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Female Shifters are supposed to go through their first transformation with their mate. Male shifters are supposed to name their mate after their first transformation. They are also supposed to announce their mates to the clan. They are also supposed to go through their first transformation alone.

What if the guy I believe to be my mate hasn't had his first transformation? What if he won't until after my transformation? Am I going to die?

Since a male Shifter first transformation happens the first full moon after his eighteenth birthday and a female's seventeenth, isn't it possible that a female Shifter may have to go through her first transformation alone? Of course, there have been females who had to through their first transformation alone, but they never survive. Maybe, I'm just doom to die.

I feel a pull towards Cain, one that frightens me, yet calms me at the same time. I also feel a push from him, one that tells me to stay away, yet challenges me to push back. I don't know if it's my adrenaline junky self looking for more danger and adventure, or if I Cain might actually be my destine mate. I do know one thing for sure, if he is my true mate, I would have to go through my transformation alone.

"Earth to Alex." I heard a female voice say, bringing me back to reality. "Alex!" Kayla said.

"I'm sorry.." I said. "I just have a lot on my mind." Kayla is a fellow Shifter. She learned that she was one a few weeks before her transformation. See, her parents were killed in this very national park, so she never knew she was a Shifter. She actually thought it was absurd that there were such a thing as humans changing into wolves.

She smiled. She knew my situation. I hadn't told anyone else about my worries, not even the elders. "I understand, its nerve wracking."

"Yeah.." I said. Nerve wracking is an understatement. "It's just, I feel deep down that Cain is my mate. But, when has there ever been a girl declare her mate." I met Cain this summer, when I was signing up to be a sherpa. At first, I avoided him. His mere presence scared me, shaking me to my very core. Then, a week into my stay, there was a tiger that attacked Cain and me. I guess near death experiences bring people together.

"Well, you aren't actually from our clan." Kayla stated. "You're original clan may be a close relative of ours, but you could have different traditions."

My original clan, as she said, has a similar animal. Instead of a wolf, my clan's animal is a Siberian husky. We are originally from Russia. All my history is there, or was there. My entire clan was killed in Russia by an opposing, bloodthirsty clan. My dad, the leader of my clan, sent me to America to save me from the Siberian Tigers, the opposing clan. He left me with this very wolf clan. The Siberian husky and wolf are closely related, and a couple of the wolves' elders became very close to my dad. He was hoping to return for me. However, he along with the entire clan, other than myself, were killed by the crude tigers.

"I wish I knew my traditions. I feel ashamed. My dad was the leader of my clan. And yet, I cannot remember anything of our clan, other than we're Siberian huskies. " I said. "So, as you have adopted me, I have adopted your traditions."

She looked at me with a sad smile. I knew she felt sorry for me. I found that uncomfortable. I mean, she has been through things, and she still worries for others. I wish she did not worry about me. I'm fine really, I just want answers.

"Where is Lucas?" I asked. I knew she was always happy with him. Maybe, I can get her on a more enjoyable topic for her.

"Talking with the elders!" she said becoming immediately perky. I smiled. "They are discussing that tiger. He said it was strange for a tiger to be here."

"Yeah." I said. I had not told them what I expected, yet. I was going to tell the elders that I thought it might be someone from the clan that killed my clan, but I had to go to the medical hall. That was a close one with that tiger. I thought, rubbing my bandaged shoulder.

Cain and I were returning from dropping a few campers off. One of the other sherpas stayed with them, so Cain and I were by ourselves. I feared this, and yet, I was happy about it. As we walked in silence, I couldn't help but feel as if I was being stalked, like prey.

"Do you feel that?" I asked, no longer being able to stand it.

"What do you mean?" he asked, crashing into me from my sudden stop.

"Something's watching us." I said. I was sure of myself. I rubbed my arms, trying to settle the standing hairs.

"It's probably a bird." He said. He was very relaxed. I use to be that way, but ever since those dreams started, I can't help but get anxious. However, I continued walking, but as so as we got to the river, I heard a twig snap and extremely low growl.

I turned around to find a tiger lunging after Cain. "Look out!" I yelled. I tackled him out of the way. The tiger quickly turned around. I was facing him completely vulnerable. I thought I would be able to run or something, but as soon as I met eyes with him, I froze. It pounced at me. At first, I thought the tier got me, but I was going in the opposite direction. I turned around to find Cain on the ground bleeding. He pushed me out of the way. I was entirely furious! I don't know why, but I ran to the tiger. It seemed shocked to find me stalking him; hell, I was shocked. I grabbed its throat and squeezed as hard as I could.

