Chapter One - Day One

Rookies (new people to the school) came to school and all of em were marked right up. I even might have brusied some dude's toe. Not sure. But, I got this in my mind and just couldn't help it. Even though I started this in September, I wanted to finish it before I began posting. Which was stupid. Because I accidently deleted the second to last chapter. I feel like such a tard.

Summary - Roxas didn't believe in love at first sight. Axel was determined to change his mind.

Disclaimer - Why would you assume I would claim these lovely characters as my own?

Warnings - boyxboy, swearing, sex, violence, cheating (only mild)

Pairings - Akuroku, DemBar, Cleon, Soriku (later on), HaynerPence (later on)


Tuesday, September 8th

Day One - Morning


"Ah, Dem, this is gonna be a fun week."

The blonde with a one-of-a-kind hairstyle rolled his aquamarine eyes at his redheaded best friend as said redhead entwined his fingers behind his head, cradling his red spikes. He was beaming as he eyed the new students filling the halls, looking around nervously for friends and classes.

"C'mon, Axel. Grow up."

"But, man, this is my last year to do this!"

Groaning the blonde grabbed his friend's elbow, turning him round. He pointed his finger in Axel's face, causing the redhead to go cross-eyed from trying to look at the appendage. "Be nice. I don't want you scaring all the little things away!"

"What does it matter to you? Ooh, there's a hot one there."

"Axel, focus. Let's just go find our class, okay?"

"No, seriously, that kid is really hot. Mmm, I wanna go mark all over him."

"No, Axel! Wait! No!" Demyx tried his best to keep the smaller blonde that Axel had set his eyes on safe, but the bigger, stronger redhead ended up dragging his struggling best friend over to the new meat. Demyx just groaned.

"What's your name, kid?"

The younger blonde ignored the redhead standing beside him as he continued his conversation with the two other boys, already with a large R on their cheek. One of those boys with black hair began to shake at the approach of the senior.

"Y-You better answer him, man. You can't miss the first week because you're in the hospital," he advised his friend, nodding towards Axel. A slightly taller, tougher-looking blonde stepped forward defensively.

"What do you want with Roxas?" he spat, putting himself between his friend and the enemy. Axel smirked and the black-haired boy slapped his palm to his forehead with a mumbled "Hayner, you moron. Just back down!" Axel paid him no mind.

"Ooh, Rox-as, is it? That's a pretty sweet name."

Roxas turned to face him, gripping Hayner right above the elbow. "Stand down, man." Waiting until the angry blonde calmed slightly, wrenching his arm from his friend's grasp and moving back behind him, Roxas turned to Axel. "What do you want? We weren't bothering you, so could you please just leave us alone?"

"Oh, Dem, I remember when I was that little." Axel sighed, placing his hand on Roxas' blonde spikes, ruffling them farther. Demyx scoffed beside him, chuckling a bit despite himself.

"You never were that little. I swear you were born that tall."

Axel glowered back at his friend before bending down to Roxas' eye level. "You're a newbie here, right? Grade niner?"

Roxas glared into those emerald orbs and smirking face. "Yeah, so? Get your hand off me, please."

"Ah, he's so cute! I wanna just gobble him right up!"

Gagging, the smallest blonde made an attempt to release himself from Axel's grip, but stopped when he felt those fingers tighten, pulling at his hair with a mild sting of pain. "You fag, get off of me."

"But Roxas-"

"Shut up Pence."

"'But Roxas' what, Rox-as? Somethin' you'd like to tell me?"

The blonde stayed quiet, causing Axel to smirk. "Fine, whatever. I'm gonna mark you all up now, kay?" He forced Roxas to nod, pushing his head down then pulling it back up. "Now you gotta promise me you won't look, right? I want it to be a surprise." He allowed Roxas to nod on his own this time.

"Wh-What are you gonna do to him?" Pence asked, his voice breaking into a squeak.

"Well, first I want him to take off his hot little sweater so that I can mark up his arms."

"Only if you let me go," Roxas sighed. Axel released his grip willingly and Roxas gulped, slowly moving his fingers up to the zipper sitting on his stomach. Tentatively, he pulled it down, stripping out of one clinging arm, then the other. He handed his sweater to the black-haired boy still cowering behind him. "Now what?"

"Demyx, I don't trust him much. Pass me the marker and then cover his eyes like a good boy, kay?"

"I-I ... I won't look. I promise."

"Nah, s'alright, Rox-as. Demyx is more trustworthy than I am. Thank ya', bud. Okay, now, if you will ... there, perfect. Okay, this'll take only a few minutes."

"Minutes?!" Roxas gasped incredulously. "I have to get to class soon!"

"It'll be okay. Calm down. If you get in trouble, just show them your face."

"M-My face? I ... You said my arms! You can't touch my face."

The blonde began to struggle when he felt the cool line of marker starting on his forehead. "Oops, too late. Trust me, it'll be easier for you if I do this now."

"Is that a threat?"

"No," Axel chuckled, keeping Hayner and Pence at bay with mild 'get-back' glares. "Just a warning. You're just Seifer's type."

"Who's that?"

"I'll tell you some other time. No more distractions."

The blonde groaned. "Hey, what did I just say?"

Axel finished a few moments later, purring slightly at his handiwork. "There, perfect. I'll be seeing you, Rox-as!"


Day One - Lunch


He sounded like a broken record, unnerving even the upperclassmen that crossed his path. "Have you seen Axel, have you seen Axel?" It wasn't his tone that scared the majority of them, although that in itself struck terror in some of his classmates. No, it was what was written on his face. On his forehead 'Axel's', his right cheek 'No' and his left 'Touchie'. He had wanted to go punch the redhead in the face right there as Hayner started snickering and Pence read it aloud. But then he looked down at his arms. Bad idea.

