Hello, this is my second story. as you probably expected, it's a comedy based on the fantastic manga called Change 123. If you haven't read it, then this probably isn't going to make much sense. If you have, this may still not make any XD. This is going to start off a bit slow, but that's precisely the point. Let me know what you think of the ending of this chapter.

"TARGET LOCK-ON! The time has come! You must initiate action! The time has come! You must initiate ac--"

Kosukegawa clicked the power button on his new "Kamen Raider Talking Alarm Clock". He jumped out of his bed, but he was happy as could he be. Today was Saturday. That means that he was going to Motoko's apartment so that they can complete the Math project that is due. And Kosukegawa was pretty confident that he could spend the entire day with Motoko herself, as he couldn't see the HiFuMi sitting in one place for multiple hours doing school work. Except maybe Fujiko. But nonetheless, as the great Kamen Raider says, "If you wish it to be so, luck will always be on your side!" Gathering his new shirt and pants, he headed to the kitchen, where his mother was making breakfast.

He moved like a hurricane. He dashed into the doorway, grabbed some toast his mom had on a plate, devoured it like he hadn't eaten for days, grabbed his backpack, and rushed for the door.

"Kosukegawa, slow down!", shouted his mom, "I know you're excited to be doing school work, but don't forget to do a good job. And be back by eleven. And don't go down any alleyways! And don't--"

"MOM", Kosukegawa shouted back in frustration, "I think I can handle a stupid homework assignment!" Geez, he thought, she's always over-worried. But still, nothing can ruin this day...NOTHING!

Not afraid of testing fate and heading out the door, Kosukegawa noticed just how nice of a day it was. For shame that he would be stuck in a house all day...at least, that's what he'd normally say...but this was Motoko's house. His thoughts trailed off...

Yes...in Motoko's house...alone with her...together...a nice mood...a perfect chance for a kiss...heh..and that can lead to...hehehe...--

"Kosukegawa!" shouted a girl's around, Kosukegawa saw his relative Ginga, the young tribal warrior.

"Kosukegawa, can you help me with my English homework?" she said with puppy eyes, "Japanese is hard enough as it is...

"Sorry, Ginga, I'm going to Motoko's house so that we can do a project that's due Monday" Kosukegawa said, hoping she wouldn't get too bummed.

"Aww..." she pouted, still attempting to convince him.

"Why don't you go ask Izuru for help? She's fluent in English." Kosukegawa suggested.

"Oh yeah" said Ginga, snapping back to her chirpy self, "I forgot about her. Well, catch you later, Kosukegawa!" With that, she ran off...through their neighbor's yard...again...I hope she doesn't get in trouble for that one day, Kosukegawa thought, "Oh well, now, onto Motoko's house!"

Now, our hero ran to Motoko's house at such a speed that his gym teacher would be brought to tears if he were to see it. Nothing was getting in his way. He would get the homework done quickly, and spend the rest of the day with Motoko. Yes, surely this day was a chance that he couldn't just let pass him up. So many possibilities! So, with this in mind, Kosukegawa thought he'd get ahead of the game by going over the paragraph he would "come up with off the top of his head" to impress Motoko, and in order to give them more free time.

Within moments, he was there at last. In front of him stood Motoko's door. Double checking his backpack, to make sure he had everything so he wouldn't have to run back to his house AND seem like a complete idiot to Motoko, he tried to calm his anxious self. Calm down, Kosukegawa. You can do this. Just take deep breathes, and you can--

"AIEEEEEEE!!" A sudden scream broke Kosukegawa out of his internal monolouge. He immediately recognized the voice as Motoko's, and without a second thought, threw open the door and ran inside. He dashed through her door way, into the living room, but it was empty. Signs showed that no one had even been up. Without wasting another second, he dashed to the kitchen. Empty. The Bathroom? Door open, no one inside. That only left...her bedroom. Taking a deep breath, he opening it and hoped to God she wasn't naked.

As soon as he opened it and walked in, he shouted "Motoko! What's the ma--"

What Kosukegawa saw rendered him momentarily speechless and frozen. No, it wasn't Motoko naked. She was still in her undergarmets...And so was Hibiki. And Fujiko. And Mikiri, too. But...they were all there...in that very room...at ONCE...Kosukegawa found his eyes wandering.

Thank you, oh God of Justice," was the last thought that went through Kosukegawa's mind before he fainted from his severe nosebleed.

Well, there you have it. Its a bit short, but it is just an introduciton. For those who're wondering, I actually got this idea from an episode of the Incredible Hulk. Odd, eh? Anyways, thanks for reading. Read and Review at your leisure.