Just so Blue - Chapter 4 of 4

The walk back to the hotel was in a relatively comfortable silence (although Blue was still embarrassed as hell for breaking down like that), but the entire way back Red kept a tight grip on Blue's hand. Red wasn't going to let him run away again, and Blue knew that. Besides, Blue didn't want to run away now. He didn't know yet how he was going to face the others, but as long as Red really did still want him there, then he wasn't going to run away. He'd deal with Shadow and the others later on…or in the morning, when Shadow wouldn't be around and wouldn't be able to say anything back. Ha!

"Ow…OW! Vio!"

As Blue and Red arrived in front of their bedroom door back at the hotel, Red placing the key into the lock, Blue looked towards the door to the left listening to the quiet voices inside.

"Stop squirming! And keep your head tilted back!"

"I'm a shadow I'm not used to my own blood!"

Despite the regret he felt for punching him so hard, Blue couldn't help the rather evil looking smirk that graced his lips that Shadow was in pain, a smirk that quickly flew off his lips as Red turned around to him as he opened the door, smiling, then walking though, Blue following behind and shutting the door behind him.

Blue breathed a sigh of relief as he leant against the closed door. This had been a strange evening, a strange few days really. The embarrassment for crying like that would never ever leave him for the rest of his life, but at least it only happened in front of Red and not the others, and Red…well, this evening Red had said he loved him, despite seeing Blue as a sobbing wreck like that. So what would happen now? Everything had come out in such a raw way Blue really did feel kind of exhausted, it's not like he made a habit out of crying and it had taken a lot out of him. He felt like crawling into bed and sleeping for the next few days.

"Um, Blue?"

Blue opened his eyes and looked across at Red, who was now standing by their double bed.

The blush returned to Blues cheeks in an instant. He'd forgotten about the shared bed, and now that they'd both said they loved each other, going to bed together now was going to be…

"Ah y-yeah?" Blue stuttered in answer, trying not to stare at the come-hither look in Red's eyes, to which he made a mental note to ask one day if Red knew he had that look.

"Um…" Red started, hands together in front of him looking awkward, "I know that with everything that's happened today…I don't know if you'd feel, strange that…I mean, I don't want you sleeping on the floor again so if you'd rather not share the bed with me I'll sleep on the floor this time."

"What?!" Blue exclaimed, immediately standing up straight from leaning on the door, "I'm not having you sleeping on the floor either, so we'll just share it's fine!"

It's fine? It wasn't fine! But the words were out of his mouth before his brain had a chance to intervene. Red knew he loved him, and Blue knew that Red loved him back, so sharing a bed so close together after such a confession...this was going to be so awkward Blue was afraid his entire head may explode from embarrassment if they got into bed together. And what if…what if he had one his dreams again? Now he really knew how Red felt about him what if he did something to him in his sleep without realising? He knew they were still both underage so nothing that ever happens in his dreams was going to happen tonight (and Blue wondered how he even KNEW about half the stuff he dreamt about), but that still wouldn't stop the images from running through his head while he'd lay there looking at a sleeping Red right next to him, the images happily floating through his mind of what they could very well be doing together when they became a little older. The temptation would be too much, just to reach out…hold him closer…to unbutton his bunny pyjama top…


Blue blinked himself out of his daydream to see Red extremely close and staring up into his eyes with a curious expression. Blue jumped back in surprise and came back to back with the door again.

"WAH JUST…go and get ready for me in the bathroom or something." Immediately his face exploded in a bright blush when he realised what he'd said, "AH! I-I mean n-not for me, I mean ready for sleeping! You know, getting changed, stuff like that, I didn't mean anything else…" He trailed off, digging his own grave at the innocent look on Red's face that was interrupted by a small smile that was gradually spread over his lips.

"Okay!" Red then grinned, grabbing his pyjamas and heading off happily into the bathroom.

Blue turned back to the bedroom door and hit his forehead against it in stupidity.


After Red had come out of the bathroom and Blue had gone in, Blue had spent as long as possible in there just to avoid going out and getting into the bed with Red.

