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Chapter 10 Escape or End?

Rex opened his eyes to find that Zach had finally dropped off to sleep. Rex smiled, then was hit with the realization that they needed to get out of here. Zach stirred, did the kid even sleep for more than one hour? Rex suddenly doubted it.

"We need to get out of here" Rex whispered. Zach sat up, Ahsoka was stirring too. Before anyone could say anything Dooku was there, Rex's heart sank at the mere sight of him and Ventress behind him grinning creepily. Dooku seemed to make a motion to someone. Dooku smiled behind the ray shield that separated them. Rex grabbed his helmet as he heard a hissing sound and sealed it off before any gas could seep into his helmet. Zach and Ahsoka clasped their hands over their mouths and noses. Rex suddenly regretted his helmet because all he could do was watch now, Zach went out first.

"Zach!" Ahsoka gasped, too late she breathed in the gas. She held her breath trying to escape the effects of the gas for a few more seconds. Rex ran over to her. As she collapsed Rex could only look up and see Dooku glaring at him.

"Do something about the clone will you Ventress?" The last thing Rex saw was her evil creepy grin.

Rex was the last to wake up. They were all hanging in a stasis like state with their arms and legs bound unlike the last cell they were in that let them move freely.

"So glad you could join us, clone" Dooku growled. Ahsoka was tugging nervously at one of her binders as she glanced at him. Dooku laughed looking at Rex and Zach.

"Is this the most the Republic could spare for a rescue party?" He laughed for a moment. "Hmm, I wonder who I should kill first." He purred fingering a control panel. "Oh I know," he said with fake realization, "youngest first."

"NO!" Rex and Zach yelled at the same time. "Kill me," Rex said. "please." Dooku laughed.

"There isn't a 'who will die' okay? There's just 'first, second, third" Rex and Zach struggled against their binders glaring daggers at Dooku. "Besides, I think it's more of a punishment for you two to see her die first, since you did come all the way to rescue her don't you think?" They fell silent. Then Ahsoka started screaming. Rex couldn't decide if it hurt more to hold his tongue and stay still while watching or if it hurt more being so helpless and only being able to watch. Rex felt like a part of him was dying, perhaps her master felt similar to this when they got captured during missions, maybe that's why Rex and Ahsoka had seen him do things they both know the Jedi council wouldn't approve of, it was hell.

All the way back to the inner core on Coruscant Anakin gasped and woke from a dream sitting up right.

"Ahsoka." He whispered.

Somewhere else in the temple or perhaps on a mission Plo Koon felt it too.

After Rex had left Anakin had asked Obi-wan to look for Ahsoka as well. This was the one and only good thing that could possibly come from her being in peril so much that every Jedi who had a bond with her could sense it. This one good thing was that Obi-wan could sense it, but only because he was closer to her location, he didn't know the kid very well but he could still sense this a parsec away. He turned on his hyper drive to the coordinates nearing the direction he could sense her.

Rex heard himself yelling at Dooku to stop his throat dry for yelling so long now. Dooku did stop, but he was only drawing it out. Ahsoka gasped and went mostly limp her eyes just barely open.

"Now, now if you pass out I won't get as much reaction from you and it wouldn't be as fun." Ventress had joined Dooku and had been pressing the buttons for a while, her tone was like she was scolding a child. Ahsoka glared at Ventress. She shrugged and decided to electrocute Rex for a while, Dooku glanced at her.

"Don't worry I won't kill him before the youngling he's just been getting on my," she turning the knob up increasing the power, "nerves" She turned the power all the way off and sighed deciding to electrocute Ahsoka again.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you, my sweet" Ventress had activated her lightsabers as soon as she hear his voice.

"Kenobi? I suppose you are also here for the youngling, as you can see the other two have failed." She laughed like a maniac before charging at Obi-wan. They fought and darted around the room with lightning speed, Ventress was thirsty for another Jedi to torture, sure the clone and bounty hunter were fun but it wasn't the same feeling as hearing a being as good and pure as a Jedi scream in pain. Obi-wan darted away still trying to free Ahsoka, Rex, and... there was someone else but Obi-wan was still going to free him and ask questions later. Dooku was standing there with his lightsaber out next to Ahsoka's neck.

"Master Kenobi!" Ahsoka was so relieved to see him, well she would have been more so if Dooku didn't have his lightsaber next to her neck.

"Don't move Kenobi" Dooku commanded. Obi-wan raised his hands slowly then glanced at Rex and Zach who were instantly freed. Rex had his blaster next to Dooku's skull in a second flat Zach had his pointed toward Ventress.

