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[Story begins]

Letting out a sigh, a hyperactive kid was not so hyperactive today as he sat quietly behind the desk even though it was the day after graduation.

"Hey what are you doing here Naruto? Only people who graduated are supposed to be here." A pineapple haired boy lazily asked as he passed by the blonde.

Naruto just slouched over deeper into his arms that were crossed on the desk, and unexcitedly tapped his forehead which now adorned his brand new hatai-ate.

"He passed? But I could have sworn he didn't yesterday... and why is he acting all depressed today, he's never like this in class..." Only one thought followed up in the Nara's mind. "Troublesome."

One shy girl in the corner of the class thought she knew why though, and looked on at the boy she admired in concern. "Oh Naruto-kun... he's still worried about last night..."

[Flashback to yesterday night]

A tear stricken girl was running through the forest of Konoha because she knew that she couldn't stay inside of the village if she wanted to be out of view of those eyes. "I-I can't believe he said those things to Kurenai-san... I knew he thought I was too weak for the clan, but I didn't..." The girl thought as the salty liquids came back in full force out of her pale lavender eyes.

This was not how she planned today would be like. She had just graduated from the academy... she thought today was the day that her father might be proud of her. However, when her soon to be sensei Yuhi Kurenai came to the compound and requested an audience with her father, the harsh words that she overheard coming out of his mouth was not what she expected.

The pain she felt from each word her father spoke about her as if it left a bad taste on his tongue was too much to bear. She couldn't stand there anymore and take it, so she fled for just tonight, at least tonight. Now she was in the forest, not even registering that she somehow was able to slip by the all seeing eyes of the Hyuuga even though she was considered 'weak' by their supposed standerds.

Her legs didn't stop moving until the one thing that always seemed to cheer her up surprisingly came into sight. "N-N-Naruto-kun!?" Instantly, she hid behind a large bush before he noticed her. "Wh-what's he doing here?"

Said boy looked rather ragged as he sat in front of a large scroll and read its contents. "He looks like he was training... but why is he out so late?"

"Oh this one looks good. Ka-... Katsu Hak-... Katsu Hakke Bunshin? (Split 8 Trigram Clone)" Naruto read out, and then scratched his head as he mulled it over. "Well I already learned one bunshin from this scroll; it wouldn't hurt to learn another just in case the first one isn't good enough to let me pass."

Deciding to at least try it, he began to slowly go through the hand-signs, memorizing the order as best he could so he wouldn't slip up when he really tried it.

The girl looked on; watching him train always seemed to put her at ease. Plus the frustrated face he made when his fingers jumbled up together made her giggle. "His face is so cute..." She absentmindedly thought before she caught herself. "Eh? C-c-c-c-cute!? Why did I just think Naruto-kun was c-cute!?"

Yes, that's right, until just recently this shy little bluenette has been catching herself over and over with these kinds of thoughts for the one she thought she just admired. She had no idea where the thought had come from, or why it started, but it always seemed to have the same effect whenever she noticed.

First her face would heat up, second was averting her eyes from the cause of the heat, third was continuous self loathing on why Naruto-kun wouldn't appreciate such thoughts coming from her until she calmed down, and lastly, directing her eyes back to the source of it all until it repeats again.

Right now... she was on stage three.

"Oh god. Why did I just think that? He wouldn't want to be thought of as c-cute, especially from someone like me. Boys want to be thought of as cool or strong, not c-cute..."

She wasn't able to finish it though as a tormented cry came out from Naruto.

"AAAAAAAGH!" The blonde shouted as he cradled his stomach and laid in the fetal position.

Pale eyes widened at the sight, and her little feet instantly rushed over to his side without a moment's thought. "N-Naruto-kun! What's wrong!?" She didn't know what to do. He wasn't responding to her, and her mind was racing through a million thoughts at once.

Her body acted on it's on as it sat down, placed the boys head on its lap, and kept one hand on his head, while the other rested on his hands cradling his abdomen. "I-I have to do something to help him!" She thought as tears streamed down her eyes from the pain he was feeling.

She didn't have to though, because as soon her body made contact with his, Naruto's cries seemed to die down significantly when his hand grabbed a small soft tender one for strength. His teeth clenched shut, and within minutes the seething pain was down so much that Naruto was now taking deep breaths to gain control of himself.

"N-Naruto-kun?" The worried girl asked in a soft voice as she looked down at him with hope in her eyes that his condition was better, not even noticing that her hand was squeezing back.

The blonde barely registered his name, but soon closed eyes opened back up to the world with blurry vision. As his eyes adjusted he looked towards the source of the sound. "Ugh... who?... Hinata?"

Her normal thinking process seemed to kick back in at the sound of her name, and for the first time she became aware of how close she actually was to those blue orbs. "H-H-H-Hai. A-a-are you o-o-ok N-N-Na-N-Naru-..."

"Argh, that stupid scroll didn't say anything about it going to hurt. Did I do something wrong? Hmm, where's that scro-" Naruto's interruption was cut off when he reached out for the forbidden scroll, but then felt something hold him back. His eyes searched for the thing that anchored him down, and when he found it, he just scratched his head and gave a toothy grin. "Neh Hinata-san... You think you can let go of my hand?"

Confused pools of lavender looked down at where the two connected, and her already pink cheeks flushed as dark as a lady bugs wings. "Eep!" Hinata screamed as she let go, turned around, and began poking her index fingers together. "G-G-G-G-Gomen. H-H-Hontou ni gomen ne N-Naruto-kun."

"It's alright –ttebayo. Anyways, what are you doing he-" That's when a thought went through his head. "Shit I'm in the middle of a test right now! What if they see Hinata and think she helped me, or forget that, I wasn't supposed to be seen in the first place until the end of this test! Crap I don't want to fail!"

"Ano Hinata-san, can you do me a favour?" Naruto asked not thinking she would agree to help the dead last, but when he saw her shy head nod; a true smile came on his face. "Can you get away from here for a little while, or at least hide yourself? I'm in the middle of a test, and I wasn't supposed to be seen."

"A-A test?" Hinata questioned since she never heard of a test like this before.

"Yeah, it's like a make-up exam to pass the genin test. So can you just hide in the cabin over there?"

