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Summery: The Olympics Committee has changed the rules, allowing Chazz and Jimmy to compete in the 2014 games. Before the games even begin, Chazz encounters an old rival and Jimmy tries to deal with the fact his own daughter can't skate and discovering he has a brother. Passions rein high as the competition heats up the winter games! Some yaoi/slash later

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Blades of Glory 2: Fire on the Ice

By Queen of the Sacred Flames

Chapter 1: Return to the Rink

"Breaking news now from the International Olympic Committees," the TV news reporter narrated over dramatic Olympic archival footage along with recent feeds of the Olympic committee members meeting and discussing their current decisions. "International Olympic Committees have decided to change a major rule for figure skating. It now allows for same-sex partners to compete in pairs matches and is set to take effect in time for the 2014 winter games in London. Several committee members have stated their decision was influenced by the recent firestorm surrounding the infamous pair Chazz Michael Michaels and Jimmy MacElroy, who attempted to sign up for the USA team but were denied because the rules stated that only a lady and a man may skate in Olympic pairs. In other words, a male and female, not male and femalely-male." the narrator moaned and mumbled, "God, who writes these things..." Then he realized he was still on the air and cleared his throat, "Ahem, supporters of Michaels and MacElroy have protested the Olympics, expressing the rules are too strict as to what sexes can compete in the pairs. Abraham Holigan, Olympic figure skating historian had this to say,"

The screen cut to a dusty college-professor-type man, who explained in a drawling monotone voice, "This might actually be a good thing on part of the athletes and the ratings of the televised Olympics. This allows for more diverse pairs to compete and even create more competition. As far as ratings, this might generate more interest in the Olympics and help it cater to a wider niche."

"Others are not so sure," said the new narrator, "Some believe that allowing same-sex pairs will lower the standard of the Olympic games and may eventually lead to mixed male-female team sports. Other I've interviewed have even gone as far as saying that allowing 'gays' to compete on an international stage is flat out wrong. But I've recently interviewed some of the incoming same-sex pairs for the 2014 games and have been pleasantly surprised that a few of the incoming pairs are brother-brother and sister-sister teams."

Scene cuts to an interview with sister-sister pair, twins named Ae Cha and Ae Sook Gyeong translated by an off-screen translator, "We are so pleased to be able to compete together as sisters. We have been skating together since we were little girls, so it feels natural to compete together as a pair."

"Wow twins, now that's hot." said Chazz as he watched the news of the breaking news coverage in the living room. The sound of humming could be heard from the bathroom nearby. "Hey goldilocks, other people have to use the bathroom too. And by 'other people' I mean me!"

"Just give me a minute." Jimmy shouted back, then resumed brushing his famous golden locks with a whale bone brush Chazz had bought him his past birthday, "97, 98, 99, 100." then Jimmy set the brush down and took a good long look at himself in the mirror. He had let his short, curly look grow out. It was now exactly 7 and 3/4 inches in length, just the way he always wanted. It took him years, many bottles of Mane And Tail shampoo, a special herb blend formulated only by amazon women from a remote village in China, and deep scalp massage to get his hair to grow fast and in such fullness. In a strange way, this was sort of a rebellion against his adopted father, Darren MacElroy, who legally disowned him prior to his partnership with Chazz. He would never let Jimmy grow out his hair; it would create drag and cut down on his skating speed.

It wasn't until this recent reemergence in mainstream fame that Jimmy began to feel burning resentment against him, and it only grew worst when he started receiving phone messages from him, asking Jimmy if he wanted to be re-adopted, if such a thing was possible. Jimmy always hung up on him, but then came the text messages, emails, and good old-fashioned snail mail, all of which had deleted in various manners. Finally the messages stopped, and Jimmy was relieved. Darren, the only parent he ever knew other than the nuns that raised him in the orphanage, left him on the side of the road after being stripped of the gold metal after his first fight with Chazz.

Now, after years of having his adopted father's voice echo in the back of his head, dictating his every move and gesture, Jimmy was taking control of his life, doing things his way, the way he wanted. He even stopped using hand sanitizers (which always made his hands dry anyway) upon which he experienced his first cold (not pleasant at all). Chazz and his new wife Katie Van Waldenberg helped him recover. At least Katie understood his predicament with his father; her family wasn't so wonderful either. She refused to visit or communicate her psychotic brother and sister, both of whom were admitted to a psychiatric facility after a number of years in jail, except to mail them photographs of herself having fun with her new family, secretly hoping it would drive them into a debilitating state of madness.

Chazz on the other hand, didn't understand much at all, for he didn't have a family. In a sad way, Jimmy envied Chazz, ignorance is bliss.

"Dude, you should cut your hair," Chazz said, seeming to suddenly appear behind Jimmy. He gave Jim's hair a tug, "You're starting to look like Bowie when he was a chick."

