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~Viva La Yaoi~

Chapter 1: New Dorms

~Naruto's POV~

"Why do we have to change our dorms, Grandma Tsunade!?"

"OK! For one! Stop calling me that Naruto! And…all the teachers agreed to it!" she yells as she calmly sits there and as she rests her chin her hands.

"But I always room with Kiba!! Why can't you just keep Kiba and I room mates!?" I yell as I slam my hands on her desk and then I clench my fists.

This is not fair! Kiba is my best friend. I mean we are both energetic we like to have fun. Heck! We are like brothers! What happens if I get someone boring, and that is a neat freak! Or…even worse….Sas—

"It's final! Now get to class before your late!" screams Tsunade, breaking my train of thoughts.

"Grrrr…" I growl knowing that if I keep arguing, I won't win. I turn around; with my hands still in fists and opened the door. I turn around and glare at her. "You're so mean Grandma!" I slam the door and run off. I run off to see Kiba and my other friends at the stairwell, where we meet a lot in the morning.

Konaha High School is a really big campus. It's like living on a collage campus. But the principles office is not too far to the place where I meet my friend's allot.

I start to slow down as I spotted them. There I see Kiba (of course), Shikamaru (we all call him Shika), Neji (he is older then us), Choji (never call him fat!), and Sai (he is a big pervert and weird but he can be nice….sometimes).

"Naruto!" yelled Kiba as he runs to me. "What did principal Tsunade say!?" he asked in a cheerful mood. I frowned and shook my head. "Aw man! This sucks ass! I don't want to change room mates! What happens if I get a boring person!? Or worse….! A neat freak!!" barked Kiba as he freaks out.

"I know! That old bag wouldn't even just leave us as room mates!"

"Ok stop arguing!" said Neji as he walks up to Kiba and I. "You guys have been freaking out and jumpy, ever since you guys heard that everyone will be changing roommates! So stop thinking so Negative!"

Shika walks between us and smacks both our backs. "Neji's right, think something positive. You might be lucky; you might get one of us." He gave us a lazy smile.

"True" I say with a pout. Well Shika is right; I might get one of my friends as my room mate. Maybe I should calm down a little.

"OK! How about at lunch we can get ramen and meat or whatever, as much as we can!?" Screams Choji in a happy mood as he throws a fist in the air.

"OK!!" said everyone, cheering up.

Well of course I got cheered up fast, I mean come on!? It's ramen!

When we are in a bad mood, we always stuff our face in food. We all decided to meet here for lunch when our two classes are done. Then we all split it up and went to class, which is history. I don't have any of them in this class but at least Sakura-chan is in that class.

I walk in and see Sakura-chan with her three friends, Ino, Hinata, and TenTen. I start to walk up to her with a big smile on my face, but then I trip on a chair and smack to the ground hard.

Ow..shit! That was not cool!

"Hn… you should watch where your going, Dobe."

That voice! I get straight back up and glare at…Uchiha Sasuke. What a bastard! "Why the hell did you trip me!?" I scream at him with my hands in fists.

"It's not my fault that you can't see where you're walking…Dobe" he smirks at the last word.

That stupid smirk! "Teme!" I grab his shirt and was getting ready punch him but then:

"Ok! Don't start you two! Now Naruto, get into your seat!" Kakashi-sensei orders, as he reads his book and as the bell rings for class to start.

I grind my teeth together. I slowly loosen my grip and drop my arms to the side. Sasuke smirks again. I ignore that smirk and put my hands into fist and turn around and picked my bag up, then went and sat down at my desk…which was right next to Sasuke (on the left).

Kakashi-sensei starts to talk, but I don't listen. I was just too mad right now to listen. This day is getting worse and worse. Why is Sasuke always such an asshole, and only to me!?

Right now Kakashi-sensei said he will be passing out our new room numbers. I get mine, I got room C225. I wonder who my room mate is. Then to my surprise, a note flies on my desk, the direction where Sasuke sits. What the hell does he want!? I open it up and read it.

Hey Dobe, what's your new dorm #?

Why does he want to know?

Why do you want to know, Teme!?

I give him the note back. I take a peak to see his expression. He glares at the note, and then wrote something. He throws back onto my desk (of course we check if Kakashi-sensei's not looking). I read the note.