"O-Ok" A part of her didn't believe that this was true as she took a glimpse of the large scroll on the ground, but if it gave Naruto a chance to pass with the rest of the class (and hopefully be on her team), she would help out anyway she could.

"Thanks a lot Hinata." Naruto said with gratitude dropping the 'san' at the end.

"She's really dark and quiet. Plus she's actually helping me instead of messing everything up like someone else would... she's really weird." Naruto mentally complimented with a small smile on his face. To most this would be a strange compliment, but anyone who acts out of the normal way of socializing with the demon brat of Konoha was considered weird to him... but he liked that.

He was about to contemplate on why she was here after she retreated into the shack, but was taken out of his musings when he heard a set of feet land behind him.

"Naruto what do you think you're do-"

"Hey Iruka-sensei, what took you so long? I was waiting here bored out of my mind that I tried learning another jutsu." Naruto interjected with an excited look on his face. "So are you grading my test? Can I show you the jutsu now? It's really cool... well to me at least."

"Test? Jutsu?" Iruka inquired not knowing what the boy was talking about. He looked at Naruto up and down to take in his current condition. "Has he been training this whole time? How could he learn a jutsu in this amount of time, let alone two? I know it took me longer to get here than I expected, but it still shouldn't be possible for him to learn a jutsu from the forbidden scroll."

Yes that's right, it took Iruka a bit longer to find Naruto because a second search for another one of his students had started as well. There were more ninja out, and he had to be extra careful that no one followed him in his search for the boy.

"Didn't Mizuki-sensei tell you? I'm taking the special test to become a genin." Naruto happily informed.

"Mizuki put him up to this? Why would..." Iruka didn't have time to think about it as he felt a wave of killing intent directed at Naruto. It was so small that he was lucky that he was close to the boy to even feel the held back malice. Without a second thought, he pushed Naruto away with his hand before thinking of himself. "Naruto get down!"

Iruka turned around to find the source of the hostility when kunai came speeding out from the foliage of the forest in the man's direction. The academy teacher was only able to bring his arms up and his head down to protect his vitals, and take the onslaught.

When Iruka's body slid all the way to the shack from the force, Hinata covered her mouth to stifle the scream of shock that came out so that she wouldn't be found out. Her body was now shaking, and she huddled herself in the corner out of fear.

With her body in a petrified state, the girl closed her senses to the real world as broken memories of her kidnapping when she was 3 resurfaced. "NO! Oka-san! Oka-san, save me!" She mentally cried out repeatedly for what felt like forever.

"Anybody, please save me! Naruto-k-"

When her thoughts fell onto the blonde knucklehead, she seemed to break out of the nightmare, and move into a fit of worry. "Naruto-kun! He's still outside! What happened to him!?" Wanting to get the answer as soon as possible, she relied on her family's doujutsu and activated her eyes. It didn't take long for her eyes to find him. "There's two people in henge running right behind him. I... I have to help him!"

With slightly unsteady determination, Hinata got up on shaking legs and left the cabin to catch up to Naruto.

[A little time later with Naruto]

"Don't touch Iruka-sensei! I'll kill you!" Naruto proclaimed after kneeing the man hard in the face.

"Baka, why did you come out!? Run away!" Iruka commanded out of concern. In his mind an academy student couldn't defeat a chunin.

Mizuki just chuckled after he got back up. "Hehe, that surprised me you little demon brat, but it won't happen again cause I'll kill you in one shot!"

"Give it a try you piece of trash, I'll return the pain a thousand times over." Naruto said as he placed his hands into a cross shaped seal.

"Go ahead and try Kyubi br-" Mizuki tried provoking until he saw a thousand short orange clad ninjas surrounding him.

"Tajuu Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!"

"Wh-what's going on!?"

"Neh, didn't you say something about killing me in one shot? What's wrong now Mizuki-sensei!?" Naruto mocked before pulling up his sleeves. "Well then, if you're not going to do anything, then I'll start!"

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" Mizuki screamed in horror and pain as Naruto pounded him into the ground.

"He really did split up into more than a thousand... and in less than one day's time..." Iruka thought in astonishment before a smile crept onto his face. "Hey Naruto come over here... I want to give you something."

Naruto walked over away from Mizuki's limp twitching body, and sat down in front of his sensei. He was told to close his eyes, and when he did, he felt his goggles being removed and replaced with something else. Iruka told him that he could open up his eyes now, and with a large smile, the man said what he had wanted to say to the boy all day. "Congratulations Naruto, you pass. Let's celebrate! I'll buy you a-"

Iruka was cut short by a dark chuckle coming from behind Naruto. "Pass? Him? That little demon spawn? There's no way anyone could see him as a ninja!" Mizuki shouted at the end as he started to slowly get up, but as he did a dark purple helix of chakra was spinning around his body. The pressure it caused in the air was intense, not to mention the killing intent that came along with it. The man was now deeply panting, and letting out grunts of pain as his body started to change colour and grow at least one size bigger than what he was. Within seconds Mizuki went from a human, to a bestialise look of a tiger.

"Mizuki, what did you do to yourself!?" Iruka questioned in horror.

"Oh you like it? It's a gift from Orochimaru-sama. I didn't think I would have to use this, but I guess it takes the power of a demon to kill a demon." Mizuki stated, and made a dash for Naruto.

The blonde was petrified in his place; the aura this... beast was giving off was so thick it was hard for him to breath. He couldn't even dodge as he saw Mizuki coming over with a backhanded fist ready to smash him across the face. However his view was cut off by the same sight as before.

"Naruto run!" Iruka commanded as he tried shielding the boy. Unfortunately it didn't do much because as soon as Iruka took the hit, his body was sent flying a couple dozen feet before he was stopped by a tree. The transformation apparently augmented Mizuki's strength.

That seemed to snap Naruto out of his state. His legs were still shaking from fear, but at least now he held an angry look on his face. "Don't hurt Iruka-sensei! Tajuu Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" He wasn't able to put as much chakra into this as he did before, but at least he was able to make around 50 clones.

"Heh." Mizuki smiled with contempt at the demon brat's futile attempt. One by one the clones were kick, pushed, slashed, pierced or bitten by the tiger man as if they were nothing. "You caught me by surprise the last time, but this time it won't be so easy!"