Blue was staring at the inside of the bathroom door ready to go back into the bedroom, just as he had been for the past 8 minutes, but finding he couldn't move. He suddenly wished he actually owned a pair of pyjamas, and not just these blue boxers which showed far too much skin and now made him feel far too exposed.

Blue shook his head to try and clear it and took a deep breath. This was ridiculous. Knowing Red and how heavy he sleeps he was probably asleep already anyway, so all Blue needed to do was sneak into the bed, face away from Red, and just go to sleep.

Yes, Red would be asleep, so no worries, nothing was going to happen.

Blue placed a nervous hand on the bathroom door and opened it, stepping through into the room.

Red was not asleep.

The bedside light on Blue's side of the bed was the only light in the room now, and Red was curled up under the duvet on his own side, smiling at Blue as he slowly walked out the bathroom, now feeling very self-conscious under Red's stare.

Desperately trying not to let a blush creep back to his cheeks, Blue silently and very quickly walked around the bed, turned out the light, got under the duvet (thankful that Red was facing the other way) and stayed as close to the edge of the bed as possible without falling off, not needing any accidental leg contact or anything else to happen.

For a moment Blue had thought he'd gotten away with it, but his body froze when he felt Red turn around in the bed beside him. Red moved right behind him, could feel the fabric of his pyjamas against his back, and could feel the dip in the bed as Red leant up on his elbow.

"Blue…" Red whispered quietly, before placing a small kiss on the tip of Blue's pointed right ear, "C-could you turn around?" Embarrassment was clear in his voice, but Blue was fighting his own battle with the blush that exploded on his face as Red kissed his ear, an ear that now felt as if it was the most sensitive part of his entire body.

Heartbeat racing madly, Blue knew he couldn't say no to such an embarrassed sounding request. So desperately trying to push away any memories of his dreams, Blue slowly and awkwardly turned over, trying not to look at Red but still glancing at him briefly, immediately looking away again as he lay there on his back, feeling incredibly stupid as he stared adamantly at the ceiling. It was very dark in the room now, which made Blue thankful that meant Red probably couldn't see his blush.

Blue remained completely still, heart beating in his throat as Red leant down and placed a kiss on his cheek, a loving kiss that remained there for quite a few seconds before Red pulled away. Blue had closed his eyes as he felt the kiss. Red's lips were so warm, so soft, and the gesture made his heart flutter. It seemed Red was doing everything to make Blue feel better. This whole feeling was new to Blue, and he didn't really know how to act. All he knew was that Red certainly seemed to find it a million times easier to show he cared then Blue did. Everything was embarrassing and awkward to Blue, and even though Red blushes a lot too he could at least show affection a lot easier than Blue could. Hugging him, kissing him, holding hands, or even just smiling at him, everything Red did felt confident, even if he had a blush on his face. In comparison Blue felt like a stuttering mess. He knew he should show some affection back, wanted to, but either not knowing how or just letting the embarrassment run away with him.

"Are you really okay now Blue?" Red asked quietly in the dark, and Blue glanced at him once again before nodding softly.


"And you won't leave in the middle of the night or anything?"

Blue shook his head, "No."

"And…really…" Red continued, and as his eyes adjusted to the dark Blue could see Red look down and away in nervousness, "…you really love me?"

And here it was. A perfect opportunity for Blue to give back that affection, to tell Red he loved him, loved him more than anything else in the world and that he wanted to stay with him always. All he had to do was open his mouth and say it, there was no one else here but them, no one else to be embarrassed by, it was just the two of them. Heck he had already said it once tonight anyway!


It was the only word that managed to escape Blue's lips, because as soon as he looked up at Red all his courage disappeared and his throat constricted, his brain froze, and he couldn't do anything but look up into that cute face and feel his own heart racing wildly in his chest.

"I…" Red was looking at him so sweetly, and with his brain not co-operating with words Blue grit his teeth, looked away for a moment, a quiet, "Dammit" leaving his lips before he raised his left hand up behind Red's head and brought it downwards to kiss him.

From the position he was in leaning on his elbow, Red practically fell on top of Blue as Blue pulled him down, eyes wide in surprise as Blue kissed him. It didn't take long though for his eyes to close, this sudden and rather passionate kiss from Blue making Red feel rather light headed.

