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Jane POV

I was so happy that Bella and I were getting along so great. I know I can't replace her friend Angela and I don't want to try. I could only be just as good as a friend to her. Still I'm not sure why I chose to take her under my wing and protect her from Alec. She just looked so afraid; she needed someone. I'm just glad that she accepted the friendship I offered.

After Bella and Alec left I was summoned to Aro's presence with an update on how Bella was doing. He was overly pleased to hear that Bella and Alec went for a walk together, but not so pleased that they went alone. HA! As if anything could harm her while she was under Alec's protection. He would sense anything long before his power needs to be used.

While I waited for them to return I busied myself with the task of furnishing Bella's room. I decided to go with an old south style, circa Gone With the Wind. A king sized bed rests atop a raised platform. The bed lies separate from the rest of her room by a curtain of burgundy velvet. A vintage vanity, made of aged bleached wood is etched with gold paint, faces the front of the bed in a layout that mimics my own room. We desperately needed to go shopping for clothes so Bella could have something to wear. Not that I minded sharing mine, it's just that I'm positive she wants her own.

I started making a list of the things she needed so we could be prepared when we hit the stores. Tees, shorts, pants, undies, shampoo, towels, body wash… That's when I heard Alec's urgent growl. "NO!!" I thought. "Why did I let him go out without his guard!"

I threw the door open and sprinted towards the forest line. Luckily I wasn't the only one to hear his cry for help. Felix, Demetri, and Heidi were running to Alec's aid as well. Just as we left the safety of the castle I saw Alec getting tackled by one of the vampires and Bella's body connecting with the ground after she went flying out of the safety of Alec's arms. Even with how far I was I could hear her bones breaking on impact. I let out a growl in response. Since Heidi was the fastest amongst us I sent her to get Bella into the safety of the castle. Heidi ran towards Bella, gently scooped her up, and returned to the castle.

"James, it was lucky for you that Felix thought you should be spared when we saw you in the America's." Alec roared. Recognition and hate flashed in Felix's eye when we finally caught up to Alec.

"You will not be shown the same generosity this time around." Alec promised.

Only a few minutes had gone by before Heidi returned flanking my left side. If it is a battle these vampires want we were ready to fight. A fight to the death was nothing new to us. over a centuries worth of training have prepared us for attacks such as this. One by one we started to unleash our powers on the group of vampires that faced us.

Slowly you could see Alec's mist begin to approach James' coven. It was a simple death to be quickly killed without feeling any pain. Heidi and I were not going to let them off as easily as we began to set free our gifts to painfully bring members of the coven to their knees. Felix and Demetri began to move towards the vampires to happily aid us in our torture. Even though their abilities were more on the physical side, it was easy for them to rip the opponent limb from limb.

Screams of pain and fear could be heard all around as we moved from vampire to vampire with a slow and painful death. When Alec's gift reached what was left of the coven it was easy to build a fire and throw them in alive. In the end the coven was no match for us. Not only did we have the upper hand in abilities but also in training.

We chose to spare James from an easy death and let Alec personally deal with him.

Gradually we formed a circle around James leaving no room for escape. Alec stepped forward ready to hand James his fate. The prince started to withdrawal his power from James wanting a fair fight to the death.

Alec POV

"Prince Alec," James dared to mock as we circled each other looking for an opening to strike. "I see your guard and loving sister had to come to your rescue. You prove to me yet again that you would be nothing without the power of the Volturi behind you! NOTHING!"

"Enough talk James, I grow tired of your games, your death shall be swift and I promise you won't feel a thing." My body shook with anger as I spoke with venom to James.

"Why so you could get back to your precious human?" he spat back before adding with a purr. "I do think it is a little bit extreme to take your food out on dates. I admit she did smell most alluring, freesias and strawberries if I'm not mistaken. A most lethal combination. You have always had an eye for beautiful ladies and this human is no different she would make for a lovely mate and an amazing lover."

In anger I quickly charged at James, we collided like two boulders. I knew how experienced he was in battle seeing it first hand at the newborn wars. His death will be quick; I won't waste anytime toying around with him.

Gaining the upper hand I jumped on his chest and pulled his arms right out of the socket a sickening snap could be heard all around. After throwing his arms to Jane to be put in the fire I turned and moved to his legs. I painfully twisted and contorted them while he screamed in agony. From his screams I knew Jane was aiding me with a punishment of her own. His head was saved for last.

"What happened to swift and painless?" he managed to gasp out.

I could merrily smile in response. "Your death has been quick James." I lightly stated before fire burned in my eyes. "You talking about my beloved Bella made me rethink the painless part."

I brought his torso up so we could see eye to eye then I let out a frightening growl. Bringing my teeth to his throat I ripped it out in one rapid swoop. I threw his lifeless body to the ground leaving it to be handled by the guard as Jane and I rushed to the castle to find Bella.

"Where did Heidi take her?" I asked Jane as we ran through the castle. Droplets of her blood could be smelt on the floor leaving a trail throughout the castle. Please let her be okay. I silently prayed for the first time.

"To the throne room. She has lost a lot of blood I don't think she will make it through the change Alec." I snarled at Jane's response.

When we entered the throne room Bella was in the middle laid upon a table. Members of the Volturi surrounded her waiting for someone to begin the change. She was screaming in pain from her injuries and calling out my name.

"I'm here my love." I called as I rushed to her side. "Why hasn't anyone started the change?" I angrily asked my father.

"We were waiting for you to come and do it yourself son." Aro simply replied. I was shocked I have never changed anyone before.

"Bella is barely holding on to life father maybe somebody with more experience should do it." Jane spoke trying to aid me in this dilemma.

"No, I will do it." I finally decided before turning to look at Jane. "Sister, if I get to carried away use any method to stop me."

"You have my word Alec, I will gladly bring you to your knees before you even get close to killing Bella." Jane brightly returned. Leave it to her to try and lighten a serious situation. "Brother, I promise my help will not be needed for you cannot kill the one you love." Jane knowingly added.

I took an unneeded deep breath before lower my lips to Bella's beautiful neck. I whispered I love you before kissing and biting into her. Instincts took over at first, as her blood supply drained into my mouth, more was all I could think of. Jane came through on her promise as agonizing pain filled my mind for a brief second. I rapidly began to pump a more than necessary amount of venom into her small frame. I hoped it would speed up the transformation process; I didn't want to see my angel in pain.

I stepped back and watched hopelessly as Bella thrashed and screamed on the table. As the venom spread throughout her body she became more frenzied. Even though it broke my heart knowing I had inflicted this pain upon her I knew it had to be done; death was not an option in my eyes.

Three days passed slowly and she still showed no sign of completing the process. Nonetheless nobody left the room and blood was brought to us so we could feed. This was all part of the Volturi way, no one can leave until the change is complete. All I could do was wait hopelessly until my love would be reunited with me. Until then, I stroked her hair and whispered sweet nothings in her ear in an effort to calm her. My efforts all seemed in vein.

"Brother, you have done all you could. Now it's up to Bella." Jane tried unsuccessfully to soothe me.

"Yes, son all we can do now is wait. It won't be long now, her heart had already began to slow." Aro added in an attempt to aid Jane.

I didn't realize it at first but yes her heart was slowing. It hiccupped slightly in between beats. With each passing beat the pause was longer and longer. Finally, with one last breath her heart stopped. The room went silent as we waited for her to awaken.

Slowly Bella began to stir and her eyelids fluttered open to reveal the blood red eyes that marked her for what she really was.

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