She wanted to swim, and he made no move to stop her. It was in her nature, to want to immerse herself in water, and it was fine with him. He showed her the river, the beautiful (and oh-so-temptingdeadlygorgeous) Lethe, telling her "it's yours to swim in, babe."

He didn't warn her that the river would make her forget, and as soon as she dived into the dark water a grin curled across his lips.

When she emerged from the water she had forgotten everything. Who she was, who she loved. With a childish, curious, frightened look, she asked him, "Who am I?"

He wrapped his arms around her in a comforting way, and sweetly told her, "You're mine." He kissed her lips, and tasted those sweet droplets of forgetfulness lingering on them.

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NOTE: Written as a drabble challenge, given to me by shini02, with the prompt being the phrase "you taste like the lethe, darling." Hades/Ariel crack-drabbles FTW.

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