(THIRD PERSON) All was hectic at the McCarty household. Father and Bella's brother Emmett where gathering supplies for hunting trip for Christmas dinner. Bella and her mother where cleaning the household and cooking side dishes for the Christmas dinner. After the men left and Bella and her mom finished there work Bella decided to go to the town shop to buy her family gifts. Little did she know that she would never be able to give Emmett his gift.

Emmett's' POV

My father and I have been hunting for about three hours and have found nothing.

"Father, can we go home" I complained. My feet where killing me and I wanted to go see Bella. "We can always buy meat from the market", I stopped there knowing my father was getting annoyed.

"No!" he said firmly. "We promised the ladies we would bring home a fresh kill and I will not go back on my wo…". Then all of the sudden I heard a roar from behind me. I turned around and saw a huge black bear heading strait for me. "FATHER HELP ME!" I screamed! He tried shooting the bear but missed each time until he was out of ammo.

I saw my father couldn't save me so I said "Take care of Bella and mom for me and tell them I love them". When I turned around the last thing I saw was the bear charging at me. I heard a distant scream of pain, then everything went black…………….

Rosalie's POV

I was out hunting when I heard a scream of pain, then the sent hit me. The sent could only be human blood. It smelt as sweet as grapes and as fresh as flowers. As I finally found the source the seen in front of me was shocking. There was a man in his late teens being mulled by a bear. Without even knowing what I was doing I pulled the bear off the boy, drained him, and throw him to the side. Then I picked up the human, took a deep breath, and ran as fast as I could run to my father Carlisle.

The run was excruciating! I was so tempted to bend down and just taste it but a voice in the back of my mind was telling me it was wrong and I knew I wouldn't be able to stop. As I was fighting my thirst I could hear this poor boys heart slowing and he was almost as cold as me! All the signs of death I thought to myself. The only thing that kept be from draining this boy was the innocent look on his face only a newborn baby could have. As I drew nearer to the house I could hear my family. "Rosalie what is wrong? Your emotions are full of pity, love, and desperation." My brother Jasper said in panic. "What is wrong is that I just found this human being mulled by a bear and I'm not sure how long I can go until I drain him dry." I growled between my teeth using the last of my air supply. As I was talking Carlisle walked into the room with a doctor bag and set up table for the poor boy in my arms. "Give him to me Rosalie." I didn't move afraid I would lose control ands kill the boy. "I am proud of you but if you don't he will die from loss of blood and injury." I finally spoke, "I cant Carlisle, I'm afraid I may lose control and kill him" I said aloud this time. "Edward fetch the boy for me please." After he said this Edward, my oldest brother walked took the boy slowly and carefully from my bloody arms. After gently laying the baby faced boy on the table Edward left the room because even a vampire as old as him has trouble being around openly flowing human blood. "I'm afraid the only way to save this human is to change him or he will die." Carlisle said with pity, sorrow, and sadness in his eyes. "Please don't let him die Carlisle. I think I love him!" I couldn't believe I just said that, I thought to myself. Carlisle now looked as shocked as me. "I will change him if he means that much to you." Carlisle replied. "He does" I swore to him. With that Carlisle bit down on my baby faced love and the change began. Emmett's POV - I woke up thinking I was dead but then I felt an excruciating pain in my arm! This as too much pain for heaven and hell put together! I started to scream bloody murder for what could have been hours, days, or even minutes. I can't even describe the pain! I started yelling for someone to kill me but no one ever did! I could feel my heart beating in my chest and my skin turn an unnatural cold! A sweat woman's voice kept telling me it was almost over but in never did end. Then slowly the pain weared down and finally came to a stop. When I opened my eyes three beautiful women and three handsome men stood before me………