Blue was absolutely no good with affectionate words. He wasn't much better with affectionate actions either, but right now it felt less embarrassing to kiss Red then it did to say out loud that he loved him again. Plus kissing him had the added bonus of shutting him up and not letting him ask any more stupidly embarrassing questions.

So kiss him he did, and not just any kiss, a hard kiss, there was no shy or tentative tongues here. Perhaps Blue may have subconsciously been trying to show Red how he felt rather than say it, because his kiss was full of such a longing it was making Red practically mew above him. Tongues swept against each other, Blue keeping one hand at the back of Red's head, the other gripping his upper right arm. Red didn't know what to do with his own hands, so kept them either side of Blue's head on the pillow, his body practically melting into Blue's at the heat from their kiss.

By the time the kiss slowed down and Blue gently pulled away, sweeping his tongue slowly over Red's bottom lip as he did, Red was practically panting he was so out of breath, his entire face tinted with red and looking highly embarrassed.

"That answer your question?" Blue said quietly, trying to glare to one side, unable to look at a thoroughly kissed Red so close above him because it didn't do much to stall the blush on his own cheeks.

He couldn't believe he'd just kissed him like that.

"Blue…" Red breathed in surprise, Blue still refusing to look at him, and the longer Red continued to look at him the deeper Blue's blush was becoming.

Red suddenly smiled so happily, and he immediately snuggled down against Blue's chest, his head resting on Blue's shoulder, arms around him and eyes closed happily.

"I want to grow up with you Blue."

Blue finally peered down at him, his own blush so obvious on his face, even in the dark, at the way Red clung to him. Red's body was so warm pressed right up against his skin, his comforting embrace in the soft bed making everything feel so nice.

Nice, and yet making Blue swallow a large lump in his throat at just how close Red was, far more intimate than anything they'd done yet, especially as Blue was practically naked aside from his boxers. Attentively, and not really sure what to do at all, Blue gently wrapped his own arms around Red, feeling awkward and unsure, but which made Red hug him a little bit tighter and smile against his bare skin.

"Goodnight Blue." Red smiled sweetly, eyes still closed, "I love you."

Deciding to rest his cheek against the top of Red's head, Blue held Red close to him, a quirky smile creeping onto his lips wondering how this all really happened, how he had come from hating the very sight of the irritating little red Link, to hating the very thought of being without him, and that holding him like this felt better than anything else the world.

"'night Red." Blue whispered back, a part of him telling himself to say he loved Red back, but his mouth refusing to move.

So the two of them fell into silence, the darkness of the night beckoning sleep their way.

Blue had no idea how he was going to deal with the others in the morning, had no idea how this relationship with Red would go, had no idea when he'd ever pluck up the courage to say he loved Red again, though he had a feeling he didn't really have to say out loud too much. Red seemed to understand him, understand his stupid stutterings and blushes, understand that he loved him without saying it out loud.

On the other hand, maybe Red was right. Maybe it would all come with growing up, experiencing individual circumstances therefore learning new things about themselves, learning how to cope with different situations, learning how to be their own person and not just another part of "Link". Maybe Blue would learn to get over his embarrassment, maybe a day would come when he'd be able to say he loved Red without getting defensive and feeling like saying those words made him weak and pathetic.

Maybe the day would come when Blue would be the one to take Red's hand as they walked together, and yes that alone would be a big step for Blue. He had a feeling Red would help him with all of this anyway, whenever Red was around him lately he made him feel vulnerable, but not in the bad way, in a way that made him feel that it was okay to feel this way, okay to want to be in love with him.

Blue glanced down at Red, a steady breathing coming from him as he had apparently now fallen asleep. Blue smiled, a kind smile, the sort of smile he wouldn't let other people see. He gently kissed the top of Red's head, and closed his eyes.

"I love you too Red." He whispered very quietly. After all saying it to a sleeping Red was entirely different.

So it was probably a good thing he didn't see the little smile on Red's face as he said it.


