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The skies above Konoha were clear, pristine, devoid of the signs of any coming rainstorms or overbearing clouds…opposite, of the aura felt in the village of which the skies hovered above.

Konohagakure had changed drastically in the month since the return of Minato Namikaze, and his return to the seat of Yondaime Hokage, nothing had been the same in the once great hidden village.

Once Minato took his seat back, he had marched down to the council chambers where the civilian and clan council members were in a meeting


Minato kicked open the council room doors with such force that one flew off its hinges, and barely missed slamming into one of the council members, and shattered into several pieces.

When the councilors looked to see who it was, their eyes were filled with shock as they saw the Yondaime himself standing before them.

Some immediately broke out into whispers, thinking the Yondaime had returned from the grave, but an overweight councilor was not one of them, "How dare you enter the noble council's chambers whilst they are in a meeting, and taking the form of Minato-sama as well!"

Minato sneered in hate towards the pink haired woman, "Be silent wretch!"

The aforementioned man jumped back at the sudden burst of killing intent in fright.

Minato looked at the council, "By my authority as Yondaime Hokage of Konohagakure no Sato, each and every single member of the civilian council I choose is to be executed, immediately!"

The eyes of the civilian council member's widened in horror, "You can't do that!"

'SQUELCH.' The civilian who shouted that suddenly had a kunai jammed between his chin and Adams apple. He reached up and grabbed the kunai hilt as he was gushing blood from his mouth and the open wound on his throat. He pulled the kunai out, causing more blood to spill out as he fell over onto the desk, gurgling as he tried to call out for help.

The council members stared at the corpse in shock and horror. They looked towards Minato fearfully as they trembled in terror.

Minato flared his nostrils as he walked into the room further towards another council member. She tried to flee, but fell over, as she tried to crawl away, she started sobbing as Minato advanced upon her, "W-why are you doing this? What did we d-do?"

Minato stopped in front of her as he pulled another kunai out of his pouch, "You cost me a chance to be a father." He raised the kunai and swung.

"AAAHH-SPLAT' a shower of blood splattered across the floor as the civilian fell over dead, her head barely attached to her body.

Minato's gaze turned to the remaining civilians, "This is for my son!" he launched forward, kunai raised…

There were no survivors.

End Flashback

He sighed as he remembered that particular event. It had caused quite a few riots amongst the civilian population to know they were no longer represented in the village. The civilian council had been permanently disbanded.

Inevitably, it lead to the daimyo himself coming to Konoha to question him.


Minato sat before the Daimyo of Hi no Kuni in his office, "What can I do for you, daimyo-sama?"

The daimyo frowned, "Yondaime-sama, I have many questions of which to ask you."

Minato sighed and crossed his fingers together in front of his face, "If this has anything to do with the fact I and my wife have been reported dead ever since the Kyuubi attack upon our village, then you are wasting time speaking to me, as I had left specific orders for the Sandaime to follow, which he chose not to follow, labeling me and my wife dead, and essentially orphaning both of my children, simply because he feared Iwa."

The daimyo raised an eyebrow, "I see." He nodded his head, "Very well, however I must ask why you saw fit to murder the civilian council and disband it forever, destroying any chance of the civilians having any semblance of power in the village leadership?"

Minato leaned back in his chair, and pointed towards a folder on his desk, "Look at that folder daimyo-sama."

The daimyo raised an eyebrow, but did as Minato said. Upon opening the folder, he gasped in horror, dropping the folder, "Dear Kami."

Minato narrowed his eyes, "That is what the civilian council did to my son, rallying the populace to lead entire mobs against him."

The daimyo stared at Minato, "Why?"

Minato sneered, "Humans fear what they do not understand, they hate what they fear, and they could not understand that my son was not the demon I was forced to seal inside of him the day of his birth." He angrily knocked the rest of the paperwork off the desk, "And because of their hate, I lost every chance possible to be a father to either of my children."

The daimyo frowned, but nodded his head, "I see then." He stood up tall and spoke, "Then I apologize for wasting your time Minato." The daimyo turned to leave.

"Actually, this presents a good opportunity for a proper meeting."

The daimyo turned his head as Minato pulled out a single sheet of paper and placed it onto the desk, "I would like you to read this, and consider giving your seal and signature to make this doctrine official."

The daimyo walked back to the desk, he raised an eyebrow in shock, "You want my seal and signature to liquidate the Sarutobi and Senju clans?" he looked up at Minato incredulously, "Why?"

Minato frowned and stood up, "According to the founding doctrines set forth by the daimyo who allowed for Konoha's formation, and whom were given the rights as clans in Hi no Kuni, the following standards must be met. The clans must regularly provide a benefit to Konoha as a whole. The Senju and Sarutobi clans have failed to do so. In addition, the Konoha charter also states that should all remaining members of a particular clan not be present in Konoha for over a years' time, their assets will be seized and distributed amongst the village. The final statement of the Konoha charter orders that should a clans agendas break laws set forth by the daimyo, then their assets will also be seized, and all accountable members of the clan imprisoned for the rest of their life."

The daimyo frowns, "That does not explain why you are asking this of me."

Minato looked at the daimyo for a second, then back out at the village for a moment. He then turned his head back to the daimyo, "Tsunade Senju, heir of the Senju clan, in fact the very last of their line, as all other 'Senju' are only Senju by marriage, at a very young age provided an incredible benefit to Konoha by improving the medical program, increasing the survival rate of both civilians, and Shinobi. However, even though she provided an immense benefit…she has not provided a benefit to the village in near a decade Daimyo-sama. In fact, she has not even been in Konoha for over six years, that is five years over the set limit that the Konoha charter states all members of the clan can be absent from the village before their clan is liquidated."

The daimyo nodded his head, "I see your point Minato." he then frowned as he crossed his arms, "But this does not explain why you wish for the liquidation of the Sarutobi clan..." his eyes widened slightly before he frowned further, "Unless-"

Minato finished his sentence, "They have broken laws set forth by you and your lineage…Daimyo-sama."

The daimyo frowned, and looked out towards the village in the direction where the Sarutobi compound was located, "And what, laws that I and my lineage set forth, did they break, Minato?"

Minato turned to look at the Daimyo, then sighed as he pulled out a folder and placed it up the desk, "This should clear things up Daimyo-sama."

The Daimyo looked towards the folder, then back at Minato, "Surely, it would be simpler to tell me Minato."

Minato frowned, then turned away, "Daimyo-sama, the crimes they committed, breaking your laws…the rage I would experience from simply telling you-" he clenched his fist and snarled, "I would have to leave this office immediately in order to vent my…frustration…"

The Daimyo frowned a bit, but nodded his head as he picked up the folder and opened it.

It took all his willpower not to drop the folder from the first look, "Dear Kami…" his eyes were wide, and he had to grab his chest as he almost lurched forward, "This is-"

"Child abuse…Daimyo-sama." the Daimyo looked towards Minato who was clenching his fist.

The daimyo frowned as he continued to read further…each page, showing a different crime committed by the Sarutobi clan.

