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Chapter 38

The Poké Ball sparked the whole time they ran to the Pokémon Center. Because of the huge city and not know their way around it like Whitney (or not as well), it took them about forty-five minutes to get there. Bursting through the front doors of the center, they rushed up to the front desk. Khoury rung the silver bell resting atop the counter with urgency. From out of the doors leading into the back of the center, Nurse Joy walked out, a confused look on her face. When she saw it was Lyra, she looked grimly at her. "You just came back from Whitney's Gym, didn't you?" she asked.

"Yes! Please, my Flaaffy needs help!" Lyra replied back urgently, holding up the Poké Ball. Nurse Joy smiled at the girl.

"Of course. I'll do everything in my power to try and get Flaaffy better," Nurse Joy responded, and when she reached out to grab the Poké Ball, it sparked with electricity, and a white zap clicked, shocking Nurse Joy's finger, and the pink-haired nurse flinched back with surprise pasted on her face. "What's going on?"

"Flaaffy's electricity is going out of control," Khoury explained to the nurse. "Even his electricity is coursing through the Poké Ball." Fiddling with the rubber glove on his hand, he tore it off and handed it forward. "Here, we have to use these to make sure Flaaffy didn't shock us." Nurse Joy's eyes darted from Lyra's Poké Ball, to Khoury's rubber glove, and she nodded, taking it and slipping it over her hand before taking Flaaffy's Poké Ball in her gloved hand.

"I'll do my best to help it," Joy assured them before disappearing through the back doors.

o 0 o

"C'mon Lyra, you should probably head to bed," Khoury suggested, holding his hand out to help her up. They had been waiting in the Pokémon Center's waiting room for hours, and Lyra hadn't even moved from her chair once since she sat down from it. Unlike her usual, happy self, she stared down at the floor anxiously. Her hands were shaking and shifting around and around, sometimes clasping together, sometimes holding her arms. Beside her, her hat was flattened against the chair. Lyra's brown eyes flickered up to her traveling companion, then to his hand.

"No, it's okay, Khoury. I'm going to wait up for Nurse Joy," she replied, looking away from his hand and turning back to her original position.

"Lyra, you haven't eaten anything since we've been back, and you've just stayed there all day. You need to get some rest," the midnight green-haired boy told her.

"Even if I did go to bed, I wouldn't be able to sleep, anyways." She took in a deep breath and gave him a pleading look. "I just want to be alone..." A slightly hurt look passed by Khoury's face, but he nodded.

I can't even imagine what she feels like, Khoury thought to himself as he overlooked his friend. If Croconaw or Gible – or even Rhyhorn – got seriously hurt, I'd probably be doing the same thing. "Okay Lyra. You want me to get you anything before I go?" Before the brunette could response, the light with white markings on it in the shape of a syringe, turned off, and both Lyra and Khoury's heads whipped around as Nurse Joy stepped out from the doors. Immediately, Lyra jumped up, and the two Pokémon Trainers walked up to the nurse to see what she had to say.

"Nurse Joy... Is Flaaffy alright?" Lyra asked her. The pink-haired nurse hesitated, then took a deep breath and smiled lightly at the brunette.

"I managed to stabilize Flaaffy for the time being. I tried to absorb some of the excess electricity with some of the machines in the back, but as soon as I hooked them up to him, they overloaded and ended up exploding," she explained.

"What exactly is wrong with Flaaffy, Nurse Joy?" Khoury asked. "There's no way that that's normal." Nurse Joy shook her head, then looked at Lyra with something of a fierce determination.

"The reason that Flaaffy is releasing all this electricity is because he is overstressed. As a Pokémon Trainer, it is your job to train your Pokémon, but not to over train them," Nurse Joy demanded, and both Lyra and Khoury gasped, and looked at each other.

"But how is that even possible?" Lyra muttered, then looked at the nurse. "Nurse Joy, we just came back from a travel around the world, and the only times that Mareep was let out of his Poké Ball was in Cinnabar Island, when we sat in the hot springs. Other than that, Mareep only battled once, and then again at the Goldenrod Gym just moments before." It was Nurse Joy's turn to gasp, and her eyebrows rose slightly, then shrank back down in confusion.

"But... that doesn't make any sense," she murmured. "My scans showed that Flaaffy recently evolved; is this correct?"

"Yeah, during my Gym Battle."

