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Chapter one


'Cause we are broken

What must we do to restore

Our innocence

And oh, the promise we adored

Give us life again

'Cause we just wanna be whole

- We Are Broken by Paramore

Life had never been easy to me.

My mom had raised me alone. My father left us before I was born; my mom said he visited us a few times, but that he had died a couple of years later.

I had always been shy, and had no friends. My best friend was my mother.

When I was ten, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She fought it, but it wasn't enough. She passed away in July, two months before my seventeenth birthday. She had made sure I would be able to support myself if anything were to happen to her. I was emancipated and lived alone in our small home in Scottsdale.

Her death hit me hard. I had no one else in the world. No family and no friends. Except for one person.

His name was Ryan.

And he was a vampire.

I met him one night when I was walking home from the grocery store. I was scared at first; his bright red eyes were terrifying. Once I got to know him, though, I overlooked them. He was a nice guy, despite his diet.

I figured out he wasn't human a few weeks after meeting him. He always seemed to be holding his breath near me, and he never came out during daylight. His skin was really hard and cold despite the blazing heat of Phoenix and of course, his eyes were red.

I confronted him, and he finally told me the truth. He was going to attack me the night I met him, but I reminded him so much of his little sister that he just couldn't do it. I should have been scared, but he was my only companion apart from my mother, and I didn't want to lose him. He really treated me like a little sister.

His diet annoyed me, but he never changed it. He tried to hunt animals once, but gave up after one try. He never tried to attack me again, though. Besides looking like a family member, he said my smell was too floral and he didn't like it. That night he had been too thirsty to notice.

He had also confessed that he was staying in Phoenix because he was being hunted down by other vampires. No vampire would stay in the south; it was always sunny. It was the perfect hiding place.

He showed me all the perks of being a vampire. He was really fast and strong. He also sparkled in the sunlight, instead of burning to death; it was a little strange at first, but I got used to it.

The week my mother passed away, he helped me with everything. I had prepared myself mentally for that day, but it was still hard. She was my everything and then she was gone. Ryan made sure I ate and slept. He stayed at my house for a while.

A month later, he disappeared. He went out one day and didn't come back. He didn't leave a note or anything, nor did he call. I waited for him to come back for about a week, and then gave up. He had abandoned me.

I was attacked at home a few days after that. It was another vampire. He said he smelled a vampire scent in my house and came to check. When he didn't find anyone but a human, he demanded I tell him who had been there. I refused to say anything, so he attacked me. He punched and kicked me before sexually assaulting me. I fell unconscious and he ran away.

I treated my own injuries at home. Thankfully nothing was broken, but I was badly bruised. I had two bruises shaped as hands on my arms and my whole body ached.

I spent days crying in my room. I barely ate and went days without sleep. Whenever I managed to fall asleep, I had nightmares. I had no one to turn to and I refused to go to a hospital. I quit school before it started in September; I just had no mind to go back. I was depressed, hurt and alone; more than once I had considered ending my life.

That was until I felt it. A month after the attack, I was eating when I felt something inside my tummy. I thought it was just a stomachache or something, but had to reconsider when I felt a bump. I got up quickly and went into the bathroom, lifting my shirt. My mouth fell open.

It was obviously a baby bump. I hadn't been eating much so I couldn't have gained weight. And I felt something move inside of me. Tears once again fell down my face. What would I do? The baby would not be human, that was obvious. It was growing quite fast.

That night I made my decision. I would pull myself together for the baby. He or she became my will to live.

I carried it for about three months. I ate and slept regularly, trying to stay healthy. I noticed my stomach skin felt just like Ryan's; it was rock hard and cold, but I still felt pain.

I never left the house; I had my groceries delivered to my address every week. My car was just sitting in the garage, gathering dust.

I started eating almost raw meat after I noticed that the blood made me feel stronger. I had no clue how I would survive child birth, but I had an idea. Before Ryan left, we talked a bit about immortality. He filled up a syringe with his venom one night, telling me that in case I needed – or wanted – it, all I had to do was get the venom in one of my biggest veins and I would turn into one of them.

I had kept the vial, always contemplating that possibility. Now I had no choice. I carried the syringe with me at all times. I had read a couple of pregnancy books my mom had at home; I was a few days shy of full term, and I didn't want to take any chances. I was all this baby had and I would make sure to be alive for it.

The pregnancy hadn't been easy. The baby was getting way too strong for my weak body, and every time it moved, I could hear a crack; I had many broken ribs. I also felt really weak, having difficulty just walking to the bathroom. The broken ribs made it difficult for me to breathe as well, and I couldn't move much for fear of puncturing my lungs. So I just slept on the couch in the living room; it was nearer to the bathroom and the kitchen. I needed to keep myself hydrated and fed.

I was lying in the couch one night when it happened. I felt something rip inside me, and soon my whole stomach was ripped apart. I could feel my ribs breaking, and a loud crack made me instantly paralyzed from the waist down. The baby was just too strong and had unintentionally broken my spine. I started freaking out, the pain barely registering anymore. My concern was to get the venom into my bloodstream. I gripped the needle in my hand, keeping it ready near my neck. Thankfully, I could still move my upper body. The baby literally bit its way out of me. I got a good look at it. It was a girl with my brown hair and eyes. She looked up at me, eyes wide and curious.

