Last chapter, and I know it's short. I'm just completely out of inspiration, and to be honest, I'm glad that it's over. Hopefully you all enjoyed it anyways!

Jacob's POV:

I wrinkled my nose as I ran - the smell of vampire was positively repelling. I slowed for a second, then turned a margin away from the smell, and continued running, a few degrees to the left of where I wanted. Oh well, I figured, I could always get back on track after I'd passed whatever member of the Cullen family that was hunting.

A few minutes later, I ran into the same odd conundrum. Yet again, I moved my path slightly to the left, and kept going. Perhaps it wasn't the Cullens, after all... Maybe several different clans of vampires, or whatever they called themselves, just happened to be hunting at the same time.


It sounded like Nessie's broken whimper in my mind, and I skidded to a halt. I shook my head as though trying to shake the voice clear out of my head. Maybe I was just hallucinating, like Bella had when Edward left her. This was different, though, I urged myself. I was leaving Nessie because she had a hope of living a normal life, while I was destined to always be on the move. In leaving before we were both inexplicably attached to each other, I was sparing her from the werewolf life. After all, vampires and werewolves were never meant to fall in love. We were sworn enemies, and for a reason. Did I smell bad to her? I wondered absentmindedly. Every other vampire had, had that cloying, overly sweet stink, and Renesmee was the only exception.

I snapped out of my little reverie, to see Seth pacing beside me.

Oh man, oh, man, I knew it was a bad idea to come with you. I should've told Esme where you were going... She's never going to feed me again...

Shut up, Seth, I growled back. I turned in a slow, wary circle. How did we even know these were the Cullens? All vampires stank.

Yeah, but only one can project into your mind, Seth pointed out. I twisted my head sharply.

You heard her, too? Then I caught myself, and shook my head again. Well, Seth, if it IS the Cullens, we've got to run. Hold your breath. I thought grimly, and braced myself. Snarling, I ran at the nearest part of the circle, and took a flying leap at the last second.

"There he is!" shouted a voice I recognized to be Alice's. Suddenly, I was tackled to the ground by painfully strong arms, and I winced. They may not have been newborns, but whoever it was was considerably strong. I writhed in Emmett's grasp, snapping my jaws warningly close to his face.

"Jacob..." The whisper was quiet, but upon hearing the voice tinged with sorrow, I slowly stopped struggling. Cautiously, Emmett released me, and I stood up on all fours, shaking out my fur. Renesmee stepped closer, and I stared at her. Was it worth it? I wondered, not for the first time. Did I really have to leave?

"Jacob, at least give her a chance." I glared at Edward. A few years ago, he was my competitor for Bella, and now he was in the way of my imprinted love. He sighed, hearing my mental torrent of abuse.

"If not for me, at least for her." I stared at him wordlessly for a minute, then dipped my head in acceptance. I turned, slipping into a bush so that I could shift. Closing my eyes, I felt the familiar almost-painful tingle, and didn't bother attempting to time my stand perfectly. I was going to have to bend down to get my clothes, anyway, from the little cord around my ankle. When I was properly clothed, I stepped out from behind the bush, and paused.

"Renesmee," I murmured, and that was all I needed to say. She stepped closer, and wrapped her arms around my neck. I smiled as I dropped my head into her shoulder, and she kissed my cheek in affection. While I knew that it didn't mean everything I wanted yet, it was a start, and that was good enough for me. How could I have ever thought of leaving?