It roared from pain. I was surprised that it did this. I knew I was a bit stronger than a Static, but not that strong. Then, I smelt it, the smell of something burning. In a flash, the tiger had its claws in the back of my shoulders and its teeth in my left shoulder. I pushed as hard as I could to get it off me. I felt its claws scrape through my shoulders, and the tiger crashed into the tree behind me.

I was completely freaked out… First, I noticed, where my hands were on the animal, the fur was gone and there was a small ember. Second, I pushed a freaking tiger into a tree! And third, the tiger had ice on its shoulders.

"Alex, you need a doctor." Cain said. He grabbed my shoulders. The pain brought me back to reality. He was staring at his hands. "Your bleeding a lot." He said. I could see the panic in his eyes. He scooped my up and started jogging back to the camp. I put my head on his shoulder from exhaustion.

"Your shoulder's bleeding." I slurred. Then, blackness came before I could hear his answer.

"I need to talk to the elders." I said, coming back to reality, again. I got up with a mountain full of pain. Kayla looked shocked that I got up so quick.

"Do you need me to come with you?" she asked full of worry.

I smiled. "You can come and meet Lucas. I need to talk to them alone." I said. She hesitated, but nodded. We left one of the buildings on the far end of Wolford. We were staying there since we closed the Sherpas guide for the next two weeks.

We walked in silence. This, I was grateful for. I mean, Kayla like a sister to me, but I hadn't told anyone about what exactly happened in the battle, or what I expected. Cain and I decided to keep it simple and just say we were attacked. However, we weren't going to lie to the elders. Or at least I wasn't, I didn't know about Cain.

I looked around enjoying the view. In the building, there was a mixture of modern and ancient architecture. At first, when I thought this would cause a clash, but it is very beautiful. The building structure itself and statues were more ancient than modern, but the furniture had a smooth mixture. Some rooms had been repainted crisp colors, but the hallways still had the old, slightly peeling paint.

"You think it's strange to have a tiger here?" Kayla asked me, snapping me from my thoughts. She wasn't completely new, but she hasn't had the time to know the regular animals here.

"Definitely." I said. "It looked like a Siberian tiger, and they are from Russia." Truthfully, I expected it to be member of the Pathera, the Siberian tiger clan. However, I wasn't going to go there, not right now.

"Could someone have shipped it here?" she asked.

"That's possible," I started. "Some people pay a lot of money to hunt illegal animals."

"Who would want to harm a tiger?" she asked. I knew I wouldn't, but I would if it were in the Pathera.

"I don't know." I said. "They are beautiful creatures, but they are still deadly."

"Aren't they the designated animal for the Patheras?" she asked. I nodded. "You don't think.." she started. I couldn't hide it in my eyes. "Alex.." she whispered. She forgot about my injuries and gave me a big hug. However, I didn't care, I needed someone there. My emotions came over me; I started crying hard.

"Kayla," a voice interrupted my emotional outburst. "What's wrong with Alexandra?" It was Lucas, the pack leader and Kayla mate.

"I'm sorry." I said, straightening up. "It's nothing." He didn't believe me. He stared at Kayla. I knew they were talking to each other. She couldn't hide it from him for long, so it was understandable that she told. He looked at me, and then nodded.

"There's nothing to be sorry for." He said. "Are you sure you want to talk to the elders alone?"

I nodded. I wanted to tell them exactly what happen, and I'm not comfortable with telling everyone what happened when I had no idea myself.

Kayla and Lucas had closed the distance between them. I smiled. It must be amazing to have a mate. That reminded me of another question I had to ask the elders. I really needed to get to them. "Um, I'm going to go ahead. I'll see you later Kayla, Lucas." They glanced at me, making sure I wanted to go alone. I nodded and walked out the nearby door.

As I walked, I couldn't help but get lost in my thoughts and fears. "What happened with that tiger? Did I burn him? Was that really ice on his shoulders? Was that really a tiger, or a Pathera? Have they come to kill me? If they don't, will this full moon kill me? Can I even have a mate outside my clan? Is Cain-" I crashed into something hard stopped my thinking. I felt a quick spark of electricity between us, and I knew immediately it was Cain.