With that, Mizuki grabbed Naruto by the collar of his jacket with one hand, and lifted him off the ground until he was head level with himself. The other hand was cocked back with his finger tips pointing forward ready to pierce. "It's time for you to die demon!" Mizuki's hand shot forward towards the village pariah's heart, and just as the tip of the nail was deep enough to pierce skin, it stopped. Shock was the only emotion on Mizuki's face as he started to cough up blood from his mouth.

"Let go of Naruto-kun!" Hinata ordered as both her hands where on Mizuki's back right behind his lungs. She didn't give him time to respond, and lowered her hands to both his kidneys and sent another burst of chakra out of her hands.

The hand holding Naruto involuntarily let go of him as Mizuki coughed up even more blood. His body then lurched forward to expel the contents of his stomach which was dyed red from the internal bleeding. This sudden movement caused Hinata to jump back away, but she kept up her guard just to be safe.

Naruto was looking at Hinata, from his place on the floor after he was dropped, in incomprehension. "Hinata she... saved me?"

"Argh you little whore! You'll pay for that!" Mizuki swore as he staggered towards the Hyuuga.

Not having felt the killing intent directed at her before, Hinata's body could only shake unconsciously while she was screaming in her mind to move. "Get away! Please, somebody get him away! Naruto-kun!"

The black in his blue eyes dilated in fear. Not for himself, but for the girl that saved him as he saw Mizuki walk slowly but ever closer to her. "I can't do anything... she saved me, but I can't save her... why am I so useless! Why am I so POWERLESS!"

A small quiet suggestion, from he didn't know where, entered his mind. "Use it..." With it came the memory of what he learned from the forbidden scroll. He barely gave it a second thought; his hands started forming the seals as he stood up and gathered the chakra necessary for it. "Katsu Hakke Bunshin!"

A large cloud of smoke encircled both Naruto and Mizuki, temporarily blinding the latter man with it.

"Man, I haven't been out in ages!" The sound of a preteen female said as she stretched. "Cheh... what a weak body."

The smoke cleared and where there were once just two bodies, now stood three. The new individual seemed to look the same age as the other two children in the area, but slightly taller than Naruto. Her raven black hair was long, going past her knees, but looked well kept and together like silk. She seemed to be wearing a blue and black battle kimono that was a bit too big near the top as it exposed her shoulders, but at the same time was cut just above her knees. Underneath though, she was wearing a mesh shirt in the style of a one piece swimsuit that went all the way to her neck, but left her shoulders and arms bare, while her legs were fully covered. The sleeves were long enough to go a little bit past her hands, but had a large opening, making it look like it hung from her arms. Lastly if it wasn't for the bandages that covered her chest over the mesh, one would have been able to see such an area because of how loosely the kimono was tied up, most likely to not hinder movement.

Naruto didn't know what was going on as he looked on in surprise, and just said the first thing that came to his mind. "Wh-who are y-"

"What kind of trick is this now you demon? Is this supposed to scare me? It's just one of your stupid clones in that slut jutsu of yours. You can't affect me with the original version let alone this pathetic attempt of one!" Mizuki shouted in a rasped voice.

One of the girl's onyx eyes seemed to twitch at that. "I don't want to hear that from a man whose father dry humped a disease ridden pussy cat while she was in heat. Must have been pretty hard for her to squeeze out that ugly mug of yours." The girl retorted giving off her own amount of killing intent that overwhelmed Mizuki's.

The man backed up from the force a little bit but stood his ground. "You think I'm scared of a little slut like you! I'll kill you!" Mizuki proclaimed, and with renewed vigour he ran at the girl while forming hand-seals and when he was done, his speed increased tenfold as he disappeared just 1 second before impact.

"Hn, seems like the pussy cat has some claws." The girl said in a mocking tone as she was soon surrounded by afterimages of Mizuki who was running around her in every odd direction so that she couldn't pinpoint his location. Soon Mizuki raced towards her diagonally to her front, and kept it up from other directions but always coming at her from the front. Each time she dodged though, backing up a little bit as she did until her back was against a tree.

"Not so confident anymore now are we?" The afterimages of Mizuki asked with a grin, but were soon short lived.

"Hoo, the pussy cat is all happy because it can do a couple of tricks. Can you also sit, or maybe... play dead!?" Just then she elbowed the tree behind her just above her waist. The afterimages of the traitor soon disappeared, and the tree that was behind her wavered until it revealed the actual Mizuki who was now leaning forward with both hands covering his damaged manhood.

Without giving him time to recuperate, the girl reached back over head and grabbed the man's vest with both hands before she lifted him up, and slammed him down to the ground in front of her. Mizuki coughed up more blood before looking up at his assailant from his spot on the dirt floor. "H-how'd you know it was a genjutsu?"

"Take a wild guess." The girl said looking into his eyes.

Mizuki's own widened when he saw the red eyes with two tomoes around each pupil. "Sharingan!" A slit then formed in the eyes, and with his last ounce of strength he asked her one last question. "Who... *cough*... are you?"

"Your worst nightmare." The girl whispered as her features became more feral before she plunged her now elongated nails into his chest. As the life left Mizuki's face, his body changed back to that of a human, but now significantly beyond the years that it should have been. When she removed her hand from his chest, she licked a bit of blood before spitting it out. "Cheh, I guess such nasty blood was to be expected from a pathetic man."

"I... I made this? What is this thing!?" Naruto frightfully thought as the girl stood over the dead body before she snapped her head in his direction. "What the hell are you!!?"

"Oh I think you know warden..." The girl said as she confidently walked her way over to the shaking jinchuriki. "I'm you, and nothing like you. I'm a part of you, but not made of you. I'm the same as you, but completely different."

"Wh-what are you talking about?" Naruto asked in a panic as his heart was racing with each step she took towards him.

"Heh, you really are stupid aren't you. I'm the reason people hate you, why everyone avoids you, why no one can love you." The girl stated as she grabbed the boy by the throat and lifted him off the ground with one hand.

"K-kyubi." Naruto chocked in a whisper that only the girl could here as he looked into her eyes.

"That's right, and I want out!" Kyubi said as she squeezed a little harder on the boy's neck. "Hehe, to think you look just like the bastard that did this to me. I would have loved to see him suffer, just to get that stupid smile off his face and out of my head."

