Hi, this is my first Titanic fanfic. I've seen Titanic like 50,000 times in my life and every time I watch it I cry and fall in love with it some more. I really hope you guys enjoy it!

After all these years I was going back to America... in chains. I was now sitting in the back seat of a car with my mother, staring down at my hands that had been preoccupied by fiddling with the golden locket around my neck for the past hour.

"Annalisa Elizabeth Callagahan," I looked up at the sound of my mother's stern voice, my hands freezing. "Stop playing with that locket of yours; it's improper." It's not like there is anyone to see me doing it, Mother was what I wanted to say but remained silent and dropped the chain. I ajusted the brimmed hat that lay on my light blond locks that had recenty been pulled away from my face and into a tight bun. I looked down at my traveling outfit and sighed. Long gone where the days of childhood where I could run about in a sun dress, barefoot, with my long hair flowing behind me; what replaced it was the proper and dull process of growing up. The outfit was awfully uncomfortable; it consisted on a corset, a white button-up linen shirt, tucked into the long gray skirt that reached my toes, a light gray button up jacket and finally the horrible hat on my head. The only bit of real color in the entire outfit was the light blue flower on top of the hat that matched my eyes.

The car came to a sudden halt and just as they had taught us in finishing school, I waited for the car door to open and a hand to be offered. I took the gloved had of the driver and made my way out, Mother following close behind. When I emerged I was greeted by the sound and sight of millions of people, waiting to board the Titanic. My eyes wandered up the rows of people until my line of sight reached the ship and I gasped. It was huge! I stood there mezmerized but was pulled out of my own world by the sound of a loud car horn coming my way. I turned and instantly recognized Rose's car. The Dewitt Bukator's car, that is.

My father, Thomas Callaghan was telling our drivers where to take the luggage and my mother, Virgina Callaghan was standing by my father, assuming the position and look of any proper wife. I raised my voice over the sound of the chatter near by. "Mother, I'm going to go greet Rose. I'll tell them we're here." Rose, Mrs. Dewitt Bukator and Rose's fiancce, Cal were planning on boarding Titanic with us. I moved around the car and instantly saw the three.

"It doesn't look any bigger than the Mauretania," I heard Rose state, her voice sounding unimpressed.

"Please, it's 100 feet longer than the Mauretania and far more luxurious." Cal protested.

Suddenly I spoke up as I walked closer to them. "I'm sorry to say this, but I have to agree with him." All three pairs of eyes swiveled in my direction. I only got one smile and that was from Rose. Rose and I had met when we were 11 years old, at a party of my Mother's, where we were both miserable. The moment we started talking, there was a connection. We were both little girls who hated the world they lived in and who desperatly wanted to escape. All through out our teenage years we had gushed about the many adventures we were going to have when we grew; and the promise to each other that we would never become... well, become our Mothers. "You can't be blaze about the Titanic," Rose and I hooked our elbows together and I turned to Cal, greeting him with a tight smile. "Mr. Hockley."

"Ms. Callaghan, thank you for helping prove my point." He said, a sarcastic smile on his face.

"Not a problem." I subtly spat at him, hate evident in my eyes. "But please, call me Annie." Cal had never liked me, hated me even and the same feelings were returned. I overheard a conversation between him and Mrs. Dewitt Bukator where he said that I was a bad influence on Rose and that I was too "spirited" for a girl my age. Please, if anyone was the bad influence, it was Cal. Always ordering her around, making choices for her. And yes I was very "spirited", I rushed into things before thinking and usually ended up being the gossip at the tea party but I couldn't help it!

Cal opened his mouth to reply but what suddenly interrupted by the sound of my mother's voice. "If anyone is calling you anything it will be Annalisa. Not Anna. Not Annie." Mother turned to Ruth and kissed her on each cheek while smiling. "Ruth, so good to see you, darling."

"Wonderful to see you too, Virgina." her eyes moved to my father. "Good day, Mr. Callaghan."

"Hello, Mrs. Dewitt Bukator, Rose, Caledon." Father turned towards the ship. "Are you all ready to board?"

"Yes, Father." I answered and Rose and I began to follow my Mother and Father.

Rose then leaned over and whispered in my ear. "I'll still call you Annie." I lightly smiled at her and squeezed her arm. Slowly we began to assend the planks leading up and into the magnificent ship.

Cal and Rose were sharing a cabin, Mrs. Dewitt Bukator had one of her own, Father and Mother were sharing one, and I somehow I had managed to persuade Father into letting me have my own cabin. I suppose that's one of the many perks to being "Daddy's Little Girl."

My stewardess, Alice had escorted me to my room and as I stepped in I had never seen anything so extravegant. The beautiful wood panelling, fancy furniture, my own private promenade deck. It was all so over whelming that I didn't even heard Alice's quiet, sweet voice behind me.

"Miss?" Alice asked, I'm guessing for the second time.

"Yes, Alice?"

"Is there anything else that you need?" She questioned.

"Could you please unload my suitcases, Alice, and when I come back would you be ready with some outfit choices for dinner?"

"Of course, miss, but where are you going?"

"Oh, just over to Ms. Dewitt Bukator's room. I'll be gone for about an hour."

"Yes, Miss." Alice curtsied and went through the doorway leading to my bedroom.

Rose and I were just three doors down from eachother so it wasn't a far walk. Turning the doorknob, I walked in to see Rose and her stewardess, Trudy, I think her name was, unloading paintings from a box. I smiled. Rose was always so in love with art and so was I but I was more a music person. When I saw the piano in my room, an instant grin formed on my lips.

Trudy pulled out one of the paintings. "This one?"

"No." Rose said, in a quiet voice, trying to remember what box it was in. "It had a lot of faces on it." I walked up behind her, giving her a smile and began going through the boxes with them. Faces, faces, faces, lots of faces... I thought. Then I found it.

"Ah, here it is." I said, pulling it out.

"Thank you, Annie." Rose said, taking the painting from me.

"Would you like all of them out, Miss?" Trust asked.

"Yes... this room could use a little color." Rose confirmed, moving around the room, looking for a place to put the painting. When suddenly Cal walked in, holding a glass of champagne.

"God, not those finger-paintings again." I looked over at him, subtly rolling my eyes. "They certainly were a waste of money."

But Rose being Rose had a cool, collected comeback handy. "The difference between Cal's taste in art and mine is that I actually have some." Rose put the painting down on the sofa. "They're fasinating."

I walked up beside her, putting my hands on my hips and slightly tilting my head to the left. "It's like being in a dream or something... There's truth but no logic."

"Exactly what I was thinking." Rose said, turning to pick up another painting of a ballerina that I was fairly fond of.

"Who is the artist?" Trudy questioned, seeming very interested on the topic.

"Something Picasso." Rose suggested.

"Something Picasso. He won't amount to a thing." Cal scoffed. "He won't, trust me."

There's the first chapter for you! I know it's not super exciting now but it'll get there. :) Please comment!!!