By: Panther

Pairing: Sango X Inuyasha

Summary: Inuyasha saves Sango when Miroku tries to rape her while he's in Kagome's time, but he comes back after seeing her with Hojo.

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Feudal Japan

" Damnit! what's taking her so long! " Shouted the half-demon as he paced in front of the well, with his friends, minus Shippo, sitting down up against the well watching their friend pace and make a hole in the earth.

" Calm down Inuyasha. She said she'll be back today so just sit down and relax. " Sango said calmly, trying to calm him down and to get him to stop his pacing, it was getting rather old by now.

Inuyasha did stop and he looked at his friend for a moment and then " Fehed. " and went back to his pacing for another 5 minutes. He stopped again and said,

" That's it! I'm going after her! She's taking too long to get back here! " And jumped into the well, leaving his two friends behind and alone.

' Finally. I thought he would never leave. ' Miroku thought wickedly as he moved closer to Sango.

Sango saw the movement and went to move away from him. But he just kept getting closer, until he placed his arm around her shoulders and pulled her to him.

" Miroku. Let go or going to lose that arm. " She threaten as usual.

But unlike the usual, Miroku just smirked and pushed her down on the ground and got on top of her. " Now that Inuyasha's left. How about me and you have some 'fun' while he's away? " He asked her darkly as his hands began to roam over her body.

Future Japan

Inuyasha came through the well and walked towards Kagome's house. He jumped up and landed outside her window. He was about to open the window and give her a piece of his mind about being late again, when he heard laughing coming from the slightly open window. Looking inside, his eyes grew wide at what he saw,

Kagome on her bed, half naked with a equally half naked man on top of her. They were in a heated kiss and were too lost with the other to notice the half demon outside the window. Inuyasha was about to go in and pull the punk away from her, but when they broke the kiss, the words she spoke made him stop dead in his tracks.

" I love you Hojo. "

" I love you too Kagome. " The man replied as he and she continued what they had started.

Crushed by the sight and words that she spoke. Inuyasha turned and left the pair to their desires and back to his home.

" Miroku! Get the hell off of me now! " Sango shouted as she tried to move her legs around and get him off of her. When that didn't work, she used one of her hidden blades and sliced his cheek and arm. He backed off, but only came back and slammed her arm into the ground, her blade digging into the earth.

" That wasn't a nice way to treat your husband-to-be. " he said in his dark voice and used his free hand and started to take her kimono and slayer suit off when there was a roar and Kilala came out from the bushes and charged towards the pair, knocking Miroku off of her mistress. When Sango saw that he was off, she tried to pull her arm blade out of the ground, but found that she couldn't get it to budge. She slide her arm through her arm guard and was going for her sword when Miroku's staff came flying in and struck the ground between her and the sword. Looking over, she saw that Miroku had Kilala knocked unconscious and was coming towards her at a high speed for a human and knocked her back to the ground.

" Now where were we, dear? " He asked and viciously tore both her kimono and slayer top off and began to fondle her breasts with his covered hand while the other was going lower and taking off the rest of her out-fit and moved his lower garbs away from his lower area.

" Miroku please stop! " Sango pleaded as she tried once more to get him off, but he just held onto her more firmly.

Tears were starting to form in her dark brown eyes when suddenly, the weight she felt from Miroku was gone and felt something fall on her, covering her naked form. Opening her eyes, she saw that it was Inuyasha that had pulled the monk away from her and threw him at least 15ft away from her, Kilala, and himself.

Looking down, she saw that Inuyasha had put his red top on her, shielding her naked form from view. Raising up and keeping a hand to her chest to keep the top from falling. She saw that Inuyasha had put his sword down beside him and knew that it was not a good sign.

Inuyasha had came through the well when he heard Sango begging Miroku to stop whatever it was he was doing and knew it was nothing good for someone as strong and in his opinoin, stubborn like her to beg. When he got to the top of the well, the scene before him was worse then he had thought. The monk was actually forcing himself on her! It made something in him snap and he quickly rushed over and pulled the monk off of her and quickly covered her with his red top, shielding her from Miroku's view.

He had been more angry then he had when he saw Kagome with that Hobo guy. Here was his so called friend and he was acting like an animal in heat and didn't know what no meant. His demon blood wanted out and he actually welcomed the blood as he put his sword down on the ground and changed into his demon form. But unlike when he usually changes and becomes blood-crazed and murderous, the whites of his eyes were blood red with his usual yellow eye color, he had his stripes on his cheeks, his claws and fangs were longer. And he was in full control over his body and mind as he stalked over to the fallen monk, who was too stunned by his new appearance to move.

