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Chapter 6: KakaIruka and Sakura EXTRA

~Kakashi's POV~

I flinch as I hear the door knock, but it sounded more like a bang.

"Go get it" says Iruka as he moves away from me, so I can get up from the bed.

I sigh and got up to put my pants on and my mask on, and then I start to walk to the door. 'I wonder who is bothering me already.'

"I'm coming!" I say as I approached the door. I open the door, and to my surprise I see Sasuke. "Oh! It's you Sas-"before I knew it, Sasuke tackled me. I fall back hard, trying to get out of my shock.

"Sasuke! What a—"I get cut off as Sasuke grabbed my face, pulls my mask down and puts a bottle head first in my mouth. I start to feel this stinging liquid go down my throat, and before I could blink with an eye the bottle was empty; Sasuke jumping off of me and then running off with a grin.

"Sasuke! What the hell did you do to me!" I shout out, trying to scream loud, but my voice wouldn't let me from that stinging liquid. He didn't answer, he just kept running off. I sat on the floor as I still tried to figure out what just happened. I touched my throat, as I still feel the sting.


I turn my head to see Iruka dressed and looking at me confused.

"Why are you on the floor?"

"Oh uh… nothing. Sasuke was just getting his revenge." I smile at him.

"Huh...? I don't know what's going on, but try not to get into too much trouble." He went into the kitchen.

'Too late…'

I get up and went to close the front door. 'What did Sasuke do? Should I be worried? Should I go and see Tsunade?'

"What do you want for breakfast, Kakashi?"

I turn my head to see Iruka wearing his very sexy apron. 'Now only if he was naked behind that.' I will just ignore it, I bet it wasn't something too bad.

"Anything you make is fine." I smile at him as I walk into the kitchen with him.

"Ok then." He says as he starts cooking.

I sit at the table and stared at him as he cooks. 'Hmm… Iruka would look so much better if he was naked with only an apron on. He would look so cute and mostly…fuckable. Not like he is now.' I look down and started to stare at his perfect ass. I decide not to stare and to go and give it a pinch. I stand up, trying not to make too much noise and start to walk to him. 'It wouldn't hurt to give it a little pinch, would it?' When I get close to him, an reach out, I feel a small shock, making me freeze in place. 'Ow…that kind of hurt…what the hell was that?'

Iruka turns around "What's wrong?" He looks at me confused and with a little concern in his eyes.

"O-oh it's nothing" I say with a nervous laugh.

He puts down his cooking spoon. "Ok! What's going on? You've been acting weird all morning, and even in the middle of the night."

"No, its nothing! Everything is fine" I smile and grab his waist, pulling him close to me, but then I let go as I feel a massive shock hit me. I let go and move back. "OW!" I shout as I shut my eyes and hug myself from the pain.

"What's wrong!" Iruka says getting worried.

I shot my eyes wide open. 'Don't tell me!'

"Iruka!" I said dropping my hands to my sides and stare at him with a serious face.


"Let me touch you" I start to move close to him.

"W-w-w-what!" he blushes madly.

I reach out to him, but I get another massive shock, but worse and fall to the floor in pain.

"Kakashi! Are you ok! Do you want me to get help!" he kneels down trying to help me up, but then I get shocked again.

"Ow! Don't touch me!" I said moving back.

"Huh?" Iruka says, visibly hurt by my words.

'Shit!' "S-sorry, I'm just…sore" I said, trying to figure out what to say.

"Your sore! That's it? Tch! Imagine my ass!" he says in relief and goes back to cooking.

'Sasuke! That brat! Where the hell did he get this kind of juice! Especially in a short time! Oh he'll so pay for this! Now I just got to figure out my revenge. Humph! When he thinks that these shocks can stop me from touching my cutie little dolphin, then he is dead wrong!

*3 hours later*

'Ok…maybe I'm dead wrong.' I fall backwards on the bed, exhausted from trying to touch Iruka. 'This must be the hardest mission I have ever been on.'

"Kakashi… it's time to go!" Iruka says as he enters the bedroom.

'Oh yeah. I have a mission today, with those annoying kids. Sakura, who won't shut up about Sasuke. Sasuke, who did this to me! And Naruto, who would complain about the mission and who wants ram-. That's it!' I sit up fast, scaring Iruka. 'That's what I will do for my revenge!'


"Ok, I'll start getting ready" I say, as I start to get ready.

Iruka sighs. "You've been so weird lately" he shakes his head.

"Yes, but I'll explain later" I go up to him to give him a good bye kiss, but then I get shocked making me fall again! ;Damn it! I forgot.' I grab the nearest thing to help myself up. I was going to grab the bed but Iruka already grabbed my arm, giving me another shock.

"Ow! Damn it!"

"Are you ok!"

"Its fine" I twitch"I-I'm going to go now" I get up and take my leave. "I'll tell you everything, when I come back" I say before leaving the bedroom.

~*Viva La Yaoi*~

'It damn hurts. He'll pay for that, that little runt.' I think as I start to walk into the Hokage tower to get more information about the mission today. 'Man…I'm surprised that I have enough energy to go to Tsunade. I just hope it's enough to handle this mission. I hope it's not a too difficult mission.' I walk in the hall in the tower and see Sakura at the end of the hall.

"Kakashi-sensei? What the hell happened to you? "Sakura asks.

"Oh…nothing Sakura" I try to smile and then I walk past her to see Tsunade. 'Sakura is smart, she can tell I'm lying.'