"Evolution is a strange and unique thing. Despite it happening every day, even the esteemed Professor Rowan of the Sinnoh region, who's research evolves around the subject, doesn't know everything there is to know about it. However, a lot of the time, if a Pokémon is overstressed, that stress will double, and take an ugly form. With your Flaaffy, it caused a huge build-up of electricity, and Flaaffy has to release it all at once. But if it does, it will severely damage a lot of people. Unfortunately, there's nothing I can do. However, I have managed to sedate your Flaaffy, and it won't wake up until he is next sent out, but be sure it's in a location where there are no people, because he is instantly going to start discharging electricity." Lyra and Khoury nodded to show that they understood, and Nurse Joy looked at Lyra, her azure eyes full of apology. "Lyra, I'm sorry I snapped at you without knowing the full story." For once since they arrived at the Pokémon Center, Lyra smiled. It was light, but it was a smile.

"It's alright, Nurse Joy. I probably would have done the same thing if I was in your predicament," she replied, nodding her head. Releasing a loud yawn, she continued. "I think it's time for me to go to bed, though. We'll have to head out tomorrow if we want to get to a place that's free of people for Flaaffy to release his electricity." Khoury agreed, and after collecting their stuff, they went up to their room.

o 0 o

Awaking the next morning, Lyra and Khoury got dressed and changed quietly, but not somberly. Khoury could see that his friend was sad, but unlike before, she was hiding it with a smile on her face. Although it wasn't good, it wasn't bad, either, so Khoury said nothing to her mood, and after they collected their things, they headed downstairs.

"Good morning, Nurse Joy," the brunette Trainer greeted as they walked into the lobby. Nurse Joy smiled at the two Pokémon Trainers and went into the back, grabbing the Pokémon that they had left with her and bringing them out.

"Here you go, you two. Your Pokémon are both fighting fit and ready to go," the pink-haired nurse told them. After they pocketed the orbs, Nurse Joy sent another smile at Lyra. "In all the excitement yesterday, I never got the chance to say congratulations on defeating Whitney in your first battle. Most of my patients are the challengers of Whitney who lost against her fierce Miltank." Lyra's face fell at the compliment, and a shadow appeared over her face for just a moment, but she quickly shook it off and plastered a fake grin on her face.

"Thanks, Nurse Joy!" she thanked, bowing at her. The two paid for their room, and finally, they walked towards the glass doors leading out into the city, the pair opening for them upon sensing their feet. Right away, Khoury took out his PokéGear and started looking at the map function.

"Let's see... I think we should head north, towards Ecruteak City. There's a path up there where we can send out Flaaffy, and hope that no one gets hurt," Khoury suggested, putting away his PokéGear, but Lyra was already walking off somewhere. Seeing her walking off, Khoury called out and rushed after her. "H-hey Lyra! Where are you going?"

"We can go the way you suggested, Khoury, but I have somewhere to go before we head off," she answered him.

"Oh, okay. But where exactly do you have to go?"

"No time to explain. Let's just go. You'll see when we get there," Lyra replied hurriedly, starting to quicken her pace. At her response, the Pokémon Breeder let out a sigh, but followed after her though the hustle and bustle of the city.

o 0 o

The two walked through Goldenrod City for about an hour, hastily dodging people, Pokémon and cars alike. They walked up and down the streets, all the while, Khoury wondering where Lyra was going, and also wondering if she knew how to get where she was going. After a long bit, however, they finally arrived at their destination: the Goldenrod Gym. "Here we are!" Lyra announced. Khoury looked up at the Gym, mystified, then back down at Lyra.

"The Goldenrod Gym?" Khoury muttered. "What are we doing here?" Instead of answering him, Lyra instead walked forward, walking up to the front doors. Beside the doors, there was a large paper handmade sign with 'CLOSED' written across it in red marker taped on the door, but Lyra hardly glanced at it as she walked in, causing Khoury to call out. "Lyra! It's closed! Wait!" Nonetheless, he followed her inside, and she walked to the Gym Arena.

Inside the arena, Whitney and her referee had brooms and dustpans, and were dusting away some of the broken glass on the floor from Flaaffy's attack. The lights above were replaced, and a pair of workers were placing a new glass casing over them. Upon hearing the doors open, both Whitney and her referee looked up, a slight look of surprise on each of their faces. When they saw who it was, they stopped sweeping and waited for Lyra and Khoury to approach them, a small smile on Whitney's face. "Well this is a surprise," Whitney grinned. "I didn't expect to see you back." Lyra returned her grin and looked around, stepping and feeling some glass shards crunch under her feet.

"How is everything?" she asked. Letting out a sigh of fatigue, Whitney looked at her referee.

"Well, we got the lights working, and there's really no real damage, aside from a few bruised ribs that Cathy got," she reported, then turned to Lyra. "I should be the one asking, though. How's your Flaaffy?"

