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Still age 15

When Merlin and Arthur waltzed into Camelot School hand in hand they were met with a girly squeal of delight. Shockingly, the squeal did not come from Morgana, Freya or Gwen, but from Will.

As everybody turned to look at him with raised eyebrows, Will shifted uncomfortably and scratched his butt. All three girls rolled their eyes at him though there was a definite hint of fondness in Freya's irises. She was also the first to envelop the new couple in a hug.

"About time." She said speaking more towards Merlin than Arthur.

Gwen smiled happily at the two boys with her hands placed over her heart.

"I'm so happy for you." Gwen gushed in a dreamy voice. "You look so beautiful together."

"Faggots." Valiant hissed viciously as he passed them with Vivian dangling off his arm, though the two quickly hurried away when Morgana sent them a heated glare.

"One of these days I really am going to murder him." Morgana seethed as she glared at Valiant's retreating back.

"Leave it Gana, he's not worth it." Merlin told her. "We're always going to get the odd homophobic remark like that. You can't beat up every homophobe who insults us you know."

"I'm sure I could." Morgana insisted causing them all to chuckle slightly.

"Come on, we should get to class." Gwen said and they all made their way up to the building.

Before entering the classroom, Morgana looked over her shoulder and smiled as she saw Merlin and Arthur kiss.

"That's my boys." She said proudly.


Later that day, when Merlin and Arthur had English, they headed to the back of the classroom and sat down together so close that their thighs were touching.

Looking over at them, Miss Read's face broke into a radiant smile. They smiled back at her and both boys mouthed a 'thank you'.

As she taught the lesson, Miss Read found herself fiddling with the necklace beneath her shirt. The sight of the two boys at the back staring lovingly into one another's eyes and touching each other up beneath the table rather than pay attention caused the guilt she felt about her old best friends to ease somewhat.

"Miss Read," Morgana said when the lesson ended and the other students filed out for lunch. "I just want to say thank you. I don't know what you did but it really worked."

"You're welcome." She replied. "I'm just glad I could help."

"I like your necklace." Morgana commented as the teacher began fiddling with it again.

"I never take it off." Miss Read told her as she showed it to her pupil to give the girl a better look. "I've had it since I was about your age, younger even."

"Who are 'B' and 'C'?" Morgana asked nosily as she examined the handmade initials above and below the inscription of 'FOREVER'.

"Bradley and Colin." She answered. "They were my best friends growing up. Just like you, Merlin and Arthur. They didn't get their happy ending though."

"I'm sorry Miss." Morgana said sympathetically. "For a moment I almost thought my boys wouldn't get their happy ending either. But they did, thanks to you."

Miss Read smiled at her pupil before unclasping her necklace and placing it down on her desk.

"I thought you never took it off." Morgana said in confusion.

"Perhaps it's time I did." Miss Read replied as she picked up a pen and began scratching onto the pendant. "It's weird, for years I've felt like I was being choked by pain and guilt but now that the necklace is off… it's like I can breathe properly again."

Morgana stayed silent as she watched her teacher work and a few minutes later Miss Read handed the necklace to her. Looking down, Morgana saw that the initials 'A' and 'M' had been added.

"I want you to have it." Miss Read told her.

"Oh no, I couldn't." Morgana tried to argue but her teacher was firm in her decision and helped her hook the necklace around her neck. "Thank you."

Miss Read nodded to her with a smile and Morgana headed towards the door. Before she left, she paused and turned to look back at her teacher.

"Miss, what's your first name?" She enquired.

"Morgause." Miss Read answered.


After weeks and weeks of teasing and flirting with one another, Will and Freya finally got together.

It was a Thursday afternoon and everybody was gathered in the canteen. Will and Freya had been squabbling over some ridiculous thing and the argument had escalated until they were standing a foot away from each other yelling until they were red in the face.

"I hate you!" Freya had shrieked before storming away.

She hadn't got very far when Will jumped onto the table and started singing:

"And I hate how much I love you girl; I can't stand how much I need you…"

Freya, along with the rest of the student population, turned round to stare at Will in complete fascination. The most surprising thing of all was that Will was actually a fairly good singer.

