One Gun One Day

By Gurl Wonder


This is an old Batman story that I wrote.

So it probably won't be the best.


It was a quiet afternoon at Wayne Manor. But later that night there was to a party at the manor.

That night…

"Dick come here for a minute."

Dick came in to the main room where the party was being held, "Yeah Bruce?"

Bruce smiled at his ward his friend Emilio was standing with him, "Would you go to the library and get the book on fishing?"

Dick nodded, "Sure hold on."

When Dick got there he saw a figure. "Whose there?!?" He turned the light on and saw that it was the Joker.

The Joker turned around, "'s Wayne's Ward. How nice. Ugh, Get him!"

Dick was about to yell for Bruce when something hit his head. He fell to the ground holding his head. "Ow…"

Joker grabbed the prized jewel of India then knelt beside Dick, "Tsk Tsk Grayson. I thought you knew better." He took a syringe out of his pocket and filled it with a green liquid. "Have a nice nap Dickie!"

He injected the liquid in to Dick's arm. Dick instantly fell unconscious. "Nice boy but no brains. Come on lets get out of here before someone gets curious about Grayson's ware abouts."

In the main room of the party Bruce and Emilio were getting worried. "Bruce shouldn't your ward be back now?"

"Yeah he should."

"Lets go check on him. I just have this bad feeling that something is wrong."

End Chapter 1


I know not very long.

But I am having a brain block and I really want to get this posted.