"Nurse Joy doesn't know what's wrong with it, but it has an excess of electricity that needs to be released all at once," Khoury answered for Lyra. Since he was a Pokémon Breeder, he had to get used to saying medical descriptions.

"Whitney, I'm really sorry about yesterday," Lyra apologized, then turned and bowed to the referee. "I'm sorry about Flaaffy hitting you, too." Despite the apology, both Whitney and Cathy looked at each other and giggled.

"Lyra, we run a Pokémon Gym," Whitney explained, seeing the confused look on the Pokémon Trainer's face. "We're going to have some damage every once in a while. It's completely covered by the Gym's insurance."

"And I'm hit with an attack at least once a month," the referee added. However, Lyra didn't look convinced.

"Either way, I won by a fluke," she stated. "The only reason I won is because Flaaffy got a supercharge of electricity. And so..." Lyra reached into the back pocket of her overalls, slipping her fingers in and pulling out a silver and gold object. She held it forward for Whitney to take, and everyone gasped. It was the Plain Badge that Lyra had won yesterday.

"Lyra..." Khoury muttered somberly.

"I want to be able to win fair and square. It's obvious I wouldn't have won if Flaaffy didn't evolve. So I want to go out and train, and then, when I feel like I'm strong enough, I'll come back and challenge you again." Whitney stared at Lyra, then looked down at her Gym's Badge in the younger girl's hand. Taking a deep breath, she reached forward, but took Lyra's fingers and closed them over the Badge.

"No, keep it," she replied. "It may have been an accident, but it takes a lot to beat my Miltank, and it didn't take very long for Flaaffy to beat her." Whitney put her arms down and smiled at Lyra. "And besides, it took a lot of courage to come all the way back here to apologize and return your Badge. It's yours." Lyra's mouth was opened slightly, and her eyebrows pushed upwards as well from surprise. "Just do me a favor? Go all the way to the Pokémon League, okay?" The somber look on Lyra's face instantly evaporated, quickly replacing itself with a determined one.

"Sounds like a plan! Thank you, Whitney."

o 0 o

"Where is the next Gym, anyways?" Lyra asked Khoury. After the visit to the Gym, she seemed to be much better, but Khoury knew she was still thinking about Flaaffy.

"I think we should take Brock's advice and visit the Ecruteak City Gym," Khoury suggested, looking at the map of his PokéGear for reference.

"Sure!" Lyra replied. "I've been looking forward to battling Morty and that Gengar of his ever since we visited the Burned Tower."

"Then it's decided! That's where we'll go." As Khoury put away his PokéGear, there was a sudden burst of yellow and light blue electricity, and the pair of electric beams shot into the sky, causing both Lyra and Khoury to gasp out in shock. Giving each other a look, they both dashed forward to see what had caused the electricity. Following the electricity, they made their way through, pushing branches out of the way, keeping their eyes to the sky. They then stopped in a clearing as they burst through the trees and looked ahead of them. In the middle of the clearing, a young boy was battling against an older one.

The young boy looked about eight years old, and he wore a bright yellow shirt with blue jean shorts and a blue hat over his dark brown hair. His opponent was an older boy, with black-rimmed glasses, and his dark, almost black hair, blew in the wind created by the attacks. He wore a white button-up shirt and dark brown cargo pants. The two Trainers' eyes drifted off their battle and they looked at the pair that just came through the woods. Their Pokémon also stopped. Lyra noticed that it was two against one in this battle. On the younger boy's side, two yellow mouse-like Pokémon were battling, one with red marking and another with blue. On the older boy's side, a tree-like Pokémon was breathing heavily, but standing its ground.

"Hey, wow! Look! It's a Sudowoodo!" Khoury exclaimed, all worries leaving right away as he pulled out his Pokédex and scanned the Pokémon. "Sudowoodo, the Imitation Pokémon. Disguised as a tree, it is the evolved form of Bonsly."

"What about those Pokémon over there? I've never seen them before," Lyra muttered, pulling out her own Pokédex.

"Those are Plusle and Minun! They're really rare Pokémon!" Khoury answered excitedly, swinging his arm to scan the other Pokémon Lyra didn't scan. "Plusle, the Cheering Pokémon. Plusle loves to cheer for its fellow Pokémon, and creates sparkling pom-poms by shorting out the electrical current released from its palms."

"Minun, the Cheering Pokémon. Minun and Plusle's electrical current promotes blood circulation and energizes their target." After the Pokédexes finished their descriptions, Lyra and Khoury put them away and stepped further out into the clearing. "Sorry we interrupted. We saw the burst of electricity and we thought something had happened," Lyra apologized to the pair.