"And I hate how much I love you girl…" Will continued starting to dance as well. It would be correct in saying that Will's dancing skills did not measure up to his singing ability. "But I just can't let you go, and I hate that I love you so."

He dragged out the last note then flipped off of the table and landed firmly on his feet. The canteen erupted into applause and Freya blinked several times wondering if she'd fallen asleep in History class and started daydreaming.

"Frey, this really is happening." Merlin whispered to her and he nudged her towards Will encouragingly.

Tucking her hair behind her ears Freya stepped up to Will and looked at him shyly. He was grinning down at her goofily with his hands in his pockets.

"I fancy you like mad alright." Will told her.

"I like you too." Freya replied with a smile.

They grinned at each other and Will pulled his hands out of his pockets to run one through the brunette's hair and rest the other at her slim waist.

"Do I get to make out with you now?" Will asked as he waggled his eyebrows.

"Yes!" Morgana and Gwen answered before Freya could open her mouth.

The entire canteen watched as Will and Freya leaned towards one another and shared their first kiss receiving laughter, applause and wolf-whistles. When they pulled apart, everyone got a full view of Will's erection tenting his trousers.

Age 16

On Arthur's sixteenth birthday, he had been dragged round to Morgana's house and Mrs. LeFay had cooked a meal for them. Merlin was also there along with Will, Freya, Gwen and Leon.

Morgana had gotten fed up with waiting for Leon to make the first move so she had made it herself. During a P.E lesson she had walked into the boys' changing room causing quite a stir amongst the half naked teenage boys. She then marched up to Leon, complimented him on his cock size, pinned him to the wall and kissed him before informing him that they were going on a date later that evening. Although shocked, Leon was clearly delighted and the two had been together ever since.

For Morgana's sixteenth birthday, she had a disco. Although she didn't like that many people she generously invited them to her party. After all, more guests meant more presents and one could never have enough presents.

Shortly after Morgana's birthday, it was Merlin's. His mum asked him what it was he wanted to do and he decided to keep it simple. Although sixteen was an important number he didn't feel the need to celebrate it with a huge party.

Instead, he hosted a sleepover with just Arthur, Morgana and himself. He had his other friends over during the day but the night was just for the three of them, like old times.

As Merlin's bedroom was small, they were sleeping downstairs on the living-room floor. After watching Morgana's favourite movies and stuffing their faces with pizza and ice-cream, the three old friends sat talking quietly about their younger years.

"Do you remember when we went on a school trip to France?" Arthur asked. "And I found that piece of jaw bone in the caves."

"Oh yeah." Morgana said. "And you spent loads of money on strawberries then found out you could have gotten them cheaper somewhere else."

"Ha, I remember that." Merlin laughed.

"And you kept getting sunburnt." Morgana remembered referring to Merlin. "The teachers had to keep telling you to stay out of the sunlight and stay in the shade."

"What about our trip to Wales?" Merlin asked. "That medieval village we went to, do you remember?"

"Ha-ha, our class practically destroyed that place." Arthur laughed. "The owners were not impressed."

"And the chicken. Do you remember the chicken?" Morgana asked. "It kept following us around."

The three of them laughed at their fond memories before Merlin let out a large yawn.

"It's probably time we got some sleep." Arthur said reasonably.

"Oh no, not yet." Morgana pleaded as she sat up on her knees. "I want you two to make out for me first."

"What?" Merlin and Arthur spluttered together.

"Oh come on." Morgana begged. "You know how much I enjoy seeing you two kiss. It's adorable and hot all at the same time. Come on, just one kiss."

"No, it's weird." Arthur replied.

"Fine." Morgana huffed. "I guess I'm just going to have to sing all night long."

She opened her mouth threateningly and that was enough to get the two boys to cave in.

"Ok, ok, one kiss." Merlin told her hurriedly.

"Yay!" Morgana said triumphantly as she clapped her hands together and looked expectantly at the two boys.