"Sorry, Alex," he said.

"No, it was my fault, I wasn't looking up." I said. His stare was hypnotic. I couldn't look away. Those intense eyes can capture anyone. They were a mixture of colors: around the pupil was ice blue, the outer edges were hazel, and where the blue and hazel clash was orange, identical to the ring around his irises. Each color in his eyes can take over the entire based off his emotions. The only reason I know this is because I can't help but stare at him.

They turn a deep blue, an indication of worry. "Are you okay?" he asked sincerely.

I bit my lip. I wanted to tell him, but I didn't want him to worry. "I'm heading to talk to the elders about the tiger."

He searched my face, as if he were looking for more. "Do you want me to come? Facing the elders alone can be nerve wracking."

I smiled. I knew I didn't want Kayla or Lucas or anyone else coming with me, but I really wanted Cain to come. I don't know if it were for the fact that he was there, or if I just wanted his company and comfort "Sure." I said

When I crashed into him, we were in front of main building, so it didn't take us long to get there.

"Hello, Alexandra, Cain." Elder Wilde said. "You wanted to talk to us, Alex."

I nodded. "Yes sir, it's about the tiger attack." The three elders looked at each other and nodded for me to continue. "I believe that that wasn't a tiger. I suspect it to be a Pathera."

"We thought that ourselves." Elder Wilde said.

"See, I believe that the Patheras are here to finish what they started." I said. "However, I was able to fend him off."

The elders looked at each other confused. They knew I hadn't faced my first transformation yet, so I was as vulnerable as a Static. "What do you mean?" Elder Mitchell asked.

"Well, the tiger attacked Cain first and something took over me." I said. "I was so anger; I just ran up to the tiger and started choking it with my hands." They looked at me with shock and stupidity. "To my surprise, it growled in pain. Then, it dug its claws in my back, causing me to push it as hard as I could from instinct. It collided into a tree. From there, I noticed that where my hands are there wasn't any hair, just small embers. It was like I burned the hair off. And its shoulders were covered in ice."

They were silently looking at each other. They seem to be dumbfounded. I mean, it's rare for a Shifter to have any extra power what so ever, but before a transformation. That's nearly impossible.

"Well, Alex," Elder Wilde said. "You're technically in a different clan than us, we may have adopted you in and you are considered one of us, but you're history and traditions could be different. Sadly, your dad didn't give us anything to decipher about your clan."

"Is there any way we, or I, can go to Russia and maybe find something about my clan?" I asked, or more like plead.

Elder Wilde looked at me with pity. "We wouldn't even know where to start. And even if we did, don't you think that the Pantheras would have destroyed everything?"

"If I may say so," Cain chimed it. "It will also be extremely dangerous for you to go to Russia."

The elders nod in agreement. "And it's not dangerous for a Shifter to go through her first transformation blindly?" I asked. They looked at me with sorrow and pity.

"I might have an idea of where to look." I added. They looked at me with confusion.

"How could you possibly know?" Elder Mitchell asked. "You were three last time you were in Russia."

"This." I said, holding up my miniature globe necklace. "Dad gave this to me before he returned. He told me that I might need this on my seventeenth birthday."

"Alex," Elder Wilde said. "That's just a globe of the entire earth."

I couldn't help but smile. "That's what I thought, but I was playing with it the other day and figured it out. If you start from the bottom and roll it, you'll get a round map of the underground city."

They looked at me with a combination of excitement and pity. "Alex, even if this is true, there could be no one there, the Pantheras could have found it, it could be a trap, the list goes on and on. The dangers are just too numerous."

"With all due respect, I understand the dangers," I started. "And I will not force anyone to go, but I want to go. I need to go."

The elders looked at each other as if they were considered it. "We will have to talk about it, Alex." Elder Wilde reluctantly stated. "Cain, will you gather the Dark Guardians for me?"

He nodded and smiled at me before leaving. "Now, Alex," Elder Wilde continued. "Is that all you wanted to talk about?"

"Actually, it isn't." I said. "I wanted to talk to you about my first transformation." The pity in their eyes returned. "I know my clan's might be different, but what if it isn't? There aren't any remaining members in my clan. Is it possible for me to have a mate outside of my original clan?" my questions just started spewing out. I couldn't hold them in. With each question, they seemed to pity me even more. I had one final question that seemed impossible to say aloud.

"Am I going to die?" I asked with tear-filled eyes.