"Oh, that's alright," the older boy replied, pushing his glasses up to the bridge of his nose. "We were just training, anyway."

"Just training?" Khoury repeated, staring at Plusle and Minun nervously.

"Wow! Could you really see Plusle and Minun's electricity from all the way on the path?" the boy asked excitedly, then looked down at his Pokémon. "You two are getting so strong!"

"Pruta Prusle!"

"Mi, mi!" Both Pokémon grinned at their Trainer's compliment and winked at him.

"Okay, Sudowoodo, why don't we take a break for now," the older boy said to his own Pokémon. With a nod, the Pokémon was recalled into its Poké Ball. Once the Poké Ball was placed firmly on his belt, the boy smiled at the two newcomers. "By the way, my name's Arthur. And that's my younger brother."

"My name's Sunny!" the boy added, flashing the pair a grin.

"I'm Khoury," the Pokémon Breeder introduced.

"And the name's Lyra. Hi!" Everyone exchanged a smile, but Arthur looked at Lyra curiously, his brown eyes looking at her with a strange, thoughtful look.

"Lyra..." he muttered, tapping his chin. "Are you the Lyra that my sisters have talked about? Maybe you know them. Their names are Tuscany and Frieda; do you know them?" Upon hearing their names, Lyra's mind instantly flashed a picture of the two Pokémon Trainers, and she giggled.

"Oh! So you two are related to Tuscany and Frieda, huh?" she asked. "Then that must mean you're related to Santos, too." Instantly, both pair of eyes lit up at the name of the Pokémon Trainer's name.

"You've met Santos?" Sunny asked.

"Where is he?" Lyra backed away a bit from their pair, laughing nervously to herself.

"Well, the last time we saw him was a while ago. At the Blackthorn Gym," she replied.

"He was strong, but he wasn't any match for Clair," Khoury added solemnly, and Lyra shot him a look. "Oh! B-but he put up a really good fight!" Both kids shot the others an apologetic look, but they had already shrugged off Khoury's comment.

"Hey, Lyra, you're a Pokémon Trainer, right? You must have all kinds of Pokémon! Do you have any Electric-types?" Sunny asked her, grinning widely at her to show a missing incisor tooth. "They're my favorites!"

"Yeah, I have an Electric-type!" Lyra announced, but her face fell instantly. "But... he's sick right now."

"Oh, really?" Arthur asked, cocking his head curiously. "My goal is to become a Pokémon Doctor, so I know a thing or two about sick Pokémon. Did you take it to Nurse Joy to get a diagnosis?"

"Yeah. She said that my Flaaffy has a lot of excess electricity built up, but if he releases it all at once, he may hurt someone," Lyra explained. "We were coming out here so we could have Flaaffy release his energy here, but I don't want to hurt any of the wild Pokémon that may be around here." As she said this, both Sunny and Arthur looked at each other and smiled.

"I got just the medicine for you then," the older of the two said, and he pulled out a Poké Ball. "Geodude, I choose you!" The Poké Ball flew through the air and burst open, releasing a gray rock-like Pokémon from it that looked like a head with a pair of arms attached to it.

"Geodude," it uttered.

"A Geodude?" Lyra repeated. "How is that going to help?"

"I get it!" Khoury exclaimed, tapping the side of his fist with the palm of his other hand. "Geodude is part Ground-type, so Electric-type attacks have no effect on it at all!"

"Exactly!" Arthur replied. "I use this method all the time with Sunny's Electric-type Pokémon to get their attacks stronger. And Geodude doesn't feel a thing; right buddy?"

"Geodude," his Pokémon replied to him, giving his Trainer a thumbs-up in approval.

"Wow, you would do that for me?" she asked excitedly.

"Of course! I've only heard good things about you from my sisters, so you must be nice," Arthur answered. "And besides, this will help me get a better study on both Electric-type Pokémon."

"Gee, thanks so much!" Lyra thanked, then reached into her pocket and pulled out a Poké Ball. She stared down at it for a bit, nervousness pecking at her chest, but she pressed the button in the center and tossed it forward. Instantly, Lyra and Khoury stepped backwards to make room, and seeing the pair, Sunny and Arthur, as well as Sunny's Plusle and Minun, did the same. The Poké Ball burst open, and in a waterfall of white light, Lyra's Flaaffy appeared. At first, nothing happened, and Flaaffy simply stood in place with its head down and eyes closed. Just as Lyra opened her mouth to say something, a burst of electricity shot out of its body. Flaaffy cried out as the electricity shot out in arrows around itself. One shot whipped out, and Lyra cried out and stepped back as it bounded for her, and it hit the ground where her feet had been moments before if she hadn't moved them. "Flaaffy, aim your electricity towards Geodude!" the brunette cried, but it seemed as though Flaaffy didn't hear her, and it continued to shoot out electricity all over.

