An exploration of Jonathan's first year as King of Tortall, and the evolution of his relationship with his King's Champion.

Over the past several months, life had become very uncertain. Even more uncertain than it had been before. Constants were now in flux, and everyone's roles were shifting. She always knew things would change – they had to. It was part of life. Change was inevitable, hard as it may be.

Normally, she didn't mind change. Many of the recent changes had been good – a few bad, but most for the better. They were all happy. Happy was good, especially for them, and after all that had happened. Happiness was infinitely preferable to the somberness of the past year or more.

But this was one change she remained unsure about. One constant she wished would change… or did she? It had to change – they both knew it. And they were going to allow it. Probably. No, definitely. They had to. It was for the best. But some part of her would always love him, and some part of him would always love her… she hoped. But what they did about it… that was the true test.

Author's Note: hello, all. I haven't written fan fiction in years. I have to go back and reread the books, so this will probably take me awhile to finish. And it's just a grand experiment, so we'll see where it goes. Let me know what you think! Love, Erin/tortallanrider