"So err…you okay now Blue?" Green asked, as the four of them walked across a green field just outside the town.

"I'm fine." Blue said through gritted teeth, and that was the end of the conversation.

Blue had been having a brilliantly euphoric morning until he'd gone downstairs and remembered his fellow companions and what had happened the night before. He had woken up this morning in the exact same position he'd fallen asleep in, Red still fast asleep resting on his chest. Thank fully he had had no dreams of Red, in fact no dreams whatsoever. In a sappy kind of way Blue had thought it must have been because he had the real thing in his arms, and therefore didn't need any dreams to keep him company. He'd almost wanted to hit himself after thinking that, it was the most girlish thing he'd ever thought and it made him feel ridiculous. Ridiculous, but secretly happy (VERY secretly happy).

When Red had awoken he immediately went into shy mode after realising he'd really slept all night practically on top of Blue, and had buried himself under the covers in embarrassment. As Blue had grinned and reached under the duvet to get him, Red flung his arms around him and said he was so happy Blue had stayed. There was a secret message in there, translating as Red was so happy Blue hadn't specifically snuck off in the middle of the night and left.

Blue had thought it would have been awkward in the morning, but really, after Red's hug, it felt like any normal morning. They had gotten dressed and packed ready to leave, met up with Vio and Green, left the hotel and made their way out of town, and here they were, walking onwards checking for any remaining monsters and heading towards the next town which was a 5 day walk away.

Both Green and Vio hadn't said a word to Blue, except for a quick and awkward good morning in the hotel lobby. Blue seemed to be on edge, as if he was just waiting for one of them to say something about last night. Green had to ask in the end if Blue was at least okay, and with Blue's abrupt answer Green didn't ask anything else.

The day had gone fairly swiftly, they'd found a small encampment of monsters that had gathered together and made quick work of disposing of them, especially Blue, who seemed to be working out his anger over the awkwardness between him and the other Links by going all out attack power on the monsters. Green had approached Red afterwards as they continued on their journey to ask him if Blue really was okay, but noticing the glare coming out of the corners of Blues eyes as he opened his mouth to ask Red, Green grinned nervously and backed away towards Vio again.

Blue kept a tight grip on the handle of his sword as he led everyone through the fields and trees, deliberately walking ahead of them all so he wouldn't have to look at them. This unfortunately meant Red was behind him too, but right now with the other Link's around Blue's defensiveness had gone straight back up again and he just couldn't show any affection towards Red, despite the guilt that pecked at his brain at how lonely Red must feel, walking slowly behind him, now that Blue was ignoring him.

Blue hated that he couldn't get over this, hated he couldn't just say to the others "screw what you think!" and take Red's hand. He glanced up at the sky; it wouldn't be long before the sun set now, and that meant facing Shadow.

Blue's heart sank. He was tired of getting angry over this, but if he didn't say something about himself and Red to the others soon, he'd never be able to truly be with Red. He risked a glance behind him. Red was walking behind Green and Vio looking, as Blue had thought, lonely. His heart sank even more, until he saw Vio look at him, and his glare quickly returned to his face as he turned to face front again, walking a little faster forward.


Setting up camp had been just as awkward as the entire day had been, mainly because Blue refused to help, and sat on the ground with his back to the group drawing lines in the dirt with a stick, feeling ridiculously childish and stupid for acting like this, but still not moving. He kept an eye on the sun that was barely a sparkle through the low trees now. He'd been surprised Vio hadn't spoken today, apart from talking to Green. He'd have thought Vio would be the first one to try and sort out this awkwardness, but he hadn't done a thing. Blue wondered if he and Shadow had come up with some new way to humiliate him to get him back for punching Shadow or something, and was just waiting for Shadow to arise.

He noticed he'd drawn the triforce symbol on the ground, and he glared at it, scribbling out the Courage symbol. No one would ever had known that he had the Triforce of Courage on his left hand, because right now he felt like he'd never even known what the heck courage even was.

Blue watched as that final sparkle disappeared through the trees, just as Green said, "Hey Shadow."

Blue's shoulders tensed, awaiting the confrontation.