"What the flying fuck?!" He had cried out, causing a few students around them to stare. 'Call me, babe' followed by a number Roxas assumed to be that of the redhead. On his other arm ... Oh that was the worst. 'I wanna fuck that tight lil' ass of yours'. The thought of that ... jerk ... anywhere near his backside was enough to almost give the blonde nightmares.

So there he stood, exasperated in the middle of a deserted hall, slightly out of breath from all the walking and yelling. Then laughter echoed from behind him. He spun on his heel, right into a laughing redhead's awaiting embrace.

"Heard you've been lookin' for me, babe. Come about the offer?"

Roxas tried to push himself back away from Axel's chest, but his arms were pinned tightly to his sides by the redhead's own. "Ugh, let go of me, you bastard!"

"Aww, but Roxy -"

"Don't call me that! You're gross!"

"Stop pretending you aren't into guys."


That caught his attention. Pretending? Who said he was pretending? Although he was. But Axel didn't need to know that. "I trapped that Pence guy earlier. You need to get better friends, man. He squeals too easily. Seifer gets his hands on him, both you and Pence are toast."

"Explain to me who Seifer is again, please?" Roxas tried to veer off subject. Why did he have the sinking feeling that it wasn't going to work very well?

"Later, Rox-as, later. I promise. But I was just on my way to go meet up with Demyx. You're welcome to join me."

"I'll pass, thanks."

"I could show you around the school?"

"What about Demyx?"

"He doesn't need me right now."

"Neither do I."

"Has anyone picked on you yet?"

Roxas was caught off guard. Now that he thought about it, people that looked tough and menacing had steered clear of him, while almost everyone else in his class had been hit hard. He was also surprised Axel hadn't shot something vulgar back at him.

"I ... guess they haven't, really."

"Still think you don't need me?"

"Yeah. I don't even know you. You don't even know me."

"But I want to get to know you, Rox-as. But, if you insist, I'll just be on my way." Axel sighed, an obviously fake pout on his lips. He let the blonde finally pull away from him and he brushed past him. "But, Rox-as, I'll be keeping an eye out on you, so you don't have to worry. I won't let him touch you."

Roxas groaned. How did Axel already know that his tone alone would get the blonde to follow him. It was the tone of someone that knew everything in the world. But just the words made the ever-inquisitive Roxas turn and follow with his head hung.

Axel slung his arm over the much smaller boy's shoulder, pulling him in so that his cheek rubbed against the redhead's ribs. "Wait till you hear Dem sing. Ugh, his voice will just melt your heart."

"You know I only want to know what the heck you are talking about when you say Sei-" The blonde was shushed by the redhead pulling his face closer, forcing it close to his chest.

"Hey, Axel. Long summer. Sucked that I didn't get to pound a lamer like you into the ground for so long!"

"Yeah right, Seifer. I have you beat. Got it memorized?"

"Oh really? How would you be able to beat me?"

"So easy. Remember, the six times you went home bloody last year? Does that ring a bell? Or did I smash your head in too much for you to remember anything beyond last period?"

"You ..." Seifer glared from the opposite end of the hall. It was then that Axel realized Roxas was struggling to breathe and he let the blonde fall back slightly, still gripping him close. "Who's that?" The beanie-wearer nodded his head at the gasping blonde that had just been released.

"None of your concern, Seifer. Just keep going the way you were going and you won't have to go home with another bloody nose."

"Let me see him." Axel pulled Roxas still tighter, this time making sure not to cover his mouth. "Got yourself another piece of ass already? I want him. Hand him over."

"Get lost, you piece of shit. He's not something that can be auctioned off, you know? He's a human being. Right, kiddo?"

"I-I ..." Roxas was still too confused, being lost in the heated argument the two were getting into. So this was Seifer? A beanie hid blonde hair and his blue vest only covered half of his stomach. Tough-guy was written all over his stance and features, every pore of his being just reeking of the lust of battle.

"C'mon, Rox. We have somewhere to be, right? Why don't we go find those two friends of yours from earlier?" Axel's tone was laden with urgency as he eyed up the two blondes. "It'll be okay. Promise," he added in an undertone.

"I'm not scared," Roxas replied, but allowed himself to be led past the elder, glowering, writhing blonde.

Soon enough they found Pence and Hayner, exactly where Roxas had left them. Before leaving the blonde to his friends, Axel pulled him aside, lowering himself down to Roxas' eyelevel, his hands on both of the younger boy's shoulders. "Listen to me, okay, Roxas?" The blonde was mildly surprised when Axel didn't pause in the middle of his name like he normally did. Already he knew that meant the redhead meant business.

He nodded. "Steer clear of that guy. He'll want you more than anything, just because he thinks you belong to me. He'll do almost anything to get to you. Don't let him, alright? He's trouble. Understand?" He didn't really, but he nodded anyways. Axel let out a saved breath and leaned in closer, causing Roxas to flinch and back against the wall. "It's okay, Rox-as." He felt the ghost of lips against his forehead. "I won't rush you. Seifer would though. But, I already promised I'd keep you safe. I never go back on my word. Got it memorized?"

Roxas was speechless. His forehead tingled and he just wanted to sink to the ground. "Uh ... s-sure."

"Alright, see you tomorrow, Rox-as."

Roxas didn't understand how or why but he found himself smiling at the thought.


To Be Continued


First chapter done. Seifer's such a meany. :D I love him. Tell me what you thought, okay?