He shouldn't have gone to sleep.

Naruto rolled over and groaned. He'd felt fine at three this morning – hell, he'd felt great – but now his head felt like it had been steamrollered, his throat was dry and his lower back hurt in a way that was familiar but right now he couldn't think why.

Naruto knew from past experience to not move his head, not open his eyes, not do anything at all. I should have not done all those shots, he thought muggily, attempting to open his eyes. But Kiba and the other guys were all there and what really could he do about it? He was drunk already and there weren't levels of drunkenness so what was a vodka shot or two? Well, more than two. And there was that cocktail that had sprouted of nowhere with everything alcoholic that was left poured into it... Naruto had drunken quite a lot of that, he remembered. And then he'd done a lap dance on the table...oh God, how come he always did that when he got drunk? And why did he always remember it? The fuzzy blackness that came with being very drunk would be useful at this point but it did not apply to table dances apparently.

And then...and then...

Naruto slumped back onto the pillow. Ok, might as well stay here and sleep it off, he mused. He curled up again under the thick duvet, wondering why on Earth his bed didn't have random magazines, crisp wrappers and crumbs in it like usual. This thought made him open his eyes pretty damn quick.

Oh God, this is not my bed!!! I'm in someone else's room. Someone else's bed. Usually that means one thing only and that also means I've done it again... Naruto whimpered. See, how it usually goes is that he does a very kinky, shirtless lap dance and someone likes it so much Naruto usually gets offered another drink followed by a tongue down his throat.

This is not the first time Naruto's woken up hung-over in a strange bed next to a stranger anyway.

But was he? Naruto didn't turn to look if there was anybody there besides him in the king size bed. Also he couldn't actually hear anything over the sound of his own heartbeat and panicked breathing. The last time this had happened he'd ended up in bed with Neji. Jesus. Neji might not remember it clearly but Naruto sure did. If Naruto ever needed to blackmail Neji he had everything from that one night...

Neji! Of course. The party was at the house of a friend of Neji's. Naruto had never met the guy but a party was a party and at a huge mansion so Naruto couldn't resist.

This was Neji's fault, Naruto decided and accidentally brushed his left leg against something warm. Naruto almost shrieked and then screamed anyway when he realised that what he'd thought earlier was true.

Oh my God, that's someone's leg. Naruto slithered as far over as he could without falling off.

Ok. On the count of three I'll look. And if it's Neji again I'll throw myself out of that window. Slowly opening an eye and peeking over his shoulder all Naruto saw was a mound of white, the bumps and curves under the duvet suggesting legs, a waist and a torso and finally a head all buried under the soft cotton. Curious, Naruto twisted over and slid closer, tugging at the sheet.

"Fuck," Naruto said aloud, looking at the best looking man he's ever seen.

There was silky black hair fanning out across the pillow and his pale skin almost blended with the white material Naruto held in his hand. He was completely naked – and unless they'd been playing strip poker last night it was obvious how that came about – and sleeping peacefully on his side, leaving his neck wide open enabling Naruto to see the delicate black ink tattoo and a hickey.

I gave him that, Naruto remembered. Vividly actually. It made him kind of aroused to think about it. They hadn't even made it back to the room yet because that would require them to stop kissing and walk. The guy was pressed up against the wall on the stairs with Naruto attached to his neck. For some reason Naruto wasn't wearing a shirt but the brunette seemed to appreciate this, running his hands over Naruto's chest and back.

Unwillingly Naruto started to grin. He cautiously reached out and touched the boy's soft dark hair, running his fingers through it. He didn't even stir.

Heavy sleeper, huh? Naruto mused, remembering that he'd screamed earlier and the brunette hadn't woken. His fingers slid down and brushed a porcelain cheek and jumped when the boy shifted, suddenly realised where he was and what he was doing. Naruto flung off the covers and bolted to the other side of the room, searching for his clothes. His jeans were easy to find by the door but his shirt was nowhere to be found. Seeing as he'd spent most of last night without it – even before the sex – this was no surprise but Naruto was beginning to panic. He briefly contemplated the mahogany wardrobe but then dismissed it: after all he didn't even know the guy's name and nicking a t-shirt for his getaway was pushing it.

"Where do you think you're going?" a husky voice inquired and as Naruto hadn't heard the door open he knew who it had come from.

The boy was sitting up slightly, leaning casually on one arm. The duvet had been flung to one side and he didn't seem to care that he was totally naked or that Naruto couldn't stop staring at him, mouth open and all. He was smirking, his dark eyes full of lust and mischief. He slowly ran a hand through his hair that was sexy messy, half sticking up and his bangs hanging in his eyes.

"I have to...I mean..." Naruto swallowed and tried to look at his face instead of his body. "I should go."

"Why? Last night was fun, don't you want a repeat?" the boy snickered at Naruto's flushed face. "Or don't you remember it?" Naruto silently shook his head, opting to stare at the floor. He didn't see the boy get up and stalk his way across the room. He didn't see him until several soft fingers gently brushed his cheek. Naruto gasped and grabbed the boy's hand. They stood there, staring at each other until the stranger broke the barriers and moved closer, pressing his naked body against Naruto's half dressed one. Naruto shivered and gasped as the stranger held them together, shaking off Naruto's loose grip and then winding his arms around Naruto's waist and holding him there. Naruto didn't know what to do with his hands and finally copied the boy's pose.

"I guess you were kind of drunk," the boy mused. "I had some trouble prying all those losers off you after that kinky dance you did." Naruto winced, now knowing for sure he'd done a lap dance for all to see.

"Yeah, I do that when I'm drunk," he gasped as their bare chests rubbed together. The grin grew wider and Naruto groaned slightly as a pair of lips nibbled on his earlobe.