By the end of it, the Daimyo's eyes were streaming with tears, running down his stoic face…

And his eyes were burning with rage.

End Flashback

The daimyo was furious at what the Sarutobi clan had done. Their crimes were listed from larceny, neglect, deceit, treachery, attempted murder…and child abuse.

The Daimyo needed no more initiative to grant Minato's request to liquidate the Senju and Sarutobi clans; in fact, he was outright eager to do it.

The assets of the Senju clan had been seized, the compound demolished, and all available jutsu placed within the Shinobi libraries for future generations to use…the Sarutobi clan…well…

The village would never forget THAT day.


Minato and Kushina stood in front of the Sarutobi compound, flanking them, over two dozen ANBU black ops.

Kushina looked towards Minato, "Minato?"

Minato glanced at Kushina, then back at the compound, "Do it."

Kushina nodded her head, and raised her hand in the air…then swung it back down to rest by her hip.

Within an instant, the ANBU had vanished in a Shunshin.

Within seconds, the sounds of fighting could be heard within the Sarutobi compound, screams of children as their parents shouted in anger before the sound of hard strikes upon flesh were heard, and all that was heard were the children crying.

Minato and Kushina's hearing was strong enough they could hear the sound of something being dragged across the floor. The sound of feet attempting to scrape against the floor and muttering was heard, shouts and protests also resounded, coming closer and closer to the exit.

The doors to the compound were kicked open, and one by one, a large amount of Sarutobi clan members were dragged out of their home and dragged before Minato and Kushina.

At the front of the group, was an incredibly angry and thrashing woman, Setsuna Sarutobi, wife of the now deceased Takemaru Sarutobi, "Let go of me you traitors! How dare you touch me, release me at once!" she had yet to notice Minato or Kushina.

Kushina walked up to her and grabbed her by her hair, throwing her to the ground, "Be silent witch!" and she kicked Setsuna in the ribcage, a resounding crack was openly heard.

Hiruzen's brother, seeing this openly shouted, "You can't do this to us! We have rights!"

"You HAD rights…right before your clan chose to abuse my child!"

Hiruzen's brother stepped back at the feeling of Minato's KI as it was focused upon him.

Minato sneered as he looked at all the assembled Sarutobi, "As of this moment, not only am I arresting every single member of the Sarutobi clan who had a hand in harming my children, but I am also liquidating the Sarutobi clan!"

The assembled Sarutobi were silent for but a moment, before they erupted into shouts and protests.

Kushina frowned, then looked at an ANBU and nodded her head.

The ANBU swiftly snapped the neck of one of the Sarutobi…silencing the entire bunch.

They all looked fearfully at Minato, who was frowning deeply, "Maybe you don't seem to understand what I am saying, you all have no rights anymore, I own each and every one of you now, and all of you are going to spend the rest of your lives in Konoha's maximum security prison." Minato flicked his wrist towards the ANBU.

In an instant, the ANBU took the arrested Sarutobi away to prison…

Kushina snorted and looked at Minato, "You know they are going to try and plead insanity for their crimes right?"

Minato sighed, "Like it will matter, when I said they had no rights anymore I meant it." he turned around, "As for insanity…if they were not insane before, they will be within the year."

End Flashback

Kushina was right, they had tried to plead insanity, and Minato was right, in that their pleas no longer mattered, as they no longer had any rights.

After that incident, he had begun a crackdown of the entire village, finding every single person who harmed his son and punishing them accordingly, he shut down their businesses, seized their assets, imprisoned them, he made sure that each and every one of them regretted what they had done to his children…not like it mattered now.

His hands shook in anger at the thought of what had been done to his children…what could have been avoided if Tsunade and Jiraiya had done their jobs like they promised.


Tsunade and Jiraiya were shoved into the office by two ANBU black ops. The two fell to the ground as the ANBU exited the office and shut the door behind them.

Tsunade and Jiraiya both got up. Tsunade immediately snarled, "Sarutobi-sensei, you had better have a damn good reason for dragging me back to Konoha you old piece of-"


Tsunade was silenced as a tri-pronged kunai imbedded itself in the space between her middle and index finger.

Jiraiya saw the kunai, and swiftly looked up. Top his shock, he was not gazing at his sensei, Hiruzen Sarutobi.

But at Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki.

Jiraiya stuttered out a response, "M-Minato?"

Tsunade at the same time had also looked up, though unlike Jiraiya, she was too shocked to say anything.

Minato simply stared at them, his eyes showing no emotion as his face remained stoic. Kushina was standing beside him, doing the same, though her hand was clenched slightly, as if she was restraining herself.

Jiraiya and Tsunade both stood up, Jiraiya was grinning, "Minato, you're back! I got to say that-"


Jiraiya and Tsunade froze as they felt a sudden sharp burst of KI, before it swiftly vanished; Minato's eyes had now gained a hint of malice in them.

Tsunade quivered, "Minato…?"

Minato sneered, "NOW!" and unleashed a sharp, more potent burst of KI.

Jiraiya and Tsunade swiftly sat down, while looking at Minato with shock and a bit of fear.

There was silence in the room for several minutes, while Minato and Kushina simply stared at Tsunade and Jiraiya.

Finally, Minato moved, interlacing his fingers while leaning his forehead against them as he took a deep breath, "Ever since I was a child, I had been lead to believe so much in Konoha…the will of fire, the familial connection between all of its inhabitants, its strength and mercy, its love for all the people in its walls." he slowly raised his head and looked at Jiraiya and Tsunade, "I was an idiot to believe such things!" he snapped, standing up as he smashed his fist into the desk, shooting a wave of KI at Jiraiya and Tsunade.

Jiraiya and Tsunade actually covered themselves with one of their arms as Minato stood, their eyes now held a noticeable amount of fear.

Minato placed both his hands on the desk and snapped, "Do you two know what I feared most when I was forced to leave Konoha in order to recover so I could be a father to my children, a proper father?" he received no response. He stood up straight and held out his hand, "I was afraid that Naruto would let the fame of being a hero go to his head, and become just as bad, if not worse than the Uchiha's in their arrogance…I was afraid that Narumi would not get enough attention and would start to resent Naruto…I was afraid that Naruto may become a pervert like you Jiraiya, or pick up Tsunade's gambling and drinking habits…but…" Minato clenched his fists so tightly that his knuckles were turning bone white, "But never, in all of my worst nightmares did I think my son would be brutally murdered by my own students in front of my daughters eyes!"

Jiraiya and Tsunade froze in shock, but Minato did not stop there.

Minato sneered in disgust, "Narumi is traumatized because of that! Maybe even for life! And do you know the worst part…she HATES US!" he indicated to himself and Kushina, "Our own daughter hates us, do you have any idea the pain caused by ones own flesh and blood despising you with all your being! The agony felt knowing that no matter what you do, you will always be loathed and despised by the ones you care for!"

Jiraiya and Tsunade could not even move, they were practically drowning in the KI, they had never seen Minato this angry before, not even when an Iwa shinobi tried to kill Kushina while she was still pregnant.

