PLEASE READ FIRST!! Takes place in one of those alternative ending scenarios us fans like to create, whereas the four links decide not to re-join together to form the original Link, and in my story Shadow can move from one Link's shadow to another during the day and only becomes a solid person at night.

Continues on from the Just so Red story, this one also contains a little Shadow/Vio.

Just so Blue

By StarRose

"Vio, why does Shadow like to stay with you?" Red asked, holding a finger to his chin in thought as he walked behind Vio and stared at his shadow, the shadow that occasionally didn't move the same way that Vio did.

The four Links were currently travelling across a hillside to the nearest town, planning for a couple of nights of sleep in a comfy bed for once and to also stock up on supplies. It was early evening and the sun was gradually making its way down the sky, making each Link's shadow long and thin under the slowly fading light, all but Vio's shadow anyway.

"Well, considering what we went through together I'd imagine he simply likes me better than you guys." Vio said, with a slightly satisfied smirk to his lips.

"Heh," grinned Blue, walking past Red and Vio, "Either that or he just likes to stare at your butt all day."

An uncharacteristically deep blush formed on Vio's cheeks and he stopped walking at Blue's words, the shadow behind him looking as though it was in a state of silent hysterics.

"Guys." warned Green up ahead, sensing a possible argument that, as usual, Blue would be the one to start.

"Hmm? But we all have the same butt." Red pointed out, grabbing Vio's arm and making the stunned blushing Link move his legs again.

Blue looked over his shoulder at him, brow twitching slightly at the way Red clung to Vio's arm, "No we don't, yours is—"

It was now Blues turn to stop in his tracks, a mortified look on his face when he realised what he was about to say out loud.

Vio noticed this, and grinned, "Oh?"

Red grinned too, though a lot more innocently, and perked up, "Mines what?" he said excitedly.

If Blue ever finished his sentence with the planned word of "cuter", the other Link's would never let him live it down.

His blush matched Vio's.

"N-nothing dammit shut up!"


It had been almost a month since Vaati and Ganon were defeated, and the four Links, plus Shadow, had been travelling the land finishing off the last few remaining demons that wandered aimlessly without a leader. The four of them had decided not to return to their combined original form after the battle, the friendships they'd made were something they didn't want to throw away, and in their hearts, which of course were technically Links' heart, they could feel it was the right move and what Link wanted too. As soon as they had decided that, Shadow appeared, not literally, but as Vio's shadow. He'd grinned and did a thumbs up to the group, before slithering over to Blues shadow, then Reds and Greens. It seemed during the daylight he was able to move freely between their shadows, as he was technically all of their shadows, and at night had the same physical form he had before, to which he frightened the life out of Red that very night when he rose up behind Vio just as the sun sank behind the hills. Although Red wasn't frightened for long, when he realised who it was he had glomped Shadow happily, causing the dark Link to plead toward as Vio to get this strange happy thing off him.

So after saying their goodbyes to Zelda, and promising they'd write to tell her of their travels (with a suspiciously long goodbye between Green and Zelda which made the others smirk between themselves), and also saying goodbye to their father, who was conflicted with emotions that he'd sort of lost his son but had also sort of gained 4 other similar sons anyway, the group set off on their exploration of the lands, happy to still be together.


Arms folded casually, Vio smirked at the sword being pointed at him, before locking eyes with its owner at the other end, "Gladly. You aren't sharing a room with Red because I don't trust you to be decent."

"Um, gentlemen, c-could you please not have a sword fight in the lobby?" asked the pretty receptionist behind the desk, hand raised slightly in the air towards the four identical young men that had walked into her hotel.

Blue ignored her and growled loudly at Vio, "Why you-!"

"No Blue!"

A warmth was pressed against Blue's back as arms wrapped around his chest from behind. Red squeezed him tightly, holding back the hot-headed Blue as he tried to lunge towards Vio, who remained perfectly still, and doing nothing but smirking at him.

"RED GET OFF ME!" he yelled, but Red just held tighter, squeezing his eyes tightly shut and pulling back as much as he could as Blue's sword swished from side to side in front of Vio's irritatingly calm face. With one last smirk towards Blue, Vio turned his head towards the receptionist.

"Sorry about this, but we'll take the three rooms for the two nights."

"Um, you know there is enough beds in both rooms for the four of you, you don't need to book out three rooms." She pointed out.

Green, who'd been standing at the side lines watching with an exasperated expression, walked up to the counter, "It's okay we need the three rooms, we'll be expecting a….guest, later on." He said, eyeing Blue's shadow, who was currently waggling its fingers by its head up at Blue, to which Vio seemed to greatly approve of.

"Um, Red…" Blue said quietly, who had now stopped brandishing his sword in Vio's face and was now just standing there, a Red limpet attached to his back, "…you can let go of me now." He turned his head a little to try and hide his blush.

Red finally opened his tightly shut eyes, "Oh!" he said happily, and he bounced back with a smile, but not before giving Blue an extra little squeeze which no one else noticed, and that made Blue hate the fact that that one little gesture could make his heart skip a beat so joyfully.

