AN: Okay, I found out yesterday that Melina Kanakaredes is leaving CSI:NY…and I don't think she's coming back. Yeah, as you can tell if you added me on Facebook, I am not happy. I'm really upset about this. Melina is my favorite actress on the show and Stella is my favorite character. There isn't a CSI:NY without Stella. For the people who don't believe this, type Melina's name in on Google and go to News. I can't even think about CSI:NY anymore. Sorry for letting you guys down. And writing this chapter is going to be an absolute challenge as well. Once again, sorry for giving up, but honestly, I can't bear to watch any CSI:NY anymore. It's terrible. I could care less if this show gets cancelled or whatever happens now.

I can't continue this story anymore. I'm Smackedless. There is no Smacked without Stella. I know I'm letting you all down but I'm sorry. Since the beginning of Season 6, I started becoming less and less inspired. I'm sure most of you feel this way too. The only way I'll write again is if Melina comes back and I doubt she will; she's already replaced. It hurts to think about anything NY related right now.

If any of want to know what would've happened in this story, just message me. Once again, sorry for letting you all down :(

And you guys can feel free to read my old stories if you'd like...but you probably won't see anymore from me.