Minato was far from finished, "And you know the worst part? My son, who I had waited nine months to be born was murdered on his own birthday!"

Tsunade and Jiraiya were frozen as Minato's KI grew with each sentence.

He glared heatedly at the two of them, "All of this however, does not even compare to the betrayal done to me and my family, when I found out that throughout my children's entire lives…you were not there!" he sneered as he cast harsh glares between the two of them, "You two have absolutely no idea how furious, and disgusted I am to even have you two in my office, much less even look at your traitorous faces. Nine months before my children were born, you two begged me to be allowed to be the godparents of any and all children I have, I even ensured that no matter what your duties to this village were, that if anything happens to Kushina or myself that the two of you would be able to take care of them. I realize now that even considering the two of you to be my children's godparents was the worst mistake I had ever made; next to saving this villages ungrateful hide…"

Jiraiya and Tsunade's eyes widened as Jiraiya stuttered, "M-Minato I-"

Minato sneered at Jiraiya so fiercely, that he could have sworn he was looking into the eyes of the Kyuubi itself, "What? Shock that I would say such a thing; Minato Namikaze, Yondaime Hokage of Konohagakure no Sato, whose loyalty to his village is said to be second only to his wife, would say such things about his home? Let me tell you right here and now, I swear on the graves of every last member of the Namikaze clan, I swear on my parents graves, that if I had known, or even suspected that my children would be harmed in such a way before I sealed the fox, I would have waited until Kushina finished giving birth, and I would have left thrown my Hiraishin kunai as far as I could away from this wretched country and let it burn to the ground!"

Jiraiya and Tsunade took a deep breath as Minato suddenly released his KI, and Tsunade moved to speak, but Minato cast a hate filled glare towards her, silencing her, "I am going to ask you only one question, and one question only…why were neither of you there for my children all these years? And don't even think about lying to me, because I will know if either of you are lying to me."

Kushina spoke up and looked at Jiraiya, "Jiraiya…now."

Jiraiya gulped and stuttered, "W-well, I-I was uhm…gathering intel on A-Akatsuki a-a-and Orochi-chi-chimaru."

Kushina frowned, "And?" all the while she had pulled out a kunai from her pouch, and was slowly twirling it between her fingers.

Jiraiya shivered and stuttered again, "I-I was a-also doing r-research f-for my books."

Kushina flinched in an aggressive manner at the mention of his…research. She then looked at Tsunade, "And what about you…Tsunade?"

Tsunade gulped and spoke with less of a stutter, but with more fear evident in her voice, "I-I was taking a b-breather from all the…s-stress."

Kushina and Minato simply stared at the two of them, while Kushina was spinning her kunai faster and faster, "You mean to tell me that you…" looking at Tsunade, "Were gambling and drinking your sorrows away…while you…" looking towards Jiraiya, "Were peeking on women for that damn book of yours…while our children suffered in this village…and our son, was murdered."

Jiraiya and Tsunade looked the other way to avoid the hateful glares held by both Minato and Kushina.

Minato and Kushina simply closed their eyes…before they snapped open, and an intense KI crashed through the room.

Jiraiya and Tsunade froze up, the KI was so intense, it felt as if a Bijuu had been standing right in front of them.

Suddenly, Minato stood and jumped towards Tsunade, causing the desk in front of him to completely splinter, his muscles tightening and a layer of chakra covering his body as his eyes turned completely white as his skin gained a reddish hue…Kushina leapt at Jiraiya and slashed at him with the kunai so fast, it seemed to cause a blade of wind to form as she slashed open his chest, sending a spray of blood.

Minato grabbed Tsunade by her throat, and with an immense amount of force, lifted her off the ground and smashed her into the floor, the sound of shattering bone echoing throughout the office as spider web cracks snaked across the floor. Tsunade coughed up some blood which trailed down her chin.

Kushina dug her nails into Jiraiya's face as she grabbed him by his cheeks and lower jaw, and squeezed, a resounding crack was heard, showing that she had indeed broken his jaw in several places. She then charged forward, still gripping Jiraiya and smashed the back of his head into the wall, then ruthlessly tore her fingers off his face, ripping off lines of skin and flesh before she dug her nails into the side of his head and gripped hard, and proceeded to drag the right side of his face across the wall, leaving a small trail of blood and tiny bone fragments.

Minato lifted Tsunade off of the ground and tossed her into the wall, causing some of her broken bones to pierce through her skin. Minato ruthlessly grabbed her by her hair, and threw her to the ground, smashing her face right into the floor, breaking her nose and outright flattening it, and breaking much of the front of her face, shattering several teeth.

Kushina stopped dragging him into the wall, and threw him clean over her shoulder and smashed him into the ground. She then pulled out two kunai, one in each hand…and with absolute rage, began to slash all across the front of Jiraiya's body.

Minato grabbed Tsunade by the back of her neck, and charged her head straight through the window of the office, which was made of heavily reinforced glass. The glass tore through much of the flesh in her face, however Minato did not finish there, he smashed her face into the baseboard of the window, causing glass to jam itself into her face. He then ruthlessly ripped her away from the window and grabbed her by her throat again, slamming her into the wall…while his other hand began to focus chakra into his palm much like it would if he were to form a Rasengan…but it was clearly not going to form a Rasengan.

Kushina was standing over Jiraiya as she held her two kunai. Jiraiya was covered in hundreds of slashes, some of which looked to have been caused by chakra enhanced slashes. Kushina dropped the kunai and reached behind her back, and pulled out a short katana, and focused her chakra along the blade.

Tsunade opened her damaged eyelids and looked towards Minato, who had raised his arm in an open palm strike position…her eyes widened as she saw what was in his hand.

Minato being a seal master had done everything he could to master the art, and in that process, had achieved something none before had ever been capable of doing. He had learned how to create seals with only his chakra, he did not even need ink to apply the seals. He used the same principle as the Rasengan, and used his chakra in order to form the different seals he wished to apply.

And the seal that he had formed…was a truly deadly one…

Tsunade whimpered and choked, "M-Minato p-please I-"

Minato did not give her a chance to finish her statement, and thrust his hand forward, and slammed it into her forehead.

Tsunade's eyes widened…and her world erupted into absolute agony. She could feel as the seal was burning into her skin, connecting to her chakra network in order to power it.

Minato's teeth gritted tightly as he pushed his palm into her forehead more.

Tsunade screamed in pain as the seal burned further, and began to sear itself into her skull as well.

Finally, Minato dropped her unceremoniously to the ground, her face contorted in agony as the seal on her forehead was still smoking as the sound of burning flesh hissed through the room.

Kushina had raised her katana above her head, the blade was practically burning with chakra.

Jiraiya opened his eyes and groaned in pain, he tried to move, only for him to feel unimaginable agony tear through his body.

Kushina saw him flinch in pain, and shouted in hate and anger as she swung the katana downwards, the chakra blazing more intently than before…

Tearing right through Jiraiya's genitals.

Jiraiya screamed in pain, the agony was so intense, his genitals were burning as he felt his very blood boil from the intensity of the chakra.

