Down The Crossroads, One's Loss Is Another's Treasure

By: Panther

Pairing: Sango X Inuyasha

Summary: Inuyasha saves Sango when Miroku tries to rape her while he's in Kagome's time, but he comes back after seeing her with Hojo.

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Last Time,

Demon Inuyasha opened his eyes and looked at her. That one look told her everything. " Oh. Sorry Inuyasha. "

" Hey, it's no big deal. I mean what's a guy suppose to do when the two women he loved betrays him at different times. "

" Keep looking for the one woman that won't betray or leave him. "

Demon Inuyasha looked to her, " Feh. What woman would love a half-breed? Because so far, two of them have hurt me and the only one that really did love me was my mother and she's been dead for last 203 years now. "

' I could. ' Sango thought, but then shook the thought from her mind, ' Where did that come from? ' She continued to think.

" I'm not sure myself Inuyasha. But all I can say is just keep looking and she'll love you the way you are. Both inside and out. " She said and put a hand on his shoulder.

" Thank you Sango. I feel a little bit better now. " Demon Inuyasha replied with a lighter tone and put his hand on top of hers and gave it a light squeeze before standing up and saying,

" It's almost noon. I better go and get something for lunch. I'll be back in an hour or so. " And with that, he left in a flash of red and silver.

A few months later....

The trio had left the cavern and had moved to the Slayers Village. They fixed up the main house and a few others during the time that they stayed there. Sango had taken Demon Inuyasha's red out-fit and made it into a Slayer's suit, it was dyed black with red armor and red ties. His sword, which he had picked up before they left the good-for-nothing perverted monk and Shippo behind, was still black, he now wore boots similar to Sesshomaru's, but they had a few streaks of dark red in between them. They asked Totosui if he would make some hidden blades for Demon Inuyasha's arms, like what Sango has. He did so, but only after he was hit in the head a few times by Demon Inuyasha.

It took a few weeks, but Totosui made the blades, using Demon Inuyasha's fangs. So now Inuyasha had a new look and out-fit to go with it. He and Sango trained together before and after dinner and when they were done with fixing up some of the huts. They also play fought when they got bored and other times they would just talk. There wasn't many demon's coming around, which was pretty normal these days with them.


Demon Inuyasha and Sango sat down by the fire, both in their Slayer's suits, waiting for their dinner to get done. When Kilala tensed up and hissed at the door. Demon Inuyasha and Sango got ready for a fight when a man came in. He looked harmless enough, but they kept their guard up.

" Who are you? " Sango asked, her hand on her sword.

" My name is Mosiki. My village had heard a rumor that the last slayer and her half-demon companion had come to the Slayer's village and sent me here to see if it was true. " The man answered as he came into the light, he was a little bit older than Sango and had a scar from the top of his nose and curved down to the side of his jaw.

" As you can see, the rumor was true. Now what do you want? " Demon Inuyasha asked, causing Mosiki to jump at hearing his voice.

Taking a breathe, Mosiki answered, but kept his eyes on Sango, not wanting to look at the half-demon in the eyes for fear of losing his nerve.

" A demon has been attacking our village lately. It is a monstrous saber-toothed wolf demon. It has taken many lives, including the live-stock. It's destoried many huts and fields. We beg for your assistance to rid us of the demon. "

Demon Inuyasha looked over to Sango and she looked back to him. They were getting a little restless staying here and only fighting one another, though they enjoyed the other's company, a bit of change was in order. Nodding to the other, Demon Inuyasha answered Mosiki.

" We'll do it. You do know that there's a fee for our services don't you? "

" Yes. we'll pay whatever it is you ask just please rid us of the demon. " Mosiki said again, bowing down in gratitude.

" Meet us outside. We'll join you shortly. " Sango said as Mosiki bowed once more and left the three once more.

Demon Inuyasha placed his sword at his hip, Sango doing the same and putting on their boots, Sango gathered Hiraikotsu and they walked out with Kilala on Sango's shoulder.

It took a whole day and part of the night for them to get to the village that Mosiki had come from. But when they got there, they saw their former friends there as well.

Miroku, Kagome, and Shippo looked over and saw their friends. Though Kagome was unaware that Inuyasha saw her with Hojo and that he was now a full blooded demon with ears on his head or that Miroku had tried to rape Sango, she still called them her friends. When she came through the well, she saw Miroku all blooded up and wanted to know what happened, all he told her was that there was an argument and Inuyasha and Sango left, Shippo was so frighten that she blamed it on the two them of fighting in front the little guy.

Putting on her happy face when seeing Inuyasha, she ran to him and wrapped her arms around him.

" Inuyasha! I'm so happy to see you! Why did you leave the group for, huh? " She asked in her over the top dramatic voice. Demon Inuyasha didn't say anything to her and he didn't return her hug. He just moved away from her and stood by Sango when he saw that Miroku was eyeing her.

