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Blades of Glory 2: Fire on the Ice

By Queen of the Sacred Flames

Chapter 6: The Lovelorn and the Begrudged

Jimmy stared at his image in the mirror. He had gone to the nearest salon after the 'incident' at the rink. The beautician had done a good job; she had made Jimmy's hair the way it was before he had grown it out. Chazz had gone with him.

He and Jimmy returned to the Olympic village. Jimmy assumed that that meant Chazz wasn't going to abandon him.

The air was heavy with uncomfortable silence. Chazz finally turned to Jimmy, and opened his mouth to say something when all of a sudden Coach came barging in.

"I just spoke to the Japan Skating team's coach." Coach was furious. "What the hell is wrong with you two? Do you even want to be here? Why am I wasting my time coaching you two numbskulls if all I get in return is aggravation?"

Both Jimmy and Chazz knew he was talking about the fight with Kenji.

"Do you have anything to say for yourselves?" Coach fumed. "Because I'd love to hear your excuses this time,"

"Coach, I-"

"It's my fault Coach." Jimmy interrupted Chazz, who did a double-take, as did Coach.

"What?" Coach and Chazz exclaimed in unison.

"It's my fault Chazz got into that fight." Jimmy looked down at the floor. "I told Chazz that I didn't want him as my partner anymore, so I made him angry."

"Sorry Jim-bo but I ain't letting you take the rap for this one." Chazz intercepted.

"You're damn right." Coach said. "Because that's no excuse as to why you," he pointed an accusing finger at Chazz. "Have to go picking fights every time you piss the wrong way."

"Hey, I didn't start that fight." Chazz defended himself. "But Jimmy here sure did finish it. Hell if it weren't for him I'd be split like a banana peel." Chazz turned to Jim, "I owe ya one man. I'm sorry about what I said about your brother. If you trust him, then I trust him too."

"Oh geez," Coach shook his head.

"Chazz…" Jimmy's eyes watered. Then he suddenly wrapped his arms around him in a sweet hug. "I'm sorry too." Jimmy's voice cracked only slightly. You could almost hear inspiring music rise in the background.

"Oh for the love of god," Coach said exasperatedly. "Why don't you two kiss just to top it off?"

Suddenly Chazz pushed Jimmy off so fast and hard the blonde hit the floor, "No way! Until Jimmy sprouts a vagina, I ain't going near that."

"Love you too Chazz." Jimmy picked himself off the floor.

Then suddenly the front door burst open and a little girl ran in.

"Aw look," Chazz cooed, "Little Jessie is worried about her uncle Chazzie?" Chazz bent down and opened his arms to Jessica as she ran right for him.

"Out of the way!" Jessica knocked Chazz over and ran to her dad. "Daddy, are you okay? Did you get hurt?"

"I take it you found out?" Jimmy asked Katie as she followed Jessica it.

Katie nodded, and watched Jimmy pick up Jessica, "Your hair."

"It's not a big deal." Jimmy said solemnly as Jessica ran her fingers through it.

"It looks okay short." Jessica said kindly.

"Thanks Jessie," Jimmy gave his daughter a kiss on the forehead and put her back down on the floor.

"Who gives a crap about his hair?" Chazz picked himself off the floor. "I almost got sliced like deli meat!" Suddenly Chazz was barreled to the floor again as Derek came running in. "…ow…"

Derek grabbed Jimmy's small frame and smooshed him in a crushing hug, "Jimmy, are you alright? Who did this to you? Where does he live? I'll pulverize him for you Jim!"

"I'll be fine once you let me breathe!" Jimmy gasped in the small space between his brother's pecs.

"Oh, sorry," Derek dropped Jimmy, who's blue face returned to a normal color. "But that's it; I'm not leaving you alone anymore. From now on I'll be your bodyguard. I'll protect you like a big brother should."

"I don't think so pal," Coach said, not liking the idea one bit.

"Coach, I think Derek has a point," Jimmy said. "That guy Kenji is dangerous."

"Yeah," Chazz agreed, picking himself off the floor, "He's got a bad grudge against me."

"You seem to have that effect on people." Coach said. "Alright fine, do what you want. But just be ready for the competition tomorrow."

Jimmy was incredibly nervous. So much so that he felt nauseous. Katie suggested he take a walk to clear his head. Jimmy and Chazz had been training intensely; they had to create a whole new routine from scratch, especially after Chazz told Coach about Kenji's double-flip on the ice. They now had a new routine that, if it didn't wow the judges, it would certainly kill them. Jimmy would welcome the Iron Lotus anytime now.

Jimmy was very thankful for the break. It was his dream to come to the Olympics and skate in front of the whole world. But he just didn't expect all this drama to come with it. First he discovers he has a brother, now Chazz has a rival, and little Jessica is still depressed that she can't skate like her father. Jimmy felt that if he didn't get away from all of it and breathe, it all might come crashing down on him.

Derek, his brother-turned-bodyguard, now tailed him wherever he went, to protect him. Jimmy drew the line at bathrooms, but Derek insisted on at least standing by the door to listen in case anyone attempted to ambush him in there.

They decided to stop at a local café. Darren never let Jimmy have coffee before. It wasn't until his first sip a few years ago that he found out why. It was like a drug. If he didn't keep having it everyday, he would crash and become an incoherent blob. Oh well, it was still one more way he conquered his adoptive father.