Kushina sneered and flicked her blade, removing Jiraiya's blood from her blade before she sheathed it.

Minato frowned in disgust towards the two whimpering messes before him, "If you think this is the end of your torment…you are dead wrong…traitors."

The two whimpered louder as those words left Minato's lips.

End Flashback

Minato had stood by his word, and ensured that the remainder of their lives were filled with misery. Especially with the way him and Kushina had left them.

The seal he had seared into Tsunade's forehead was a seal that was all but forbidden. The seal essentially made the wearer unable to utilize Genjutsu ever again, the seal could not be removed by conventional means, it would require careful surgery, and in addition, aid from the seal master who applied it in order to remove it. However, because of the way it was applied by Minato, nothing would ever remove it. Tsunade had then been forced to fulfill her duties to the village as a medic. In addition, he had essentially enslaved her to the Uchiha clan…

After all, even after a hundred years, the Senju and Uchiha still hated one another, and what greater insult was there to a Senju than to be enslaved to the Uchiha.

Jiraiya's scars, once healed, made him look unbelievably horrid. His face and body was incredibly deformed, it was so unbearable to look at, that his Sage mode when he wasn't disfigured was a hundred times more likely to attract women…now, not even the most affectionate, kind, and caring woman, or even the most desperate could bare to even look at him. In addition, Jiraiya's genital area was completely destroyed. His manhood, testicles, everything had essentially been liquefied by Kushina's attack; they actually had to install a tube system so that he could relieve his bladder.

In addition, both of their Sannin travel rights had been revoked, they were forbidden to step even a single centime outside of the village without consent from him and Kushina, and both were under constant ANBU watch.

Minato sighed heavily as he sat back in his chair, looking at the desk in front of him…he had punished almost every single person who had harmed his son, the few that had yet to be punished were scheduled to suffer at the hands of Ibiki Morino before he and Kushina took their own vengeance upon them. He would soon avenge his children's abuse, make the people who harmed his children suffer like they had suffered.

But it was not enough.

Because he had put his faith in the village, because he had trusted them, he had lost his son to deaths hands, his daughter to hate and madness; and there was nothing he could do about it.


Minato looked up towards the door, a stoic look on his visage, "Enter…" he spoke with a harsh tone.

Opening the door, the new secretary slowly entered, quivering, "Y-Yondaime-s-sama, I-I have a l-letter for you."

Minato frowned, and waved his hand, signifying for her to bring it to him.

She gulped and entered, placing the letter on his desk, before she quickly bowed and exited the office.

Minato frowned and looked at the letter…his eyes widening a bit as he saw Kushina's seal on the front.

Kushina had since taken command of the ANBU and all its branches. Her first mission had been to locate Naruto's body, which they had found out that Kakashi had thrown into the Valley of the End. She had sent every single available ANBU, and even forced several ANBU out of retirement to look for his body. They had been searching for over two weeks, all along the Valley of the End. She would send regular reports to him on a daily basis.

This had to be her most recent report.

Swiftly ripping open the letter, and unfolding it, he began to read its contents.

After only a moment, he dropped the paper and slumped back into his chair.

How could he give his son a proper funeral without a body…?

Hidden Village of the Ancients

Naruto was sitting on a bench, looking up at the sky. Today would be his first official day at the academy held within the Hidden Village of the Ancients. It would be his first step on his path to mastering his powers.

He was just waiting for Miya to arrive.

Ever since he had first met Miya, the two had spent a little bit more time with each other. It was not much, just a few hours each week talking with one another, but it was otherwise nice talking with her.


Naruto looked up as he heard somebody call out to him. He could not help but smile as he saw Miya running towards him with a set of scrolls underneath her arms, carrying her blade at her side.

Naruto stood up and walked over to Miya and smiled, "Hey Miya, you ready for the academy?"

Miya nodded and smiled softly, "Yes, I am Naruto." she looked at him in the eyes, "Shall we head there now?"

Naruto smiled and stood up, "Yeah, let's." the two began to walk down the pathway.

Miya smiled as she walked by Naruto. Miya was wearing her long purple hair tied up with a single white ribbon, keeping her long hair from touching the ground. She was wearing a purple Hakama, though by the looks of it she had made slight alterations to it, likely so it could be more useful in combat situations. She wore a white haori, and had a sash that was functioning as a belt. She also wore a pair of wooden sandals.

Naruto was wearing a simple white haori and a pair of Hakama trousers, as well as a pair of wooden sandals. Nothing much really to look at. However, on his ring and middle finger, he had two silver rings. The one on his middle finger had the design of a sword wrapped in cloth, while the one on his ring finger was of a rose.

Miya smiled and looked over at Naruto, "So, what do you think we will be doing at the academy?"

Naruto shrugged, "Not sure, probably lessons of some kind."

Miya giggled, "That goes without saying, but what do you think we will be learning?"

Naruto sighed, "Honestly…I don't know, I sure as hell hope learning from this will be better than in Konoha."

Miya giggled amusedly, "Was the education in a human village that bad?"

He sighed heavily and shook his head, "You have no idea."

After several minutes, the two found themselves standing in front of a large gate and wall. The wall was almost perfect, it looked as if it had been built out of the ground itself, and the gate had to have been made by many layers of steel for it to be formed in the way it was.

Naruto whistled, "Damn, this is an impressive defense."

Miya nodded, "Yes, after all, the academy is where the future of the village goes to begin to learn, it has to be heavily protected."

Naruto smiled, "That is good to know. In Konoha, the bakeries are more heavily guarded than the academy."

Miya could not but cringe in disgust of that, "How could they put more value on pastries than the youth and future of their home?"

Naruto sighed, "All the civilian councilors are fatasses."

Naruto and Miya after they finished talking, walked up to the gates.

Up top, a single guardsman signaled to two others sitting next to specialized cranks, who began to turn the cranks, opening the gates.

Naruto and Miya watched in curiosity as to how they opened. They watched as the space between the doors extended out, showing the interlocking bars that went into the other sides of the gate. They watched as each gate door slid into the walls that surrounded the academy.

Once the gates had fully opened, they quickly ran inside as the gates began to close behind them.

Naruto looked back at the gates as they closed, and noticed several other locks upon the back of the gate which relocked itself.

Miya smiled as she saw Naruto looking back, "Only the best defense for the youth of the village."

Naruto smiled and turned around, "Glad to know."

The two continued to walk along the path towards the academy. Naruto kept looking around. The entirety of the academy grounds were filled with trees, all of them incredibly tall.

Finally, after what felt like another ten minutes of walking, Naruto and Miya entered a large open area, and Naruto could not help but stare at the spectacle in front of him.

There was a massive building which looked to have a circular outer wall. There was a platform that circled the entire building, and the platform was connected on every single inch by a series of stairs, it looked like many circular platforms had been placed on top of one another, each platform just a foot smaller than the rest, then right on top of the last platform, the school had been constructed. The roof of the school was clearly similar to the architecture of the roofs of Konoha, overlapping plates, and it seemed as though there was a flat spot at the very top of the roof.

Naruto was in awe of the structure before him.