Sango saw Kagome wrap her arms around Inuyasha and be all happy and giddy, as anger and jealousy built up inside her. ' What is wrong with me? Why should I be jealous, Inuyasha's not mine and I know he doesn't love Kagome. ' She thought as she shook her head and felt eyes staring at her. Glancing over, she saw Miroku eyeing her like he had done all those months ago and became uncomfortable and tense under his lusting stare. Glancing over quickly at Demon Inuyasha, she relaxed when she saw that he had came over to her side and placed his hand on her shoulder.

" Don't worry Sango. I'll make sure he stays away from you. " He said to her and gently squeezed her shoulder before letting go and staying beside her.

By now, Kagome had finally took notice of Inuyasha's out-fit, " What happened to your out-fit Inuyasha? " She asked him.

Turning to her, she saw his eyes and stripes. Her eyes widen even more when he spoke, " Sango fixed it for me. It's still the fire rat robe, only now it's more fitted and I suggest that you stay outta our way when we kill that saber-toothed wolf. "

There was stunned silence before Kagome responded. Which was her usual, " SIT BOY! "

Which caused Demon Inuyasha to fall to the ground and Sango draw her sword and place it Kagome's throat, her teeth bared as she spoke to her former friend and ' sister '

" If you do that again. I'll slice your head from your shoulders. He was not doing any harm, not once since we left the group. You had no right to do that to him. " She said threateningly to Kagome, who began to sweat from fear of having the sword so close to her throat.

" I'm s-sorry. I just p-panicked when I saw his stripes. I won't do it again. " Kagome said as Sango removed the blade away from her throat, in a slow manner and sheathed the sword and went to Demon Inuyasha as he was getting up.

" Ow. That hurt. " He whispered to himself as he shook his head.

" Are you alright? " She asked and placed her hand to his shoulder, like he had done for her earlier.

" Yes. I'm fine. " He replied and stood up, Sango followed his movements, her hand still on his shoulder. He placed his on hers and gave it a light squeeze, like he had done all those months ago.

Nodding her head, she let go of him and they faced their former friends once more as the forest surrounding the village began to shake and the ground tremble as the demon came towards the village.

All of the villagers panicked and ran for the hills, literally. As the group stayed and waited for the saber-toothed wolf demon to come through the line of trees. Which wasn't long.

When the demon came out, it was about 5ft taller then the huts of the village. It had deep deep blood red with white pupil eyes and long sharp claws and the teeth to match with the top and bottom insizors sticking out of it's mouth, thus the name saber-toothed wolf demon.

Demon Inuyasha was the first to attack the demon, Sango right behind him, on Kilala's back as they took to the air. Kagome got her arrows ready and Miroku went behind the demon and attacked from there as Demon Inuyasha took the front, Sango had the back and one side, Kagome had the other, Shippo just hid.

They were beginning to wear the demon out when Sango threw her Hiraikotsu at the back of the demon. It turned and rose up on it's hind legs and swiped the weapon away and it came back towards Sango. She caught and was about throw it again when a giant paw came out of the side of her and swiped at her and Kilala. They went down to the ground and slid a 100 feet away from the fight. Kilala had a gash on her front leg and a bit bruised up, but other-wise alright. Sango had a lone claw mark on her left arm, from her shoulder down to her wrist, with the elbow part of her arm untouched and was knocked unconscious from the impact.

" Sango! " Demon Inuyasha shouted as he saw her go to the ground. He saw Kilala get up, but Sango remained on the ground. He could also smell her's and Kilala's blood, mixed with blood of the saber-toothed wolf's. Growling, Demon Inuyasha turned to the demon and attacked it with the wind-scar. It hit the demon, but it was still standing. It looked over at Demon Inuyasha and attacked him. Miroku went to intervene, but was swiped away by the demon's tail and was sent flying into one of the empty huts, a piece of wood struck him in the shoulder and in his leg, making him unable to continued the fight without further injuring himself.

Kagome had tried as well but the demon kicked her with it's back leg and she went flying back into another empty hut and out the back and hitting a tree, going unconscious.

Demon Inuyasha readied his sword for another attack, but was surprised when the demon knocked the sword out of his hands, landing 20 feet away from him and was struck from the side with the demon's muzzle hitting him in a side-ways motion. It's bottom tooth struck him in the side as he was sent back towards a tree. Hitting it and causing it to break and into another two trees before falling against the fourth and slid down to the ground on his uninjuried side. A few moments passed without Demon Inuyasha moving until his body pulsed.

When the demon saw that it's attackers were out of it's way, it went over to Sango. Kilala tensed and ready to fight the demon, but it just knocked her away and sent her into a tree, further injuring her and she couldn't get up to save her mistress as the demon bent it's massive head down and was about to bite into her and have her for dinner when a rumbling sound was heard, causing the demon to stop and look where it had thrown Demon Inuyasha. Just as Sango began to wake up.

