So…this all began when I was talking to 9aza about what poem I should do next in my fanfic. Pair Poems…then it just evolved and took on a life of its own! Now, we were currently engaged in a conversation about pranking the Autobots…and I decided to turn it into a fanfic.! Go Figure!

Disclaimer: I don't own Transformers…I own Rhythm and 9aza owns Tune.

She sat on the edge of the metal chair, kicking her pedes back and forth. Her servos were crossed over her chest. After scanning the room, she shuttered her optics off, then back on. Her visor dimmed and glowed brighter to indicate the action.

"Hey Tune…when is the new boss goin' ta get here?" she asked the other femme in the room. The called femme was sitting on the floor a little ways off. 'Tune' had been scanning and examining the room but jerked her attention towards the other femme.

"I don't know Rhythm. Rumble and Frenzy said they went to go get him…" Tune replied, shrugging her shoulders. Rhythm let out the air in her vents. She was getting bored, really quickly.

Rhythm had the similar design to the two other Cassettes. Her main color was dark blue, secondary black. Her deigns were painted in white, and visor glowing red. A rocket launcher was mounted on her shoulder. Boosters were attached to the bottoms of her pedes, and mini wings were pulled together on her back.

She let out another gush of air and cycled more air through her vents and stated in a bored tone, "Ain't this just boring as the Pit."

Tune was similar design as the others as well. Green covered must of her body, with white occasionally painted on some areas. Her design on her chest plate was black, and visor was lit up gray. On her backplates was a backsack compartment, and a holster was attached to her hip-plate.

The green and white Cassette got up and stretched out her limbs and replied, "I'm sure it isn't going to be long now." Rhythm just let out a bored sigh. Then, at that moment, the door hissed opened, and Rumble and Frenzy bounced in. The dark blue and black Cassette femme jumped down from the chair and crossed her servos over her chasis, glaring at the mech Cassettes. They just smiled back.

"Well…" she began, but was cut off with the larger royal blue Communications Officer walked in after his Cassettes. Both Rhythm and Tune saluted him.

"Communications Officer Soundwave, Sir!" they said in unison. He had his arms crossed over his chasis and looked down on them. No emotion was written on his faceplates, like always.

"At ease," he stated to them, and the servos fell to their side, "designation."

"I am Rhythm, Sir."

"I am Tune, Sir."

He red optics, hidden behind his visor, flickered between the two small femmes. Taking notice, they had similar designs to his own Cassettes but with some extra modifications to them. Rhythm had the capability of flight, and a rocket launched attached to her shoulder. Tune had a shifter backspack sub-spacer and blaster holster.

He then nodded and said, "Tune, Rhythm. State explanation."

Tune was the one to speak for them, "We wish to fight here on Earth, Sir." Soundwave stared at them, and they stared back at him. Both Cassettes were beginning to become nervous. Then Rumble and Frenzy broke into the conversation.

"Please Boss…" Rumble began.

Frenzy continued, "Please…they would be an awesome addition. Please…"

"They even could prove themselves!" the blue and purple Cassettes finished. Both Rhythm and Tune shot them a look. The Twins glanced back; a sly smile curled their dental plates. They shook their heads and turned back to face Soundwave. He was still staring at them, then he nodded.

"Alright. But, first mission. Infiltrate and gather data from the Autobots" he stated, turned, and walked out. Once the door hissed closed, they let out the air in their vents and then glared at the twin Cassettes. Rhythm let out a low growl.

Frenzy held his hands up and said, "Hey, at least it is an easy job. Ravage and Laserbeak do it all the time." Rhythm just growl and then let out a 'huff' when she crossed her servos back over a chasis. Tune just let out the air in her vents.

"Well Rhythm," the green and white Cassette femme began, turning her helm towards the black and dark blue femme, "we better get going." There was a pause from the dark blue and black femme, then she turned helm towards Tune and nodded. The two femmes turned and, trailed by the two mechs, walked out of the room and into the hallway.

At The Launch Tower…

The femmes looked at the entrance to the Launch Tower, then half-turned their helms to look at the mechs behind them. Rumble and Frenzy flashed them a smile and two thumbs up. Both femmes let out the air in their vents and turned their helms forward. They stepped into the platform and turned around. Rumble had already walked over to the controls and began the raising sequence. The platform raised up, and the two mech Cassettes faded away.

At the Top…

The two Cassette femmes stepped out the platform and headed towards the opened runaway. They stopped near the ended, and Rhythm turned towards Tune.

"Can that backpack of yours transform inta a jet pack?" she asked. Tune turned her helm and nodded. Then, the said backpack did in fact shift and mold into a jet pack. The black and dark blue femme smirked, and her mini wings popped up.

"Ready?" Tune asked, starting up her jet pack.

Rhythm replied, "Ready." She activated the boosters on her pedes and shot up. Tune followed after her.


The two Cassette femmes continued to fly in till they landed near the Autobot base. Rhythm's wings folded back down, and Tune's backpack shifted back to its original form.

"Put up your spark shield to hide your signal" Tune said to the other. Rhythm nodded. Both femmes did put the shields and then headed on foot towards the base. They managed to avoid all the cameras that the Autobots had set up and was close to the entrance to the large spaceship. They crunched near the opening, behind some boulders.

Rhythm chuckled and whispered, "Got to admit, this is quite fun. You know what kind of infiltration I thinking of? Pranking, because the Boss didn't say how we could and should complete our mission. He just said to get in and gain information." A sly smirk slivered its way onto her dental plates at the thoughts of tormenting and traumatizing the Autobots.

Tune nodded and replied, "Yeah, you're right." The green and white Cassette looked out and saw no one around. A smirk appeared on her dental plates as well. "I see no one patrolling nearby. This going to be a piece of oil cake." The red-visored femme nodded.

"Pit yeah it is!" Rhythm whispered, excitement lining her voice. She spotted a panel nearby and crunched near it. After opening it up, she motioned for Tune to follow her. Then both femmes sneaked into the ventilation shaft and up through the small metal hallways. They began to make their way through the small metal shafts. While crawling through the vents, Rhythm whispered, "This is easy. Do ya have the map of the base?"

"Yeah, I got it right here" Tune replied in a hush voice, and she un-subspaced a map of the Autobot base. She began to looked over it as they crawled, taking notice of the Officers' office and quarters. "Who will be our first prank target?" A chuckle rang through the metal vent shaft as the many thoughts of pranks passed through the green and white femme's processor.

"Red Alert, first. He is the Security Directive and paranoid, after all" Rhythm replied. A grin at what they could do to mess with the paranoid bot managed to grow on her faceplates.

Tune nodded and said to the femme ahead of her, "Turn left at the next intersection and head straight." The dark blue and black femme nodded and turned left and headed down the shafts. Their shifting and crawling was the only sounds they made now.

Okay…that is the first chapter! I will get the rest up later…I already have enough on my plate at the moment! This will continue with mine and 9aza's current conversation! So, we'll decide when it ends…whenever that may be!