"Naruto come on!"

Naruto was broken out of his trance as he saw Miya standing in front of him and pouting, "Come on Naruto. I don't want to be late for class." she grabbed his arm and began to pull him towards the academy.

As they walked up the steps, Naruto noticed that every single step was inscribed with some sort of rune or lettering. When they reached the top, he saw that the walls all had intricate drawings on them.

Miya brought him to the door, which looked like the gate of a daimyo's fortress, though clearly better designed. She pushed open the doorway and the two walked inside, and headed straight to their classroom.

Naruto stared in awe at the inner parts of the academy, the hallways were wide enough for ten people to walk side by side, and still have some elbow room, the ceilings had to be at least twenty feet above the floor, which looked to be made of polished stone. All along the walls, there were different plaques and paintings, showing students, student achievements, everything.

Miya smiled as she stopped in front of a door, "Here we are!" she pushed the door opened and entered, being followed close behind by Naruto. Naruto examined the classroom as well.

The room structure was somewhat similar to the Konoha academy, a slanted room with a small ramp between the rows of desks, each desk had enough seating for two people. At the front of the room, he could see a single desk, likely where the teacher would sit.

Naruto and Miya traveled to a desk that was somewhere near the center of the room, yet was still close to the front. The two of them sat down next to one another, and Miya placed her scrolls on her desk and her blade gently placed across her lap.

Naruto simply sat down and pulled a single scroll out of his pocket and a writing utensil.

The two simply sat there and discussed different things, nothing of real importance as other students filed in. Naruto was surprised to see so many different types of people, sure, he knew that each and every one of them were Youki, it was still a sight to see.

People came in with purple eyes with vertical slits in them, runes on their skin, some had a slight point to their ears, while others had rather large fangs…hell, a few came in mid transformation between human and demon form and showed off wolf-like ears, snake-like tails, and extra appendages.

Finally, after several minutes, a tall male wearing a sort of combat kimono as well as samurai-like pauldrons on both shoulders. His hair was tied in a top knot, and his eyes were a greenish brown color, he had a square-like jaw and he had a bit of facial hair along his jaw-line.

The class grew silent as he stood in front of the room, clearly showing their respect.

Satisfied, the man spoke, "I am pleased that all of you chose to be silent upon your own accord, good, I would hate to find myself in a class filled with unruly savages." the man looked about the classroom, "My name is Daisuke Oushi, and for the coming months, possibly even years, I shall be your teacher in the use of realizing your demonic potential. Now, since I am not given the lists of the students, or the race of which they come from, I would like for each of you to stand as I point you out, tell me your name, and what race you are of." he looked towards the side of the room opposite Naruto and Miya's and pointed out a young female.

As he pointed out the different people, Naruto listened in as the students stood up and presented themselves, Kitsune, Hebi, Ushi-oni, Nekomata, Driders, Naga, and so many other races.

Miya saw Naruto staring off into space and gently nudged his shoulder, "Naruto, the teacher will call upon you soon."

Naruto looked back at Miya, then noticed that the teacher was about to call upon those in his and Miya's row.

The teacher looked up towards him and Miya, and frowned slightly, looking between the two. He finally settled his eyes on Miya, "You, state your name and race please."

Naruto rose an eyebrow and looked towards Miya, in all the time the two had talked, not once had she spoke about what race she was…he had to admit he was a tad bit curious.

Miya took a deep breath and stood up, "My name is Miya Asama…my race…" Miya paused here and cast a single glance at her blade, "Honestly, I am not sure, all that I know about my race is that we were heavily associated with the Shinigami at one point in time."

The teacher frowned a bit, looking at her for a moment, then nodded, "Very well then, Asama-san." he looked up towards the individual sitting behind Miya and continued.

Miya sighed and sat down, looking down at her blade.

Naruto meanwhile looked at her, he did not know how, but he knew she was not telling the whole truth there. Sighing to himself, he turned back around...if she was telling the whole truth, then it was up to her to decide when she was going to tell the whole truth, he would not push her.

Finally, the teacher looked towards Naruto, "You, present yourself, please."

Miya also looked at Naruto, Naruto had also been rather right lipped on what he was. She could sense that whatever his aura was, it was celestial in nature, so it was likely he was some sort of celestial youki, but what could he be?

For a brief second, Naruto looked around and noticed that the class was looking at him in varying degrees. He could not help but inwardly sigh, he knew eventually this would come, but he was hoping he did not have to tell everyone what he was so soon.

Taking a deep breath, he stood up, it was now or never.

Sighing, he looked up tall and spoke, "My name is Shinjuu Naruto…I am a Genesis Dragon."

…silence reigned through the room at his statement.

Konohagakure no Sato…

In the village of Konohagakure no Sato, three people were sitting awkwardly at a table.

In one seat, Kurenai was enjoying her meal, though casting occasional glances to the other two sitting at the table.

In another, Anko also sat, though enjoying her meal a little less than Kurenai was, as she was too preoccupied looking at the other person at the table.

In the final seat, one Adauchi Narumi was simply staring at her food, using her fork to stir it around slowly, her eyes seemed to be glazed over as she stared at the food, muttering something under her breath, too soft for Kurenai, or Anko to hear her.

The two could not help but feel sorry for Narumi, losing her Aniki after the two had been together for their entire lives, seeing him die in front of her eyes, and suddenly find out that all this time, their parents were alive.

However, even after all this, her change in attitude…it scared them…


It had been three weeks since Minato's return to Konoha, three weeks since Narumi's already fragile state of mind shattered into madness…and over a month since Naruto's death.

Anko sighed as she looked up at the clock. It was almost time for Narumi to head to the academy, and she had not heard even a single peep from her room. Kurenai had already left for her Jonin duties, so Anko took the initiative and headed over to Narumi's room.

Anko stopped in front of the hallway that lead down towards Narumi's room. Ever since she had moved in, the hallway towards her room had seemed so…dark, foreboding.

Even after all her experience as a Kunoichi, walking down this hallway gave her the shivers.

Steeling herself, Anko slowly walked down the hall, her eyes darting every which way, looking at the shadows rapidly. Finally, she stood in front of the door, and looked down at the door knob. Sighing to herself, she reached out slowly and placed her hand on the doorknob.

'Ahhh…' Anko actually pulled her hand away from the doorknob briefly, it was…so cold, like ice.

Anko shivered in discomfort, things had gotten weirder and weirder ever since Narumi had moved in.

Once again, steeling herself, she grabbed the doorknob and turned it, resisting the incredible urge to pull away from the knob. She slowly pushed open the door, and looked inside to see…


Now, normally this would put Anko on edge, thinking she had gotten kidnapped or run away, she could somehow…feel, that she was in there.

Gulping to herself, Anko slowly entered the room, and looked about.

The room was painfully bare, only a bed, a single bureau, and a few small boxes stuffed underneath the bed. The windows were all covered, so only an extremely small amount of light came in, and that was through the cracks in the side of the covering. The light coming out of the sides of the windows gave a sort of ominous glow to the room.

