Disclaimer: All likenesses to any characters of the TV show Merlin belong to the BBC, or whatevs.

Author's Note: I know I'm supposed to be working on my other chapter story, actually, my two other ones. But this story jumped out at me when I was at a hotel in the middle of the night with nothing to write with. So I typed the idea in my phone, came home and typed like mad.

Summary: Arthur Pendragon has had enough. He's run away to become Camelot, and work as a busboy in Ealdor, where he meets mysterious stranger Merlin Emrys, whose new goal in life is saving Camelot.

Warnings: The rating is M because of language in early chapters, and potential sexual situations in later chapters.



The note on his boss' desk read:


The e-mail to his girlfriend read:

'It's over.'

The letter to his step-sister read:

'Here's what I owe you, keep the change.' (There was a 100 dollar bill stapled to the letter.)

The Facebook post to all his friends read:

'Arthur Pendragon is out, dont try to leave messages, dont call me, dont ask where Im going. no I will not be at practice on monday, no, I am not going out to have drinks with you, and no I wont be back for the championship. Suck it up and do it yourselves'

The letter to his father read:


I'm sorry to leave on such a short

Actually, no. I was going to say I'm sorry for leaving. But I'm not. I don't regret a single thing I'm about to do. I wish I could've been insincere and said things like, 'I'm sorry I'm leaving, it's only brief.'

But it's not only brief, and I'm not sorry. I'm leaving, and I'm done with all your shit.

Your Son,


And finally, the letter to his mother, laid carefully on her grave with a dozen daisies, read:


I'm finally doing it. I'm finally doing what I want. Thank you for believing in me.

Love, Arthur.'