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Chapter 1

Almost there, Silver thought as he walked over the rickety wooden bridge on Route 27, the Route that connected the Kanto region and Johto region. It's been a long walk from Viridian City, but it was worth it. And luckily, he managed to get by without being noticed as well. The commotion of everyone leaving the Indigo League gave him marvelous cover. But he did stick out a little, having long red hair that reached his shoulders. However, his dark blue, almost black button up shirt that had red on the rims of the buttons, the pockets, and at the end of his sleeves, plus his indigo jeans helped him blend in with the crowd, and also to safely cross the boarder of Johto.

No one knows who I am, and I want to keep it that way, he thought to himself. Next to him, a medium sized orange fish-like Pokémon jumped out of the water and splashed, causing Silver to jump into the air and pull out a red and white sphere, pressing the button in the middle to make it bigger. "Stupid Magikarp." he mumbled to himself, and putting the Poké Ball away. He sighed and looked up at the bright moon in the sky. "I'll be in New Bark Town by sun up. And when I get to Johto, you better look out, Team Rocket."

o 0 o

In a medium size house near the waters of Route 27, a woman about the age of 35 was quietly humming to herself as she did the dishes from the previous night. She silently hummed a song that she heard on the radio that morning when her alarm came off, a cute little song called If We Ever Meet Again as she waited for her daughter's Marill to finish filling up the sink with its Water Gun. She looked at the light blue Aqua Mouse Pokémon as it finished shooting water from its mouth, the sink all filled up. "Thank you Marill," she said to the Pokémon, smiling sweetly as she took out an old sponge and put dish soap on it after dipping it in the water. The Aqua Mouse Pokémon nodded back, then looked up at the clock on the wall.

Marill jumped off the counter after seeing the time and waddled over to the wooden stairs on the other side of the one room first floor. She started jumping up the stairs, trying to go as fast as she could, so her Trainer would not be late for her appointment. As the stairs curved, Marill stopped for a breather, then continued, finally reaching the top and trotting over to the room on the right. Quickly, the Pokémon pushed open the door and ran over to the bed on the other side, where a girl with brown hair snored silently underneath a heap of pink striped blankets. Marill jumped up at shook its Trainer. "Marill, Mair!" it said to the girl, but all she did was stir in her sleep.

Lyra stood on the large battlefield, looking around at the emptiness in confusion. The stands were all empty, and it was night out, the stars and the moon illuminating the battlefield. "Where am I?" she asked herself. Suddenly, she heard the large double wooden doors on the other side of the stadium creak, and a caped man walked out onto the stadium, and Lyra recognized him immediately. "Oh my god, it's Fabu-Lance!" she squealed, lifting one leg up into the air.

"You have made it far in your journey, Lyra," he said, his maroon hair blowing in the night's breeze. "Now, it's time for us to battle." Lyra scrunched her eyebrows together.

"Journey?" she asked. "Wait, battle?" She thought for a moment and shrugged. "Sure, why not, I never put down a challenge." The man nodded and took out a red and white device, a Poké Ball, and tossed it into the air. The ball spun for a moment, then burst opened and released a flash of bright light onto the stadium. The light then condensed together and formed a yellow dragon-like Pokémon with small wings on its back.

"Aaarooo!" it called out, and Lyra recognized the Pokémon as Lance's Dragonite, his best Pokémon.

"Wait, that's cheating; you can't use that Pokémon! I only have one!" Lance stared at Lyra unknowingly, as if he were waiting for her to choose her Pokémon, which he was. "Well, here goes nothing," She looked down at her feet and saw her Marill wasn't there, for once. Quickly, Lyra pulled out a Poké Ball from the pocket in her dark blue overalls and tossed it. The Poké Ball sailed through the air and instead of bursting open like Lance's, it simply opened and landed on the floor, empty. Lance grumbled.

"Do you think this is a joke?" he asked her. "Choose your Pokémon!" Lyra, however, stared at the Poké Ball with wide eyes, mouth hanging open.

