Best Friends Forever

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Summary: From age 5, Morgana, Merlin and Arthur were the best of friends. They each had a bracelet, Morgana's said 'BEST', Merlin's said 'FRIENDS', Arthur's said 'FOREVER' and his was the first bracelet to break. It appeared as though 'FOREVER' was not meant to be.


Clutching tightly to his mother's hand, Merlin allowed himself to be steered towards the entrance doors of the school. To the five year old boy, the building of Ealdor Primary School looked large and intimidating. So many fears flickered through his head. What if he got lost within this maze of bricks? What if he didn't make any friends? What if he wasn't smart enough to understand what his teacher taught him? What if his mummy forgot to pick him up at the end of the day?

"Relax Merlin." Hunith said as she patted his dark messy hair in an attempt to make it look neater. "There's nothing to fear."

"Why do I have to come to school mummy?" Merlin asked as he stared up at her with his big blue eyes.

"Because you're a big boy now." Hunith told him proudly as she crouched down to his level and took his hands in her own. "And big boys go to school so they can learn things and make friends. You'll enjoy yourself, I promise. Now, let's go and meet your teacher shall we?"

Merlin nodded his head though it was clear from his expression that he simply wanted to hold tight to his mum and just go home.

They stepped into the classroom together and Merlin looked around the room. There were many tables and chairs around the room and a carpet space beside a small shelf of interesting looking books. As Merlin scanned the walls he found a lot of bright coloured pictures were pinned up on the display boards and as he looked out of the large windows he could see a playground and a large field.

A few children were already sat down on the carpet area playing together and as one of the boys turned round to look at him, Merlin pressed himself closer to his mum not liking this strange dark haired boy at all.

Hunith introduced herself to the teacher and they shook hands before the teacher bent down to say hello to her new pupil.

"Hello Merlin." The pretty lady said. "I'm your teacher, Miss Coulby."

"Hello Miss Coulby." He replied shyly.

"Why don't you say goodbye to your mummy and then go and sit down with the others?" Miss Coulby asked kindly.

Merlin cast a look to his mum looking hesitant.

"It'll be alright Merlin." Hunith told him as she pulled him in for a cuddle. "You be a good boy and have a good day."

"Bye, bye mummy." Merlin replied miserably as he watched her go with reproachful eyes.

Another child had entered with their parents and Miss Coulby was talking to them now.

Bringing his thumb up to his mouth, Merlin cautiously made his way over to the carpet area. He stood slightly apart from the others just watching them as they played. The new blonde girl who had entered skipped over to the group of children and happily introduced herself as Princess Vivian. As easily as that, the other children accepted her and handed her some toys to play with.

In came another girl with china skin and long dark hair that was pulled into a neat braid that ran down the length of her back. She had full lips and sparkly eyes and was wearing a pretty pink sundress.

The dark haired boy that Merlin didn't like stood up and took the beautiful girl's hand in his and pressed a kiss to it.

"Yuck!" The girl cried wiping her hand on her dress.

"Come and play with me." The boy said as he grinned at her with snot streaming down his nose.

"No thank you." She replied.

She moved past him and sat beside the other girls who were already playing on the carpet. As Merlin watched, he saw speaking to Princess Vivian before she rolled her eyes at the other children then stood up making her way over to Merlin.

"Hello." She greeted brightly.

"Hi." Merlin replied, his voice muffled slightly due to the thumb in his mouth.

"My name's Morgana LeFay." She told him. "But you can call me Gana. We're going to be great friends. What's your name?"

"I'm Merlin." He told her as he pulled his thumb out of his mouth.

"Merlin's a stupid name." The dark haired boy who had kissed Morgana's hand said nastily.

"Well you have a stupid face." Morgana retorted in Merlin's defence before taking her new friend's hand and leading him to the other side of the carpet that was closest to the books. "Can you read?"

"Yes." Merlin replied proudly. "My uncle Gaius taught me."

"I can't read yet." Morgana admitted. "I love looking at the pictures though. Hey I know, you can read to me."

Morgana than selected the book that had the most attractive cover and she and Merlin sat down together and the boy read the story to her, only having a small bit of difficulty with some of the longer words.

Children were still arriving and saying goodbye to their parents and Miss Coulby was greeting everyone and helping the new children settle.

One of the last children to enter was a blonde haired, blue eyes boy. He was accompanied by a tall man wearing an expensive suit. Although all the other parents had chatted to Miss Coulby for a few minutes and hugged or kissed their children goodbye, this man merely shook the teacher's hand then patted the blonde boy on the shoulder before leaving.