"L-let go of Naruto-kun!!" Hinata shouted.

Kyubi looked irritated from somebody ordering her around, but when she looked over her shoulder to glare at the source, a smirk appeared on her face before it turned to a grin. "Hooo, this is rare. We have ourselves a little Hyuuga here."

"D-don't hurt h-her." Naruto protested, but couldn't do much about it in his position.

Kyubi just looked back at his cerulean eyes, and saw the fear and concern evident on his face. "It looks like I might get my wish after all." Kyubi said in a malicious voice. "I hope you enjoy the show."

With that, Naruto was released to the ground like a sack of potatoes, and Kyubi sauntered over to Hinata as she licked her lips.

Hinata's mind was in a state of alarm, she got what she wanted, but she didn't think things through. "What do I do!?" Her doujutsu was still activated from the time she had attacked Mizuki, and she could see the strange dark red chakra flowing through the girl which sent a chill down her spine.

"Stay away from her!" Naruto thought in his mind as he staggered to get up.

When Kyubi got close enough though, Hinata's mind went blank, and as if on autopilot, she struck forward with a right hand palm attack. However it was pointless, Kyubi just grabbed her sweater around the elbow of the arm that was attacking, pulled on it for the heiress to miss, and then punched the girl in the gut with the other hand.

"Leave her alone!" The blonde mentally shouted as he fully stood up while panting heavily.

The pain had caused Hinata to lose some strength in her limbs, which Kyubi took advantage as she put a hand under the shy girl's chin and raised her head before she licked the side of her face. "Oh I'm going to enjoy this." Kyubi said in a seductive yet terrifying voice.

"Stop!" Naruto barked in his head as his anger started to build up from seeing the discomforted look on Hinata's face.

In a swift motion Kyubi placed a leg behind the heiress and then tripped her to the ground on her back. She straddled the girl's waist, and continued to slowly lick Hinata down her jaw line, towards her neck, and then moisten around her jugular. The bluenette tried to resist as tears began spilling out her eyes, but the Kyubi just grabbed both her wrist tightly over her head. When she was done licking, the Kyubi brought her head up as she looked down at the spot and just bared her fangs as she said one thing in almost a whisper. "Itadakimasu."

"STOP IT!!!" Naruto roared as red chakra burst out of him in a spiral.

Kyubi felt the tug at her chakra before she could sink her teeth into the innocent girl's neck. She looked back over her shoulder, at the now animalistic blonde, and frowned before she got up off of Hinata. "You dare try and use my power? I may not be able to use all of my chakra in this body because it is equal to yours, but I can still control a lot more of it than you can." Kyubi said with a smirk as she walked away from the limp girl's body, and increased the amount of red chakra flowing through her. "So why don't you just give up now, and let me enjoy my meal."

Naruto just growled at Kyubi, not even caring about the overpowering KI she was letting out, and just put up his fist as his legs got into a ready stance. "Hn, really? You want to fight that bad? You really are stupid. I can see every move you make; it's pointless to fight against m-"

She didn't get to finish her sentence as her world seemed to slow down. Naruto's back leg had chakra explode out of all 58 tenketsu, which shot him forward to Kyubi at speeds, that if she didn't have the sharingan, she wouldn't have been able to see. When Naruto was just in front of Kyubi, his other leg did the same thing but aimed at the ground below him to act as a break. The single stomp to the earth sounded like lightning splitting rock, and the resulting force that shot up his leg went through his body and into his right arm as it too released chakra from all 53 points to thrust his fist into Kyubi's face.

The demon couldn't even dodge, all it could do was watch as the fist made contact, and her body went flying through the forest until she hit one large tree and shatter its trunk. Kyubi's body lay out cold at the remains before all her chakra left her body and she puffed into smoke.

Naruto didn't know what happened, his body just acted on its own, and when the Kyubi's chakra left him, he started to feel the repercussions. "AAHHHHHHH!!" Naruto screamed before his eyes rolled up and he dropped forward unconscious like dead weight.

"Naruto-kun!!" Hinata called out as she got up and ran towards him. She was going to reach down and touch him until she saw the damage done to his body with her Byakugan. "His legs and his right arm are broken. All his muscles are shredded there too. If I touch him I might hurt him, I don't know what to do!"

She didn't have to though, as the Sandaime appeared in the clearing with a couple of medics. "Hokage-sama." Hinata thought with relief before she too passed out.

[In the Konoha Hospital an hour after the incident]

Drowsy eyes opened up to a view they weren't familiar with.

"Hello Hinata." Sarutobi greeted the child sitting in the hospital bed. "How are you feeling?"

"A l-lot better n-now, b-but why am I-..." Hinata replied as she cutely rubbed her eyes with both her fist until the memories came back to her and her eyes shot open. "Where's Naruto-kun!?"

Sarutobi chuckled at the concern the heiress had for the village outcast, it made him smile happily thinking about it. "He's in surgery now, and will be asleep for some time, but the doctors say he'll be fine." The Hokage answered with a reassuring smile on his face. Hinata blushed at her outburst, but nodded her head. "Now just so you know, your father is outside waiting to come see you, but before that I need to ask you what happened."

"H-hai Hokage-sama." Hinata answered before she went through everything she remembered. The Hokage patiently listened, and was glad to hear a more detailed report because of what the girl had seen with her bloodline. With a few questions here and there, and a look of surprise from hearing about the sharingan, the leader of the village had a better picture of what went on. He had stopped looking at his crystal ball after Mizuki transformed and rushed off towards Naruto, so he didn't know what happened afterwards.

"So he learned that jutsu... I was hoping for him to learn it when he would be strong enough to handle it, but it looks like this may be a little bit of a problem... I'll have to keep this information from spreading as much as possible." The Hokage contemplated, before he looked at Hinata's worried face in sympathy. "And it seems she doesn't know about the Kyubi being inside Naruto... that's good, it'll make things easier I guess."

"Hinata I need to ask you a favour." Sarutobi stated


"Can you keep this information between us and Naruto... if people knew what went on I believe they might try something to hurt him."