"That's the only Poké Ball I have on me!" she said, waving her hands in front of her. "Marill, where are you!" Lance stared at Lyra unamused and sighed.

"If you're not going to send out a Pokémon, I'm afraid I'm going to have to attack you," he said, and started to raise his finger when suddenly, a blast of water appeared and soaked Lyra's face.

Immediately, the brown haired girl shot up, eyes wide and breathing heavy. She looked around at the familiar pink wallpaper she had hanging up in her room, then down at her Marill, water dripping from its mouth. She looked down at her pillow, and the pink pillowcase was soaked with water. It was just a dream, she thought, and sighed. "Hey, Marill, you didn't have to Water Gun me in the face, y'know." Marill got a dirty look on its face and started jumping up and down, pointing to the white and pink PokéGear on Lyra's nightstand. Lyra yawned and reached over, grabbing the electronic device and flipping it open, only to see the time, which was 10: 04. "Oh my god, it's 10 o' clock, and I'm still in bed! I need to get to Prof. Elm's lab right now!" Lyra kicked off the pink blankets and ran across her room, picking clothes out of her closet then running outside into the empty hallway and to the bathroom on the other side of her mother's room.

Quickly, she tore off her pink and white nightshirt, which had a yellow flower on the front, and tossed it into the hamper. Then, she ran over to the sink and, after squirting toothpaste on her toothbrush and brushing her pearly white teeth for a good 20 seconds, started tearing at her hair with a dark red brush while simultaneously pulling a red three quarter sleeve shirt and putting on dark blue overalls over them. Finally, she put on long white stockings and pulled them up to her thighs before taking two red hair ties and tying up her brown hair into pigtails that rested on her shoulders. Marill, who was sitting on the toilet, watched its Trainer fumble around as she put on a white cap with a red bow tie on it and ran out of the bathroom. "C'mon Marill!" she shouted, and the Pokémon quickly leaped off the toilet and ran down the stairs with its Trainer.

"Ah, good morning Lyra. Would you like some breakfast?" Lyra's mom asked her, as Lyra ran down the stairs. Lyra quickly grabbed her yellow purse-like bag and strapped her PokéGear to it.

"No thanks, Mom. I promised Prof. Elm I'd be at his lab, and I'm so late," Lyra said, jogging in place as she talked to her mom. Her mom nodded, then pointed to a basket on the round wooden dinner table.

"Then take a Leppa Berry for the road, dear," she suggested. Lyra nodded and grabbed the blue, apple-like fruit before sticking on her red shoes, opening the door and running outside. After shutting the door, she turned around and started running when a small black creature with four red spots on its back crawled out in front of her feet. Lyra yelled out as she tripped over the creature and fell with a thud on the ground, the Leppa Berry falling out of her hand and into some bushes, where a wild Sentret picked it up and ran away with it.

"Hey, you dirty breakfast-snatcher!" she called, waving her fist in the air while still on the ground. She looked down to see the thing she tripped over. It was black on the top, and cream colored on the bottom, and its squinty eyes looked up at Lyra's feet in fear and anger. "Cyndaquil?" Suddenly, the Fire Mouse Pokémon jumped and lit the fire on its back, her foot blazing with fire. "Hothothothothot!" Lyra shouted, and Marill jumped in, spraying her foot with Water Gun. "Ah, thanks Marill." Behind her, Lyra heard a pair of feet walk up to her, and she looked up. Looking down at her was a pair of gray eyes, an amused look in them. It was a boy with navy blue hair tucked into a brown and yellow cap pulled backwards. He wore a red zip up sweatshirt, and on his legs, he wore black shorts. When Cyndaquil saw him, it quickly scurried over and hid behind his legs, its whole body shaking like an angry Mankey.

"Hey Lyra. What are you doing on the ground?" he asked. Lyra smiled at him and he held out his hand to help her up. She took it and got up, wiping the dust off her clothes afterwards.

