Katie's Story

Katie sighed. Another day with the new kids. Another day being one of the most underestimated Olympian cabins.

"Hey Katie." It was Connor Stoll. Lovely. She turned around to face him. "And what do I owe the displeasure of your company." She said in a flat tone. "Or did you come to tell me that someone – cough, cough, you- cover the roof of my cabin with chocolate bunnies." She spat out the last two words. She hated chocolate

He held his hands up, as if he were surrendering. "I was just thinking-"

"For once, wait, about me? I'm touched. Not!"

"About how you could go home, yet you stay year round. I was wondering, what's your story."

She smiled. For once, something interesting was going to happen. Scooting over, she patted the ground. "Sit. This might take awhile."

Connor raised his eyebrows but did as she said. "This is going to be interesting." And he meant it.

I know, short, but this is more a prologue. A lick before a bite. That was weird. Anyway, I was compelled to right this because Katie was hardly even talked about in the series. Plus, I thought a Connor/Katie story would be cute.

Peace, love, happiness.