Chapter Ten

Emily stuttered but couldn't find any words. Ella spoke first.

"It was true?! That whole story about the wizard school, it was true!? Are you kidding me?"

"Yes!" Emily burst out. She crossed her fingers behind her back, praying to God that Ella would believe her.

"No, it all makes sense now. All that stuff about how you didn't know how to play tennis and you'd never heard of a hair dryer and how you've been sneaking around. And Jennie's frog throat, that was you. I knew it! I just knew it. You've lied to me so many times! I don't know how I ever trusted you! And me-I'm a witch too!" There was a pause, then-"Oh, my God, I'm a witch."

Emily was standing there rather awkwardly, with a winced look on her face.

"Please, Ella, stop it," she whispered, "you don't know what you're talking about. Just forget everything I said. Please, just leave it alone."

Ella pushed past Emily into her room, where Missy was standing by the fire, looking horrified.

"And you," Ella pointed at the cat, "you were the one talking last night, not the girl across the hall because no one lives across the hall. And that time by the tree! Your cat can talk, Emily, which proves that you're a witch, aren't you?"

Emily shook her head, with widened eyes. Ella looked very frightening with her small figure shaking and her eyes were bright and vivid.

"Aren't you, Emily?" Emily gulped and nodded slightly. All of a sudden a blast of violet light filled the room and the door slammed shut. Both girls screamed.

There was a silence as the curling wisps of smoke cleared and a tall figure stood in front of the fireplace next to Missy, with a long white beard and a crooked nose, and half-moon spectacles.

"Professor Dumbledore!" Emily gasped.

Ella gasped. He stood looking at the two girls with those bright blue eyes of his. Emily didn't know what to think. It was quite possible that she was going stark mad. Dumbledore spoke.

"Greetings to the both of you. I will explain everything, but first I would like to get reacquainted with my granddaughter." He strolled over to Ella in his long silver robes and embraced the little girl. Ella opened her mouth, but didn't say anything. Emily started to speak.

"Professor, I would like to know why you're here when I'm not supposed to leave for another few weeks. I know I've messed things up awfully bad and I just want to go back to where I belong and not in some muggle school."

Dumbledore turned and smiled at Emily. Emily swallowed and shook under his gaze.

"Miss Davidson, I have come here to escort some people to where they ought to be. Emily, you will come back with me tonight with this Portkey," he held up a tennis ball, "and Ella will come as well. But, now I will clear things up a bit for the both of you." He walked over and sat in the armchair by the fire.

"Come sit by me," he beckoned.

Emily and Ella sat on the floor. Missy crawled over and curled up in Emily's lap. Emily glanced at Ella. Ella was gaping at Dumbledore with a shocked look on her freckled face.

"Now, Emily, you know one reason that you were brought here. For a 'trial' as we called it until you could behave properly in class when performing your magical studies. And Ella, I noticed that you have indeed found out who you really are."

"But, why didn't she know when she was eleven like everybody else?" Emily asked. Ella looked over at her.

"Because I was afraid of her safety. You do know Ella is an orphan, am I correct?" Emily nodded.

"Now, Ella, do you know how your parents died?"

"I know that they were killed."

"Yes, but how?"

"I don't know, sir."

"Please call me Albus." Emily raised her eyebrows; that sounded weird. "Your parents were murdered," Dumbledore continued, "by none other than Voldemort."

Emily gasped. Ella must have figured that they was someone bad because she gulped.

"Wh-who's that?"

"Voldemort is a wizard who practices evil, dark magic. Currently, he is in hiding because little Harry Potter had defeated him in his highest power and his powers were almost defeated."

"Who's Harry Potter?" Ella asked.

"Who's Harry Potter!" Emily cried out, "why, he's the boy who defeated the Dark Lord, very nice kid."

"Precisely," Dumbledore's eyes twinkled, "anyway, Voldemort is the reason you have no parents and you might have been in danger as well if I had let you into the wizard world. Voldemort might have known where you were and would try to hurt you as well. I didn't want that, so I kept you away from the wizarding world as long as I possibly could."

Dumbledore clasped his hands together and gazed into the fire, then looked back at Ella.

"But I've decided that you should not have been kept away for so long. It probably was safe enough to bring you at eleven, but I was cautious. Now, you will be coming with Emily and me tonight and will be introduced to Hogwarts."

"The wizard school!" Ella cried.

"Yes," Dumbledore chuckled, "I have been watching the two of you closely and saw that Emily told you about her past, without really telling you. Very clever, Emily."

Emily blushed. Missy stirred in her lap.

"And, yes, Missy, your cat. I was quite wise when I gave her to you, wasn't I? Missy, you will be rewarded for looking after this troublesome girl." Dumbledore smiled.

"Thank you, Dumbledore," Missy said. Ella jumped and stared at the cat, then glared at Emily.

"Um, Professor, you said that me coming here on trial was only one reason. What was the other?"

"Good question, Emily. I knew you would be perfect for a friend for Ella. I needed someone who would be able to make a friend for her so that she'd be more comfortable when I took her to Hogwarts. I see that plan has almost succeeded. Girls, now is the time to clear up any misunderstanding." Emily turned to Ella.

"I'm sorry if you ever doubted my trust. But you must honestly know now that I am a witch and I was told never to reveal who I really was. And you astonished me too when I found out Dumbledore was your great-grandfather."

"I'm sorry too." Ella smiled, "I guess it was wrong to prejudge you when you were just trying to fit in here. And that joke you pulled on Jennie, that was magic, wasn't it?"

"Yeah," Emily glanced at Dumbledore guiltily, "I wasn't supposed to do it, but it was great, wasn't it?"

"It was priceless." The girls giggled, then turned back to Dumbledore.

"Now, Emily and Ella, get your things packed up. We're off to Hogwarts in time to be in the Great Hall for supper."

"Yes!" Emily jumped up and began picking up things around her room.

"And don't use magic anymore here until we leave, Emily, agreed?" Dumbledore stood up.


An hour later, Emily and Ella were standing among trunks in the front entrance hall. It was dinner hour for St. John's, but there was a crowd watching them check everything with the strange-looking man in robes. Jennie was among them.

Emily glanced at Jennie Rosenfeld and sighed. It was only right. She stepped over her bags and walked over to her enemy and held out her hand.

"I probably won't ever see you again, so I just want to say I'm sorry. I'm sorry for the stuff I did and I also forgive you. I hope we can be better friends or enemies now."

Jennie hesitated a moment, then returned the handshake and smiled slightly.

"I-I guess I'm sorry too. It's too bad you have to leave. It was kind of fun having someone to fight with, my sister is in college. And you got pretty good at tennis, I must say."

Emily laughed and smiled. My work here is done, she thought. She turned and shook hands with all the teachers, including Miss Harrington last. Then with a last look around, she picked up her trunks and bags, which were surprisingly light as a feather. Emily looked over at Dumbledore, who winked. The three walked out into the fresh air and down the steps. Dumbledore took out the tennis ball from his pocket and held it out in front of him.

"Ready?" he asked.

"Ready," the girls answered and touched the ball. There was a gleaming light and they were gone.

THE END (but somehow I think it's just the beginning)