Blue's eyes went wide and he turned swiftly to look behind him, only to see Red standing beside Shadow, who had barely even finished materialising behind Vio as Red yelled at him. Shadow stood there, a bruise around his nose, blinking down at the smaller Link with a shocked expression.


Red glared up at him fiercely, which on Red was actually quite a scary look as it wasn't one you ever saw on him, "You were being really mean to Blue yesterday and I've been wanting to shout at you ever since! I know Blue's sorry for punching you but you should be the one to apologise first! What does it matter if Blue was kissing me it's got nothing to do with you and you should apologise!"

Shadow blinked again, "….what?!"

"Come on Shadow let's not go through this again." Said Vio, throwing the last small log from the pile they'd collected earlier onto the campfire, as though he wasn't paying any attention to Red's sudden outburst, "Just apologise and then all this irritating tension will disappear."

Shadow stared at him, "I'm not apologising first! He almost broke my nose!"

"He wouldn't have hit you if you weren't being so inconsiderate, just say you're sorry and get it over with." Vio continued.

"No! Why should I?! It's his own fault that he can't take a joke!"



Shadow jumped back in shock as Red suddenly pointed his Fire Rod straight at Shadow's face, which made Green flail in panic for a moment while Vio continued to stand there now with a smirk on his face.

"You're just as stubborn as Blue is Shadow." Vio sighed, before turning to Blue who was still sitting on the ground and still staring at Red in absolute shock. Red obviously hadn't been kidding when he said he was going to show a new side of himself by shouting at Shadow. "Blue? Both Green and I couldn't care less if you and Red are together as a couple, and I'll be the first to apologise for always smirking at you. It's fun to tease you because you do get worked up over the simplest things so easily, but it's not meant in any malicious way. Shadow doesn't mean his joking around either, but please do remember he is still fresh from the world of darkness and is still learning how to get along normally with other people. He may have been acting like an idiot last night but even he didn't deserve quite that hard of a punch. Now stand up and get over here so you and Shadow can apologise to each other and we can all get on with our lives. I am not continuing this journey with you guys until you sort all this out."

With that said Vio grabbed a book, sat down by the fire with his legs crossed, and began reading quietly.

Everyone else remained silent for a moment as they stared at Vio, who apparently was making it clear his involvement in this situation was now over. Eventually a pissed off expression returned to Blue's face, even though a reluctant acceptance of the situation came through in his eyes. Standing up, Blue crossed his arms defensively and slowly walked over to Shadow. Vio was right, none of them could go on like this, so if it meant swallowing his pride and apologising, then fine, he'd just have to get it over with as soon as possible. Although as embarrassing as it was for any of them to know about him and Red, Blue was silently glad that at least Green and Vio really didn't seem to care about it, though he got the feeling Vio was still going to continue to tease him despite apologising.

"Say you're sorry!" Red said to Shadow once again as Blue stopped in front of him. The two Links glared daggers at each other, and it was only after a gentle prod from Red's Fire Rod on Shadow's thigh did Shadow flick a bang of hair out his eyes and cross his arms, looking away and closing his eyes in a huff, "Fine, I'm sorry for making fun of you Blue."

"Fine." Said Blue, still glaring at him, "Then I'm sorry for hitting you."

Silence again, broken only by the sound of Vio turning a page in his book by the crackling fire.

"So, is that it then? Everyone happy again?" asked Green cautiously, making sure he was standing well out of the firing range of Blue's temper, because it didn't sound to him like either of them had meant that apology.

Blue glanced at him, "Well as long as no one else wants to piss me off about yesterday, then yeah, I'm fine."

"So are you going to tell us then?" Shadow asked, arms still crossed but now looking towards Blue.

"Tell you what?" Blue asked, still glaring at him.

Shadow smirked, "What's really going on with you and Red of course."

"Shadow…" came Vio's low tone of voice warning, not needing to turn and look at the explosive blush that had instantly appeared on Blue's cheeks.

"Aw come on Vio I wanna know!" Shadow protested at him, before turning back to Blue, that smirk back on his lips, "Are you two still dancing around each other or will we be expecting some more smooching on the way?" Shadow finished by winking and making a few kissing noises at Blue, which everyone else in the camp knew was a big mistake.