"Hey! Don't pull it! ... Wait, Bowie was a chick?"

"I don't know," Chazz stepped in front of the toilet. "All I know is I gotta piss and you're taking too damn long."

Jimmy of course quickly stepped out of the bathroom so Chazz could do his business, only to get the knocked to the ground.

"Daddy!" the little girl squealed as she tackled Jimmy.

"Oh, hello sweetie," Jimmy said as he picked up his daughter, Jessica, and got up off the floor. Jessica, although only 5 years old, was strong and smart for her age; she got top marks in school and was spoiled by her father but humbled by her mother, who taught her to appreciate everything that came her way. Her only flaw, she couldn't skate to save her life.

Jessica was a genetic irony, her father was a champion figure skater who was sure athletics ran in his pedigree considering how perfect his body was, and her mother came from a family of Olympic skiers and skaters. Jimmy tried to teach her himself whenever he could, but when he was training Katie took her to a local ice skating class. Jimmy promised himself he wouldn't cry the one time he watched his little girl barely stand in her skates while the rest of the class had already progressed to practicing spins and twirls.

"How was class today?" Jimmy asked.

"Not good." Katie said.

"Why, what happened?" Jimmy put Jessica down so she could stand in front of him.

"Mary Jones said I had a fat ass, that's why I keep falling down." Jessica said.

"Well that's not nice of her to say that," Jimmy replied, "Did you tell her to stop?"

"No, I punched her in the face!" said Jessica, almost proud that she did it.

"Jessie!" Jimmy scolded, "How many times have we told you, you shouldn't punch people, it leaves a bad impression. Fighting doesn't solve anything; it only gets you stripped of your gold medal."

"It also got her kicked out of the class, for the third time." her mother said. "I don't think they'll forgive her a fourth time. I'm just glad I managed to convince Mary's mother not to sue us."

Jimmy kneeled down in front of Jessica, "Jessie, maybe we should stop these classes,"

"What?" Jessica exclaimed. "But I want to skate! I want to be a skater like you daddy!"

"I... I just don't think you're cut out to be a figure skater." Jimmy said gently. It broke his heart that his little girl wasn't talented like him, but it had to be said. "Maybe you can be something else, like a teacher, or a scientist... something not athletic..."

Tears welled up in her eyes, "It's not fair!" And suddenly Jessica punched the nearby wall out of anger.

"Jessica!" Katie was shocked. Jessica left a small crack in the wall, impressive for a 5 year old girl, but her mother wasn't pleased, "You go up to your room, right now."

Tearfully, Jessica ran up the stairs to her room, and collapsed on her bed, crying.

Katie sighed, "Who did she inherit her anger from?"

"Well, not from my side of the family, that's for sure," Jimmy said.

Chazz, who came out of the bathroom and heard most of the conversation decided to put his two cents in, "How do you know Jim? You're an orphan. You don't know squat about your family."

Chazz of course hadn't realized what he said was a blow to Jimmy; it was true he was an orphan he had no idea who his family was. The only family he had was the nuns from the orphanage and the sorry excuse of an adopted father who didn't treat him as a son but as a performing poodle. He had no family. Pretty much in the same manner as his daughter, Jimmy ran upstairs, and collapsed on his bed, crying.

Katie gave Chazz a look. Chazz couldn't decipher the look, "What?" Katie continued to glare at him. Chazz decided to mimic her look and glare back. The glaring contest went on for 5 long minutes, until Chazz blinked. "Dammit!" Katie's glare was bearing down on him. "Okay, okay, I'll go apologize, enough with the evil eye already."

Chazz climbed the stairs, and entered Jimmy's room. Chazz sat next to Jimmy's whimpering form, whose face was buried in a pillow. "Look man, I'm sorry, okay. It was wrong, mean, insensitive, and all that crap that I said you were an orphan and you don't know squat about your family. We cool now?"

"No Chazz, you're right." Jimmy hiccupped. "I'm a lowly, unwanted orphan; even Darren didn't want me!"

"Here we go..." Chazz moaned, feeling a sob-storm approaching.

"My parents hated me; that's why they gave me up; Darren hated me, my wife and kid hates me..." Jimmy blubbered into the tear-soaked pillow.

"Nobody hates you." Chazz tried to reassure his feminine partner. "And even if they did, you still got me." That only made Jimmy sob harder, which in turn made Chazz pinch the bridge of his nose and sigh like Peter Griffin from "Family Guy" when he encounters Buzz-Killington. "You know what Jim, I give up. I apologized, so my job is done. When you're done let me know if you got the tickets to London yet, I want a window seat." He gets up to leave, but then turns and says,

"Oh and do me a favor and try not to kill yourself over this emotional crap because it's impossible to get a partner at the last minute." then he leaves, leaving Jimmy to wallow in his puddle of self-pity.