When Miroku saw him approach him, he tried to cover up what he had been about to do, " N-n-now I-inuyasha. I-i-i-it wasn't w-w-w-what y-y-you t-thought. " and moved further back until his back was against a tree.

" Lair." Demon Inuyasha replied as he kept walking towards Miroku, a dangerous look in his yellow/red eyes as he got to Miroku and picked him up by his neck and pressed him into the tree even more until his back felt like it would break.

Miroku tried to speak again, but Demon Inuyasha just closed his hand around his throat even more. " I'm already in a bad mood monk. And you made it worse when you did what you did. I should kill you now. But... I think I'll just settle with beating you within an inch of your life and then I'm taking Sango, Kilala, and the pup with me and we're leaving the group. If you live through the beating, tell that worthless wench to not search for us. If she or you do. I'll kill you both on sight with my bare claws. Is that clear monk? " He threaten him and as soon as Miroku nodded his head, Demon Inuyasha began to beat him until you couldn't tell who he was. But as he kept hitting the monk, his punches were getting more violent.

' He's going to kill him. Though I myself wouldn't mind, Kagome would be very upset with him and me if I let this continue. ' Sango thought as she quickly tied Inuyasha's red top around her and ran towards the two. Where Demon Inuyasha had the monk's blood on his knuckles and Miroku's nose was broken in two places, his lips were busted in four places and he had a few teeth missing and a few ribs were broken as well.

" Inuyasha! Stop, You'll kill him! " She shouted as she reached them and placed her hand on his shoulder. The moment her hand touched his shoulder, Demon Inuyasha stopped his punch mid-way to Miroku's face and turned to her. The moment she saw his face, she jumped back away from him and went to her sword. Seeing where she was going, Demon Inuyasha dropped Miroku and ran after her and reached her sword before she could.

Grabbing her arm. He looked into her frightened eyes and spoke, " Sango. Don't be afraid of me. I won't hurt you." His eyes softening, showing her that he meant what he said.

Sango saw that he wasn't going to hurt her and she relaxed. " But..your... " She started but couldn't put the words in order.

" I'm in control of my demon blood Sango. " He answered her in his deep demonized voice and a gentle smile. " Why did you stop me? He deserved to be punished for what he had done. He had no right to do that to you. " He continued as he stepped closer and placed his clawed hand to her cheek, causing her blush a bit from the contact.

" Kagome would've been angry with you for killing him. "

" Not after I tell her about what had caused his death. But I don't care anymore about that worthless wench. She has hurt me for the last time. Let's get Shippo and Kilala and leave. Before I actually kill the monk instead of beating him within an inch of life. " Demon Inuyasha said as he handed her; her demon slaying suit and discarded her ripped kimono, picking up her arm blade out of the ground, which came out easily for him because when he pulled it out, a thick root came up with it and was half-way deep in the root, which was what had caused Sango to have trouble with it earlier.

Sango went and picked up Kilala and went back to Demon Inuyasha, who walked over to a tree and punched it, causing it to rumble a little and a ball of fluff came down, yelling,

" Inuyasha, you big dummy! What did you do that....for. " Shippo began but slowly stopped when he saw that Inuyasha was in his demon form.

" AHHHH!!! Kagome! Help! " He shouted.

" If your going to be like this, then you can stay here with the monk. Along with that wench and Sango, Kilala, and I will continue on without you. " Demon Inuyasha said as Shippo stopped his screaming.

" I don't wanna go anywhere with you like you are now! Put me down! I don't want to get eaten! I'm too young to die! " Shippo replied, still flinging about as Demon Inuyasha dropped him on his head and walked over to Sango, who still had his top on, held her suit, sword, Hiraikotsu on slung on her back, and Kilala, who was still knocked out in, her arms as Demon Inuyasha crouched down and waited for her to get on his back. She did so, hesitantly at first, then she wrapped her free arm around his neck and he placed his hands under her thighs and shot off into a blur of red, white, black, and sliver into the woods. Leaving a bloody monk and a confused and frightened fox cub.

Through the forest

" Inuyasha! Where are we going?! " Sango asked over the wind that passed over them as Demon Inuyasha ran.

