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Six months later, Alex and Olivia were sitting on Alex's bed, poring over French verbs. "Aller," recited Olivia. "To go. Dormir: to sleep. Être: to be. Devoir: to have to. Grandir: to get fat."

Alex giggled. "That is definitely not what grandir means."

Olivia groaned and hurled the textbook across the room. "Can we stop now?"

"Hey!" Alex leapt up to retrieve the fallen book. "Don't do that. My mother will have a fit!"

Olivia sighed. "Lex, we've been working for hours. I'm never going to learn them. I'm going to fail the test. I'm resigned to my fate. Let me be peacefully miserable."

Alex laughed. "We've only been working for half an hour, tops, and they're really not that hard if you just focus."

Olivia shrugged. "Whatever. Brailin just wants an excuse to fail me anyway, so why shouldn't I have a little fun? What kind of crazy bitch can expect us to learn eighty verbs in a weekend?"

"Most of them you should already be familiar with, since you learned them in grade four," Alex pointed out.

"That's assuming I actually paid attention in grade four."

Alex snickered. "Fine then. You win. Let's take a break." She gave her friend an impish grin. "Did you notice how Elliot's been checking you out?"

Olivia waved a dismissive hand. "Yeah, right. Stabler already has a girlfriend, in case you forgot."

"You guys would be cute together," commented Alex.

Olivia rolled her eyes. "We've known each other since we were little kids. We've been friends since I was four. Nothing more. Besides, he's a senior."

"I never noticed," quipped Alex.

Olivia grinned. "Aren't you glad you had me to help break you in when you were new?"

Alex chuckled. "Yes. I never would have known about the unwritten 'freshmen can't date seniors' rule."

Olivia hesitated. "Well, it's not exactly a rule."

"That's good," said Alex, a knowing gleam in her eye.

Olivia gasped. "Who is he?"

Alex's clear blue eyes were dancing as she shook her head and crossed her heart. "I'll never tell."

Olivia punched her friend lightly in the shoulder. "Hey, no fair!"

Alex raised her eyebrows. "Back to the French now."

Olivia groaned. "Is it Brian?"

Alex made a disgusted face. "No!"


Alex paused a second too long before saying, "Who says he's part of our gang?"

Olivia smirked. "It is, isn't it? Wow, you like them old! And you never even told me!" She pouted. "I tell you everything."

"It's nothing serious," said Alex quickly. "He's going to college in September anyway. It's just a thing."

"By 'thing,' you mean 'fling, and the Alex Cabot I know doesn't do fling."

Alex shrugged. "We'll just have to wait and see." She opened the textbook. "Now what'll it be – the rack or the thumbscrews?"

Olivia sulked. "Pouvoir: to be able to. Vouloir: to want. Lire: to read. Sortir: to exit. Rire: to laugh. Goatire: to turn into a goat."

Alex rolled her eyes. "That one isn't there. God help you, Liv."

Olivia started to reply when the doorbell rang. She smiled sweetly at Alex, proud that she had evaded further torture. "Saved by the bell. That would be my mom."

Alex smiled to herself. It was still strange to hear Olivia say that, but from what she knew of Grace, Olivia was one very lucky girl.

"She'll come up here," said Alex. "I think we have time for one more, don't you?"

Olivia shook her head. "Nope." She slammed the textbook shut.

The girls heard a soft rap on the door. "Can I come in?" called Grace.

"Sure," Alex called back.

Grace opened the door. "Hi, Alex. It's time to go, Olivia."

Olivia stuck her tongue out at Alex. "Bye, Lex," she said sweetly. "At least now you r conscience is clear. You can tell Brailin we studied together and it won't even be a lie." Seeing the skeptical look on her friend's face, she amended, "It won't be much of a lie."

Alex laughed. "Bye, Liv. See you tomorrow. Bye, Grace."

Olivia took Grace's hand and they walked out side by side.

Olivia sighed deeply. This was what family meant. Finally, she was home.


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