Guys...I did it again...I forgot about this story for SOOOO long. But alas, it's not too late to fix this mistake now, is it? Here is the first half of Kosukegawa's Beach Adventures! I've already started on the second half, and let me just say, it has some REAL ecchi moments. They ARE his best days, after all XD! Then again...if you're reading this, you've likely read Change 123, which is FULL of these. But I think these will be even more risque. Meh, w/e. Oh, and I read the ending of the Change 123 manga, and I have three simple words: "I. AM. DISAPPOINT." If you've read it, you know what I'm talking about. Then again, that's a reason why this story is being written. ONE MORE THING: There will be a special announcement at the end of the chapter...look forward to that.


Kosukegawa found his young self faced with the faces of those who, as far as everyone else knew, were the "Gettou Sisters." They were all standing before him with large smiles on their face, each of them holding a bag.

"Yeah, you DO still have your trunks, right?" Hibiki inquired.

"Well, yeah, but what about you guys?"

"That's what these are for, silly! We all went out shopping and got ourselves swimsuits that match our style! So come on, today's supposed to be pretty warm…the PERFECT day for a trip to the beach!"

"Yeah, come on Kosuke! Let's all go have fun in the nice, cool water!" Said Mikiri almost jumping ateach syllable for emphasis.

"Yes, a trip to the beach would be a nice change of pace after the hectic things that have happened." Fujiko chimed in.

"Well, okay, we'll go, but where did you guys get the money for your suits?" Kosukegawa asked.

"Ah~, that's the plot of another chapter, so for now, let's just go! Everyone…TO THE BEACH!" Hibiki yelled loud enough to probably disturb the neighbors. With that, she grabbed Kosukegawa by the arm and Mikiri did the same to Motoko, and they all walked briskly down the stairs. They had to go around to the front door, since the back door had been broken "mysteriously", but that's totally irrelevant….for now.

{A/N: GEE, wonder what could have done THAT to the door. Hint: Don't divide by it}

Kosukegawa walked along the beach, skimming his eyes along the visitors. There were a fair amount of people; not too many, nor was it stranded. After a few minutes of searching, he found a spot that seemed nice enough. So, he impaled the ground with the umbrella his mom had let them borrow, and set their bags down. It was a lot of work, carrying bags for all 4 of them, and his own.

He reached into their bags, and pulled out their respective towels to lay down on the sand. First was Motoko's, a white towel with a flower on it. Next was Hibiki's, a red towel with a flame design. Then Fujiko with her pure blue towel, and then Mikiri's yellow towel with a cute bunny on it.

Kosukegawa's attention was drawn to a large amount of murmuring and chatter. He looked around to try and see what all the fuss was about. Walking through the crowd that had gathered, Kosukegawa heard comments such as "Woah, check THEM out!" and "They look kinda similar, are they sisters?". That was pretty much a dead give away to what Kosukegawa would find.

Sure enough, when he cleared through the crowd, he came across the "Gettou Sisters". Kosukegawa could see why they were attracting all this attention. They were wearing similar swimsuits, differencing only in color. Motoko's was white, Hibiki's was red, Mikiri's was yello, and Fujiko's was blue. Needless to say, the suits were…pleasing to the eye. He felt his face suddenly get warm, and his single hair stood up...and something else as well {ROFL}

"So, you lovely ladies, are you here alone?" a tall, tan man asked them. He had a trio friends that also looked similar to him. Kosukegawa had a bad feeling about where this was going…

"Nah, I'm here with my boyfriend," Hibiki said with an apologetic smile.

"Me too~" Mikiri chimed in.

"As am I" Fujiko added.

"M-me too" Motoko said shyly.

"Ah damn, so where are the lucky guys?" the man asked.

Uh oh, Kosukegawa thought.

"Kosuke is only one man!" Mikiri said while giggling.

My gut is telling me to run away... Kosukegawa thought. Then, in his head, he heard Kamen Raider say "

"WOW, this guy-no no, this GOD-is extremely lucky! There's no way we can hope to match such a man. So who is it?"

Kosukegawa, feeling a sudden urge to sneak away, began lowering his head, trying to hide so that they didn't point him out. Unfortunately, Mikiri had spotted him long before. She pointed at him, and the crowd seemed to disperse around him almost instantly. He now found himself standing alone with EVERYONE staring at him.

"THAT'S the guy? He looks absolutely pathetic! What the hell?" One of the boys moved towards Hibiki and grabbed her with one arm. "So baby, how about hanging out with a real man?"

Needless to say, the boy didn't stay on his feet for too long. "Wha-what the hell?"

Hibiki ran over and grabbed Kosukegawa's arm. "Sorry, but Kosukegawa here is the only boy for me."

The boy got up and turned to the other girls. "So…the cool beauty, then?" To his surprise, Fujiko wasn't there. And neither were the other girls. Turning back around, he saw Mikiri and Hibiki dragging off Kosukegawa with Motoko and Fujiko following. The boy looked at his cohorts.

"Alright guys, there's something strange going on. We're gonna get to the bottom of this, and when we do, we'll get our just desserts. I promise you three, by the end of this day, we're going to have the four hottest girlfriends in the entire city! Then all other guys will envy us! Now, in order to get these girlfriends, we're going to have to woo those them. With our natural playboy skills, this will be a cinch. WATCH OUT….what was his name again?"



"Was the evil laughter really necessary?"

"Shut up."


So, as I said, the next half is already started. I'm still looking for ideas for future chapters. I have their next adventure planned out, but I'm ready for more ideas, people! Keep 'em comin'! Time for the preview:

NEXT TIME, ON CHANGE ONE TWO THREEEE! The Beach Four are determined to get the HiFuMi as their girlfriends. Will they be able to lure the girls into their playboy hands? And what crazy mishaps await Kosukegawa when he has to...PUT LOTION ON THEIR BACKS? The ecchiness will be OUT OF THIS WOOOORLD! Will Kosukegawa lose the HiFuMi to these nameless playboys? FIND OUT THE ANSWERS TO THESE QUESTIONS ON THE NEXT EPISODE OF CHANGE ONE TWO THREEEEE!

Oh, and less I forget, the news. My friend, Acesofaces0420, made a shared file. It's called Rat3d Em, as in Rated M. So you can all look forward to "Change 123: Kosukegawa's TRUE Best Days." Let's just say, whatever amount of pity you had for Kosukegawa will be replaced with envy...NO EXCEPTIONS. XD Look forward to it, and thanks for reading!