"Hurt him!?" Hinata's eyes widened in shock, and then she vigorously nodded her head. "O-of course H-Hokage-sama. B-but what do I t-tell people when th-they ask... I can't lie to my f-f-father."

"Not saying anything would be best, but if they force you, just tell them a half-truth. Say that Naruto defeated Mizuki who turned traitor."

"O-ok." Hinata said, more determined to not say anything to anyone. "It's best for Naruto-kun that way."

"Thank you Hinata. Now then I'll leave you to your father." The Hokage said gratefully before he made to get up.

"A-ano... when c-can I leave th-the hospital Hokage-sama?" Hinata asked as she grabbed fist full of blanket in both hands.

"You're technically fine, but the doctors want to keep you in overnight just in case."

"Th-th-then I w-was w-w-wondering if y-you could do m-me a f-f-favour..." A deep red blush formed on Hinata's face which piqued the old man's interest. "C-could I b-b-be in th-the s-s-s-same r-room as N-Naruto-kun?..."

The Sandaime laughed once more at her innocence. "I don't see why not, Naruto could use a friend at his side right now. But won't your father disapprove of you sharing a room with a boy?"

"Th-that's the f-f-favour." Hinata whispered as she quickly brought the blanket up past her nose to hide her embarrassment.

"I'll see what I can do Hyuuga-sama." The Hokage jested using the '-sama' before he left the room with a confident smirk.

[Hokage office]

Sarutobi Hiruzen was looking over the list of fresh genin, and making changes to the teams now that there was a new genin to be added. "It looks like I can't put him on another team than the Uchiha without showing favouritism to Naruto or Sasuke... well at least Kakashi will be Naruto's sensei, so if anything does go wrong with Naruto, he'll be able to handle it." The Sandaime thought not wanting to put someone else against a possible sharingan user. "If only I could switch Hinata with Sakura though... if she just had some sort of tracking skill I could put her with Kurenai but I can't..."

The aged Hokage could just rub the bridge of his nose as he let out a sigh when he thought about Hinata. "Hiashi is probably done reprimanding her now... maybe I should have stayed a little longer..."

He was taken out of his thoughts though when he heard a knock at his door and a voice he recognized, but a little more serious than usual. "Hokage-sama... may I come in?"

"Hai Anko, you may enter." Sarutobi replied and was surprised to see the woman make a normal entrance into his office and give a bow as she looked away from his eyes ashamed. "What could have happened now?"

The woman quietly sat down and shifted nervously in the chair. "What is it that you wish to tell me Anko?" Sarutobi asked breaking the silence and getting serious himself.

"I wish to report a crime against... Uzumaki Naruto." Anko said in a dejected voice.

"What crime would that be?" The Hokage inquired as he intertwined his fingers in front of his face and his elbows placed on his desk showing her his full attention.

"During the search for Uzumaki-san, a few searched his home... including me..." Anko started before taking in a deep breath. "When we entered we didn't find him there, but soon people in the search party started to vandalize the place and... pushed me to do the same. When they ran out of things to break, they decided to set the place on fire. I... I didn't want any part of this, but I didn't stop them either so I'm just as guilty."

Her grip on the armrests tightened until her knuckles went white and she was holding back sobs as she hung her head. "I just went along with it because I thought they were finally accepting me... even though I knew it was wrong. I thought if I kept quiet that it would just blow over, but when I got home I felt so ashamed of myself that I couldn't even sleep." Anko tried to explain, and then looked at the Hokage with a couple of tears slowly dripping from her eyes. "I did something that I never liked directed at me, to someone else... I-I thought I could just prove myself to the village with my strength, but I... but I-I... I'm so sorry for failing you Hokage-sama! Please, just please punish me! Just do something!"

The woman totally broke down at this point as she cried into her hands.

"This is Anko?... She hasn't show this much emotion since Orochimaru left her. For ten years she's never shed a single tear and now..." The Sandaime mulled over the situation, and he let out a frown at what he had to do. Quickly he stood up from his chair, and spoke in a commanding voice. "Yes you are right, you should be punished Anko. What you did was a crime, and not stopping it or reporting to me right away was just as bad... I will need time to think about what type of punishment you should receive. For now I want you to give me the names of everyone involved, and I want you to spare no one."

"H-hai Hokage-sama." Anko flinched from the tone of the voice, and was handed a piece of paper with a pen by the Hokage. The authority in the Sandaime's voice was harsh, but it seemed to compose the emotional woman a lot quicker.

He didn't like using that tone, and he didn't like the amount of names Anko was writing down, but it had to be done if he wanted to get the information out of her. A smile however did form on his face as a thought went through his head while watching the woman. Grabbing a small piece of paper, he wrote something down on it, and folded it before handing it over to Anko. "Also, since you won't be getting any sleep, I want you to watch over the occupants in this room. Should they need guarding than you shall do so with your life, do I make myself clear?"

"Hai Hokage-sama!" the snake summoner said as she took the information and shunshin'd out of the room.

Sarutobi just flopped back on his chair rubbing his temple as he looked at the list Anko made. "It's just one thing after another... and now I have to find some place for Naruto to live." He said to himself as he massaged his brow.

Contrary to what happened tonight, the Hokage never let any physical harm come to the boy outside the norm and gave him everything he needed to live; such as food, money, clothes, a place to live, and an education like any other regular child to a certain point without it being seen as special treatment. He got away with a lot of things too in that area when he compared Naruto to the Uchiha boy, but still could not give him the same luxuries. Anyone who tried to harm the boy because of his burden where quickly dealt with and punished... he had a special place in the prison just for them too. The only time the citizens ever vented their anger towards the boy was with petty vandalism, and that happened rarely. Usually it was during times when the Hokage was preoccupied with other things like tonight and they believe they could get away with it. Sometimes they did, but most times they didn't. The only thing the man couldn't protect the boy from totally was how the citizens treated him... they had their own rights and opinions no matter how stupid they were.

A mischievous smirk appeared on Hiruzen's face when he noticed something about the list. "Oh, this should be good."

[Some time later at the hospital]

It was night but she couldn't sleep. How could she? The boy she admired, and today her personal hero, was in a dead sleep just meters away from her. "Naruto-kun is here! I'm sleeping in the same room as Naruto-kun!" Hinata delightedly mused, while a little chibi Hinata was doing its happy dance in her head.