"It doesn't look like he can hear Lyra!" Khoury shouted.

"Don't worry!" Arthur told him. "Geodude, grab onto Flaaffy!" Nodding at its Trainer's command, Geodude floated into the air and shot forward, wrapping its long arms around Flaaffy's neck. Flaaffy's eyes opened with fright, and the electricity suddenly stopped shooting off its body, instead surrounding Flaaffy and Geodude. "Flaaffy, release your electricity! All of it! Don't be scared about hurting Geodude!" Flaaffy looked up at Arthur, then back at Lyra, who smiled and nodded at it. Suddenly, Flaaffy closed its eyes and released a shrill bleat.

"Flaaaaaaaaa!" it cried, and the electricity around it started to glow even brighter, and soon enough, it was so bright that everyone had to look away. After a bit, however, the light disappeared, and when Lyra opened her eyes, Flaaffy was standing on the ground, breathing heavily. In front of it, Geodude was also on the ground, its body blackened and charred.

"Geodude!" Arthur exclaimed, bounding up to his Pokémon and kneeling down to see if it was alright. Picking it up, he inspected it, and his face paled instantly. "H-he's knocked out! I don't believe it!"

"N-no way!" Sunny gasped.

"Is that even possible?" Khoury asked, going up to inspect Geodude as well.

"Well, I have heard of some cases where Electric-type attacks have been able to knock out Ground-types when they're really powerful or have a weak point,"Arthur explained. "I didn't think I would ever see it, though." Pointing the Poké Ball in his hand at Geodude, he held it forward and a red laser shot out at it, returning it with a few worried and apologetic words. Meanwhile, Lyra was looking at her Flaaffy with her brown eyes filled with worry. The two were completely still for the longest time-what felt like forever for Lyra-but finally, Flaaffy raised its pink head and looked around like it was seeing the world in a whole new light.

"Flaaffy..?" Lyra muttered to her Pokémon. Recognizing her voice, Flaaffy whipped around, a huge smile forming on its face. "Flaaffy! You're all better!"

"Flaa!" her Pokémon exclaimed, running up to her and jumping into her arms. Lyra and Flaaffy giggled and wrapped their arms around each other.

"I'm so happy!" the Pokémon Trainer said, and pulled back. "I'm sorry if I ever stressed you out or anything." However, Flaaffy shook its head back and forth in response and smiled at her. "Good." Khoury and Arthur also stood up and watched the reunion with a smile on their face, but Sunny's eyebrows were pulled together in thought as he watched.

"Hey, Arthur..." the younger boy brought up. "That Flaaffy isn't Shiny, is it?" Arthur seemed taken aback by his younger brother's comment and looked at Flaaffy as Lyra put it down.

"No, I don't believe so. If it was a Shiny Pokémon, the orb at the end of its tail would be green." Khoury and Lyra looked down at the orb at the end of Flaaffy's tail, seeing that it was blue, like most Flaaffy. "Why do you ask?"

"Well..." Sunny muttered, and pulled out a Poké Ball of his own from his pocket and tossed it forward. In a burst of light, his own Flaaffy appeared before him, and right away, Lyra noticed a difference. Unlike Sunny's Flaaffy, Lyra's Flaaffy was much more lighter in color. Not by a lot, but it was definitely a couple shades lighter.

"How strange..." Arthur said thoughtfully. "Lyra's Flaaffy's a shade lighter than Sunny's."

"It isn't rare for a Pokémon to have a different shade than others," Khoury explained. "It's how other Pokémon can distinguish others from each other. Like humans, no two Pokémon are exactly alike."

"Yeah, I guess you're right," Sunny replied, smiling and nodding.

"Well, we should head out," Lyra said to Khoury, and he nodded in agreement. "Thanks so much for helping us with Flaaffy. I don't know what I would have done without you."

"Of course; not a problem!" Arthur responded, bowing slightly. "If anything, I should thank you. You and your Flaaffy have given me a lot to think about."

"Me too! My Pokémon have never knocked out Geodude with one electric attack!" Sunny added, giggling.

"That's good," Lyra answered, laughing to herself. "See you guys later! And tell your sisters Lyra says 'hi'!"

"Will do!" Arthur and Sunny said together, and the two started walking away, with Flaaffy at Lyra's feet, all three of them waving at Arthur, Sunny, Plusle and Minun. And right away, Khoury noticed that all the sadness in Lyra's eyes had disappeared completely as she turned and laughed happily at her Flaaffy.

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