AN: I do not own the characters and hope the owners don't mind that I use them for this story.

Jessie sat in the back of the hall, she felt a little under-dressed when she arrived in her black jeans and green polo shirt. However, once the lights had dimmed and the music started, everyone's attention was on the stage. She allowed the music to wash over her, she knew these pieces well. She had gown up with them from a young age there is something comforting about it. As the concert ended, she started moving with the crowd out of the hall into the cold night. She realised how much she loved and missed this city, it had been almost a decade since she last visited but the feelings had not changed. She was back in London...she was home.

Moving along the road, she found an empty taxi it was still a little early but that would not hurt. She gave the taxi driver an address then turned her attention to the passing buildings. The taxi pulled up in a quiet residential street in Victoria. She thanked the driver as he offered to wait till she got in, touched she thanked him and said it wasn't necessary. Walking to one of the doors, her eyes never left the taxi once it had turned the corner she turned around and sprints to the car parked opposite. She jumped in and drove, after an hour she parked the car up. Her knuckles were white from the grip on the steering wheel, god it had been a while. Taking some deep breathes she stepped out of the car grabbing a bag off the back seat and walked half a block to the familiar door. Raising her hand to knock she froze. What would she say? How could she say it, she had come all this way and there was no other options.

She knocked.


Nothing. It seemed like ages, still nothing. How stupid, she had expected her to be in. Jessie knew full well that the night was still young. Jessie started to walk down the steps when she heard the locks behind her turning. As the door opened, it was as if time had stood still, the woman at the door was as beautiful, and she had not aged a day since they first met.

"Who's there?" The woman's stick hits the hard ground as she takes a step out of the door. As the porch light shines on her Jessie realises that the woman could have only been in minutes before she knocked, as she was mid changed between her evening gown and house slacks, not that she would ever refer to them as that aloud.

She must have been standing and staring for several minutes because the woman stepped forward again and in a slightly annoyed tone repeated her question "Who is out there?"

Last chance to turn around and disappear. "Hi Wilhelmina". There's no going back now.

"Jessie?" Mina gasped, her hands reaching out, searching in the dark.

Jessie could not hold it together anymore, all of the doubt about being here disappeared. She ran up the steps dropping her bag on the porch as ran into Mina's arms.

"Oh, Jessie" Mina whispered into her ear as she tightened her grip on the young woman.