"You…" Blue growled through clenched teeth, and immediately Green and Red were at Blues sides, holding his arms as Blue struggled to get towards Shadow. "You don't know when to quit you damned Shadow!!!" he yelled at him.

"Oh come on Blue enough's enough!" Green said in a tired, annoyed voice, gripping Blue's right arm tightly.

"It's okay Blue!" Red said beside him, "It's just Shadow being how he is he doesn't mean it, just like Vio said!"

"What?" Shadow smiled at Blue, shrugging his shoulders, "It's just I don't believe someone like you is capable of feeling anything towards anyone."

"LOOK WHO'S TALKING!!" Blue screamed at him, still desperately struggling against his captors, "You're a SHADOW! What the hell could YOU feel?!"

Shadow appeared to ignore him, "Well then prove it, if little Red is so precious to you," he air quoted the word precious, "then why don't you act like it. You've been ignoring him all day."

"Only because I knew you'd take the piss outta me for it once the sun went down!!!"

"Why should you care what other people think? I thought Blue was the tough one who didn't care about what others thought."


"I think you're just faking it."


As they carried on arguing Red listened to what Shadow was saying, while still holding Blue back from pouncing and possibly killing the Shadow. Shadows words didn't seem like things he'd say, they sounded more like things…Vio would say. He glanced across at Vio, who despite the arguing was still paying no attention to them all and just sitting there reading his book. He frowned a little, before Blue suddenly lunged forward dragging him and Green with him, before they both pulled him back again.

"You wanna know what I feel about Red?!" Blue was yelling at him.

"Yeah I do!" Shadow shouted back.

"You really wanna know?!"

"Yeah, because I don't believe you!"


Blue didn't know what came over him at that moment, didn't know what possessed him to think the others would tease him less for doing this then simply saying how he felt about Red out loud, but in a movement almost as quick as when he had first punched Shadow, Blue slipped away from Green and Red's grasp, turned to Red, wrapped his arms around him, and kissed him.

Right, in front, of everyone.

Even Vio looked up at the sudden silence.

Shadow and Green just stood there, staring in shock, mouths open in shock, while Vio just smirked and went back to his book. Red had dropped his Fire Rod when Blue's arms wrapped around him, and his eyes were still wide in surprise even though Blue was still kissing him.

After only a few seconds Blue pulled away and turned to smirk at Shadow, who was standing there looking lost for words.

"Happy now? Will that shut you up?"

Blue felt very smug, and not embarrassed, which was a bit of a surprise for himself. As soon as his lips had touched Red's his brain had screamed at him "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" Because doing this was bound to make them all tease him more, but with the dumbstruck speechless look on Shadow's face, Blue actually felt like he'd…won. Shadow's constant teasing had made Blue kiss Red right in front of them all, something that only last night he was asking himself how that was ever going to happen, how he was even going to hold hands with Red in front of everyone let alone kiss him.

But he had, he'd kissed him, and no one was saying anything back, he'd actually done it!

Feeling surprisingly self confident, Blue walked directly in front of Shadow and asked with a sly smirk, "Believe me now?"

Shadow stared at him wide eyed, before he matched Blue's smirk with his own, and grinned at him, "Yeah, I believe you." He said, before winking again, "It's kinda cute."

"Hmph." Blue smirked, before turning around and holding out his hand for Red.

"I'm going to go and get some more fire wood, wanna come and help me?"

It was only looking down at Red did a small blush finally come to Blue's cheeks. Red was looking at him with utter adoration, the surprise gone from his eyes and replaced with such a happy look it almost made Blue want to kiss him again, though he wasn't sure if he was ready for two kisses within a matter of seconds in front of everyone just yet.

Red's lips curved into the most beautiful smile Blue had ever seen, and he took Blue's offered hand just like he'd done last night in the forest, "Definitely." He said, and happily walked at Blue's side as Blue led him into the forest.

Once they were out of sight, Vio spoke up.

"Do you think we should tell Blue I planned for you to get him so angry that he'd want to prove himself and kiss Red in front of us?"