It had been the day after their first kiss in the forest when all hell had broken loose, where they had all been separated from each other, Vio turning traitor, or so they had thought, and the final battle with Vaati and Ganon. Every one of them had been focused so solely on getting the job done that that one little kiss Blue and Red had shared had been it, and it was only after they set out on their journey together after rescuing Princess Zelda, Shadow in tail, that it had been peaceful enough for Blue to realise that he had the rest of his life to live as 'Blue', which meant he was free to be with Red.

This had caused days and days of Blue exploding at random moments at himself! Problems ran around and around his head, wanting to be with Red, not wanting to show weakness or be embarrassed in front of the others, not knowing HOW to be with Red, not knowing if Red was really ready for this, not knowing if Red even REALISED what that kiss had meant and starting to panic in wondering if Red had known what he had done and did he really feel the same way Blue did?

Their relationship hadn't changed, Blue still shouted at him, still hit him, and Red still cried when he did, but then would smile and hug him. It was exactly the same as always.

At least, until a few days ago.

Blue had wondered if he was imagining things, but every time Red would hug him after Blue yelled at him, he would hold on for just that little big longer, that little big tighter, before smiling up at him that little bit sweeter.

During their camps out Red had began to stay as near to Blue as much as possible, to the point on Blue waking up one night, turning over and finding Red laying right next to him, curled up in his nest of blankets cuddling his teddy bear, with the most peaceful adorable look on his sleeping face that made Blue nearly pass out where he lay from the blood rushing to his head.

Blue had quietly moved further away that night, cursing himself for those bad bad thoughts that went through his mind. It didn't help either that because of that little encounter he'd had a very vivid dream about Red, and that when he woke up in the early morning came face to face with a smirking Shadow, who luckily for Shadow the sun came up at that moment and he melted back to the ground just as Blue had reached out to the strangle the laughing shadow at the look on Blues face, with his half asleep lustful dark eyes and flushed cheeks.

Blue had continually tried to step on Shadow throughout that day, until both Green and Vio had asked in annoyance what the heck he was doing trying to stomp on their shadows all the time, Red just looking confused and cute as always.

Now, arriving in their next town and checking into a hotel for two nights instead of camping out, Red was still staying as close to Blue, and still hugging him that extra little bit tighter.

"Okay guys I've got the keys." Green said, turning to his friends, "Blue if you really want to share with Red it's fine by me, I'll sleep in the third single room by myself."

"I don't mind sleeping by myself," Vio suggested helpfully, before Green turned to him and smirked, "You're not sleeping in the single room because you know very well which one of us wants to sleep with you."

Vio stared back at him, deliberately blankly, if only stop the blush coming to his cheeks as Shadow slithered back into his own shadow again, "You really need to think about your words more carefully Green." He stated coolly.

Green grinned at him, "Come on Blue." He said, grabbing the tip of Blue's hat and dragging the complaining Hylian towards the stairs, Red and Vio in tow.


What have I done? Blue thought to himself, after closing the bedroom door behind him and realising he was now alone, and would be alone all night, with Red. Blue had been so inwardly excited at the prospect of staying in a nice tidy hotel for once that he had asked to share a room with Red just out of habit, after all he wouldn't be seen dead sharing with Vio and he and Green would probably end up killing each other if they shared a room. Blue would definitely have killed that damned Shadow if he'd been stuck with him too.

"It must be nice for you to be in a hotel Blue!" Red said, his back to Blue as he unpacked his belongings on the bed, "You're so neat and tidy, you must hate camping outside all the time."

"It's not…that bad" Blue said, the image of seeing Red so close and cute while sleeping that night popping into his mind unintentionally.

"I'm going to go and have a bath!" Red smiled, turning around to face Blue with an armful of towels in his arms, before heading over to the door in the room that led to the attached bathroom.

"Yeah, sure." Blue said, rubbing the back of his head awkwardly, before: "WHAT THE HELL?"

As soon as Red had moved away from the bed Blue could see that it wasn't two singles, but in fact one double bed.

"T-this is a double bed!" he exclaimed angrily at Red, as if it was all his fault.

Red just smiled at him, "Yeah, didn't you hear the receptionist? She only had 3 rooms left and they were all double beds, apart from Green's room. So we get to share isn't that fun?" he grinned happily, Blue just staring at him mouth open, before regaining his composure and crossing his arms, closing his eyes.

"Whatever." He stated, walking over to the bed and turning his back to Red.

As he heard the door to the bathroom open and close, Blue peered over his shoulder back at the door, a slightly worried expression on his face. Did Red realise what he was saying? He looked back down at the double bed in front of him with that same worried expression. Laid out on the left side of the bed were Red's bunny pyjamas, red fabric with little white bunny's all over them, and he remembered that he himself only wore a pair of blue boxers to sleep. A moment passed before a gradual growl rose up from his throat, his brows creasing in a frustrated anger, and he screwed his eyes tightly shut and yelled out in irritation, grabbing his hair on the sides of his head, "DAMMIT ALL!"


"Oh, oh Blue, n-no we can't…" Red protested weakly, eyes closed and neck arched against the bed as Blue kissed down his neck, his tongue leaving a small wet trail across Red's skin.

