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Chapter 23: Lolita

Matt couldn't shake the sense of dread he was feeling as he stood in front of his ex-girlfriend's apartment. She had called him just twenty minutes before and told him to come over immediately, voice sounding urgent. He wouldn't have suspected anything but he could have sworn that he heard a quiet giggle in the background, and that just made him skeptical. After all, he had to meet Tai in half an hour for their date and his friends had been playfully sabotaging their relationship since they had come out about it two weeks ago. None of their antics were harmful, it was just an attempt to annoy and tease the two. Which is why could almost feel the mischief radiating from beyond the door. Sighing and steeling himself for whatever joke Sora had come up with this time, he brought his hand up to the wooden portal and rapped his knuckles thrice against it.

It opened immediately, the tennis player swiftly grabbing his arm and tugging him inside. "Geez, Matt, I almost thought you weren't going to show up," she growled, barely giving the musician enough time to toe off his shoes before she drug him through the living room and back towards her room. He was barely able to get a wave in to her mother before the older woman vanished behind a wall. After being shoved through one more door he soon came to realize that he had heard a giggle on the phone, and just who it belonged to. Sitting on Sora's bed, legs crossed, arms in her lap, and an innocent smile on her face, was Mimi. And when he heard the door close behind him he knew that any chance he had of escaping had just passed.

The two girls ambushed him from both sides, one grabbing his arms and holding them above his head while the other snatched the hem of his shirt. Before he could really register what was going on, the material was slipped over his head and dropped unceremoniously to the floor. His mind finally caught up to the attack when Mimi's hands once again began working on his clothing, this time his belt. "Hey, what are you doing?" he snapped, shaking the two off and taking a couple cautious steps away from both of them. "Damnit, don't just throw my clothes on the floor, they'll get wrinkled! And do you know how long it took me to choose an outfit for today." His outburst only rewarded him maniacal grins.

Taking a step back for every step they took, the blonde was so intent on watching them that he didn't even realize there were more people in the room until a vine wrapped around both of his wrists. "Good job, Palmon," the pink-haired teenager cheered, clapping her hands together. Okay, maybe 'person' wasn't the correct word. "Now to get off those pants. Let's just hope he isn't going commando," she added with a giggle, making quick work of the belt now that her Digimon was restraining his hands. Luckily for them (although Matt honestly wasn't sure if they weren't a little disappointed) he was wearing underwear. They pushed him back so he was sitting on the bed as they pulled the jeans off of his legs, taking the socks with them so he was sitting there is his hands tied in nothing but his boxers, shivering a little with a deep blush spreading across his cheeks.

"Oh, there is no need to be embarrassed," Sora chuckled, gathering up some clothing piled in the chair that he hadn't seen before. "It's just us girls here, after all."

His embarrassment turned into a scowl at those words. "I'm still male," he replied indignantly, although he already knew that that joke would come up at some point during this encounter.

"For the moment," came the giggled reply, the blonde teenager eyeing the cloth in the fiery brunette's hands with more than a little fear. Laying the stack on the bed next to him, she started by picking up a white, button-up shirt. "Palmon, arms up," she told the little flower Digimon, Matt's arms immediately obeying her command. She grabbed the wrist as Palmon released it, slipping the sleeve over one hand, and then the other. By the time she had buttoned it up to his neck the blonde had resigned himself to the torture and stopped fighting it.

