Why yes, its me again. Suprised? Anywho, this is just a little story-ish thing about Cyclonis and shizz. I got bored, and did this instead of my photography essay thats due tomorrow... Stupid essay. I dont even know how to write an essay! But thats what googles for, right? Aaanyway, Read and review... yes?

From the moment we're thrown into this world, we're fated to bring each other nothing but pain and misery. Intentionally, unintentionally, it doesn't matter. It still happens, no matter how hard someone might try.

I inflict pain and misery intentionally. All I've ever grown up with is misery, It's all I've ever known. I do not know what "love" feels like, nor do I want to. It gives me joy, to see people crumble underneath me. The suffering, the fear in their eyes. It shows my power, my superiority, my being above all else. Delightful.

One day soon, my empire will rise above all, destroying every obstacle in my way. I will control the world, force people to do my bidding. With Dark Ace as my right hand man, I will rule the world. As for my other minions, I couldn't care less. That over-muscled buffoon, his perfectionist, annoying sister, those ridiculous reptiles… They can burn in the pits of Cyclonia. They're all worth nothing; all they've managed to do is embarrass my empire with their failures, especially those concerning those bratty Storm Hawks. They will all pay.

I'm so close to achieving my goal, yet so far away. As soon as those Storm Hawks are out of the picture, Atmos will be mine for the taking. Yes, it will be a glorious day for Cyclonia. I just need to destroy the Storm Hawks.

The idiotic blonde one, the over-emotional wallop, that hideous green merb… they shall be the first to perish. I want to save my "best friend" Piper and her little skyknight for last.

Oh, how I'll enjoy watching them suffer, their screams of agony. I can just imagine the emotion angst they'll experience… it brings me happiness at the thought of it. Joy. Yes, I'll enjoy tearing apart their little friendship, their love for another. It's sickening, really, how much they "care" for each other. I think I'll be doing the world a favour by destroying them.

Dark Ace, of course, will be unhappy that I'll take the skyknight. He has an… issue with that boy. An issue with him living. But I suppose I could let him finish him off, just as long as he doesn't touch Piper. She's mine.

As much as I despise my "best friend", I can't help but admire her. The time I disguised myself as Lark, I discovered a lot about her. I remember the moment she told me "you can act all tough and destroy the world, but you can't hide who you really are; a lonely girl, who desperately wants a friend". She couldn't be more wrong. I don't need friends. Friends weaken you, give you more responsibility. They drain you of power you could use for your own use, instead of helping them with their little "problems". Her team underappreciated her, especially the moronic sharpshooter. Yet she thrived in that environment, teaching herself with only a few probably out-dated books How I loathed her, the jealousy that ran through my veins. I despised her, yet I admired her.

A dangerous mix indeed.

Yes, but I will thrive too when the world is mine. When the world is mine, everything will be dark, dead-like and creepy. The way it should be. I have no tolerance for pretty rainbows, cute little bunnies, "best friends forever!" bracelets and such. They deserve to be annihilated.

No… I will rule just fine, without the aid of "friends." Crystals are my friends. They're all I need, due to my impressive skills with them. Yes, I have a special way with crystals. Binding. A powerful, yet dangerous ability. The Piper girl has it as well, but if she uses it enough, she'll become just like me.

It's only a matter of time…