Recent chapters have me wanting to write something super poetic and sincere towards IchiRuki. XD Hopefully there might be more to come.

It really was bizarre to not see her around. It had become a habit to see her face, either smiling in that malicious way of hers, or donning her signature serious look, with her lips tweaked up just slightly to expose a smile.

Truth be told, he found himself thinking about those features of her, both the obvious and the not-so-obvious ones, quite often. Often during class, he would get lost in the memories of her, finding himself enthralled in the recollections of her plum-colored irises and the way her hair flowed with her body's graceful movements.

But as time continued to pass, weeks, months, Ichigo found it hard to remember her face. He could easily remember her words, full of determination and confidence; the ones that usually resulted in giving him the courage and confidence.

"Until that time, I'll wait..."

With his lips pulling into a deep frown, he scoffed at the concept of time. All the events in his life were either too rushed or were painfully slow. As his eyes narrowed, he knew he'd have no choice.

He'd wait for her, that loud, amthyst-eyed, ingenuous, yet, beautiful and open woman that was Kuchiki Rukia. Even if it would take till the end of time, he'd wait for the day he could see her again.

Before he thought he'd have no choice on whether he would wait or not for her, but now Ichigo wouldn't have it any other way.