Anko shivered once more as she looked around, her eyes suddenly landed on Narumi's desk, there was some sort of splotch on it, she walked over to the desk and looked down at the surface. The splotch was red in color, and it looked to be some sort of kanji, it was somewhat distorted so it was hard to tell.

Anko leaned in closer to get a better look-


Anko jumped up and reached for her kunai pouch, snapping round to see who it was…

It was Narumi.

Anko panted and moved her hand away from her kunai pouch, "Narumi, you-"

"I am ready for the academy Anko-san…" she spoke with a voice so cold and emotionless, it sent further chills down her spine.

Narumi kept looking at Anko with her dead eyes, "Shall we depart…?"

Anko blinked and nodded, "O-of course…" she walked towards the door, though cast a single glance back at Narumi, "I will be waiting by the door."

Narumi made no motion she heard her, besides a single swift glance.

Anko sighed and left the room, closing the door behind her…before she let out a breath she did not know she was even holding.

Taking several deep breaths, she clutched her hand over her heart, then began to walk down the hall.

Anko looked back at the doorway…every time somebody went into her room, she would always sneak up on them, and no matter how much they attempted to sense her, it was as if she vanished into thin air.

And then there was that red splotch on Narumi's desk. She knew for a fact it had not been there before. And the texture of the splotch…it almost looked like.


End Flashback

That day was like many days, her room would be the same, the only changes being the splotches on her desk increasing in amount. Anko and Kurenai wished they could help her in some way. They tried washing the splotches off, but no matter how much soap, water, cleaner, it would not come off. They could not even tell whether it was blood or not.

Kurenai sighed to herself, remembering the event that had transpired just a few days prior.


Kurenai along with many other parents had been called to the school to witness what would become commonplace at the academy, the Taijutsu tournaments. Since the Yondaime retook office, he had completely shifted the academy around, to the point that it was almost unrecognizable.

The taijutsu tournaments were one such change. In the original system, taijutsu battles only occurred once a month at most in the entire year, now, there would be at least three taijutsu battles a week, regardless of weather. The Taijutsu tournaments would be where fighters would receive prizes for showing particular skills.

Kurenai was seated near the front, and was awaiting for the tournament to begin.

All the students were lined up, awaiting the beginning of the tournament. After a while, several proctors came forward, and began to call out names.

One by one, the students came up and engaged in battles of pure taijutsu.

Kurenai could not help but wince, every time Narumi had been called, the students had immediately forfeited…she could not help but feel that they did not want to hurt her, fearing the Yondaime's wrath, but now, Narumi could not get any experience in the fights.

Finally, it came down to the semi-finals, and only four students were left…Narumi, Sasuke Uchiha, Kiba Inuzuka, and a Civilian naked Takeshi Yamada.

Kurenai did not like Takeshi, he was an arrogant little brat who was a bully to everyone. He seemed to avoid bullying most of the boys for some reason, and those who had Shinobi background. It only showed how much of a coward he was.

The proctors came forward and spoke, "The first round of the semi-finals will be between Narumi Uzu-" the proctor was cut off at the sudden strike of killing intent from Narumi when he started to call her Uzumaki-Namikaze. He gulped, "I-I mean Adauchi Narumi…and Takeshi Yamada."

Takeshi grinned as he walked into the arena. In his own eyes, since Narumi was an orphan all her life, even if she was the Yondaime's kid, she still was no match for him.

Narumi simply walked into the arena, showing no signs that she cared at all.

The proctor looked between the two, "I will explain the rules…you are only allowed to use taijutsu, no ninjutsu, no Genjutsu, no weaponry of any kind, anything besides taijutsu is forbidden. Once one of you have been deemed unable to fight, then the fight shall end, if you are pushed out of the ring, you lose immediately." he looked between the two, "Are both of you ready?"

Takeshi grinned, "Hell yeah I am."

The proctor frowned at Takeshi, but sighed as he looked towards Narumi, "Narumi?"

Narumi simply glanced up at him, then looked back towards Takeshi.

The proctor shook his head, then held his hand in the air, "The first match of the semi-finals…Hajime!"

Takeshi was quick to talk, "Don't worry girl, I'll go easy on you." he ran up towards her and swung his fist at her…

Only for Narumi to duck his strike, causing Takeshi to tumble over himself, all without having Narumi throw a single strike.

Takeshi groaned as he pushed himself up. His anger flared as he saw all the other academy students laughing at his expense. In his anger, he rushed at Narumi, swinging another strike.

This time, Narumi simply stepped aside, then shoved him as he ran past her, making him fall face first in the dirt.

The laughter grew louder as Takeshi continued to make a fool of himself.

Takeshi pushed himself up, spitting out dirt and pebbles that had gotten lodged into his mouth. He looked up and saw all the people laughing at him…HIM…

His eyes narrowed as he grit his teeth, "AGGHH! Damn you bitch!" he jumped up and charged at Narumi, attempting to tackle her.

Narumi just watched as he charged at her.

Takeshi jumped as soon as he was in range, his arms outstretched as he was about to barrel into her.

Narumi moved quicker than Takeshi could see, she grabbed him by his shirt and threw him over her shoulder, slamming him straight into the ground.

A resounding crack was heard, the sound of bone colliding with ground, the air was knocked right out of Takeshi. He quickly began to cough and wheeze as he tried to take in air.

Narumi simply turned around, not even bothering to look back at him.

The proctor sighed and held up his hand, "The winner is Adauchi Naru-"


The proctor looked down towards Takeshi, who, still coughing heavily tried to stand, "Y-you think…this is…over…cough-cough…"

Narumi made no move to answer as she was about to step outside the ring.

Takeshi in his anger shouted loudly, "You are just as pathetic as that…d-dobe of a cough-cough brother!"

Narumi froze mid step, her foot a mere inch from touching the soil outside of the ring. The entire class was silent…in the last few weeks, a great and terrible taboo had been proclaimed, one that everyone learned to obey.

Never insult Narumi's deceased Aniki…

Narumi, showing no emotion, slowly moved her foot into the ring again, her head down.

Takeshi stood up fully, grinning, "Your brother, was a no good, worthless, piece of-"

"AGGGHHH!" Narumi snapped around and screamed in anger, unleashing a massive torrent of killing intent, her eyes shifting from their normal blue to a twisted demonic pink, and her pupil becoming a rippled slit.

Takeshi froze in shock at the feeling of the KI.

Narumi sneered, and she shot off towards Takeshi.

Takeshi tried to move, but was still frozen from the intense KI.

Narumi shouted, "How dare you insult my Aniki!" and drove the heel of her foot into Takeshi's knee, snapping it backwards.

"AIIII!" Takeshi screamed in pain as he doubled over.

Narumi drove her knee brutally into Takeshi's teeth, forcing several of them to fall out and to cut up the inside of his mouth.

The proctor moved to stop Narumi, "Narumi stop, the fight is over yo-ACKK!" when he grabbed onto Narumi's arm, she swung her hand at him, which had since obtained longer nails, and slashed them across his throat, causing deep gashes, and the fact the nails were dirty also was not helping.