"I still say this is weird." Arthur muttered as Merlin moved closer to him. "Her obsession with our relationship is unhealthy."

"Just pretend she isn't here." Merlin advised.

They faced one another and brought their mouths together. The kiss was slow and unhurried and they took their time exploring one another's mouths with their tongues. Merlin moaned into the kiss and Arthur ran one hand through Merlin's hair and ran the over down his back to squeeze the boy's bum much to Morgana's delight.

They pulled apart and their mouths lingered together for a few moments before they turned to face Morgana who was grinning broadly.

"Don't stop on my account." She said. "I think you boys should carry on."

"I told you we should have got her that gay porn movie for her birthday." Arthur quipped.

"I'd rather see my two boys in action." Morgana told them.

"Fine, another kiss, but that's it." Merlin told her.

"With your tops off this time." Morgana interjected before their lips connected.

The two boys rolled their eyes before peeling off their shirts. This time, their kiss was hungrier as they put on a show for Morgana and danced their hands across one another's exposed flesh.

After pulling away from Merlin's mouth, Arthur moved down to Merlin's neck before venturing lower to suckle at his nipples then kiss and lick down his stomach. He even sucked at the bulge in Merlin's pants through the material of his night trousers before moving back to his lips again.

"There, that's your lot." Arthur said to Morgana. "Now it's time to sleep."

"I really do love you guys." Morgana sighed as they all settled into their sleeping bags.

Arthur was in the middle with Merlin to his right and Morgana on the left. Both of the dark-haired teenagers cuddled up to the blonde resting their heads on his chest. He placed an arm around each of them and closed his eyes preparing to sleep.

"Any chance of a threesome?" Morgana asked half-joking and half-serious.

Merlin chuckled in a mixture of shock and embarrassment whilst Arthur rolled his eyes and muttered something under his breath before turning onto his side and gathering Merlin in his arms with his back to Morgana.

"I don't share LeFay." Arthur told her firmly.

Age 17

Although they had been together for over a year, Merlin and Arthur still hadn't had sex. They'd kissed, they'd groped, they'd had a shower together one time and Arthur had licked Merlin's arsehole out but they had not engaged in full-on intimacy.

Though Merlin had been fully satisfied with the sensual kisses and occasional hand-job or blow-job, he decided that he wanted to take their relationship to the next level.

He invited Arthur over to his house when he knew his mother would be elsewhere. He had no idea how to be seductive so he had asked Morgana for advice. She had told him that all he needed to do was put on some music and perform a strip-tease, and then Arthur would be begging to take Merlin to the bedroom.

When Arthur arrived, Merlin led him to his bed room and indicated for him to sit on the bed. He then moved to his C.D player and skipped to the right track. As the first verse kicked in, Arthur just raised an eyebrow in question at the song choice.

"It's Gwen's C.D." Merlin informed him.

"If you say so." Arthur replied.

As the chorus started, Merlin began to sway his hips and wiggle his bum in front of Arthur.

*I'm a slave for you* Merlin toed off his shoes and kicked them to the corner of the room. *I cannot hold it, I cannot control it* He turned back to face Arthur then slipped off his socks and threw them over his shoulder. *I'm a slave for you. I won't deny it, I'm not trying to hide it* Merlin slowly peeled off his top and tossed it to Arthur who was watching the boy dance with a smirk on his lips. *Baby, don't you wanna, dance upon me* Merlin thrust his pelvis in front of Arthur's face. Merlin then hooked his thumbs into his jeans and pushed them down his hips. He got them down to his knees before he overbalanced and tumbled backwards causing Arthur to laugh and Merlin to blush.

Groaning in embarrassment, Merlin scrambled to his feet and switched the music off then kicked his jeans the rest of the way off. He then moved to straddle Arthur on the bed and the blonde immediately stopped laughing.

"Arthur, I want…" Merlin trailed off not knowing how to word his desire. Instead he stared deep into Arthur's eyes hoping his boyfriend would understand his meaning.