"That's how we started by the way." The stranger picked up the commentary again.

"You were having some trouble saying 'no' to those freaks hanging off you so I rescued you and you...appreciated it." The boy's grin shifted to an appreciative leer and Naruto winced at what he might have done.

"Don't worry, it was anything disturbingly kinky or illegal if that's what you're wondering," the brunette said around a mouthful of Naruto's neck. Naruto was trying his best not to moan and beg to have an instant replay right now because if he did he got the feeling the boy would only be too happy to oblige and be pretty damn smug about it. So Naruto refused to cave.

"Nnnn..." Even if he did let one tiny moan out when a pair of hands slid into the loose gap between his jeans and his arse – hey, where was his underwear? – and squeezed what they found there. And Naruto could feel him smirking, dammit.

"Then what?" Naruto sniped. "I willingly fell into bed with you?" He was snickering! Oh my God, that jackass would pay...once Naruto regained control over his legs and stopped letting his dick make all the decisions.

"Yes, actually," the boy said in bemusement. "If you're that good a lay when you're drunk imagine what you'd be like when you're sober." Naruto was imagining that too, making his resolve weaken a little bit.

"Look, I don't even know your name!" Naruto tried. The boy stopped his attack on Naruto's senses to give him a look.

"That didn't bother you last night."

"Yeah, well, perv, I don't usually do lap dances just for the heck of it either!" Naruto spat, finding the strength to push the brunette away slightly. The raven watched him blankly before the glint came back and Naruto found himself pressed up against that extremely fit body again.


"Huh?" God, he could tell very well how much this jerk was into this even through his jeans and was busy trying to process this when he'd spoken.

"My name. Sasuke."

"Hi, Sasuke, lovely to meet you...are you totally CRAZY?! I'm still not gonna have sex with you!!" Naruto yelped as Sasuke's hand slid around the front of his jeans instead.

"Sto-stop it!" Naruto whimpered as the pale hand rested lightly on his crotch.

"Why should I" Sasuke whispered in his ear and gently licking the earlobe. "When you like it this much..." The hand curled slightly and Naruto yelped.

"God, I hate you..." Naruto knew this was pathetic when it was half moaned and he was clinging to Sasuke like he was Naruto's last lifeline. Naruto clenched his eyes shut and tightened his grip around Sasuke's neck when Sasuke began to undo the button on his jeans and the traitorous voice in the back of Naruto's head thought it was such a beautiful sound and followed it up with all sorts of things they could spent this morning doing...

"Naruto!" Naruto's eyes opened and Sasuke turned his head slightly to look at the intruder.

"Neji," Sasuke said flatly, surprising Naruto that they knew each other. Neji stood there silently, taking in the scene before him. What he saw obviously didn't please him as he strolled forward and wrenched Naruto away. Surprisingly Sasuke let Naruto go as Neji ran his eyes over Naruto, apparently looking for something.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing, Sasuke?" Neji hissed. Naruto realised that Neji's hand wrapped around his wrist was shaking in fury. God, was Sasuke some kind of drug dealer? Or, Jesus Christ no, a prostitute?! Though that did leave how Neji knew Sasuke looking not very good for Neji...

"We were having fun," Sasuke replied sulkily, crossing his arms. That he was still naked didn't seem to bother him and Neji likewise paid no attention to it.

"He's my friend. What did you do to him?" Neji shouted. "I told you, I don't care who you screw but leave Naruto alone!" Sasuke's eyes hardened.

"You're my friend too," he replied with steel in his voice. "If we had some fun last night what gives you the right to inquire about what we did in private?"

"I don't want you near him. Naruto, do you hear me?" Neji turned to look at Naruto. "Stay away from him!" Sasuke was smirking.

"What are you? His mom? His jailer? Naruto's old enough to know who he should go near and stay away from."

"Naruto has no idea. He's too innocent to know anything about you and your 'friends,'" Neji snarled.

Wait, by innocent Neji didn't mean virginity, right? Cause he'd lost that a long time ago...

"It's just sex, Neji!" Sasuke yelled. "God, if you had it once in a while you wouldn't be so uptight. I've slept with your friends before so what the fuck is wrong with you?" Neji stopped shouting and glared at Sasuke with the coldest, scariest expression Naruto had ever seen him wear. If Neji didn't have a pincer-like grip on his arm right now Naruto would be hightailing it far away as possible.

"Because Naruto deserves better than you." Naruto saw it, the shock in Sasuke's eyes, flashing and then it was gone. The mask returned, the jaw was set in anger and a muscle clenched in his cheek.

"Sasuke, you're my friend but you have no morals at all. You sleep with whoever you like and then dump them the next day. You get mixed up in gangs and drugs and too much alcohol and you get by because of who you are and your money and your looks and brains. But Naruto doesn't have that and I certainatly don't want you treading on his heart and crushing it into tiny pieces like you have with everyone else. He's the closest thing I've got to a best friend in this world and if that means he hates me for what I do to protect him so be it." Neji was struggling to keep his voice steady by this time. There was a silence, the type that could almost be another person in the room deliberately making things uncomfortable.

"Naruto," Neji said calmly – too calmly - and loosened his grip slightly. "It's time to go. People are probably worried about you."

"My shirt!" Naruto protested but Neji kept pulling him towards the door.

"It's downstairs, I found it in the fridge."

"Are you sure you don't mean..." Neji's mouth twitched.

"No, definitely in." Naruto almost laughed at the sheer ridiculousness of the situation and then remembered Sasuke behind them, frozen as still as a statue and his heart constricted slightly.

If Sasuke was supposed to be so bad for him, why didn't Naruto want to leave him behind?