Matt looked down to see just what the girls were dressing him up in. While Mimi worked on unfolding the socks, he took in the shirt. It was collared and white, extending from his neck to his hips with the sleeves reaching the tips of his fingers. The ends of the sleeves were slit into three equal sections, the slits about three inches long, with four inch long, black spider web lace sewed on the inside about half an inch above the top of the slits. A loose chain encircled both wrists, sewed on at four places around the sleeve. Two were on high and the other two low, with a small cross charm at the two lower levels and slightly larger ones at the higher. To finish the shirt there were two black belts around the right arm, about halfway between his shoulder and elbow. Mimi handed him the socks at the point. They were horizontally striped, alternating red and black, and when he pulled them on they came up to just over his knees. That was not a good sign, and he actually whined when Sora sweetly told him to stand up. "Okay, arms up," she commanded. As much as he didn't want to, he extended his arms above his head and let the two tug some long material over his head. As soon as it was resting easily on his shoulders they zipped up the side. The main body of the dress was black, extending to just below his knees. It was quite formfitting, but not too snug, until it got to his waist, and then it flared out a bit. Two thin, black straps went over each shoulder, securing the dress comfortably under his arms, with a white, obviously separately sewed on, ruffle along the top and a much more seamless black ruffle along the bottom. The black material cut off in what was about a three inch strip in the center that went all the way from the top to the bottom. In that section, instead, it was white until it reached his waist, and red from the waist down and flaring a little as it reached the black ruffle along the bottom. Five more wedges of red were evenly spaced around the flared skirt, two in the front and three in the back, with a V of red ruffle sewn on at the bottom of all six red sections. Black silk ribbon was sewn on crisscrossed into X's along the middle strip of white and red cloth, as well as in the top of the red wedges, stopping about four inches from the bottom of the dress and giving it the illusion that the ribbon held the black halves of the dress together, and that the white in the center was actually the shirt underneath. Down the center in the back was more crisscrossed black ribbon, ending in a tie just above the large, red bow that was sewn at the small of his back. Just like the sleeves of his shirt there was a loose chain that went around his waist, connected to seven small rings sewn on at different heights. Most were generally around the same level, but one was a good deal higher than the others. These rings also had small cross charms on them, and a second, longer chain ran between three of the rings on his right side. To finish the ensemble a pair of black boots were shoved in his hands, and when he pulled them on the top of the boot melded into the red and black stripes of his over-the-knee socks a few inches above his ankles.

"Oooh, I knew he'd look good in Lolita!" Mimi squealed, fumbling to get her phone out of her purse and open up the camera. Before he could protest there was the distinct click! of a camera shutter, and more of Mimi's fangirling squeals. No doubt she had just gotten her new wallpaper.

Leading the blonde over to the full length mirror on her closet door, the Digidestined of Love asked, "So, what do you think?"

"Can I put my clothes back on now?" he grumbled.

"No time for that," she retorted, already pushing him towards her bedroom door. "If you take the time to change now you'll be late for your date. Uh-uh—" she articulated as he opened his mouth to complain "—we can't keep Tai waiting. Piyomon, are you going to stay here with Palmon?" The pink bird nodded her reply.

He saw Sora's mother give him a raised eyebrow as he was herded through the living room, and the only thing he could do was slump a little farther as his face tinted pink. "How did you even find something that would fit me?" he asked as they exited the apartment.

"Oh, we made it," Sora replied, voice filled with pride. "Mimi helped me a lot with the actual sewing, since she is a lot better with a sewing machine than I am, and we worked on the design together, but I provided her with all of your measurements."

"You two came up with this in only two weeks?" he asked, a little surprised that they could pull something like this off in so little time. "And when did you get my measurements to use to make this?"

"No, no, we've been working on this off and on for a couple months now," the brunette clarified.

"I didn't know just who it was for when we started," Mimi added.

"I had the idea to do this since we broke up and you started dating Tai, but I didn't know just how to pull it off," she continued as they exited onto the street. More than a few people gave them strange looks as they walked down the sidewalk, making Matt try to scrunch his form up even smaller while still being able to walk. "Around Valentine's day I got the feeling that you wouldn't be hiding your relationship much longer, so I asked Mimi to help me make a dress for a friend."

"It was so much fun to make," Mimi beamed, practically skipping down the sidewalk as the three made their way towards where Matt was to meet Tai in fifteen minutes.

"Couldn't you have forced me into this some other day?" he grumbled, again figuring he already knew the answer.

"And have Tai miss the chance of seeing you in it? No way," the girl stated. "Don't worry, he'll love it," she added, as if that was supposed to make him feel better.

Instead, she heard him say, "That's what I'm afraid of…" and the two friends couldn't help it; they laughed. The blonde was silent the rest of the trip, with his two escorts carrying random conversations to pass the minutes. They also had to grab his arms and practically drag him as they got closer, the musician deciding it might be better to just chicken out than to face Tai in such a humiliating outfit. He knew that he was dating another man now, and that his friends had worked hard on making the dress (and it was actually quite flattering), but he was still a guy and had some male pride that he had to maintain. The two girls didn't seem to see it that way, though, because before he knew it they were approaching the square his boyfriend was waiting for them in.

The soccer star was giddy, the chance of meeting someplace other than one of their homes just adding to the excitement. He had every intention of pulling his lover into a long, sensual kiss when he showed up despite the very public nature of their meeting place, and let anyone watching be damned. But as he continued to scan the crowds he couldn't locate the older male. In fact, the first person he spotted was Mimi. Her pink hair made her stand out, and from there he easily recognized Sora. But who was the blonde girl between…. Matt? Blue eyes looked up from the sidewalk as the three approached, and there was no mistaking them. "Matt, are you seriously…?" he started as his boyfriend came to a stop a few feet in front of him. Chocolate eyes sized up the new look, the younger teen absently licking his lips.

