Yeah, another one of those "it's not what is seems" fics. 'Course, it could be what it really is, but some people *points accusingly* jump to conclusions.

"I don't believe it," Clee said a third time. "I don't believe it!"

"If you were alone on an ice planet with him, you would have, too!" Tahl argued.

"I would not. Anyway, I didn't know that level of intimacy was between you and Jinn."

"That's not surprising, considering you know so little," Tahl smirked.

Clee ignored the insult. "You're right! That's why you have to tell me everything that happened!"

"Alright, well-"

"Was it in close quarters?"

"Oh, yes."

"Was it cold?"

"Freezing, but we kept warm."

"Did you talk much?"

"There wasn't much to say."

"Ahaha... I see. And you spent the night there?"

"All night and day."

"Were there any glowsticks or candles?"

"There wasn't much room, so no."

"I understand," Clee murmured thoughtfully. "Wow."

All of the sudden, the door flew open. Adi Gallia strode in. "Hello," she sang. "I'm back from my Council meeting!"

"We were just talking about my most recent mission," Tahl said casually.

"The one with Qui-Gon Jinn?" Adi raised an eyebrow.

"Yes," Tahl replied.

"What a mission." Clee shook her head. "Such intimacy!"

"At least it kept us warm."

"But in the dark!"

"And all day, too."

"How did you stand the silence?"

"I think we just valued the bonding."

"And did- why, Adi! What's wrong?"

Adi's mouth hung open. Her eyes were huge. "Tahl! I didn't expect that out of a proud, dignified woman like yourself! Oh, what's the Council going to say?" She fretted. Even the ends of her headdress looked distraught; you could tell by the way they limply hung.

Tahl looked puzzled. "What's wrong with ice fishing?"

If anyone doesn't get the ice fishing thing (slow ones) allow me to explain. You go out on a frozen lake, and sometimes there is this shack-thing where you poke a hole in the ice and… well, fish. Or at least, that was how it was done on TV. I'd imagined you would have to get along with your friend pretty well if you ever went ice fishing with them. I mean, think of the boredom!

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