Hello to all my fans here on Fan fiction. I hate to inform you that I am Taking down Loralocks. BUT! I am putting it up on a new site called ! My user name for that site is YourGuardianAngel22. I have Loralocks updated, and a new story called Mates are for Losers on there. You don't have to sign up for it, you can log into Wattpad using Facebook and Twitter. Please, if you love me or this story, you will go and read it there. What's so cool about this site, is it's SO much easier to read, and you can use your smart phone! I know, I sound like I'm advertising but I'm not. If you haven't noticed, All chapters are gone on here, so I'm sorry to say that there isn't another choice in the matter. If you love the story still when you read it on Wattpad, there is two little button on top. One called Vote *its like you rate it, or like it* and add to reading list. You can only add to your reading list if you are logged into it using facebook, twitter, or if you make an account on there so do that before reading! Also, you can still comment, and message me whenever you like! I'm really sorry for taking it down, but I just feel like I should! So what are you waiting for? Head on over to wattpad! OH! One more thing, to get updates on when I update the stories, you have to go to my profile, and become a fan of me! I don't have many reads or fans, so it would mean a lot if you guys would read, vote, comment, and then fan me! I love you all so much! Thanks for reading!