I enter Tsunade's office while she is doing some paper work.

She lifts her head from the paper work. "Ah, Kaka— what happened?" she asks.

I see Shizune flinch. 'Hmmm…'

"Just bothering my team and one of them got their revenge on me." I smile.

She sighs. "Be careful, especially with your team. When they get mad they will get you." She says with a straight face.

'You don't have to tell me that…I already know' I think bitterly

She sighs again. "Ok! Now your mission…"

~*Viva La Yaoi*~

How did Sakura get in the closet..?

~Sakura's POV~

'I wonder why Tsunade-sama wanted to see me. Maybe it's to help her with her paper work again. Or retrieve a team that she needs to send a mission on.'

I peeked my head into her room "You wanted to see me Tsunade-sama?"

"Yes, please come in Sakura." She stops doing her paper work and puts her elbows down on her desk and rests her chin on her hands.

"Yes what is it?" I ask as I walk in.

"First we are making a video of the ninjas of the village."


"It's for Iruka; he wants his students to know some of the great ninjas in our village. I want you to interview some of the ninjas, to show the young ones the places where they live. Iruka wants to show his students how important it is to be a ninja. He also said to make sure to get Naruto." Tsunade says as she picks up a video camera and hands it to me.

I grab the camera. "Sure, I can do this" I smile at her. 'Man! This sounds like a pain.'

"Do this today and report what you got. And tomorrow you and Team 7 will meet at the gate for a mission tomorrow. Kakashi will tell you your mission then. You are dismissed."

I nod and start to walk out. I walk down the hall and there is see Kakashi. 'Wow he looks like shit!'

"Kakashi-sensei? What the hell happened to you?" I ask.

"Oh…nothing Sakura." he says trying to smile as he walks past me.

'He is so lying.'

I walk out and start to walk around to find out where to start. 'Oh! I should start with Naruto and Sasuke! Their place is nearby.' I turn around and start to walk where they live. I bumped into other ninjas on my way there, for the video. When I made it to Sasuke's and Naruto's place, I had already gotten interviews from most of the ninjas, all I had to do now was to get Ino's interview, the other ninja's houses and these two lovers.

I arrive at Naruto and Sasuke's house and knock, but no one answers. I reached to the door knob and tugged on it. The door was unlocked so I decided to start videotaping their house, since they weren't home. When I went in, it was big and pretty messy. 'I thought Sasuke liked his place clean.' I decided to video tape the living room first, but when I was starting, I hear some noises coming downstairs. 'Oh shit! There home!' I looked around to find a place to hide and saw a closet. I ran in there and closed it fast. I controlled my chakra, so Sasuke couldn't find me. I don't hear any voices just moving around.

"Take a picture! It will last longer!"

'That sounded like Naruto.' After that, I heard a big thump.

"Ow! My foot!"

'Naruto must have hit his foot, idiot.' Then I hear a little laugh. 'Did I just hear Sasuke laugh?' After that laughter they start to argue, but then I jumped as I heard a noise. 'D-did I just hear a moan? Was that Naruto?' I couldn't help but to open the door a crack and see what was going on. To my surprise I see Naruto in a maids outfit, but that's not what surprised me the most. He was lying on his back as Sasuke gave him a blowjob. 'Oh my god! I-I got to get this! 'I turn on the camera and start to record everything.

"AH! Sasuke!"

Naruto screams. 'Holy shit! I can't believe I'm seeing this! Wait until Ino pig sees this! She will be so jealous!'

"Ha….ah! Sasuke…I-I'm going to c-cum…"

I feel a burst of blood come out of my nose and drips a little on the camera. I don't worry about the blood and just worried that I will miss something, which I bet I won't.

"Do you want it?"

Sasuke says to Naruto as Naruto was above Sasuke. Naruto nods, but Sasuke just grins.

"What do you want?" Sasuke asks.

"I-I want y-you inside m-me…"

"What do you want inside you?"

"I-I want your cock in me!"

I almost lost my balance from the mega nose bleed I'm having. 'Oh god! I think I'm going to die from this.' Sasuke chuckles and lifts Naruto waist up and spreads his cheeks.

"Wait Sasuke!"


"Shouldn't you prepare me?"

"No… we do it everyday, I think you're prepared enough and this time…"

Sasuke slides into Naruto full on.


"We are going to do it rough!" Sasuke finishes his sentence.

Sasuke then grabs Naruto's waist and pulls him up and down.

'Thank you god for making me born!' I still record the whole thing until Naruto and Sasuke came. I quietly closes the door and stop the camera, then cleaned up the blood. 'I must make a copy before I show this to Tsunade-sama, or maybe I should show her this too! I bet if Sasuke finds out, he would want a copy. But first…how do I get out of here?' I move my ear close to the door so I can hear where they are now, but then the door flies open and I fall forward along with the camera. I look up and see a shocked Naruto and Sasuke, but mostly Naruto.

"Uh…ummm…." Was the only thing I could say. So I thought of something. I grabbed the camera and ran out before they can say anything. I ran as fast as I could, making people watch me surprised as I start to get another bloody nose. 'Oh god! I s-saw them….DO IT! And it's all on camera! Sasuke is going to get mad but I can't rid of this! What should I do! Oh I know!' I start to run towards Ino's place, as I hold the camera eagerly; to show her the beautiful sexiness I have just witnessed.

I bet I'm the luckiest fangirl in the word!

~*Viva La Yaoi*~

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