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Chapter 1,Zach

The young bounty hunter turned to the blinking hologram. His only friend and helper droid, digit, told him who was contacting him.

"Master, you have a message from a, Cad Bane"

Zach, the young bounty hunter, frowned Cad Bane? had his droid made a mistake? Zach wasn't a big time bounty hunter, no he took small jobs when he could, but Bane was almost legendary to the bounty hunters.

"Well, let's see it,digit, can't keep the 'great' Cad Bane waiting can we?"

Zach said rubbing his hand in anticipation digit turned on the hologram. Cad Bane was still intimidating as ever even as a blurry little hologram he looked even more lethal than Zach had heard.

"I've started to hear about you, kid."

Bane greeted him. Cad Bane had heard of him? The Cad Bane? Zach was starting to think this was either a joke or a serious chance to prove himself

"I need an ally for a mission I've been assigned, I was wondering what your made of, wondering if you got what it to be a useful ally.. or a nuisance getting in my way, so care to join in? all my other normal allies are in jail or busy so this is your chance, kid."

The Toguratan bounty hunter was trembling, alert and excited, but he tried not to let this show to Bane he didn't want the great bounty hunter to think he was just some kid.

" So". He said coolly "Who are we hunting?"

Zach asked slightly casual; level headed, deadly, cruel all the makings of a great bounty hunter.


Bane said as if the thought almost bored him. Zach felt his stomach clench his face got pale at the mention of the Jedi. Bane looked at him tauntingly


Zach swallowed hard

"N-no just a-a bit surprised that's all."

He said nervously.

"I guess we'll see" Bane said skeptically. "We're going after a Jedi called Skywalker meet at the rendezvous point I'll transmit the coordinates and I'll fill you in."

Zach relaxed a bit the name Skywalker meant nothing to him, he knew nothing about him, just a random target...right? The hologram switched off. Zach grabbed some weapons and stored them in his pockets, his sleeves, where they would fit. Bounty hunters always had a gun hidden somewhere on them. He glanced at himself in an old broken mirror he wasn't a great bounty hunter he didn't have much money he didn't get many missions..this might change all that. He wasn't impressive or distinctive in any way, he was a Togurta early twenties. cloths that were light easy to move in (and good for hiding things underneath) he had rebelled a bit growing up so no surprise-at least not much-that he was standing here-in a rundown place getting bounties to pay for his next meal. He used to be a nice boy grew up went to school, had parents, friends, he had a little sister..but Zach made a point not to think of his family he'd never even told anyone his last name even didn't want to be part of that family didn't want to be recognized bad for business and all he hadn't seen them in a long time, and it didn't matter. he had left that part of his life behind. he finished gearing up and jumped to his personal strarfighter to meet Bane...


Zach was slightly on edge looking around the cantina for Bane. Where was he?! he said he'd be here! Zach thought angrily starting to get suspicious, it wasn't his fault bounty hunters could trust no one most of the time they worked alone, and most of the time they tried to take out the compotation. Then he saw him, Cad Bane, the greatest bounty hunter since Jango Fett 'lost his head' at Geonosis, so to speak.


Zach said almost in surprise as if he hadn't expected to see the bounty hunter, if anyone listing though this had been planned Zach's shock confirmed it wasn't can't be too carful this was a crowded cantina and someone might be listing in, they couldn't know they were planning something the best way to ensure the mission was successful was that no one knew about it. Bane motioned him over and muttered just so Zach could hear

"Meet me at my starfighter its out back, make sure no one follows you."

Then he turned and walked away as if annoyed by Zach so people would stop paying attention to the two bounty hunters, planning to kill a Jedi was serious business and the Republic had spies everywhere, so he understood the bounty hunter's caution, besides Bane was wanted for many crimes so that was another reason. Zach turned and walked another way pausing to glance around before slipping out the back. Sure enough Bane was sitting near his starfighter, Xandu Blood, in the deserted lot.

"So you showed up, looks like you have guts after all, kid."

Bane grunted. In truth Zach had no idea how old Bane was so he wasn't sure how to react to the 'kid' comment, he probably meant it because Zach was relatively new to bounty hunting though.

"you know anything 'bout Jedi, before I go over what we're going to do?"

Zach felt memories tugging at him; back on Shili he had seen a..-no he wasn't a part of that life anymore, he wasn't going to think about that, he was a bounty hunter if he thought of that he would never be able to pull the trigger when he needed to; that was why he dreaded going up against the Jedi, not for their power but fear that he would...remember. he forcefully shut down his thoughts from that memory and shook himself


He finally answered. Bane glanced at him

"if you know anything, that could mean the difference-"Zach cut him off his blood boiling


he yelled at the bounty hunter, then realized that was probably a stupid thing to do.

"I don't know anything about the Jedi." he said quietly.

Bane nodded

"Alright then, we've got to board Skywalker's ship undetected or, we've got to make him come to us. I've been hired by...someone in power so we have a warship at our disposal and that ship has got battle droids and my client has also given us a few commando droids and mangagaurds to work with, I've been hired by him before and he trusts me to get the job done so you can't slack off, got it?"

Zach nodded his understanding, wide eyed. all of those droids and weapons plus a ship?! Bane must have wealthy client, Zach was determined not to mess this up.

"Good our warship is waiting for us in the Teth system from there we'll find a way to engage Skywalker's fleet."

"What if we made a fake distress beacon, Jedi can't resist helping people out, and maybe if we make it seem like its coming from a little ship he won't bring the whole fleet, if we're lucky just a few fighters." Zach said.

Cad Bane thought about this and nodded

"I like your thinking, kid, keep this up and you'll go places." Zach smiled inwardly he'd impressed Cad Bane!-or at least, Bane liked his plan. but outside he kept a carefully neutral face. "You're an enemy of the Republic so they'll recognize your ship, I'll go out and give a distress beacon on my ship then dock with our cruiser and help you care of that Jedi."

Bane nodded "I've been up against Skywalker before he might use a ship that isn't distinctively a Jedi or Republic ship so we'll use the tractor beam on the first thing that comes out of hyperspace."

Zach smiled

"I guess that's a plan."

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