Meanwhile, elsewhere...

A taxi pulled up to the front gates of a glorious mansion. The rider paid the driver and told him to wait because he wasn't going to be long, stepped out of the vehicle, and stood before the black iron gates. Labeled on the embellished mailbox read the name of the residence, "Darren MacElroy". The man pushed open the enormous iron gates, a great effort for a normal man but effortless for this one, for he was burly and muscular. He walked the length of the driveway and reached the front door and knocked heavily.

A foreign maid answered the door, her eyes widened at the sight of the man. He wore a denim jacket and jeans, leather boots, white shirt, and cowboy hat. "My name is Derek, I'm looking for a Mr. MacElroy." his voice was rough, save for some hint of a past Texan accent.

"Oh, Señor MacElroy busy training son." said the maid, struggling a bit with her English.

"I was hoping for a chance to meet him, could you take me to him?" He asked her in fluent Spanish.

She sighed in relief and welcomed him inside, and warned him "He doesn't like to be disturbed,"

"That's okay, I won't be long," he reassured her as she led him into the mansion. As they progress through the home, he noticed the rooms were more like fitness facilities, most of them had children training rigorously on sophisticated and expensive equipment. "Are all these Mr. MacElroy's children?"

"Every few years, Mr. MacElroy adopts one and trains him to be an athlete."

"Sounds like a real lucrative business..." said Derek, some contempt laced in his words. They entered a room that was mostly treadmills and other cardio equipment. In the center of the room was the man he was looking for, along with an African boy who was jumping rope at lightening speed.

Darren MacElroy was urging him to go even faster, he only stopped when he noticed another presence in the room, "May I help you?" The boy took this opportune moment to stop and catch his breath, but Darren noticed, "I didn't tell you to stop." and the boy immediately resumed his rope-jumping, "You want to beat Usain Bolt, you got to build yourself up until you can run like the

Roadrunner with his ass-feathers on fire."

"Mr. MacElroy, Derek," the maid introduced the two.

Derek shook his hand firmly. "I'm hoping perhaps you can help me."

"I'm sorry, but I only train kids," said Darren. "You look like a strong guy, but I like to get them when they're puppies and build them up into greyhounds."

"No, no, I'm looking for someone, you might have heard of him," Derek pulled a folded magazine picture out of his pocket and handed it to Darren.

Darren the image and immediately recognized the blond-hair blue-eyed athlete he raised from a skinny orphan child into a star skater, only to discard him like a used tissue. He handed the picture back to Derek, "Sorry, I can't help you. I haven't spoken to Jimmy in say, 5, 6 years, I forget how many. Not like I didn't try. He wouldn't answer my calls or any of my messages. I was willing to give him a second chance, but he was stubborn. He was never stubborn before, I think that Chazz Michael Michaels is a bad influence on him. Jimmy used to be so gentle and submissive. I can only imagine what that animal is filling his perfect blonde head with. But then again I can't blame Michaels either, maybe Jimmy was just a bad egg and I didn't see it coming." Derek clenched his fists, Darren didn't notice. "Once a bad egg, always a bad egg,"

"ENOUGH!" Derek suddenly grabbed Darren by his collar and lifted him up into the air. The maid screamed and the African boy was so shocked that he tripped over the jump rope and fell flat on his face. "You're not to say another word against Jimmy, you hear me!" Anger burned in his eyes and was reflected in his voice.

"Yes-yes, loud and clear!" Darren struggled against Derek's fist, whose knuckles were pressing into his throat. "Now put me down, or I'll have you arrested!"

"Tell me where Jimmy is, you disgusting turd." Derek growled.

"I don't know where he is!" Darren yelled. "I told you, I haven't spoken to him in years. I could care less about where he is anymore!"

"He's in London!"

Darren, Derek, and the maid all turned their attention to the African boy, who had picked himself off the floor. "London?" Derek asked. "You sure kid?"

"Yes, on the radio, they mentioned that Jimmy MacElroy and his partner were going to London for the Olympics." The African boy whimpered, afraid that Derek might hurt his adopted father.

Derek stared at the boy for a moment, the kid seemed honest enough, and it seemed to make sense that is where Jimmy might be. He dropped Darren… literally.

THUD "Ow…"

Derek glowered at Darren, "You make me sick," and he spit in his eye. Derek then turned and marched out of the mansion.

He continued on down the driveway, up to the iron gates and was about to board the taxi, only to find an empty road. On the ground was a slip of paper. Derek picked up the paper, which read:

Sorry, waited a while but you didn't show, have a nice day :)

Derek hated it when people added that last part. Derek seldom had nice days, and today was not a nice day. But things would soon change, deep inside he knew. 'Don't worry Jim, when I find you, things are gonna be alright… now, just how far is the airport from here?' he pondered as he started walking down the asphalt road.

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