"I didn't have a choice…" the blonde replied, shifting nervously as Tai figuratively undressed him with his eyes. Leaning a little towards the brunette to his right, he whispered harshly to the girl, "I am returning this after this is over."

She just smiled innocently as if she hadn't heard him and asked the other brunette, "Are you just going to window shop or are you here to buy?"

Without missing a beat, Tai replied, "How much?" The three had a good laugh at his expense, the musician's scowl deepening as he crossed his arms and pouted. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry," the boy repeated, taking two steps forward so he could pull the other teen into a soft hug. "You look good, you know?"

"Can we just get this over with?" Matt asked, voice revealing his impatience was out of embarrassment and not exasperation.

"Alright!" Tai cheered, smashing their lips together for several seconds before taking the blonde's pale hand and leading him away from the few gawker that were watching them. "And don't worry, I'll be getting you out of that thing sooner or later," he added quietly into Matt's ear as they were walking away, making him blush several shades darker red.

After a nice lunch at a small, family owned restaurant, the two made their way to an amusement park. They went on pretty much every ride except the little kiddie ones, with Tai even having to take the time to ride the Merry Go Round once. He tried to convince Matt to join him, but that was one thing the blonde was adamantly against. They rode the bumper cars several times, the first two times going solely for each other and then the subsequent times teaming up against the other riders. By the third time doing that, though, the other people learned what they were doing and it turned into two against eight so they abandoned that ride for a while. About halfway through their day Tai had to stop and buy a hotdog ("You just can't come to an amusement park and not get a hotdog!" he said), and then almost threw it up on the next ride they went on. To make sure he could keep it down they went to play some games for the next hour, and even Matt had to laugh when the carnie manning the ring toss mistook him for a girl and started hitting on him. Try as he might, Tai just couldn't quite get that clichéd giant teddy bear for his partner. And as the sun was starting to set they decided to go on one last ride and got in line for the Ferris Wheel.

Nine o'clock found the two back at Matt's apartment, worn out from the long day they had and dumping the prizes they did win on the couch. The blonde couldn't be more thankful that his father had the night shift and wouldn't come home that night, for he knew his old man wouldn't let him live down being put in a dress. Yawning as he started towards the kitchen to splash some water on his face, he made it a whole four feet before tanned hands grabbed at the fabric at his hips. They gently tugged at it until he turned around and faced their owner, the brunette leaning in to slowly plant butterfly kisses on his nose and eyes and lips. Nimble fingers gently massaged his skin through the soft fabric as they slowly, steadily descended as far as they could. When they reached the end of their reach, still several inches from the hem of Matt's dress, they started bunching it up until he could slip one hand beneath it.

A low moan escaped passed the lips covering his own as the brunette's warm fingertips softly touched his bare thigh. They nuzzled themselves under the edge of his blue boxers, moving with agonizing slowness towards the bulge forming just underneath the thin material. He tried to thrust his hips forward and speed up his lover's ministrations, but Tai's other hand held him firmly in place and he was too distracted by the tongue battling his own to put up much of a fight. Instead he settled for a pitiful whine to tell the younger male to hurry up. He could feel the other teenager's smirk, and those fingers inched ever closer to their prize. Then the door opened behind them and both cursed under their breath.

"Geez, you two couldn't even bother to take it off first?" a somewhat irate voice muttered behind them. Both let out a sigh of relief, Tai turning just enough that he could face the girl without revealing the erections they both had. It was obvious that she knew, though, by the smirk she was trying to hide behind one hand. "I just came to drop off the clothes Matt left at my place," she said, tossing the plastic bag onto the couch. "So, do you still want to return that dress?"

"No," Tai answered immediately, grinning broadly. He was really looking forward to the blonde wearing it again, although this time in private, underwear optional.

"Okay. Just remember that it is hand wash only, alright?" she asked, backing up to the door.

"Got it," Matt replied, getting a nod from the brunette before she closed the door and headed back to her place. Turning back to his brunette and thrusting his hips forward so the bulge in his boxers met the one in Tai's pants, he asked, "Should we move this to my room." His only answer was a lustful smile before he was once again pulled into a kiss, and guided down the hall.

The Lolita dress that I put Matt in is an actual dress. I have it hanging up in my closet right now. I only hope that I was able to describe it well enough that people can get a good idea of what it looks like. As much as I would like to say that I came up with it myself, I did not. I bought it off of ebay for $80 about 4 years ago.

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