Said hero was in a hospital gown just like his roommate, and the blanket was scarcely on him as it slightly hung off the bed. Hinata on the other hand lay on her side towards the blonde with the blanket wrapped around her only showing her eyes and her small nose to hide any evidence of the light pink blush on her face. All she did was watch how his chest rose and fell at a calm pace, how the moonlight bounced off his golden hair, how the small expressions passed through his face as he dreamt, and how his one good hand would randomly scratch a place on his body.

"Naruto-kun..." Hinata dreamily thought before an image of a chibi Hinata and Naruto hugging each other as they slept entered her mind. She instantly turned redder than the red light district Jiraiya must have been walking through during this time of night, and covered her face completely. "I-I shouldn't have such thoughts about Naru-"


"Oh what's wrong Jiraiya-chan? Are you coming down with a cold?" A half-naked hostess asked as she poured another glass of sake for the man surrounded by three different women.

"Hahaha, don't worry Chi-chan, it's nothing it's nothing." Jiraiya chuckled as he downed another glass. "It's probably just another satisfied woman talking about how great I was last night."

The girls giggled before one of them lightly slapped the man's chest. "Oh Jiraiya-chan, you're such a player."

"I know right, hahaha!"


"You alright Tsunade-sama?"

"Huh? Yeah I'm fine. What was I talking about again?" The woman asked as she took another sip from the bottle.

Her companion tried looking away and changing subjects. "Um, I don't think it was really that important Tsu-"

"Oh yeah that shtupid jerk Jirentai, he left in the morning like I was shome short of one night shtand..." Tsunade divulged in her intoxicated state, before she started laughing. "Pffft Jirentai! That'sh a good name for him- hic!"

[Back with Hinata]

The girl didn't get to finish her thoughts as she heard the door to the room open, and she immediately acted like a lumped together blanket because she didn't know who was there. Naruto's name was the only one officially signed up for this room. She could hear two sets of footsteps coming in and the wheels of a cart being pushed along. "It's probably one of the nurses or doctors here to check up on Naruto-kun."

"Urgh, I can't believe we're the ones stuck with taking care of this... thing. It doesn't even deserve to waste our time on it when we could be helping real people." One voice said in a tone that was not in Hinata's liking.

"Yeah well it's our job to do so..." Another woman said before she held a look of contempt. "So let's do our job."

With that hidden suggestion, the woman demonstrated. Grabbing a sponge, she barely dipped it before she dropped it on Naruto's chest. "See, there I gave him a sponge bath." She said and then laughed.

The other woman caught on, grabbed the ointment, dipped her pinkie in it, and then dabbed it once on Naruto's shoulder. "And I applied the medicine." Both women quietly laughed at this, before the other woman shushed them both and grabbed something from the cart. "What are you going to do with that?"

"Shhh, just watch." The woman said through held back laughter. Hinata didn't like the way the two were talking, and activated her doujutsu to see what was going on. When she saw the nurse rubbing Naruto's flaccid penis, she quickly deactivated it in embarrassment, and her mind started to become overwhelmed with what she just saw.

The woman didn't stroke him for long, just long enough so that it wasn't limp but neither fully erect. "Cheh, only on a demon." One of the nurses said, and then jammed a small tube into the hole at the tip. There was a lot of resistance, but the woman just forced it in, causing Naruto to squirm and grunt incredibly uncomfortably. "There, now he won't wet the bed; just doing my job."

Both women laughed, and hurriedly walked out of the room. When the door closed, Hinata was snapped back into reality, and removed her covers to check up on Naruto's status. He was panting and slightly sweating as his head twist and turned in irritation. Every now and then his one good arm would try to reach the spot that ached, but when it tried to fix it, it only caused him more pain as he let out low groans or soundless gasps. Small mumbles would leave his mouth saying "Take it out" or "It hurts." His member was getting more and more erect by the second in response to the previous stimulation, causing his already narrow hole to tighten around the tube. Just the look on his face showed how much pain he was in, and he must have been extremely drained to not wake up through it all.

"D-don't worry Naruto-kun. I'll help you." Hinata reassured with a concerned look in her eyes. She just wanted him to stop feeling the pain, so she grabbed the tube and yanked on it, only for Naruto to yelp in pain before she let go. "G-gomen, I did m-mean t-to..."

"I-I have to pull it out carefully... so that means..." Hinata thought as she looked towards the tent in Naruto's gown and gulped with a red blush on her face. "I-It's f-for Naruto-kun."

Hesitantly Hinata pulled up his gown, and with an unsteady hand, grabbed Naruto's rod just under the head to keep it still. "I-I can't even wrap my hand all the way around it. It's so hard and hot, but soft against my skin... NO! BAD HINATA! Stop thinking about Naruto-kun's p-p-p-..." She couldn't even say the word in her mind. Shaking her head to get the thought out completely, she once again grabbed the tube near the tip this time, and slowly pulled it out, apologizing each time he made a sound of pain.

Naruto's face soon held a look of relief, and after covering up his modesty, Hinata's did too. Her blush had gone down a lot as well... until she noticed her hand hadn't let go of him. "NO! LET GO! You're not a perverted girl. Bad hentai hand, bad!" The shy girl mentally scolded her hand after she let go. Once again she was in control of her blush... except for a little bit of pink every time she glanced at the tent. She shook her head once again to get the thought out, and pulled the blanket over it to hold it down... but it didn't help much.

For now though she was at least in control of her emotions... if someone had come in or if Naruto had woken up... "Oh god I would have just died!" Hinata thought even though she would just probably feint from the shock. Luckily a shock did come when she wasn't in a compromising position.

"What are you doing?" Anko asked as she walked into the room causing Hinata to respond with an 'eep'. She looked at the girl standing next to Naruto's sleeping form with a tube in her hand and a tent not too far from her. This caused her to quirk a purple eyebrow.

Hinata explained about how the two nurses came in and instead of caring for him, they ignored him. Anko was infuriated, but it still didn't answer her main question, so she asked once more. The shy girl only blushed as she looked at the ground and continued on with the story. "O-one of the nurses took this t-tube, and touched N-Naruto-kun's p-p-... p-p-p-"

A little impatient because of her new anger, Anko spoke "Spit it out!"