As the proctor fell over, Narumi turned back towards Takeshi and snarled, "You filthy bastard! How dare you even speak of my brothers existence!" she ran up to him and kicked him in the chest, but before he could fall back she shot her hand out and grabbed him by his hair. She shoved her other hand into his mouth, and began to dig her sharp nails into his tongue.

Takeshi was screaming in pain, though it was muffled as Narumi tore at his tongue.

At that moment, several others had gotten up and ran over to stop the fight…but it was too late.

Narumi ruthlessly ripped out his tongue, letting the blood splatter everywhere, and she threw it to the ground as she grabbed his hair with her other hand, and kicked him as hard as he could…

Ripping part of his scalp clean off.

Narumi was about to continue, but several people had grabbed her arms and held her back, she immediately began to thrash in their grip, "I'll kill you! I'll fucking kill you, you fucking son of a bitch! AGHHHG!" she thrashed more, using her nails to try and dig into the arms of the people holding her, and almost bit one of them as well.

Kurenai quickly came up behind and cast a Genjutsu on her, knocking her out for the time being.

At the same time…what medics were present were trying to keep Takeshi alive.

End Flashback

Because of that fight, the tournaments had been cancelled, and now there were only the regular sparring sessions. Takeshi had almost died, but he pulled through…however, his Shinobi career was utterly destroy from Narumi's attacks on him.

Takeshi's parents wanted her punished…but Minato would not have it. Takeshi had instigated the fight which lead to his injuries, so he was therefore found responsible for the injuries he sustained.

The proctor had quit the academy after having to get severe surgery for the injury placed upon him.

Kurenai placed her fork down as she finished her meal, smiling softly, "Mmm, that was delicious." she turned towards Anko, "I did not know you could cook so well."

Anko smirked a bit, food still stuffed in her cheek, "There's a wrot of thrings you dron't know abrout me Nai-chan." she spoke, causing food to spittle out of her mouth, distorting her speech a bit.

Kurenai frowned and crossed her arms, "Anko, you need to set a better example for Narumi." she said nodding her head towards Narumi.

Anko quirked an eyebrow, then looked towards Narumi.

Narumi had not taken a single bite out of her food, she had sat there all night, simply using her utensils to push the food around. Her eyes never leaving her plate, not even once.

Anko looked at Kurenai and frowned, "What example? She hasn't even eaten anything."

Kurenai sighed, then looked over towards Narumi, "Narumi, could you leave the room for a minute please? I need to speak to Anko alone about something…please take your dinner as well."

Narumi stopped moving her utensils, and looked up at Kurenai, her eyes devoid of any signs of life.

Kurenai shivered at the look in those eyes…not even the most battle hardened Shinobi carried eyes like that, so…lifeless.

Narumi kept staring…and then placed down her utensil and gently grabbed her plate. She stood up and left the room.

Kurenai let out a breath of air as Narumi left, then looked at Anko, "Anko, I'm worried about her. No matter what we do, no matter what we try, she just seems to move further and further away from us. Ever since Narut-" Kurenai was cut off as Anko raised her hand and began to shush her.

Anko looked over to the direction Narumi had gone, "Kurenai, we shouldn't speak about him period…she is already traumatized enough without us reminding her about it."

Kurenai sighed, "I know, I know…I-I just don't know what t-"


Kurenai and Anko looked towards the door as they heard knocking on the other side. Anko was quick to respond, "Who is it?"

Somebody answered, "Anko, Kurenai, its Yugao."

Anko and Kurenai looked at each other. Anko closed her eyes and sensed for the chakra outside the door…it was Yugao. Sighing heavily, Anko spoke, "Come in Yugao."

Yugao opened the door, wearing her ANBU outfit, and her mask adorning her face.

Kurenai frowned a bit, "What is it Yugao?"

Yugao placed her hands behind her back, "I came to inform you that Naruto's funeral will be held tonight."

Anko and Kurenai's eyes widened at that, "They found his body?"

Yugao lowered her head and shook it, "No, they did not."

Kurenai frowned and stepped forward, snapping a bit, "Then why are they holding a funeral for him? They don't even have a body yet!"

Yugao frowned, "You think I don't know that? I tried to tell Yondaime-sama this, but he told me, and I quote 'My sons death has been unrecognized for too long, even without a body he will have a funeral deserving of him'." Yugao shook her head, "There is no reasoning with him…the funeral will take place tonight…I'm sorry. I wish we had more time to find a body, but the fact is that by now there can't be anything left of his body."

Kurenai lowered her head, sighing heavily as she sat down in her chair, placing her face in her hands.

Anko shook her head and rubbed her temples, "What are we going to tell Narumi?"

Yugao shook her head, "I have no idea…I truly have no idea…"


Narumi was sitting in her room, her eyes glazed over, staring at the plate she had brought with her.

After what seemed like hours of staring, she glanced down to one of her fingers, and ever so slowly brought it up to her direct line of sight.

She stared at it for several moments, then brought it to her mouth, biting the tip of the finger with her canine, tearing the skin and puncturing a blood vessel.

The blood dribbled in her mouth for a second, before she took the finger from her mouth, and held it just above the plate of food, letting the blood drip onto the plate.

Narumi just stared as the blood dripped from her finger, and she muttered beneath her breath, just barely a whisper, 'Naruto…Aniki…'

The blood pooled on the food…which if one looked closely, held the vague shape of two people holding hands…a boy…and a girl.

Hidden Village of the Ancients

The class had gone completely silent at his announcement, it was so quiet that you could hear a feather drop to the ground.

Naruto looked around as the class stared at him, and sighed as he took his seat.

Daisuke coughed to himself, "Uhm…alright then…" he then looked to the next student, "You go…"

Naruto sighed and looked up, only for him to watch something in his peripheral vision.

Miya was…laughing?

Naruto turned his head, and to his shock, Miya was laughing…well, giggling more so to herself. This confused him greatly, "What is so funny?"

Miya stopped giggling, though kept the small smile on her face, "It's just…I have been trying to figure out what you are for several days now Naruto. I mean, I could tell from your aura that you were some sort of celestial beast, but…" she could not help it, she held her hand to her mouth as she giggled again, "I never expected you to be the mythical Genesis Dragon of all things. That is incredibly surprising."

Naruto quirked an eye as Miya continued to giggle to herself; and he found a small smile trace his lips, "Yeah, I guess that would be surprising huh?" he joined her in her chuckling for a little while.

"Alright, we will begin with basic history…"

Time-Skip…several hours later

Naruto and Miya walked out of the school together, both of them chatting as they did so.

"Wow, that class was way more informative than the classes back in Konoha."

Miya smiled playfully, "Oh, what was so bad about the classes there?" she said with a clearly sarcastic and playful tone.

Naruto chuckled, "We would be quizzed on the location of the Shodaime Hokage's favorite color, his catchphrase…hell, we even were quizzed on how old he was when he learned his first jutsu."

Miya quirked an eyebrow and gave Naruto a 'are you kidding me' look, "Seriously? What useless information to know."

