Hi audience-peoples!!! This is my 2nd fanfic (actually I've been verbally reciting my fanfics to friends for a couple of years now, and I've written [on paper] 2 fanfics, so this is my 2nd one)

I came up with this little thing last year; told it to a few of my friends and now I'm writing it so that it can be enjoyed by others. My last story "Like That One SixFlags Commercial" apparently went well. Demonic-Otaku said "YOU ARE A GENIUS!" The summary for that story is: NOT INU/SESS YAOI, it's a totally innocent, funny one-shot about Inu & Sess falling victim to a tiny piece of modern technology w/o them realizing it from Kagome's time. Come on, read it too.

Now this one is about a teeny-weeny Sessy and some chickens. Enjoy!

• *within asterisks= sound effects* • Chichi-ue= archaic, polite form of "father"

Inu no Taishō is speaking to a man concerning some important General-like things; he brought his little 4-5 year old son, Sesshōmaru, with him. Taishō told Sess to play outside while he worked things out with the mister. The mister had some livestock out back, some of the animals he had were chickens.

Taishō made sure to be near him, so he had his conversation near a door that was adjacent to where Sess was, but he wasn't directly in the doorway, just a little off to the side, to keep an ear on him. As he was discussing some important topics he could hear bawking.

(Let's just say that you are actually at the door looking out to where Sess is, to help you imagine the way I intended it to be pictured, 'kay? This is what you see)

A small 4 to 5-year-old Sess, in a white poofy hakama; a top that looks like Jaken's but white with little flower patterns at the collar, left shoulder, sleeves' ends, and at the ends of the cloth that is at the front and back which hangs below his thin, black sash; the ends of the hanging cloth reach a bit pass his knees; the patterns are a very light pink color to go with the red kosode he's wearing underneath which is visible at the collar, through slits in the shoulders, and the slits at the sides; to top it off he has little black boots on and his white hair isn't even pass his shoulders.

First a fat, brown chicken goes running to the left of your view, *bawk, bawk, bawk, bawk, ba-bawk!* Its wings flapping like crazy, then a little Sess comes into view, he's running after it, arms stretched in front of him and in a singsong voice, "He-e-re, chicken, chicken, chicken. Come 'e-ee-ere, chicken, chicken, chicken."

He's out of sight now. Then a while later the chicken reappears running to the right of your view, *bawk, bawk, ca-bawwkkk!!* Sess a few steps behind it, "Come on, chicken! Chi-i-c—ke-e-en! Stop ru-u-unni-i-ing, chicken…" There out of view again; they reappear running to the left. Chicken *Bawk, bawk, bawk, bawk-awk!* It almost tripped. Sess: "Chicken, chicken, chicken, chicken. Come 'ere, chicken, chicken, chicken. Come on already!"

Out of view, within view, running right. *BAWWKKK BAWWWKKKK!!!!* Sess, closer to it, "Chicken!" Out of view, within view, running left. *B-B-BAAWWW-KAAAWWWKKKK!!!!!* Sess behind it, flexing his fingers ready to catch it, so, so close, he can touch the tail feathers! The chicken appears to be slowing down.

Out of view, within view, running right. *BAWWKKKK, BAWWWKKKK!!!* Sess sprinting, then, then, "HAH!" *Grab!* *B-B-BAWWWKKKKK!!!!* *oomph!* *ro-o-ollll* *KAWK!!* *sli-i-ide*

Sess, *pop* right back up. He then holds the chicken above his head in triumph. *TAH-DAH!*

~~A while later, his father finishes his meeting and he goes outside to check on Sess, and to find out what all that noise was about~~

Taishō: "Sesshōmaru? Where are you?" Sess: "Over here, Chichi-ue." He turns to see Sess walk over to him with a big, brown chicken in both arms. Sess stands directly in front of him, the chicken covering the top half of his chest and covering his mouth; his nose barely peeking over the chicken's back; its head is at Sess' right, the tail at his left.

Taishō, *sweatdrop* "Se-ses… shō-ma-ru?" Looking at him with big, round, gold eyes, Sess, "Chichi-ue, can I have Mr. Chicken?" Taishō: "M-mr…. Chic-ken…?" Sess nods, "Uh-huh. Can I have him?"

Taishō, "Um… why do you want it?" Sess looks down at the chicken and thinks for a while, then looks up at his father again, "I wan' 'im 'cause he's fat!" "Uh… o- kay?" "So can I have Mr. Chicken?" *si-le-e-ence* "Fine…" Sess, *hop* "Yay!" Signaling with his right hand, "L-let's go home."

As they walk, Taishō stops, then Sess also stops to look up at him, his chicken squirms *Bawk*

Taishō: "Wait, do you want the chicken because you want to keep him as a pet, or… because you want to eat him?" Sess looks down at his chicken again, thinking, thinking, then he looks up, " 'Cause I wan' to eat 'im!" "Alright. *warm smile* Now, how do you want him: Fried? Cooked over a fire? Or, teriyaki? " Sess, *hop* "Teriyaki!!" "Okay, teriyaki it is." "With lots of sauce too!" "Yes, of course." *Bawk, bawk*

There's another chapter!