What she saw both amazed and frigthened her. There was a white dog demon the sized of the saber-toothed wolf demon, only an other foot or two taller. It was more muscled and had stripes on it's cheeks, it's eyes was what really caught her attention. They were red and yellow, like Inuyasha's eyes are now, but the red was darker and the yellow was a slight paler color then his dark yellow eyes. It appeared to have a bit of a mane on it's neck and a line of the thick fur going down it's back, like a horse's mane on it's neck, just shorter and sticking straight up, but that might because it was showing the saber-toothed wolf it's massive canines and was hunched down, ready to pounce. The wolf copied it's movements, the two giant demon's began to circle one another before attacking.

Claws and teeth went into the other's flesh, causing blood from both to spill onto the ground. Sango stayed where she was, too shocked to move away as the two great beasts fought like there was a piece of meat laying on the ground. The wolf lunged at the dog's throat, but it moved to the side and bit into the side of the wolf's neck, causing it to roar in pain and it clawed the dog across it's chest as it bit into it's side. The dog grunted in pain, but didn't let go of the wolf's neck as it dug it's claws into the wolf's side and picked it up and flung it down on the ground and easily broke it's neck in half, killing it instantly.

When the fight was over, the dog demon turned it's yellow/red gaze to Sango. Walking towards her, the ground shook slightly with it's weight as it came closer to her. Sango braced herself when the dog lowered it's big head down towards her. She was expecting the dog demon to eat her, but instead, she felt a cold nose against her cheek. Opening one eye, she saw that the dog demon was gently nuzzling her. Opening the other eye and looking into the big dog's eyes, she realized that the demon in front of her, was Inuyasha. She raised her un-injured arm up and gently rubbed the other side if of his muzzle as he continued to nuzzle her as gently as he could without her falling over on her injured side and causing further injury to her.

" I'm alright now Inuyasha. " She whispered to him as she petted his soft white fur and returned the nuzzling. She knew that dog demons nuzzled one another in comfort if one was hurting or for love and when the other returned it, they showed that they were alright and glad for the comfort given to them and returned their love for the one that was nuzzling them.

As she was doing this, Inuyasha returned to his humanoid form, but he kept nuzzling her cheek. And her hand was now caressing his cheek.

" I'm so sorry Sango. I didn't keep you safe. " He said quietly and brought her into a hug.

" Shh. I'm fine Inuyasha. It's just a scratch, honest. " She replied just as quietly and nuzzled his cheek again, with a little bit more force.

" Let's leave before they get here. " He said quietly and he wasn't referring to the villagers as he helped her to stand and helped her to get on his back as he went to get Kilala and hers and his weapons. Once he got both Kilala, Hiraikotsu, and his sword, he darted through the forest and took the long way back to the Slayers Village, not caring about the fee that they were to receive after killing the demon. Sango was more important then that.

Once Demon Inuyasha made it back to the Slayers Village, he placed Sango down on her futon in her room and treated her wounds with the healing herbs that they had collected around the outside of the village with Kilala helping.

He gently removed the left side of her suit away from her wounded arm and placed the herbs on her wounds and wrapped them in the bandages to keep them in place. He then began to undress her, keeping his eyes on her face the whole time as he did so. Once she was undressed, he pulled her hair out of her hair band and covered her up with her blanket. He then went to Kilala and treated her wounds as well and wrapped them with the left over bandages that he had used for Sango. Once they were treated and resting peacefully, he began to work on his wounds.


Two days later, Sango opened her eyes and saw Inuyasha, he was beside her, watching over her and wetting a cloth and putting it to her forehead.

" About time you got up. " He said to her as he moved a wet piece of hair away from her face.

She smiled a bit and tried to sit up. But was stopped by a clawed hand on her shoulder. " Stay down. You'll reopen your wounds. " He said gently and noticed the red seeping through her bandages. ' Spoke too late. ' He thought and began to unwrap her bandages and changed them once more, with the healing herbs smeared on the wounds. He had done this for the past two days now, but slowly, her wounds were getting better.

Another day went by and Sango was able to move without reopening her wounds and was walking by the end of the day. Though Demon Inuyasha still wouldn't let her do anything major like heavy lifting.

But she still tried to do some of the work that was still left. There was at least two buildings left to rebuild, but Demon Inuyasha still insisted that she take it easy for awhile until she was completely healed.

The next morning, Sango decided to go down to the lake that was near by. She hadn't bathed since the day she and Demon Inuyasha fought against that wolf demon. Demon Inuyasha was still asleep, so she snicked out without waking him or Kilala. She got to the lake and took off her kimono, slayer suit, and the bandages around her arm. She looked at the wounds and saw how they were healing, which was quicker than she thought with the herbs Demon Inuyasha had put on them. But she also knew by the look of it, they would scar.