"So beautiful." I whispered. "Momma will be with you soon, baby." I reassured her before plunging the needle in my neck. My hands were shaking from both the pain and the fear and I tried to think of different things to keep my mind off of them. I felt a different pain on my chest, and looked down to see that my baby had bitten me.

The venom was working already. I could feel my whole body burn; I just wanted to get up and run under a cold shower. Suddenly, the burn intensified and I let out a silent whimper. I already knew how the transformation worked. The day that Ryan gave me his venom he explained the whole process in details.

Even though I knew the mechanics of it, it still hurt a lot. More than once I had wanted to scream out loud and beg someone to put the fire down. Other times, I just plain wished someone would kill me. The pain was excruciating, and I had to keep reminding myself that I had a small being to take care of now; I couldn't give up.

I writhed silently for two and a half days. I tried not to utter a sound, as I didn't want to scare my daughter, who I could feel was lying on my now healed belly.

During my change, I made plans. I needed a distraction from the pain, so I decided to plan my future life. I knew that I would have to move away from the city. I had to find a place to live that wasn't as sunny as here. I had also decided on an animal based diet. Ryan said it was possible, and that there were two covens that followed it. He told me their names; the Cullens and the Denalis.

So I had to sell this house, pack my things and drive. I had my mom's insurance money in a bank account on my name, and I could access it at anytime. She had the life insurance since the day she found out about the cancer; my father was a cop, and he had an insurance policy as well. My account was pretty decent, seeing as I was the sole beneficiary for both insurances. I would use the money from the sell to buy another house for us. And I would make sure to finish high school as well.

I stopped with my plans when I felt the burning slowly decrease until it reached my heart. It picked up for a few seconds before stopping altogether.

Once the transformation was complete, I slowly opened my eyes. My vampire friend made sure to let me know what it would be like after the transformation as well. My senses would be increased and I would be really strong and irrational. I took a deep breath, calming myself down before my eyes met my daughter's. She didn't look like a newborn; she seemed to have aged a couple of weeks in three days. And just by looking at her, I knew that all the pain was worth it. Nothing else mattered but her.

"Hi, baby." I whispered; I was startled by my voice, though. It sounded like chiming bells. My daughter smiled back at me and reached her small, still bloody hand to my face. She showed me a picture of myself, lying still. I gasped and looked at her.

"Did you do that?" She seemed to understand, because she patted my cheek and showed me the same thing once again.

"Yes, sweetheart. I'm your momma." I told her, slowly getting up and cradling her in my arms. She rested her cheek on my chest and sighed. She was so light I didn't even feel her in my arms. That scared me, so I minded my strength while walking with her to the bathroom. She was so precious and I would never forgive myself if I hurt her because I wasn't being careful.

She didn't smell like food, though. She had a sweet smell, almost fruity. The human scent in her was mixed with the vampire one, turning it into a unique smell. She was covered in my blood, but I didn't even notice that smell. I was too focused on getting my angel clean and happy.

Once in the bathroom, I took out the small bathtub my mom had kept from my baby years and filled it with lukewarm water. I didn't think she would feel the difference, though, because her skin felt hot under my touch. Her heartbeat was also really fast; I guessed that was the reason for the warmth.

"Let's get you all cleaned up." I addressed her once the tub was filled. She cooed and smiled while I gently washed her hair and body. She seemed to like the water. I also noticed she had full control of her body, not like usual newborns; she could sit and stay still on her own while I bathed her. Once I was sure she was clean, I wrapped her in a towel and drained the tub before walking to my room. I had dig up some of my baby clothes to dress her while I figured out what we would do.

I dressed her in one of my onesies after making a diaper out of some cloths we had, making sure she felt comfortable. I then brushed her thin, light brown hair, which was a bit longer than normal. All the while she kept staring at me, eyes full of curiosity. She patted my cheek once again, and sent another message to me. She was hungry. And I felt the burn in my throat, which meant I was too. It was already dark, so I went out and ran with her to one of the parks in the city.

I sat her down near a tree when I smelled our food. I broke the animal's neck before carrying it towards her. She sunk her little teeth right as I lifted her up, and we both drank from it. I was still thirsty though, but was scared of leaving her alone.

"Will you be okay here for a minute?" I asked her. She patted my cheek and replied with a yes. Apprehensively, I sat her down next to the tree and sped off, quickly finishing two other animals before returning to her. She looked up at me and smiled, reaching her little arms up so I could pick her up.

I ran back home with her perched on my hip. She rested her head on my shoulder closing her eyes. She looked so beautiful. And she was all me. Thankfully she didn't look like that vile creature that hurt me. She had my eyes and hair, although hers was slightly curled. Her nose was also just like mine, as was the pale skin. Her face was heart-shaped, just like mine and my mom's. She was the most exquisite baby I had ever seen, and she was mine.

As soon as we reached the house, I ran to my room and sat down on my rocking chair, cradling her in the crook of my arm.

"It's just you and me, sweetheart." I told her. She seemed to understand. "But you have to know that Momma loves you more than anything else in this world." I told her, kissing her forehead.

"What should we name you?" I asked rhetorically. I hadn't thought about any names. All I knew was that her middle name would be Renée, after my mom.

I sighed and watched as she yawned. Her mouth formed a perfect 'o' and she rubbed her eyes before sighing and closing them, falling asleep almost instantly.

"Annabelle." I whispered. "Annabelle Renée Swan, welcome to the world, my angel."

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