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Emmett's POV

It is Bella !!! There she was in my arms once we got out of class with a smile that almost put mine to shame. Almost. She looked exactly like I remembered. She was always beautiful so her looks and shape didn't change much after she was turned. Suddenly Rosalie grabbed Bella out of my arms and flung her across the hallway.

"ROSALIE WHY DID YOU FLING BELLA ACROSS THE ROOM!?" I demanded while running to Bella aid.

"THE BETTER QUESTION IS WHAT WHERE YOU DOING HUGGING THAT HORE OF A SLUT!?" She responded getting ready to attack Bella as I picked her up and to my surprise Bella didn't respond.

"Bella wake up!" I said over and over until I saw her eyes flutter. "Now your gunna get it BITCH!" Bella yelled and attacked Rosalie.

Bella's POV

One moment I was hugging Emmett and the next I was being flung across the room by the vampire named Rosalie. So I didn't feel the impact I used one of my powers to go into a coma like state.

After one minute I decided to awaken. Once I came back to senses I recalled the reason I had to use my power in the first place.

"Your gunna get it BITCH!" I screamed as I through myself at Rosalie. She attempted to pin me down but I used my power of tellicanesise ( I know it's not spelled correct) to fling her across the room as the little bitch had done to me. Suddenly Rosalie leaped at me but I used my power of fire to make a flame circle around her.

"STOP" yelled Emmett in a voice that I knew to listen to from our human years. I made the circle of flame disappear instantly " I'm sorry Emmy" I said in the voice I used to get Emmett not mad at me and ran to continue our rudely interrupted reunion. "Get off of him you slut!" Rosalie said while giving me a death glare.

"Rosalie stop this foolishness right now." Emmett said with a serious warning in his voice. "Sure pick your hore over me." Rosalie said. I was feeling hurt now, I just met Rosalie and she is calling me names. I just decided to run. She never even gave me a chance I thought as I ran." Bella is not a hore or a slut Rosalie, she is my sister so stop this NOW!" Rosalie had a dumbstrook look on her face.

Rosalie's POV

ohhh, how did I not put this together earlier. They have the same young look an there faces and the facial features.

I can't believe I just called Emmett's sister a slut and a hore. I feel so bad and I never feel bad. She looked so hurt when she ran it almost made even my cold, un beating heart break. "I'm sorry Emmett, I didn't know." I said trying to reason with him as he stalked off.

Bella's POV

I ran to the nurse's office and told her that my stomach hurt and I had a head ach. She told me to go home and get some rest so I could come back tomorrow. As I left I heard Emmett running at vampire speed tord me but I didn't feel like talking so I took off and ran to my car. Once I got home I ran to my room and put myself in a soundproof bubble that was invisible and used my power to drift off for the second time today.