eyes large like a puppy that feared it had done something wrong. "Your dad heard."

Three little words, and they completely floored the musician. The brunette didn't have to elaborate what he had heard, for it was quite obvious. "But… he said he'd be late…" Matt mumbled, cheeks a bright, bright red.

"And he said he wanted to talk to you…" the athlete continued, glancing around the room nervously in search of the clothes he had left at his boyfriend's house weeks ago. To try and make up a bit for the unpleasant news he had brought, Tai added as an afterthought, "I got the tub ready for you…"

Nodding slowly, Matt took a few, calming breaths before asking, "Can you help me up? And get my clothes? I should talk to him first… then I can relax in the water."

Hiroaki was sitting on the couch, absently flipping through channels when Matt came ambling into the room. He was wearing a long nightshirt which hung to around mid-thigh and stopped behind a chair, leaning on it slightly for support. "You… wanted to talk to me?" he asked, sounding a lot more confident than he actually was.

Now that the moment was on him, the older man wasn't entirely sure how he had planned on starting. He didn't want to be nosy but his fatherly instincts demanded he knew what his son was doing. So, instead, he started lamely with, "I guess I'll make sure I'm actually going to be late before I say so…"

His attempt at humor backfired, though, and Matt flinched away from words. "I'm sorry," he mumbled, shying a bit farther behind the furniture.

Sighing and shaking his head, Hiroaki quickly corrected himself by saying, "There is nothing wrong with what you've done. You were taking a chance given to you and I can't blame you for wanting to move forward with the person you love. It's just… I wasn't expecting to come home to this… I guess what I'm wanting to know is… how often? I mean… have you two been… every time I call in late? Geez, talk about a prying father…"

Chuckling quietly but goodheartedly, Matt replied with, "You just want to protect me. I understand that. And no, we don't… you know… sleep together… every time. This is only the second time we have… done that… and don't even ask about the first time because I am not going to tell you anything!"

Returning his son's earlier chuckle, Hiroaki stated, "Don't worry, I wasn't going to."

A moment of silence passed between them, broken only once the blonde spoke. "Is that all you needed?" he asked before awkwardness could fully set in. "Because if so I could really use a bath."

"Go, get cleaned up," he said, motioning with his head towards the hall. "I'll order pizza or something for dinner, so don't worry about that."

Smiling thankfully at the man, Matt said, "Thanks Dad," before heading towards the very appealing hot bath Tai had prepared for him.

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