"Want what?" Arthur asked trying to sound oblivious but the glint in his eye betrayed him. He clearly knew what Merlin was asking for but he obviously wanted the pale boy to say it out loud. "Come on Merlin. Tell me."

Flushing slightly, Merlin dipped his head down and melded his lips against Arthur's. He then pulled back before leaning into Arthur's ear and licking the shell. The sensation made the blonde shiver and grip Merlin's hips tight.

"I want us to… fuck." Merlin said.

"Say please." Arthur instructed with a smirk.

"You've got to be kidding me." Merlin thought out loud. He rolled his eyes then moved off Arthur's lap and positioned himself on the bed with his arse in the air. "Please fuck me." He said quickly, his face burning in embarrassment.

"No." Arthur replied and Merlin moved into a sitting position and swallowed a lump in his throat as the feeling of rejection washed over him.

Merlin made a move to pull his clothing back on but Arthur caught him by the wrist and stopped him. The blonde then took a gentle hold on Merlin's chin and guided his face to his own and pressed a chaste kiss to his lips.

"I don't want to fuck you Merlin." Arthur told him softly. "I want to make love to you."

Merlin blushed harder as his face broke out into a wide smile. They kissed again and Merlin got to work on helping Arthur undress. Once they were both fully nude there was a slight feeling of awkwardness as neither teen knew what they were doing.

It was Merlin who dared to move things along by kneeling on the floor between Arthur's spread legs and taking his length into his mouth. Arthur rested himself back on his elbows and watched Merlin work. They kept eye contact throughout, Merlin watching as Arthur's chest moved up and down and Arthur watching his cock disappear down Merlin's throat.

When Arthur was getting close to release, Merlin pulled away and moved back up to kiss the blonde. Arthur then manoeuvred them so that Merlin was on his stomach and Arthur scooted down to the bottom of the bed and rubbed his hands across the globes of Merlin's ass.

He parted Merlin's soft pale cheeks then dipped his head down to lick all the way from Merlin's balls, over his tight hole then along his crack. A small whimper escaped Merlin's lips and the sound went straight to Arthur's groin. He squeezed his lover's butt cheeks lightly as he flicked his tongue around Merlin's opening.

Pulling his mouth away slightly, Arthur placed kissed all the way up Merlin's spine to the back of his neck.

"Do you have lube or something?" Arthur asked in a whisper.

"Drawer." Merlin answered.

Arthur leaned across and pulled out the tube of KY Jelly. He was surprised to find that the tube was half empty.

"I borrowed it from Morgana." Merlin explained.

A small look of revulsion crossed Arthur's handsome features before he shook it from his mind and squeezed a generous amount of lube onto his digits. He gently fingered Merlin's opening before probing inside and loosening the boy up.

"Condom?" Arthur asked when he felt Merlin was prepared enough.

"Didn't get any." Merlin replied sheepishly. "I wanted the first time to be… you know… you. I want to feel you."

Arthur just smiled down at him and kissed his lips lightly before using more lube to coat his cock. He then guided Merlin onto his back with his knees up and his legs spread. Slowly, he eased his way into Merlin's passage.

A wince of pain escaped Merlin and he turned his head to the side and bit down on his lip. Arthur muttered a string of apologies mixed with reassurances as he gently pulled out before pushing back in again. For the first few minutes, it sounded as though Merlin was in pure agony but soon he was groaning in pleasure and arching his hips upwards to meet Arthur's thrusts.

"I love you." Merlin gasped.

"Love you too." Arthur returned as he rested his forehead against his lovers as he continued to move in and out of him.

Age 18

Morgana and Leon broke up. It was a mutual decision with no hard feelings left afterwards. There was no animosity between them and neither had cheated on the other or anything of the sort. They just decided that they weren't really in love with one another and they worked better as friends than as a couple.

In contrast to this, Gwen met a twenty year old named Santiago and the tall, dark, handsome man had swept Gwen off her feet and the two seemed very much in love.