Naruto nodded, "Yeah, at least with that class, we learned more than just history from the lessons."

Miya smiled and nodded her head as the two continued walking down the path.

After a while, Miya looked over at Naruto, "Naruto, may I ask you something?"

Naruto shrugged, "I don't see why not."

Miya nodded her head, then looked forward as she spoke, "What are the powers a Genesis Dragon has, I have read many stories about Seiken-sama, but they never go into detail about the power he once held, I am curious about the Genesis Dragons powers." she glanced back at Naruto, seeing if he would answer.

Naruto merely sighed and rubbed the back of his head, "To be honest with you Miya, I haven't the foggiest idea. All that I know about my powers is…well…negligible. Honestly, there is so little known about my race, as Seiken never left behind any scrolls to explain his power. So…I'm probably going to have to figure most of my powers out on my own."

Miya nodded, "I see then…" she looked away, then smiled, "Well, I have to get home Naruto…same time tomorrow?"

Naruto nodded his head, "Yeah, that sounds like a good idea."

Miya smiled and stops, gently bowing, "Sayonara, Naruto."

Naruto smiled as well and did the same, "Sayonara, Miya."

Miya stood back up, and began to walk down a separate path as she headed towards her own home.

Naruto smiled and continued on his own path towards the Kitsune clan compound. He did not have a home for himself just yet, so he was staying there for the time being. Not that he minded, Tamamo was nice, and Yasui was kind…if not too much of a jokester at times…but he felt happy being there, it was almost like he had a fami-

Naruto's thoughts stopped right there as that word came up…family…

He averted his eyes down towards his hand, where his two silver rings adorned his fingers…the last gift he had ever received from Narumi.

He clenched his fist tightly as he looked up at the sky. Even though the Sandaime Rinseikage had allowed him to send messages to his sister, it just wasn't the same as actually being there for her.

He sighed heavily and continued towards the Kitsune compound, 'I hope you are alright…Narumi…'

Konohagakure no Sato…Narumi

Narumi was standing still, her gaze fixed to the procession in front of her, carrying an empty casket…adorned with her brother's name.

Her fists clenched as her face remained impassive, but one could see the rage in her eyes. It all started a mere few hours ago…

When she was told her brother would have a funeral…without a body.


Narumi set down her plate of now blood stained food, and simply sat on her bed, staring into nothingness.


Narumi looked up as she heard knocking on the door. She lowered her head and stood up, walking over to the door, "Who is it?"

'Narumi, it's me and Kurenai, please open up, we need to talk to you about something.' she heard Anko's voice call out on the other side.

Narumi lowered her head, and opened the door just enough so they could simply push it open. Narumi then stepped back as they entered, Kurenai was carrying a rectangular box.

Narumi looked up at them, no emotion showing, "What is it Kurenai-san…Anko-san?"

The two looked at one another, a silent conversation going on between them, before Kurenai nodded her head and looked at Narumi, "Narumi…I…sigh…" she took a deep breath and looked back up, "Narumi, Naruto's funeral will be held in a few hours."

Narumi's eyes seemed to gain a single sparkle of hope, 'T-they found his body?"

Kurenai and Anko winced, and lowered their heads.

Narumi's eyes seemed to lose their twinkle, "They…they found his body…right?"

Anko shook her head, "No Narumi, they could not find his body. Not even a small trace of it."

Narumi's eyes gained an aggressive edge, and her voice seemed to become darker, "What?"

Kurenai sighed, "I am sorry Narumi, they tried bu-"

"How could they give my Aniki a proper funeral without a body?" she shouted in anger, her eyes starting to shift as her face contorted in anger. "How dare they spit upon my Aniki like that?"

Anko got down and looked at Narumi, "Narumi, I-I wish we could do something about it, but…the Yondaime won't wait another day to give Naruto a funeral. I don't know why, he…he is beyond reasoning with at this point. I-I'm sorry…I truly am."

Narumi clenched her fists and looked down as Anko stepped back. Kurenai came forward with the box and held it out, "I was hoping that you would be able to wear this on better circumstances, but…I guess that isn't going to happen."

Narumi made no motion to grab it, and continued to look down.

Kurenai sighed and placed the box on her bed, then frowned, "The funeral will begin in a few hours…please be ready by then." she and Anko began to walk out of the room, but not before Kurenai looked back, "I'm sorry Narumi…" and she turned back away and left the room.

Narumi kept her fists clenched…her nails digging into her palms until blood began to drip from her clenched fists.

Taking a deep breath, Narumi looked back up…her eyes devoid of emotion, except for the tiny spark of rage, lingering behind her pupil.

She looked over to the box that was set upon her bed, and slowly walked over to it. Slowly reaching her hand out, she grabbed the edge of the box, smearing it with some of her blood. She slowly opened the box and looked at its contents…

End Flashback

Narumi tore her gaze away from the procession and looked down at herself. Inside the box had been a black battle/dress kimono, etched with golden designs along the seams and tassels. The Kimono looked to have been made by the hands of a well performed seamstress, clearly, the kimono was worthy of someone of regal stature.

Around her neck, a necklace with a golden chain, the pendant was a pink crystal which was wrapped in a golden metal, wrapping around the crystal like an angels wings…the very same necklace Naruto had given her for their birthday.

She gently placed the necklace in her hand, and slowly wrapped her fingers around it, enclosing her hand into a fist.

She looked up to see the gathered people begin to 'honor her Aniki'. Her eyes narrowed in disgust.

At the same time, Kushina was standing next to her two youngest children, who were fearfully hiding behind Kushina as they saw Narumi glare in the direction of the funeral.

The little girl looked up at Kushina, "K-Kaa-chan…s-she scares me."

The boy nodded his head frightfully, "She is nothing l-like y-you said she w-would be Kaa-sama…"

Kushina lowered her head and gently placed her hands on the twos shoulders, "I know…I know."

Minato frowned heavily as the empty casket was placed in front of the burial site, his eyes closed as he began to speak, "Tonight we lay to rest, and honor, Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze…"

Narumi sneered and stormed off, not wanting to hear another word of this farce before her.

Her eyes kept shifting, warping, the color turning a pinkish hue as her pupil shifted to a roundish slitted shape, then back to round.

How dare they…how dare they dishonor her Aniki in such a way…first they abandon them to be abused by the village, her Aniki dying to protect her, now they are giving him a funeral without a body to be honor!

She finally stopped in front of a tree, and grit her teeth tightly as she let her head fall. She clenched her fist tightly and swung it at a tree in front of her.

'CRACK' the sound of breaking bark and bone resounded throughout the area.

Narumi sneered down to the ground, gritting her teeth, 'I will find your body Aniki…and I will give you a funeral worth honoring…and, as a final gift, I will make everyone who ever harmed us pay.' she clenched her fist tightly, causing skin and flesh to rip from her knuckles, 'Oh yes…they, will…pay.'

Narumi slowly raised her head…her blue eyes shifting to a demonic pink color, and her pupil becoming completely slit, and the sclera of her eyes becoming bloodshot.

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ok for Translation Shinjuu means Divine Beast.

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