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"You better not interrupt, or I'll-"Katie started.

"Somewhere along the lines of make me wish I hadn't yada yada yada." Said Connor.

"Didn't I just say don't interrupt?" Katie asked.

"Well, we don't always get what we want now, do we?"

"Is it a child of Hermes thing to be annoying or is it something you acquired over the years?"


Katie started to get up and leave. "Bye. You obviously were just joking around when you said you wanted to talk to me so bye."

"Katie, no! Sorry. There, I said it, happy?"

"Ecstatic." was Katie's cold reply.

Wow Katie really is bipolar.

"So, my dad, Daniel-


"- grew up in Kansas. He was a huge, cereal lover. He-"

"What does cereal have to do with anything?"

"Connor, interrupting!"

"Sorry. You know, today I've said that more times today than ever before."

"So as I was saying, my dad was raised like a farm boy. Sadly, he still talks with that mid western accent."


"Shut up, Stoll."

"Make me." Katie responded to this by having a very long strand of grass come up and start to strangle him.

"Ack! Katie!"

Katie laughed at Connors misfortune.

"I hope you're feeling better now that you've almost killed me."

"As a matter of fact, I am feeling much better, thank you Connor for asking. Now, are you going to let me talk or do I get to go back to my cabin. I'll take your silence as a yes. Where was I? Oh yeah! Wow, I really sounded blonde. You just shut up, Stoll. I don't care if you weren't talking.

"Someone's getting telepathic." Muttered Connor under his breath do the demo- I mean Katie, wouldn't hear him.

So, when it was time for him to go to college, he went to NYU. Don't ask why. My father first met Demeter when he was visiting relatives in upstate New York, who owned an apple orchard."

"Are you getting to anywhere with a point anytime soon, Gardner?"

Funny, that's exactly what the goddess named Demeter said when she met Daniel Gardner. She had been browsing through the apple orchard, where Daniel's cousin worked by the way, looking for an apple close enough to gold in color so Eris and Hera would stop bragging about their golden apples. Here she was; the goddess of agriculture, mother of the goddess of spring, without a golden apple! She had found one of a close enough right hue of golden yellow when someone's gnarly, calloused, hands picked it up and plopped it right in to their mouth.

And that made Demeter a very, very, angry goddess.

And never make a goddess angry unless you wish to be immediately destroyed.

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