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Hermoine couldn't sleep.

It wasn't a big suprise, since the war no one could.

She would toss and turn, and lay there, trying not to think.

She couldn't help but to.

She had nightmares, and sometimes, afraid to sleep because of them.

Everyone in the Burrow was having them.

Mr. Weasley had to put sound-proof charms on the walls to keep people waking from sobbing and screaming, too.

She was currently staying at the Burrow, in one of the many spare rooms they had now.

She couldn't help but to see all the people who died,

Remus, Tonks, Fred, Snape, Colin. And the other 50 more. Including her parents.

She thought they would be safe, but in fact, far from it. No one else knew.

She had to keep smiling, keep cheerful, no one else was. She just wanted to cry.

George didn't smile anymore. Percy didn't talk, and wasn't his boring self. Mrs. Weasley wasn't fussy. In fact, no one was themselves anymore.

The war had changed them.

She knew she had to stop thinking like this.

It was messing with her. Everything was. Everyone was so paranoid.

She could feel the warm tears running down her face.

Some one opened the door, and she expected it to be Ginny, talking to her about Harry again.

She smiled, at least someone, or people, for that matter, were picking up their lives from the pieces they were.

She didn't expect Ron to appear.

"Hey." He said softly

"Hey." She replied.

He walked over, got in the bed with her.

She didn't expect this.

Or, for that matter for him to curl up and sleep with her.

She decided she liked this suprise.

She closed her eyes and smiled.

That night, Hermoine Granger fell asleep.

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