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Chapter 1

Save the Date!

Cedric Diggory and Nicole Parker happily

Announce their engagement to be married

For June 21st of next year.

More details to come.

I slipped the last of our announcement in the envelope so that way they could be mailed and over with. Cedric took some back home so he can give to his family. Thank god we settled a date.

It has been a year since Cedric and I became engaged. I still think that at times it was all a dream. I love the ring he gave me and I hardly take it off, only except showering and doing dishes. We've decided on a date. June 21st of next year. It's only May now so hopefully they'll be plenty of time to do the wedding and plan it.

As far as everyone goes, it's been pretty much the same with only a few changes along the way. Dylan and Paige had their first child on September 10th which was a boy they named Paul while Becky and Ryan are together for a year and a half now. I had a hunch that Ryan would propose at any given notice.

As for back in London, Mara and Ernie are still together. They've had their ups and downs but what couple hasn't? No one's perfect and come to find out that Hannah and Bryan decided to surprise all of us and eloped one night while I visited London again to tell Cedric's parents the news.

"Okay, now remember get these to Cedric okay Patches?" I instructed the bird. Oh yeah, did I mention that I still rely on magic? In cases like this, it was urgent. I picked out two copies of the wedding invitation background and I was to send the one we like as soon as possible.

I watched as Patches flew away from the office in my apartment. I sighed and continued to outline on how the invites should go on.

"Okay Mrs. McGee, remember to take these twice a day and if any problems call here immediately." I said to my patient.

"Of course and I'm so glad that you're engaged dear" she said.

"Oh, why thank you so much" I said with a small smile. I gave her the prescription and I left the room. I couldn't believe that I was pulling another eight hour shift at the clinic again. I guess this is why they invented coffee.

"So Nikki I've loved what you did with the announcement. I like them" My co-worker Marissa said after I got out of the exam room.

"Yeah, I'm dying to meet this fiancé of yours. I have seen the picture but come on, when is he going to come here?" Charlotte asked.

"I don't know guys. I mean he does live in London for his job and I wish I could get him to live here, but that's highly doubtful" I replied.

"I'm surprised that you guys managed to set a date for the wedding" she said.

"Hard to imagine, I emailed him two pictures of what invites to use so hopefully he'll answer me back" I said. Little do they know that I had Cedric's owl sent them.

I bet your wondering how am I going to continue to keep this charade up? Let me tell you, it's not easy. Although that no one has suspected anything yet, I'm not taking anymore risks. Ever since I've gotten engaged, me and Cedric decided to limit our magic use, well more of me than him. Since I live in the states, it would be very difficult to explain on how an apple is floating on thin air.

Later that night, I was in the living room, reading some bridal magazines that I picked up on the way home from work. Becky was sleeping in her room. I sighed and threw the magazine on the coffee table. I have to talk to Cedric about the wedding. How on earth was I going to plan this while we're miles away from each other.

I was then interrupted by pecking on the window. I turned and saw that it was Patches at the sill. I walked over there and opened up the window so he can come in.

"Hey, boy I got mail huh?" I asked and he replied simply by cooing. I grabbed the paper out of its beak and unfolded and saw the familiar handwriting of my fiancé.


I personally think that the second background is more suitable to send. We just need to figure out how the invite should say.

I wish that we would plan this together. Don't worry, hopefully my father can let it slide that I have to plan a wedding.

Hope to see you soon love.


I sighed heavily and rubbed a hand through my hair. Maybe if he was here more often, maybe some of the wedding stuff would be half done. But with him and his dad working in the same place, it's kind of hard to do this stuff.

You see, when I was introduced to his parents again formally, his mother adored me like a daughter she never had. His father Amos however, he was a little bit

But what can I do about it really? No magic would send him here.

"I think I've got an idea for a color theme" I said to Becky the next morning.

"Really? Finally we're getting somewhere" she said. She's my maid of honor in the wedding. Cedric and I wanted to know who was in the bridal party so at our engagement party that day. I was surprised that Paige was fine with Becky being the maid of honor for my wedding. At the time, with her and Dylan starting a family, she wouldn't be able to handle everything to much. At least she was helping Becky out with some of the stuff.

"I want to go along with black and green. Green is a neutral color and black can set well with it, since well it goes with everything" I said.

"I like it. So the announcements were set out, theme picked out and now getting invites layout and what should say on them" she said.

"I copied the two layouts that I picked and sent them to Cedric, he did say he liked the second one" I said holding up the second invite layout. The background was a lime green and it had black attached to it on the back with the tiny black bow on top and a few white flowers on them.

"That does look pretty. Do you know what it'll say, minus your names and the date, time, and place of course" she asked.

"To be honest, I don't know" I said sadly.

"You'll figure something out, I know it. Besides at least you got the date down" she said.

"That is true" I said.

"Come on, get ready and throw some clothes on. Something's telling me that we got to go get a few ideas on what the bridesmaid's dresses should be" she said.

"Okay let me get dressed" I said, going into my room. I closed the door and grabbed my wand and aimed it at my closet door.

"Alohomora" I said softly and my closet opened up and a pair of jeans, a black long sleeved shirt and a pair of black flats came my way. I threw those on and did my hair up in a ponytail.

I grabbed my purse and met Becky by the door and we made our way out for the day.

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