"Sure we can," Blue whispered against his neck, "No one else is here, it's just us."

The blush on Red's cheeks depended and he whimpered as Blue slowly slid Red's tunic off his shoulders, pulling it down to his waist and letting Blue get one hand underneath Red's undershirt, brushing his fingertips against his warm skin, causing Red to jump a little at the touch and bury his face in his hands in embarrassment.

Blue chuckled, a grin spreading across his face that could easily be compared to one of Shadows. Taking Red's hands, he pulled them away from his furiously blushing face before cupping his cheeks and leaning down, gently licking his tongue over Red's lips.

"I want to ravish you so badly Red."

Red looked up at him, his usual bright blue eyes darkened with longing, "Oh…Blue…" he whispered sweetly, eyes closing as Blue pressed his lips against Red's and-

"What the hell are you doing Blue!?"

Blue bolted upright, head turning quickly to his left with a look of horror on his face at Green standing next to the bed, staring at him with wide eyes.

"I told you he couldn't be trusted with Red."

Blue then snapped his head to his right to see Vio standing there, arms crossed and smug smirk on his lips looking down at him.

"Yeah," came a third familiar voice, and Blue turned back to Red and watched as shadow tendrils appeared from underneath Red, slithering upwards before forming the shape of Shadow above him, a wide grin to his face, "now we're all gonna tease you for being a pervert and softie for the rest of your pathetic little life."

All three of the intruders laughed, and continued to laugh, the colour draining from Blue's face as he seemed to get smaller and smaller, Red disappearing, and the other Link's towering over him laughing and pointing.

"N-no! I-I'm not a pervert! I'm not! A-and I'm not soft, it was all Red's idea! I'm still toughest one of us!" Large tears fell down his cheeks as the Links continued to laugh, mocking his very personality.


Blue awoke with a start, sweat dripping from his forehead, breathing heavily and clutching the duvet covers so tightly his knuckles were turning white. He stared wide eyed into the darkness, waiting for his breathing to calm, and watching as his eyes slowly adjusted to the dark and he could make out the outline of the dresser just ahead of him, and the curtains over the window above it. Taking one deep shaky breath, Blue calmed himself down.

That…..was terrifying.

Is that what his fellow Link's would do if they ever found out about his feelings for Red? Would he really be branded a pervert and softie? He'd never get over it! He'd leave! He'd have to leave because he couldn't live with the thought of them laughing behind his back, taking the piss out of him for turning soft for Red. Dammit he was still the toughest one out of them all!!

A part of him did wonder though if he should be concerned that he was more worried about being called a softie then a pervert, but the thought passed quickly.

Taking another deep breath, Blue closed his eyes to try and get back to sleep. Oh well, the dream had been going so well until that point too. A small blush returned to his cheeks. If Red ever found out what kind of dreams he had about him…


Blue's eyes snapped open, he'd forgotten Red was in the same bed.

"Are you okay Blue?"

Blue could feel the movement in the mattress as Red turned over behind him.

"Did you have a nightmare?

Blue screwed his eyes tightly shut, he swore he could feel Red's eyes boring into him through the back of his head, "I'm fine." He snapped, more forcefully then he had intended, "I just….yeah, I had a nightmare." He said more softly, after all there was no way he could tell Red what he had dreamt.

He felt Red move closer behind him, and his eyes went wide as he felt Red's pyjama clothed body pressed against his bare back.

"Do you want a hug?" came the innocent question, Red's soft breath on his ear, and Blue shot upright in a flash, legs over the side of the bed away from Red and the duvet pushed away.

"I…!" Blue exclaimed, staring fiercely at the dresser, a deep blush on his cheeks, clutching the bed sheet in his fists where he sat, "…I can't do this." He finally said, before grabbing his pillow and taking a few steps forward, settling down on the hard wooden floor and curling up with his pillow, back away from the bed.

There was silence for a moment, before there was a movement on the bed and footsteps on the floor. Blue curled even tighter around himself, dreading what Red was going to say, or do if it meant he was coming over to glomp him which wouldn't be surprising.

"Don't get cold Blue." Came the sweet voice, and Blue felt the duvet being draped over him, and he opened his eyes in surprise. With a blush still on his cheeks, he listened as Red walked away, apparently opening a drawer, and then clambering back on the bed.

Another silent moment passed before Blue dared to look around, the duvet falling around him a little as he looked up at the bed. Red lay there, curled up at the edge facing towards him, eyes peacefully closed and with a large blue towel draped over him.

Blue stared at him, a slight sadness to his eyes, but still with a faint blush on his cheeks. Looking down at the floor for a moment, then back up at Red's peaceful face, Blue turned back around bringing the duvet closer around him, and burying his head underneath it. He now felt terribly guilty, but was too embarrassed to get back up and give the duvet back. He was a mean, selfish, perverted idiot, and he didn't deserve Red's kindness.

But that didn't stop him from noticing this particular part of the duvet smelt just like Red, and that made him close his eyes rather happily.

End of chapter 1

AN: Chapter 2 is almost written, but I have a lot of work to do this week and might not get a chance to post it till the weekend, just giving you the heads up :) This will only be the two chapters long.