"PENIS!" Hinata shouted in surprise, and when she did she covered her face with her hands afterwards.

Anko's anger seemed to be more controlled as she held back a laugh from Hinata's outburst. "She's really pure and innocent."

After a moment, Anko asked her to continue and Hinata dropped her hands but wasn't able to look at the woman straight in the face. "S-she took the tube and f-forced it i-in through the end. N-Naruto-kun was in a lot of pain because of it, so I..." She trailed off and her blush got deeper.

"Ok, maybe not that innocent." Anko thought as she gave a small laugh, not being able to hold it in. Her smile disappeared though when she looked at the sleeping boy, and felt the shame from before come back. She held up her mask though, and looked to Hinata with anger on her face again. "Tell me who these bitches are, and I'll make them pay, one way or another."

"A-ano... b-before that could you h-help me lift up N-Naruto-kun?" Hinata quietly asked as she poked her index fingers together. "Th-the nurses that came in s-sounded like th-they had to w-wash him b-before putting on h-his medicine... and I'm afraid someone else might hurt him again so..."

"A-Alright... I was ordered to guard him, so I guess this counts towards that." Anko spoke in a subdued voice when Hinata said someone might hurt him. "... If she knew what I did today... she wouldn't trust me to do this like the rest of them... I have to make it up to the boy..."

Anko got close to the boy when Hinata grabbed the sponge off his chest, and soaked it in the soapy water. The blanket was soon removed from the boy, and the heiress let out a sigh of relief when she noticed the tent was gone.

"Why are you doing this for him?" Anko asked still feeling a little shame as she carefully lifted the boy up so that he was sitting, and undid the string in the back of the gown to expose his upper body.

Hinata's cheeks turned rosy at the sight of his unveiled chest, but walked a little ahead so that she could start on his back. "N-Naruto-kun is th-the kind of p-person who m-makes you feel happy wh-whenever you're around h-him if you get t-to know h-him, and... he saved my life..." Hinata explained with a small smile and blush on her face. "That's wh-why... if I can do anything to make him feel b-better that much f-faster... I'll do it..."

Anko was a little stunned with the way the little Hyuuga spoke about him and how she diligently worked to scrub him clean. Her eyes then moved from the girl to the face of the village outcast. "I know it's not right to judge people up front... but could someone more lonely than me really make people happy?... There were a couple of times I thought about killing myself, how can he put up with it?" Anko thought with empathy, but now had a little more respect for the boy. "He really must be special if he can get an innocent girl like her all over him... well a little naughty but pretty much innocent."

The last thought made Anko giggle and Hinata looked at her confused while she was towelling off Naruto's back. "Oh it's nothing, forget about it." The special jounin waved off, and then placed Naruto back down in a sleeping position. "You can clean the rest of him without me now, so I'm going to go outside to teach some... worthless whores proper bedside manners."

"W-w-wait, I c-can't-"

"Bye bye shoujo-chan. Make sure you clean ever single part of him. Don't miss a spot." Anko teased as she walked out of the room, and gave Hinata a wink before she left.

Hinata flushed at the possible hidden statement in the woman's words, but ignored them and continued on giving the boy a sponge bath. She enjoyed the relaxed look on his face when the warm water went over his skin, and she giggled every time he hummed in delight. Sometimes she would catch herself staring, and quickly chided herself for such actions. When she had to clean his right arm, she was a little more careful with the pressure she was exerting, but it didn't seem like he was in that much pain anymore.

She did the same for his legs, but when the bottom of his gown got in the way, she just scrunched her eyes shut, and pushed forward underneath it. If her hand accidently brushed against his package, she instantly flinched away in embarrassment, calmed herself down, and continued to clean him. The same thing would happen when she had to towel him dry, but when it came to actually drying him between his legs, she composed herself as best she could, and quickly dried it off.

"I can't believe I just did that." Hinata thought mortified as she hid her face behind her hands. It was inevitable... the towel was only so thick, so she couldn't help but feel the shape of it when she dried it off. After a couple of minutes controlling her breathing, she looked at the cart for the medicine, and found the unscrewed ointment the nurse had opened before. "I guess I have to put this on his arm and legs, but where exactly does it hurt?"

With that thought in mind, the veins around Hinata's eyes bulged as she pumped chakra into them. "Amazing... the doctors must be really good, his bones looked like chips of wood before, but his muscles are still a little bit torn... that must be where it hurts." Hinata thought and began to gently work the ointment into his skin. A few moans of approval for the massage were given out by Naruto, and it made Hinata increase a few shades, but feel appreciated at the same time. "H-he likes what I'm doing to him... does it really feel that good?"

The shy girl tried to imagine if it were the other way around... with her skin bare to the outside... and his strong hands roaming it, needing it... She had to stop herself when a drop of blood trickled out her nose. Secretly, she was already enjoying moving her own hands over his warm skin; anymore stimulation was not required.

As she calmed down, she noticed for the first time little wisps of red chakra had started moving towards the areas covered in ointment, and seemed to use it to heal Naruto's muscles rapidly compared to before. "It's the same colour that he and that girl used... why is it like that..."

However she didn't get to think about it for long, when she was finishing up around his legs, moon like orbs noticed a part of Naruto standing at attention as if begging for the same treatment that his other body parts got. Hinata eep!'d in surprise but quickly covered him up with the blanket before anyone could walk in. Having finished taking care of Naruto, she began walking towards her bed until the boy's good hand shot out, and grabbed her wrist in protest.

The hold wasn't painful like the one that girl had put her in that left bruises on her wrist, but it wasn't slack either. The sweat warmth from his hand was spreading, as if melting her, causing her natural reaction to appear on her cheeks again. "N-N-N-Naruto-kun, p-p-please l-let g-g-go of m-my h-h-h-h-hand." His response was a grunt in objection to her request. She started trying to pull her hand out as she repeated herself. "P-p-please N-Naruto-kun, If a-anyone s-s-saw- Eep!"

The village's most surprising ninja had pulled back in disapproval, causing Hinata to fall on top of his chest with her face just inches away from his. Totally flabbergasted, the heiress tried speaking once more. "Na-Na-Na-Na-Na-Na-Na-"

"Hooo... now what do we have here? You're a little more daring than I thought girlie." Anko snickered catching Hinata completely off guard as she was bent down at her head level only a couple of feet away from the girl.