You never know idiot, we might be room mates….Dobe

Hmph! I'm not telling you!

And why not?

Why are you even asking me Teme!?

You didn't answer my question first…

I don't have to!



When I gave him back the note and he reads it, he gets madder. Why is he the one getting mad? I jump a little as the bell rings. I forgot, we are only going to be in our first class for a little bit. I grab all my stuff and when I was about to get out of my seat to leave, Sasuke comes and slams his hand on my desk, which made me jump a little. I raise my head and glare at him.

"What the hell do you want!?" But before he can speak, Sakura-chan and Ino gabbed his arms. Sakura-chan hugged his left arm and Ino hugged his right arm.

"Hey Sasuke-kun lets get lunch together today!" said Ino as she hugs his arm tighter.

"Ya! It would be fun!" continues Sakura-chan

I smirk and stood up. "I can see you're busy." I laugh then walked out of the classroom. HAHAH! That Teme deserved that. You can so tell that he hates when fangirls are all over him!

I walk to my second class, science. I hate that class I suck at science and the worst part is, the teacher is a freak! Yamoto-sensei. I mean I can't mess around in that class, well yes I can because he doesn't yell at you, its just I don't want to be glared at with those scary eyes he has. Ugh! I'm getting chills just thinking about it. But there is a bright side. Kiba, Shika, and Sai are in my class…but so is Sasuke. But he is too busy with his fangirls right now. "Hehe"

"What's so funny Naruto?"

I turn around to see Kiba, Shika, and Sai. "Hi guys!"

"Hey Naruto!" said Kiba as he puts an arm around my shoulder and pulls me in and messes with my hair.

"So what were you laughing about?" asked Shika as Kiba lets go of me.

"Thinking of Sasuke-kun?" teased Sai.

I glare at him, and then I just let it go. "Yea I was thinking about Sasuke, of how he gets attack by fangirls again!" I laugh.

Kiba starts to laugh "that is funny!" laughs Kiba as he puts his arm around my shoulders and we all walk to class.

When we went to science Sasuke didn't even look at me or even talk to me so that was good. I met with everyone at the stair case so we all can go to lunch. After that big awesome lunch, I had time to put my stuff in my new room. I got there and put my stuff on the left side, on an empty bed. The rooms are pretty big; the room is split up with two desks and two beds on each side. We also have a small bathroom and a small kitchen. I really never use the kitchen (only when I feel like eating ramen). I looked at the bed that's on the right. I guess my new room mate did not come yet. Oh well I guess, I'll meet with him later. I hope he isn't a douch bag. I open the door and walked out.

~Viva La Yaoi~

"Its getting dark" I said as I looked up into the sky.

"It sure is" Kiba agreed.

I jumped down form the tree, to land in front of Kiba, Shika, Choji, Sai, Neji, and Garra. "Man! I want to go to my dorm and get some sleep, but I don't want to see who my room mate is!" I say as I stretched my arms.

"I wonder who it is" said Kiba wondering.

"Did you guys find out who is rooming with you?" I asked.

"I got Choji." said Shika.

"I got Shino." said Kiba.

"I got Lee." said Neji.

"I got my brother." said Garra.

"I got lucky, I got my own room." smiled Sai.

"Ugh! At least you all know each other! And you're lucky Sai!" I yell.

They stare each other then laughed.


"Nothing" they all say, still laughing.

"Those laughs don't mean 'nothing'!"

"Just think about it Naruto! What happens if you get….Sasuke!?" laughed Kiba.

"Eh!? How is that funny!? That would be terrible!?"

"Yea it would….but it would be amusing…." Said Shika, as he stops laughing. "now that is something that's not troublesome.

I stick my tongue at them then grabbed my bag and start to walk to the school buildings.

"Where are you going?" Kiba asked feeling bad.

"To my dorm!" I answered, not even turning to look at them.

I walked down the hall where my new room was. A lot of the students are greeting themselves to each other. I open the door, and see someone else is stuff on the right side of the room. I drop my stuff on my bed and went to walk to the bathroom door. I need to take shower before I go to bed. But before I open the door, the door opened and there stood my new room mate.

"Hn….what a surprise" he smirks.

"Eh?... Sasuke!?"

~Viva La Yaoi~

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