"No count I think you're the one who shouldn't move." Obi-wan smiled good-naturedly like he was having a pleasant conversation with a friend instead of arresting a Sith load. Of course Dooku and Ventress wouldn't go quietly so, Ventress pulled out a small device and when she pressed it the space station shook.

She and Dooku slipped away in the chaos and Obi-wan Rex Ahsoka, and Zach made their way to Obi-wan's ship. As they speed away from the space station and back to the Republic they had some time to talk.

"Rex what were you doing there?" Obi-wan crossed his arms over his chest determined to get the whole story together since Anakin couldn't report to the council.

"Skywalker sent me, sir"

"And you are...?" Obi-wan turned to Zach.

"M-my name is Zach...." Obi-wan raised an eyebrow "Zach...Tano" Obi-wan looked startled for a moment before regaining his composure.

"What were you doing there then?"

"Well...it's a long story."

"We have a long ride, you all were deep into the outer rim" Obi-wan countered.

"Okay..." Rex relaxed as Zach recounted the whole story over again. Ahsoka was resting, she had eaten a quick meal beforehand and was dozing off on one of the cargo boxes. Obi-wan nodded and asked Rex every so often if one thing or another was really what happened.

"So you're a bounty hunter" Obi-wan smiled. "You don't act like one." Zach looked at his feet. "You have a good heart, I can sense it."

"Thank you, Master Jedi" Zach said quietly. He looked up sheepishly. "Umm are you going to have to arrest me for my crimes against the Republic?" Obi-wan laughed.

"Rescuing General Skywalker's padawan and making sure he got off a bounty hunter's ship alive is hardly what I would call a crime."


"And I think it makes up for any other crimes you might have committed"

"Really?" Obi-wan nodded. "Thank you, Master Jedi! But I-I how can I repay you?"

"You don't have to." Obi-wan smiled "Just listen to your heart from now on, you can be a good person and do a lot of good for this galaxy, everyone makes mistakes."

"I don't think everyone's mistakes last for three years and involve killing people"

"But everyone can correct their mistakes." Obi-wan put his hand on Zach's shoulder "Get some rest."

When they arrived on Coruscant Anakin was finally allowed to get out of bed because after the longest time Master Vokara Che finally got him to rest. Zach had spent the whole trip trying to come up with a way to make it up to the Obi-wan for helping him Rex, and Ahsoka but more importantly helping him get his life back together. Anakin met them in the hanger.

"Ahsoka!" She ran up to her master and they embraced Zach caught Anakin grimace for a moment because of his wound, but it was happy scene. Obi-wan, Anakin, and his younger sister Ahsoka stood. Obi-wan talked to Anakin for a while. Rex and Zach talked too.

"Rex, I-"

"Don't, I'm just glad you were there to help me." He took his helmet off and smiled. "You did good kid." Anakin and Obi-wan were looking at him expectantly, he realized this was time for goodbye.

"If you need me, I'll be happy to serve the Republic anytime." Zach smiled at the Jedi and saluted. They saluted back.

"What are you going to do in the meantime?" Ahsoka asked.

"I've decided I like music more than bounties." With a final wave Zach stepped onto the speeder and took off into Coruscant's sunset.

Zach had found a ledge with a good view of the Temple, there was no way this all had happened by chance. Impossible to believe that it had all been Just a mission...right? No, he was changed forever his heart had changed. What had it been, destiny? fate? No, it was the Force. With that thought he turned his gaze back to the Jedi temple and began a tune, different than any he had played before. He played the first notes slowly then found he knew the melody, it sang within him. His song carried over on the breeze to the temple. Ahsoka leaned over the balcony and smiled as she caught the first few notes.

"May the Force be with you, Zach" She whispered.


You can go on YouTube and find a starwars song called 'May The Force Be With You" its from the sound track, and yes that's what I wanted Zach to play at the end of the story.

Notes: Vokara Che is really the Jedi healer in the halls of healing-source 'Wild Space'/I referenced a few episodes throughout very obviously Cargo of Doom, and in chapter 3 I also made it clear this happens after Brain Invaders but since it was mind boggling to have a good bounty hunter this is before Bounty Hunters (episode)/I may use Zach again or I may not it depends largly on the stories I will write and everyone's reaction to him, he may be a main character again or he may just pop in to say hello.

May The Force Be With You!-Zany

LINK Zach's not an ocristra so I found it for piano-a short verison all I need is the main melody