For Arthur's eighteenth birthday, Morgana had persuaded Uther to finally throw his son a proper birthday party. There was music, there was alcohol, there was food, there was karaoke, and there were a group of extremely muscular male strippers and a heck of a mess to clean up in the morning.

During the summer, Will and Freya had taken their first holiday together. They spent a fortnight in Las Vegas and came back as a married couple.

Age 19

Arthur and Merlin had their first big fight as a couple. In the New Year, Merlin had bumped into Lancelot at a pub one evening. The two started talking over a drink of beer and were laughing happily together when Arthur arrived to meet his boyfriend.

Although the situation had been perfectly innocent, Arthur was filled with jealousy. When they got home to the flat they shared Merlin had told Arthur he was being childish. They argued before Arthur stormed out.

That night, Merlin slept alone in their shared bed crying silent tears. He kept trying to call Arthur but the blonde would not answer his phone. When he returned the following morning he was sporting fresh love bites on his neck.

Arthur confessed to getting drunk the night before and cheating on Merlin with someone else.

Angry and hurt, Merlin shouted at Arthur to pack his things and move out. The blonde had just shut the lid of his suitcase when Merlin started apologizing and crying begging Arthur not to leave him.

"No Merlin, this is my fault." Arthur said as he pulled the taller boy to him. "I'm so sorry. I love you so much. I'm sorry. You're my boy, baby. Forever."

"Forever." Merlin echoed.

Age 20

Whilst Merlin was training to be a doctor, Arthur was learning the ropes of his father's business. Working with his father brought the two Pendragon men closer together and as it neared Valentine's Day, Arthur suggested his father started dating again.

After deep consideration, Uther took his son's advice. Shockingly, his first date was with Morgana's mother.

"It's so wrong in so many ways." Arthur commented to Merlin as they sat in front of the T.V with their takeaway pizza.

"I think it's sweet." Merlin replied. "And hey, if things work out maybe they'll get married. Then you'll have Gana for a step-sister."

"As I said, so wrong is so many ways." Arthur repeated.

Age 21

Morgana decided to go travelling. They all bid her farewell at the airport and wished her luck. She beamed at them all before skipping off obviously excited with the prospect of seeing the world.

"I bet you that as we speak, our Morgana is officially becoming a member of the mile high club." Will said.

"William." Freya scalded as she hit her husband in the chest.

"What's the mile high club?" Morgana's mother asked and Uther grinned in response before whispering something in her ear that promptly made the woman blush.

Age 22

When Morgana returned from her travels, she brought a dirty-blonde haired man named Alvarr with her. She had also come to the decision that she wanted to become a teacher.

Later that year, Arthur's father and Morgana's mother did in fact marry thereby making the two old friends step-siblings.

Age 23

On their anniversary, Merlin and Arthur took a trip down to London to see the musical 'Rent'. After the theatre they dined in a posh restaurant. All around them were couples, families and business associates who were clearly middle and upper-class.

For the fun of it, the two lovers slurped at their food and chewed with their mouths open. They also burped several times earning themselves plenty of disgusted looks which only added to their amusement. Eventually they were asked to leave but Arthur refused and insisted he get his pudding first.

When they made it back home they made love and just as Merlin was slipping off to sleep Arthur asked him to marry him.

"Yes." Merlin replied happily suddenly wide awake and the two made love again.

Age 24

Morgana was now a trainee English teacher at Camelot Secondary School, Miss Read no longer worked there.

During her first term there, Morgana witnessed the break down of a friendship between two boys named James and Morgan and a girl named Katie.

One day, she kept the two boys behind and told them two stories. One story was about two boys named Colin and Bradley the other story was about two boys named Merlin and Arthur. After telling the two stories she asked the two teenagers which ending they'd prefer to have for themselves.

The two boys looked at each other, blue eyes meeting blue, blonde hair and dark hair. Finally, James pulled Morgan to him and crushed his lips against the other boys.

The following day, Katie had thanked Morgana for her help. She smiled down at her pupil before unfastening the necklace she wore and handing it over to Katie.

"Forever." Katie read aloud.

The End

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