This is my first fanfic.

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Bella POV

"If you will please buckle your seatbelts we will be landing shortly and once again thank you for choosing Volterra Air." The flight attendant announced.

Thank god we have finally landed this flight went on forever. Although, I was excited to finally get out of Forks going to Volterra was a little on the extreme side.

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed the person occupying the seat next to me bounce up and down. As I turned my head to playfully mock the girl, she started pushing and pulling me to get out of my seat in a frenzy to get off of the plane.

"Hurry up Bella, let's go!" Angela practically yelled while throwing my things in my arms.

"Angela, please control yourself. Just give me a second to pick up my things you just threw at me." I yelled back as I picked up everything she threw off the floor.

"Oh Bella, why can't you at least pretend to be the least bit excited. We are in VOLTERRA, ITALY for crying out loud." she replied dramatically. I rolled my eyes as I waited for my turn to get off the plane as Angela talked mindlessly about how much fun we're going to have. I slowly exhaled, shook out my brown hair, and exited the plane.

I didn't admit it out loud I will try to make this as positive experience I could muster. It is Italy after all.

According to the receptionist and pamphlet at the hotel today is the St. Marcus Day festival, whoever he is. Apparently, St. Marcus rid the city of vampires several centuries ago. As thanks to him the city puts on a grand celebration in the square. I'm sure, from the red robes and fangs we were given complimentary from the hotel, that all original meaning of this holiday has lost it's meaning over the years and turned into some party for teens. Against all that I believed in I draped the red robe over my shoulders and put my vampire fangs on as I left the hotel room.

While we strolled through the city I couldn't help but marvel at all the architecture. It was as if someone took a paintbrush and stroked a breathtaking landscape. The buildings were hundreds of years old laid brick upon brick with a passion that is unknown in America. The city was vibrant with activity young adults were laughing and running about. Playful shrieks from ladies could be heard all around as men pretended to suck blood out of their necks. I sighed, why couldn't I have that?

I shook the negative thought out of my head. I was here to have fun and not dwell on the negative. I grabbed Angela's hand and ran through the square determined to make the best out of the situation. I could hear her shriek of laughter behind me as she started to run from order to keep up with me.