' All well. Ain't nothing new to me. It's just another scar to add to the ones that I already have. ' She thought as she walked into the water until she was waist deep and dived into the water, unaware of the red and yellow eyes that was near by, watching her.

' Where does she think she's going? ' Demon Inuyasha thought as he watched Sango leave the hut they shared. He had been awake the moment he sensed her wake up. He waited for her to get a good distance away from the hut and went after her.

He followed her down to the lake and went into a near by tree to watch over her. He saw her stripe down to her bare skin and saw her look at her wounds as she took the bandages away from them. For a brief moment, he saw a look of sadness move across her face and then just as quickly it went away as she walked into the lake and then dove in, unaware that he was watching her the whole time.


Sango came out from under the water and felt the demonic energy near by, but was not afraid. She knew this energy no matter what form he chose to be in. Though since he turned to full demon. his human nights had stopped and he no longer would turn human on the moonless nights. And cursed herself for not feeling his energy earlier when she came here. But for now she'll ignore him and continue on with her bath.

Demon Inuyasha watched as Sango continued to bathe. He was also fighting the urge to join her. He had begun to feel differently about her a month after the incident with the monk and his demon blood had already claimed her as his mate. All he had do now was just to make it offical. But he held himself back, not knowing if she felt the same.

Sango finished her bath and decided that now was a good time to let Demon Inuyasha know that she knew that he was there and watching her. She would've normally have thrown a rock into the bushes to word off any peeping toms (mainly Miroku), but trusted Inuyasha with every fiber of being.

" I know your there Inuyasha! You don't have to hide from me! " She shouted and giggled a little when she heard him gasp and then fall out of the tree he was in.

" Ow. " Demon Inuyasha said as he got up and rubbed his head as he walked out from behind the bushes and saw that Sango had moved down into the water up to her neck. He didn't see why she had to, he had already seen her, but then again, he knew better than to tell her so, less he get beaten to pulp.

He sat down as she continued to laugh at him. Growling a bit he asked, " What's so damn funny bitch?! "

She stopped laughing when she heard him and answered him, " You've got leaves and a stick sticking out of your hair. " She said, all the laughter gone from her voice and face, which Demon Inuyasha noticed at once.

" Hey, what's wrong? You were laughing a moment ago. " He asked her as he felt around his head to get the leaves and stick out of his hair.

" It's nothing. " She said as she moved away from him and over to the waterfall that was apart of the lake.

' Oh really. ' He thought as remembered what he said and knew that he had upset her when he called her bitch. Which he didn't mean as bitch bitch. It was just a dog demon's way of showing affection to the one they love. ' I thought she would've known that. ' He thought as he decided to cheer her up. He got a wicked smile as he stood up and striped down as well and jumped into the water and swam towards her and behind the waterfall.

Sango stood in the center of the waterfall and faced away from where Inuyasha was. She knew what he meant when he called her a bitch, but she couldn't believe that he had called her that. She too began to feel differently towards him since the incident with the monk and had kept it to herself, not knowing how he felt other then being protective of her since then. Which she liked, because the only other people that were protective of her was her family and Kilala.

Then suddenly she was pulled back under the waterfall and into the strong arms of her love. She was at first, afraid, but she calmed down when he nuzzled her face, like he had done 3 days ago.

Sigh. " Inuyasha. " She said softly as she leaned into him and placed her arms on top of his. He nuzzled her neck and placed a open mouth kiss there as she reached up with one hand, and he dropped one of his own to her stomach, and placed it to his head and kept him there as he continued to kiss and lick her neck both tenderly and possively. The hand that he had moved to her stomach began to make circles around it while his other hand began to caress her breasts.

" Sango. " He said just as softly as he turned her to face him and kissed her fully on her mouth. It started out slow, but then it got more passionate. He kissed around her face and moved down to the other side of her neck as she kissed him under his jaw and neck, rubbing her hands around his upper torso as he ran his hands around her upper torso, back, and breasts again. Before placing his mouth to her breasts, giving attention to them before he moved down further and kissed her ' there ' and kissed back up her body until he got to her lips once more and let his tongue into her mouth to join hers as he picked her up and placed her back to the wall of the rock wall behind the waterfall. She lifted her legs and wrapped them around his waist as he thrusted into her.

" Ahh! "

He stopped and waited for her as she got use to the intrusion of him. She thrusted into him and he continued, slowly at first then went faster and harder. They went on for an hour before they reached their climax and shouted each others name and sunk down to the floor. Sango had fallen asleep and Demon Inuyasha was about to join her, but he had to get them back home before they would be discovered by any unwanted demons.

He reached the hut before the sun set. He walked into her room, and laid down on her futon and wrapped his strong arms around her back and kept her to him as he finally let the sleep over take him and he joined his mate in dreamland.


The end


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