The blonde boy took a seat at one of the tables and looked over the other children.

Merlin had just finished reading Morgana the story of 'Sleeping Beauty' when Miss Coulby called for all the children to sit in a circle on the carpet.

Holding hands, Merlin and Morgana sat down together beside Miss Coulby's comfy chair and the other children seated themselves around them. Apart from the blonde boy. He stayed at the table still surveying all of them.

"Arthur." Miss Coulby called sweetly. "Aren't you going to come and sit with us?"

Arthur shook his head and some of the other children started whispering.

"Ok." Miss Coulby replied offering the blonde a smile. "Maybe you'll sit with us next time. Now, we're going to go around the room and everybody is going to say their names and then tell us something about themselves. I'll start. My name is Miss Coulby and I love chocolate cake."

The teacher then indicated for Morgana to speak next.

"I'm Morgana LeFay." She spoke confidently as she sat up a little stranger. "And when I grow up I want to be the Devil."

"That's different." Miss Coulby laughed before indicating for Merlin to introduce himself next.

"I'm Merlin Emrys." He said shyly. "And for Christmas I want a pet unicorn."

"Don't be stupid." The dark haired boy said. "Unicorns aren't real."

"Valiant, that's not a nice thing to say." Miss Coulby told the rude boy. "Now apologize to Merlin."

"Sorry." Valiant huffed folding his arms across his chest.

They continued on around the circle each child introducing themselves and saying something about his or herself.

"Now you Arthur." Miss Coulby said encouragingly.

"I'm Arthur Pendragon." Arthur told the class. "And my father doesn't love me."

"Oh Arthur, I'm sure that's not true." Miss Coulby told him and the blonde just shrugged.

During the time remaining until morning break, Miss Coulby and the children went through their ABC's together as well as counting up to one hundred and identifying the names of shapes Miss Coulby drew on the blackboard.

At break, they headed out onto the playground. Most of the children ran around playing 'Tag' but Merlin and Morgana played in the sandpit whilst Arthur sat by himself on a bench watching the others play.

"Arthur looks said." Morgana sighed as she discreetly looked over at the blonde.

"Maybe we should ask him to play with us." Merlin suggested.

"No." Morgana replied. "I think he'll come and play when he's ready too. Guess what Merlin."

"What?" He asked looking at her in wonder.

"I'm getting sand in my knickers." Morgana giggled and Merlin couldn't help but laugh too.

After break they were back in the classroom and Miss Coulby had them all sit at a desk. She then handed them some paper and crayons and asked them all to do a drawing of anything they wanted.

"Wow, good art work kids." Miss Coulby complimented as she walked around the room peering over their shoulders. "That's beautifully coloured Vivian."

"I know." Princess Vivian replied smugly.

"Nice work Valiant." Miss Coulby said as she looked over the boy's drawing of a green squiggle that she took to be a snake. "Lovely Morgana." She smiled as she admired the girl's picture of a raven. "Brilliant Merlin." She praised. "Very imaginative."

"Thank you Miss." Merlin grinned as he picked up an orange crayon to do the fire coming out of his dragon's mouth.

"What are you doing Arthur?" Miss Coulby asked as she moved around to the blonde who was once again sat alone. She looked down at his paper to find that it was untouched.

"I don't feel like drawing today." Arthur told her.

"Never mind sweetie." Miss Coulby said as she rubbed the boy's back wondering what could be troubling the boy. He didn't seem to be settling in as well as the others. Perhaps his father's hasty leave was the reason behind it.

After eating lunch, the children were taken out onto the playground again. Miss Coulby and some other teachers were walking about making sure the children behaved and that nobody got hurt. Miss Coulby was also keeping a close eye on Arthur who was once again sat alone on a bench watching the other children play.

Eventually, Arthur stood up and made his way over to Merlin and Morgana who were playing hopscotch.

"You have big ears." Arthur told Merlin as he reached his hand up to touch one. "I like that."

"Oh…thanks." Merlin replied a little uncertainly as he fiddled with the hem of his shirt.

"You have long hair." Arthur then said to Morgana. "It's pretty. I want you two to be my friends." He said decisively.

"Group hug." Morgana ordered with a smile holding her arms out to the two boys.

The three new friends wrapped their arms around each other and Morgana placed a kiss on top of the two boys' heads. Seeing the interaction between Arthur and the other two, Miss Coulby smiled.

"We're going to be best friends." Morgana told the two of them in a voice that suggested she knew something the others didn't. "Forever and ever."

"Forever and ever." Merlin and Arthur echoed together before they returned to their game of hopscotch, this time with Arthur joining in.

To Be Continued

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