"Thanks, Ethan," Lyra said, smiling at her best friend. "Your Cyndaquil just came out of nowhere and I tripped over it." Ethan laughed.

"Same old Lyra," he said. "I came over here to see where you were. Weren't you suppose to be at Prof. Elm's by now?" Lyra sighed.

"I know, but I overslept," she said, laughing nervously. "But that's where I was heading to right now. Are you coming with?" Ethan shook his head.

"I can't, I'm heading off to Cherrygrove City. I guess the Pokémon Center there is having trouble with the Transfer Machine, so Prof. Elm asked me if I could go fix them," he responded.

"Oh, that's fine," Lyra said, and bent down to pet her friend's Cyndaquil, but it backed away from her hand.

"Hey, Cyndaquil, it was an accident!" Ethan exclaimed to the Pokémon, then looked at Lyra apologetically. "Sorry, it's really timid. My mom dropped a water bottle on it the other day, and it still won't go near her." Lyra shrugged and stood up straight.

"That's alright. Good luck in Cherrygrove City, Ethan," she said, and the boy nodded before turning around and down the path, the Cyndaquil walking with him, occasionally turning its head towards Lyra. Lyra and Ethan had been friends for a really long time, probably since before kindergarten. There were five of them back then, Lyra, Ethan, and then Jimmy, Marina, and Vincent. But then, two years ago, Jimmy, Marina and Vincent started their Pokémon Journeys since they were older then them by a year, and Ethan became her best friend. Below her, Marill poked Lyra's leg, and she looked down. "What am I doing? I need to get to Prof. Elm's lab!" Lyra pulled the strap of her bag up on her shoulder more and started to walk towards the lab north of the town. Lyra knew the way perfectly, since she and Ethan would go there all the time. Ethan was practically the Professor's assistant, only not getting paid for it. "Internship, I guess." Lyra said to herself, and Marill looked at her with confusion, then hopped up on Lyra's arm, a spot it liked to hang from all the time.

Finally, after a couple minutes of walking, Lyra finally reached the large laboratory. It was three stories high, and it was an 'L' shaped building, except for the circular dome sticking out from the roof. Prof. Elm used the first two floors for his lab, and lived on the third floor, so he would never leave his work. "Elm always was a workaholic," Lyra mumbled again. She proceeded to walk up the front steps and to the door when suddenly, Marill's ears twitched twice. Something must be nearby, Marill has super-sensitive hearing, Lyra thought. "What do you see, Marill?" she asked her Pokémon, and Marill jumped off her arm, trotting over to the left side of the building and peeking around the corner. Lyra followed her Pokémon and also peeked around, seeing a young boy about 14 with long red hair looking in the window in front of him, and occasionally looking around. "Who is that kid, Marill?" Lyra stepped out of the front of building, walking towards him. "Hi, are you lost? The entrance is this way if you're looking for it." The boy immediately looked at her with angry red eyes that sent chills up Lyra's spine.

"No," the boy replied bluntly, continuing to stare at her. "Now, leave, before I make you." Lyra scoffed.

"What's your problem?" she snapped at him. "I was only trying to help!" The boy took out a Poké Ball from his pocket and started to walk towards Lyra slowly. The way he walked frightened her, and obviously her Marill, too, as the Aqua Mouse Pokémon jumped out in front of its Trainer and fired a Water Gun from its mouth, the water attack hitting the spot in front of the boy's feet. This surprised Lyra, as Marill never attacked another human so fiercely before. The boy stopped in his tracks, then stared at Lyra and Marill before putting his Poké Ball away and running into the woods to the left of them. Lyra stared at the woods for a moment, then turned towards her Marill. "Note to self: watch out for that boy; he seemed like trouble." Lyra and Marill turned around and headed towards the entrance, and Lyra said to herself, "Boy, I really need to stop talking to myself."

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