Jimmy inhaled the sweet aroma of his mocha cappuccino and was about to take a sip when he noticed someone through the window next to the table he and Derek sat. He recognized the figure as Suichi; he was across the street, looking as though waiting for him to come out.

"I'll be right back," Jimmy told Derek as he got up.

"Where are you going?" Derek immediately asked, getting up to follow him.

"Just outside one second. I'll come back." Jimmy reassured him.

"I'm not leaving you alone." Derek was firm.

"Please trust me." Jimmy knew that would put Derek on a spot.

Derek was silent for a few seconds before sitting back down. "Fine, but if your not back in two minutes—"

"I know," Jimmy, briskly walked out of the café, trying not to look suspicious. Jimmy didn't want Derek with him to see Suichi, fearing Derek's overprotective-big-brother instinct might kick in.

The second he passed the window and Derek was not in sight; Jimmy rushed across the street, a car just stopping short of hitting him. Then another car rear-ended it, and another car tried to drive around but got crushed by a truck. Jimmy's eyes widened as the piled up continued to grow, so he quickened his pace, hoping no one would pin it on him.

"You should look both ways before crossing." Suichi commented.

"Thanks for the advice." Jimmy quipped. "It's not my fault they drive on the wrong side of the road here."

Suddenly Suichi took his hand, "Come on." Suichi guided him down the alley and behind a pub.

"Why are we here?" Jimmy looked around at the filthy back alley behind the 'Cock and Barrel Pub', where there were piles of bottles and garbage that smelled like old cheese.

"I don't want anyone we know to see us talking." Suichi said. "There might be… consequences…"

That's when Jimmy noticed a red mark on Suichi's face in the shape of a handprint.

"Did he hit you?" Jimmy said, anger hidden in his voice.

Suichi was surprised Jimmy noticed, and tried to use his long hair to hide it. "It's nothing. Kenji would have punched me but he didn't want to risk injuring me before the competition tomorrow."

"Punch you?" Jimmy exclaimed.

"Please," Suichi bowed. "I came to apologize on Kenji's behalf. Kenji isn't a bad person."

"Oh no," Jimmy said sarcastically, "I can tell, he's just sadistic."

"Jimmy, you don't understand. Kenji doesn't hurt anyone because he wants to. He does it because he's angry and—"

"That's no excuse to do this!" Jimmy pointed to the red mark on Suichi's face. "That's not what this is all about. When someone is your partner, you don't use them as a punching bag because you're angry, you're supposed to support each other and work as a team. Even if one of you messes up, you try the best you can to fix it." Jimmy takes Suichi's shoulders, looking into his almond-shaped eyes, "Someone kind like you should never defend someone like Kenji."

Suichi was moved by jimmy's sincerity, it was the way Kenji used to talk before his unfortunate encounter with Chazz. In Jimmy's words he saw the old Kenji, the Kenji he hoped would return. So moved was Suichi, so captured in the moment that he embraced Jimmy in a desperate and lovelorn kiss.

So sudden and abrupt was this kiss that Jimmy's brain couldn't catch up soon enough to comprehend the situation before the nearby backdoor burst open and a pair of drunks collapsed onto the garbage ridden asphalt.

"Okay, who put a door there?"

Jimmy immediately recognized the stumbling and alcohol buzzed figure as Chazz. His cackling companion was a bar wench so tattooed that it was difficult to discern her true skin color.

Chazz perked up when he noticed Jimmy, "Hey Jim-bo! What're you doing back here… with that guy down your throat?"

Even in his horny/drunk state Chazz could tell there was something very wrong with this picture, and it didn't even have anything to do with the fact that everything in his vision was turning funky colors from the questionable-quality pub beer.

The situation only got worse when Derek sped around the corner, who had darted out of the café when Jimmy's time limit was up. Suichi's lips were forcefully ripped from Jimmy's when Derek grabbed the Asian and threw him against the brick wall.

"I'll teach you to molest my brother!" Derek drew his fist back, preparing to punch Suichi can to the Ming Dynasty.

"No!" jimmy grabbed Derek's arm. "Don't hurt him! He has to skate tomorrow!"

"Jim, there's no need to defend someone like him. Whatever he did to you was not your fault."

"He didn't do anything to me! … Okay he did do something but it wasn't a bad something… not that kissing me was a good thing, I don't like guys, I'm married to Katie, who's a girl!" Jimmy rambled, struggling to remedy the situation. Desperate, he turned to Chazz, "Chazz, help me out here."

"Nothing happened." Chazz hiccupped.

"Thank you," Jimmy breathed a sigh of relief.

"I totally did not see you make out with that japer-cheese guy." Chazz added.

Jimmy face-palmed,

After a great deal of arguing, pleading, and being interrupted by the sounds of Chazz retching and eventually vomiting due to the questionable quality pub beer, Jimmy convinced Derek not to Suichi but instead make sure that he got back to his cottage in the Olympic Village.

Jimmy assured his overprotective brother that he would be fine, and proceeded to pry Chazz off the tattooed woman, which took more effort than Jimmy initially realized due to Chazz's excessive beer weight, and dragged his friend back to their cottage. All the way there Chazz kept trying to paw at Jimmy, for in his drunken haze he saw Jimmy as a petit, flat-chested British chick.

Jimmy hoped for only two things that night: that Katie would never find out about that back-alley kiss, and that Coach wouldn't be there to lecture them about staying out late when there was a competition tomorrow.

But Coach wasn't there; he was elsewhere with a private investigator. He had hired one after his first encounter with Derek. And the investigator had returned with some very interesting findings.

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