" Somewhere where that wench and dumbass won't find us. There's one place that I know of and no-one besides me knows about it. Well me and you now. " He answered as he continued to run even faster it would seem.

Nodding her head, Sango pressed her face into his warm back. The feeling of being safe and contented after what happened was enough to put her to sleep.

The next thing Sango knew, was that she was laying down on something soft and furry and covered in a thick soft blanket, which was a welcomed reprieve from the cold fall air. Opening her eyes, she saw that she was in a large cavern of sorts. There was a fire to the left of her, turning her head over to the direction, she saw Inuyasha. Just like he was before, he hadn't changed since she had fallen asleep, which she knew was around mid-day and now it was dark out.

" Are you hungry? " He asked, keeping his head on the fire where there were fish and a couple of rabbits being cooked.

" Yes. A little. " She replied as she slowly got up and walked towards him. She saw Kilala a few feet away from him as she got closer and sat down beside the still Demon Inuyasha.

" Is Kilala alright? " She asked as Demon Inuyasha handed her one of the cooked fish and gave another to Kilala as he took one of the rabbits and replied,

" Yes. She woke up an hour ago. She also got scared when she saw me like this, but calmed down when I told her that I was alright and not dangerous. " And took a bite out of the meat.

" Thats good to hear. I was worried when I saw her unconscious earlier...." She trailed off when her memory flashed and showed her what the monk had tried to do.

" Thank you Inuyasha. " She said a moment later after the memories had stopped flashing.

" Your welcome. What caused him to do that anyway? " He asked/replied.

" I have no idea. He just came on to me like he was drunk and wouldn't stop, not even when I sliced his face and arm. And then Kilala came and he hurt her...a-a-and if y-you hadn't come w-when you d-did...." She couldn't continue because of the tears that she had tried to keep in were now coming out and she broke down.

" Shh. Your alright now Sango. He won't hurt you. Not while I'm around. " Demon Inuyasha said in a calm and soothing voice as he rubbed up and down on her back, going in circles with his head on top of hers.

" Mew. "

" And Kilala as well. " He said again, causing Sango to laugh a little and Kilala came over to her mistress and comforted her as well. Both not realizing that they were also comforting Inuyasha through his own pain from seeing what had happened earlier in Kagome's time.

Next Morning,

Sango awoke to the birds chirping. She looked around and saw that she was back in the fur covered bed, with Kilala next to her, curled up and sleeping soundly. She noticed that Inuyasha wasn't in the cavern and slowly got up to go look for him without waking Kilala up.

She found him on the edge of the cliff-face that led into the cavern. He was looking out over the small valley of forest that was in front of them. She sat down next to him, not too close, but enough for their personal space. Glancing over to him, Sango saw that he still had his jagged purple stripes on his cheeks, but his eyes were closed. But she knew that they were red and yellow.

" Will you tell me about what happened in Kagome's era? " She asked him, keeping her eyes straight ahead.

Demon Inuyasha didn't say anything for awhile and Sango thought that he wasn't going to answer and was about to say that he didn't have to answer her when he spoke,

" She was with another man. "

" How so? "

Demon Inuyasha opened his eyes and looked at her. That one look told her everything. " Oh. Sorry Inuyasha. "

" Hey, it's no big deal. I mean what's a guy suppose to do when the two women he loved betrays him at different times. "

" Keep looking for the one woman that won't betray or leave him. "

Demon Inuyasha looked to her, " Feh. What woman would love a half-breed? Because so far, two of them have hurt me and the only one that really did love me was my mother and she's been dead for last 203 years now. "

' I could. ' Sango thought, but then shook the thought from her mind, ' Where did that come from? ' She continued to think.

" I'm not sure myself Inuyasha. But all I can say is just keep looking and she'll love you the way you are. Both inside and out. " She said and put a hand on his shoulder.

" Thank you Sango. I feel a little bit better now. " Demon Inuyasha replied with a lighter tone and put his hand on top of hers and gave it a light squeeze before standing up and saying,

" It's almost noon. I better go and get something for lunch. I'll be back in an hour or so. " And with that, he left in a flash of red and silver.

Here's ch 1! hope ya'll like it! and this is only going to be a two-shot. I was going to make it a one-shot but decided to just make it a two-shot instead. And once again, I'm sorry for deleting the last story. I just didn't have the heart to continue and I was depressed about it too and I just couldn't finish it. But for the sake of this new story. I'm blaming my bipolar disorder AND the writer's block monster for the deletion of the last story.


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