Jacob's POV:

Jake, someone's coming. I think it's Edward.

Seth, how many times have I told you? Don't call me Jake. What would the vampy want anything to do with me, anyways?

Despite what I had thought to Seth, it was Edward: I could feel it. I sighed, or at least, as close to a sigh as a wolf could get.

I guess I gotta talk to him. Keep going, Seth. I'll keep up.

I stopped and closed my eyes, allowing the transformation to come over me. Leaping up onto my hind legs, I shimmered into my human form just as Edward stepped into view. I growled.

"What do you want?" I asked. Get out of my head, I added mentally, just in case he was listening. Which, from the grimace on his face, he was.

"I want you to talk to Nessie." he said firmly, and I raised an eyebrow.

"Since when have you wanted me to talk to your daughter? You've been keeping us apart this whole time. Not to mention, you never even wanted her, when Bella first became pregnant."

He winced, but shot back an equally hurtful response.

"And after she was born, you told me to throw her out the window so that you could save Bella." he spat. I sighed.

"Point taken."

"Regardless," he continued, "Will you do it, Jacob? Can you talk to Renesmee?"

I shook my head, features hardening.

"Why should I? You, Bella, and the rest of the family would never allow us to be together. I'm too much of a danger to her, especially with my own pack. What if I get too angry around her, and hurt her, like Emily? What if a new member of my pack, still learning to control the transformations, hurts her?"

"Jacob, you've imprinted on her. You have no choice."

"We only think that because no wolf has ever tried to resist it. I have the willpower to try it. Maybe when I'm a few thousand miles away, I can get past my imprint, and let Nessie live at least a partially normal life."

"Renesmee is never going to live a normal life, Jacob." Edward's voice was hard as he thought of his own abnormal life. "She'll never be able to have a sleepover at our house. She will never be able to have friends over. She won't be able to go out in the sunlight around humans. Jacob, please."

"I never thought I'd see the day when you'd be begging me not to leave your daughter, bloodsucker," I spat.

He sighed, looking defeated. I continued to bristle, knowing not to trust that malleable face.

"At least let her say goodbye," he whispered, disarming me completely. I faltered for a moment, then remembered why I was leaving in the first place. If this was to work, I would need to remain strong - for Nessie, if not for myself.

"No. This is better for her - how did you put it when you left Bella? A clean break?" The pain flashed over his face, and I took the opportunity to turn and sprint after Seth.

Alice's POV:

I held Nessie, rocking gently as we sat on the couch. Her tears had stopped, but she continued to remain perfectly still and mute in my arms. The door opened, and I looked up at Edward hopefully. He shook his head, and I sighed, looking down at Nessie.

"Well," I said aloud, looking at the the daughter of the girl who had changed all of our lives for the better. Now, for once, we were a rooted family, not simply a wandering nomad of a family, starting over with every new place we lived in, creating a new life each time.

"Well, we'll just have to find him for Nessie, won't we?"

Sorry, another short chapter. Really lacking in inspiration for this, and it's almost done, so...