Gibbs followed Ellie from the Navalyard to her apartment at a distance. As she walked up the stairs, he stayed back. by the time he got there the door was shut, so he knocked politely, instead of just walking in and confronting her. She opened the door as she was wiping her eyes.

"hey Gibbs."


"Um...Come on in."

Gibbs walked in and sat on the couch across from Ellie.

"Something's bothering you El." Ellie hesitated.

"...No...Its...I..." Gibbs gave her his famous stare, breaking down her barrier little by little.

"Okay, so yeah, something's bothering me. Its my ex. He's...sort of harassing me."

"And the letter you received today? After the ceremony?"

"It was from him. He said some strange things Gibbs. Things that scare me..."

"El, you know..."

"Gibbs, i know what you are going to say. I can come to you with anything no matter what. But this...this was just... this scared me. a lot. Gibbs moved over to sit beside Ellie and took her into his arms.

"You're okay now. He's not going to hurt you. Ill kill him first."

(Next scene)

Bekah sat at her desk in the bullpen, and, at her mothers wish, kept trying to reach her father. "He's not answering. I'm going out. to find him. Ziva, cover for me?"

"Sure thing." Bekah grabbed her sig and headed out of the bullpen. As she drove around, she finally found his car outside Ellie's apartment. She parked the car and walked up the sidewalk calmly.

As she approached, she noticed that the lock had been tampered with and the door was open a crack. She drew her weapon and entered the apartment cautiously, not knowing what to expect beyond the door. She went through each room, checking it out. As she approached the living room she heard a faint moan and quickly entered. she ran over to Ellie, who was lying on the floor with a gunshot wound

to the abdomen. she was breathing, but unconscious.

gibbs was laying beside her. he also had a gunshot wound to the abdomen, but was still conscious and breathing. Ellie was fading fast. Bekah called ziva.

Bekah, did you..."

"I found him. Both have been shot in the abdomen. Dad is conscious and breathing. Ellie wasn't so lucky. She's breathing, but is unconscious and fading fast. We are at Ellies apartment. 1934 East... Ah..." the shooter had snuck up behind her, and shot her in the abdomen. she shot at him, but he fled before she could id him

The bullet had entered her left side in the abdomen. She collapsed on the floor.

"Rebekah? Rebekah? Rebekah... Agent Shepard? Are you okay?"

"Ziva...I've been shot."


" the abdomen. I...need help."

"Bekah...Bekah stay with me."

"I'm trying."

"Bekah don't do this to me...Bekah? I'm five minutes away. Stay with me."

Five minutes later Ziva arrived and rushed inside, hoping the three of them were still breathing. the paramedics arrived just as she was entering the apartment and went to work. while they were attending to gibbs and Ellie, Ziva kept pressure on bekahs wound. Jenny had already been notified and she was pretty sure the rest of the team knew as well. Jenny wouldn't keep something like this from them.

The paramedics took over for ziva, so she stepped outside for some fresh air as she found herself sobbing uncontrolably and her shirt covered in bekahs blood. She sat down on the steps and out her head in her hands, hiding her tears. Jenny arrived just as they were loading bekah onto the gurney. She rushed over to her side and took her hand.

"How is she?"

the paramedic looked up and said, "She's stable."

"And the baby?"

"Her water hasn't broke, so we checked the baby's heartbeat, and its regular, so we don't have cause to believe that the child is in distress."

Jenny breathed a sigh of relief. "Do you know anything on Agent Gibbs? or agent Andrews?"

"No. The other paramedics took them before we arrived. But, Im sure they will be fine."

"Thank you."

"Ma`am, we have to get her to bethesda. Are you riding with us?"

"No. I will be sending Tony. Agent Dinozzo?"

"Yes Director?"

"do me a favor. Ride to bethesda with Agent Shepard. Check on Agent Gibbs and Agent Andrews. call me with a sit rep if I'm not there by then."

"Sure thing Jenny." Jenny stared art him. "Madam Director?" She crossed her arms. "Director." Tony turned and was about to get on the ambulance when jenny head slapped him. He joined the paramedics and they closed the door, speeding away.

Jenny walked over to where Ziva was sitting and sat down beside her, putting her arm around her and handing her a tissue.

"Thank you director...jenny."

"You were brave, coming here with no back up, not knowing what you were up against. its bravery like that that i admire."

"Bekah like a sister to me, as is Ellie. And gibbs, is not only my boss, but is the closest thing i have to

a father. and, we are all team members. if theres one thing that gibbs has taught us, its never leave your team behind."

"Admirable." Jenny gave ziva a squeeze. "And, i want to thank you. For saving them."

"it was nothing really...and, your welcome."

"Come on. Lets go see them." Jenny and ziva left for the hospital, praying that everyone would be okay.