Shadow grinned, "Nah, let him think he's won this one."

"This is the weirdest thing that could ever happen." Said Green, still staring after the couple even though they'd disappeared into the trees.

"Oh I can think of something weirder." Said Vio cryptically, just as Shadow walked past behind him, stroking a light touch across Vio's left shoulder as he did. The two of them smirked secretly to themselves, Green unaware of the hidden implication.

Green just sighed to himself, "I suddenly miss Zelda."


"Do you think they'll stop teasing me now?" Blue asked as they strolled through the forest still holding hands, the bright moon casting its silver light through the trees.

Red giggled, "Probably not, but Blue? I'm so proud of you, you got over your embarrassment so quickly."

Blue looked bashful for a moment, "I wouldn't say got over it, it was only one kiss….and I only did it because Shadow was pissing me off." He added quietly.

"But that'll make it easier from now on won't it?" Red said, giving Blues hand an extra squeeze, "They all know for sure now what's going on with us. Oh hey look! That looks like good firewood!"

Letting go of Blue's hand, Red ran the short distance ahead of them to a pile of thick branches on the forest floor, kneeling down to pick them up. For a moment Blue just stood there, watching him happily pick up the branches, carefully taking a snail from one of them and placing it on the leaf of a flower next to him.

This really was such a strange new feeling, but one Blue never wanted to stop feeling. Everything was out now, everyone knew, even if it came out in a way Blue hadn't planned on: having a heated argument with Shadow. He'd be able to kiss Red or hold his hand whenever he wanted, in front of the others or not.

Blue smiled, that secret, kind smile again. Red was right, he could feel himself growing up already, could feel the difference between how he is now and how he was when Link had first pulled out the Four Sword. If he felt different now, how would he feel once they were all adults, all living their own lives? Would the five of them still be living together? Would they all have gone off to live their own lives, have their own jobs, their own adventures? Whatever would come in the future, Blue knew for absolute sure that Red would be a part of his. He wanted to grow and mature into someone Red could be really really proud of, be the perfect one for him, be someone that Red would always want to be with.

Blue smirked to himself. He knew that if Red knew what he was thinking he'd probably say Blue was already that person, and maybe he was, but Blue knew he still had a lot to learn about life, they all did. Blue suddenly had a rather happily sappy image of the two of them living together in a little place in Castle Town, where his job would be training the new recruits wanting to be part of the Hyrule Castle Guard, and Red….why was Red owning his own cake shop such a perfect image for him? He imagined Vio being employed in the vast acres of books that was the Castle Library, Shadow probably there with him, and Green, well, Green would obviously be Zelda's personal bodyguard, and probably personal everything else if the way their googly eyes at each other carried on.

He imagined coming home from a days training to find Red covered in sugar and flour and generally looking like mess as he baked his cakes, and Blue would grin at him and brush the flour out his hair and…

Blue snapped himself out of his day dream. Goddesses he really did have a sappy imagination, which was another new thing he was learning about himself.

He walked over to Red and knelt down beside him, picking up one stick, before a thought came across his mind and he grinned to himself. Turning to look at Red who was still immersed in looking through the wood, Blue poked the stick gently into Red's cheek, which made Red turn to look at him curiously. As he did, Blue leant over and kissed him, a sweet, gentle kiss that made Red blush cutely.

Blue didn't say anything when he pulled back, just looked back down at the wood and started collecting it, a smile on his lips that he couldn't get rid of, knowing very well that Red could see it.

Red's smile at Blues gesture was so endearing, and he leant over to nuzzle Blue's hair for a just a few seconds, before standing up with his arms full of wood. Blue joined him moments later, enough wood to last them the rest of the night, and began to walk back towards the camp.

"You know what Blue?"

"What?" Blue said, never knowing he could feel quite this happy.

"I can't wait for our 18th birthdays."

Red continued to walk on and couldn't help but giggle as Blue stopped walking beside him, the sound of the wood he was carrying cluttering to the floor, and a stuttering, "W-what?!" escaping his lips as a bright blush spread across his face.

It seemed Blue had a lot to learn about Red too.

The End