The torture specialist only saw the girl's face turn into a tomato before her eyes rolled up in her head and she feinted. Not being able to restrain herself, Anko laughed to her heart's content before she picked up Hinata. That's when she noticed the hand anchoring her down. "Oh this should be good." The woman thought with a gleam in her eye, and positioned Hinata snugly next to Naruto under the blanket. "Thank me in the morning girlie."


"It's so warm... it feels nice..." Hinata mused as she felt the relaxing heat surrounding her body. The knots in her muscles seemed to unravel as it soothed her skin, and a rhythmic beating was next to her ear which made her completely calm.


The sound of someone clearing their throat threatened to wake her up, but Hinata wouldn't have it, and just hugged the warmth closer to her. "No... I don't want to leave..."

"AGHHUM!" The throat cleared louder.

Pupil less eyes fluttered open to the world, and with a moan of irritation from the sunlight hitting her eyes, the Hyuuga focused her eyes on the source of the noise. "... Hokage-sama?..." Hinata thought sleepily, before her eyes shot open. "H-Hokage-sama! G-g-good morn-Eep! N-N-N-Naruto-kun!"

The fuel for the warmth that she felt earlier was discovered... under her head. Instantly, she got out of bed with a blush, took a few steps away from Naruto, and bowed to the Hokage. "I-I-I don't kn-kn-know how I-"

"No need... Anko already explained it to me." Sarutobi said as he held up a flat palm telling the girl to stop.

Said mischievous woman interrupted at that point. "Did you have a nice rest?"

Hinata just looked to the ground, and poked her fingers together.

Sarutobi chuckled at this behaviour, but was quickly cut off by an irate blonde. "Argh jiji, why are you making so much noise?" Naruto asked as he sat up with closed eyes and hands over his ears.

"Oh glad you could join us Naruto, good morning." The Sandaime greeted with a smile.

"Yeah, yeah. Morning to you too jiji. Neh, why am I so cold, and- AH!" Naruto asked before he opened his eyes and then quickly closed them. "Why is it so damn bright!?"

The professor's curious eye watched Naruto as Anko closed the blinds of the room. "Thanks a lot, ano..."

"A-Anko... Mitarashi Anko." The woman introduced as she took a deep bow, not being able to look the boy in the eye. The gesture surprised Sarutobi because he had never seen Anko bow that low to anyone before.

"So why am I here in the hospital again ji-" The memories of last night came back to him, and he shot out of bed. "What happened to Iruka-sensei and Hinata, jiji!?"

"Calm down Naruto, Iruka's fine. He'll need a crutch for the next three days, but he'll be fine, and Hinata-san is right over there." The Hokage informed as he pointed to the blushing girl.

"G-good m-m-m-morning N-Naruto-kun." She whispered giving a bow.

It was then that Naruto noticed his state of dress, and thanked god that it was just the top part of the gown that was hanging. "Ah!..." Naruto shouted as he clumsily, put his arms throw the sleeves before he scratched the back of his head, and gave his fox like smile. "Ahehe, g-good morning..." He then leaned towards Sarutobi before he whispered. "Hey jiji, where are my clothes? I don't like wearing these things."

"Oh well unfortunately because of last night your clothes where cut up by the doctors so that they could fix you, so you don't have any clothes here, however..." The Sandaime explained, but then handed the boy a new set of clothes. "Someone volunteered (looked at Anko) to get you some new ones and I told them your taste."

"Wow... thanks jiji." Naruto happily said and then looked to Anko. "Thanks nee-chan."

The woman blushed at the familiar tone he was using, and once again felt guilt pang through her heart. "Y-your welcome... Naruto."

Oh the Hokage was gonna milk this guilt of hers for as long as he could. "This is only the tip of it." The Hokage then got the attention of the two children in the room. "Now then I think you two should get changed, and Hinata-san I think you should go home to prepare for the rest of the day after your done."

"H-hai Hokage-sama." Hinata responded, and then pulled the curtain around her bed like Naruto was doing so that she could change privately.

Naruto's nose started to twitch when he took off his gown, and he started sniffing until he stopped at his chest. "Oi jiji, I smell a little funny... not a bad funny, it actually smells good... did somebody put something on me?"

"Eep!" Hinata flustered before she bumped into a medical cart.

"Are you ok Hinata?"

"H-hai." She answered in a low voice while the two adults laughed quietly.

It didn't take long for Hinata to get her clothes on, and start heading towards the door. "I-I-I'll be going b-back home n-now. Th-thank you Hokage-sama for yesterday, thank you Mitarashi-san as well... a-and a-a-arigato N-Naruto-kun f-for s-s-s-saving me. G-g-goodbye." And before they could say the same, Hinata ran out the room with red cheeks.

"Hey wait Hina-"

"Let her go for now Naruto, you'll see her later today anyways. Right now I need to ask you a few questions, and I know you want to do the same." The Hokage instructed, and then gave a quick hard look at Anko. The woman nodded and left the room for the two to be alone. "Also, there're a few things I need to tell you, like the surprise waiting for you after class."

[End of flashback, back in the classroom]

Naruto had turned a couple of heads around in surprise for either the forehead protector on his head, or the clothes he was wearing... sometimes both. It was still full of orange but a little more subdued in brightness.

He wore a dark orange t-shirt that had black flames along the bottom of the torso and sleeves. His pants on the other hand were all black on the outside except for a thick line of his favourite colour going down the side, plus the inside of his pockets and pants (but no one needed to know that, he just needed to know that). The only other colour on him was a red spiral on the left shoulder of his shirt. The holster and pouch were in their appropriate places, but still he was getting a couple of curious looks.

However no matter how nice the clothes were, it didn't improve his mood. He had gone over what happened last night with the Hokage, and it forced him to take a hard look at his actions, which only ended up making him think sadly in one way. "I'm a baka... dattebayo..."

A man with a scar over his nose came into the class room with a piece of paper, and stood at the front, facing the fresh genin. "Alright class quiet down." Iruka informed. "I'm going to call out the new teams."

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